Evernote for Windows Gets User Switching, LinkedIn Sharing and More

Evernote for Windows Gets User Switching, LinkedIn Sharing and More

Posted by on 14 Aug 2012

Posted by on 14 Aug 2012

Today, we added a new feature to Evernote for Windows that’s great for environments in which multiple people share a single computer. We’ve also expanded the sharing capabilities to include LinkedIn. Let’s take a look.

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New Premium feature: User Switching

The new user switching feature lets you quickly go between a Free account and several Premium accounts without the sign-out/sign-in process. To use the feature, go to the File menu and select Add Account, then sign in. Once Evernote syncs all of the notes, you’re done. Now you can switch from one account to the other.

Evernote retains all the notes that were synced the last time you viewed the account, so you’re not re-downloading anything. The app only syncs notes for the account that’s in view, so you’ll need to allow it time to synchronize any updates when you switch to a different user.

Keyboard shortcut and toolbar option
To make it even easier to switch between users, you can either click on the new Account tool bar button or use a quick keyboard shortcut: CRTL+SHIFT+A.

Share to LinkedIn

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you can now also share individual notes to your professional network on LinkedIn. Click on the Share button to get started.

And more…

In addition, we fixed a bunch of bugs and added new keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease text size (CTRL + and CTRL – ). Let us know what you think.


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  • barbara/kitten

    This is lovely, but I can’t download Evernote for Windows on my machine at work and the web clipper for Chrome doesn’t work.

    If you can help me make Web clipper for Chrome work I will be happy.



    • Chris Gonzales

      I’m no expert, but no extra info beyond “it doesn’t work” probably won’t help them understand your problem much.

  • moldor

    Love the new features, but when are you adding a template option for manually created notes, checklists, etc ?

  • Josh Einstein

    Would love it if Evernote for Windows would let me choose to not save my password between launches, but still be able to sync in the same session without me typing my password each time.

  • Quicksilver

    Really makes it harder to use on iPhone. And that’s my primary input device. I usually want to “view” notes and not “edit” them automatically. Not pleased with the recent changes and the several days downtime.

    • Chris Gonzales

      This update for Windows makes it harder for you to use the iPhone client…? What?

      Besides that, you still just view notes on the iPhone like you did before. You have to TAP the note to enter edit mode. So, just don’t do that if you don’t want?

  • DrGregWaddell

    This are some nice features, bur I’m wondering when you will improve the look, feel, and responsiveness of Tables. This would be a huge improvement.

  • Dlu

    Josh, we actually just made that change. Just uncheck “stay signed in” on the login dialog 🙂

  • pdw

    Yay, oh yay, oh yay! I am so happy with user switching. As well as using my own Evernote account extensively, I also manage my boss’s Evernote account, and edit my hubby’s blogs in his, and shared notebooks just didn’t allow all of the functionality I needed (flat display with no stacks, having to share each new notebook created, not being able to delete notes). Logging in and out of the web accounts was annoying, and because I clip a lot, I would end up clipping to the wrong account (as it goes to the last one logged into). I am so happy!

    I’d love to have the same ability on the iPad, but since I got hubby his own tablet, this is not as big of an issue now!

  • commercialist

    Based on my intended use I would appreciate two new skills in the upcoming updates, as far as possible and useful:

    – I started moving all my photo-files from skydrive to evernote although evernote actually isn’t the most comfortable application for photo-storage. The ability to change the date of creation for a deck of notes at one time would be an improvement. In this way I could change the creation date of some pics, being packed as single notes in one notebook, back to the original date. Creating a photo-album as a single note instead of a notebook wouldn’t be an alternative option because of the maximum size of 50MB.

    – I’m using evernote more an more to receive and storage incoming emails from different contacts. Is there a chance to introduce the possiblity to set some rules for incomming messages to be stored immediately in several notebooks?


    LOVE, love, Loooooove the Crtl + and Crtl – to increase and decrease the font.

    How about a spell check toggle button on the toolbar of individual notes. Yes.. this is my 15th request for this and as a premium member I’m gonna keep requesting this enhancement.

    Keep up the great work Evernote Windows Team.