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Works with Evernote Business: LiveMinutes

Works with Evernote Business: LiveMinutes

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 10 Apr 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 10 Apr 2013

  • Partner name: LiveMinutes
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: free
  • Type: Audio & Note taking

If you work with a remote team, LiveMinutes will make your online meetings and collaboration easier and more efficient. Discuss projects using video chat, edit and annotate documents from Evernote Business, and have a complete report of your call automatically compiled and saved back into Evernote. Whether you’re working through research, coming up with a budget, or finalizing project specs in real-time, LiveMinutes and Evernote will help things go smoothly.

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LiveMinutes works with Evernote Business, letting you seamlessly access any content you need from either Personal or Business notes. To get started, set up a video chat by inviting attendees using their email address. They will be able to join the call via phone, Skype, or their computer. Once connected, you can chat, pull up content from Evernote, and edit together as you go.


Once the call is complete, LiveMinutes will generate a report that includes a list of attendees, a recording, and a link to any updated documents. Consider saving the final report to your Evernote Business notebook, so that you will have everything ready and accessible to anyone on your team.

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