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Works with Evernote Business: Zapier

Works with Evernote Business: Zapier

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 17 Apr 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 17 Apr 2013

  • Partner name: Zapier
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: Free, Basic ($15/month), Business ($49/month), Business Plus ($99/month)
  • Type: Productivity

Evernote Business is great for capturing, sharing and discovering knowledge in the workplace, but for many of us, Evernote is not the only service we use to get work done every day. With Zapier, you can connect multiple services, over 200 commonly used ones, with Evernote Business to automate your workflow.

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How it works

The concept is simple: use Zapier to connect other online services to your Evernote account, then specify what actions in those services you want to trigger actions in your Evernote account. You can also have Zapier use actions in Evernote to trigger actions in other services. For example, you can set Zapier to automatically create a Google Calendar event based on certain text found in a new note, and even have it automatically invite members of your team. This is just one of a huge number of possibilities that you can explore on Zapier’s website.

zapier screenshot

Zapier has a step-by-step interface that makes set-up easy. Simply choose the icon of the service you want for the first trigger, then a second icon for the action. Zapier provides action choices in pull-down menus, walks you through setting up filters and other specifications, and lets you test everything before making it live.

Once live, Zapier will check for triggers every 5 or 15 minutes, depending on your service level. You can also monitor all the activities that have been triggered using your dashboard.

Download Zapier from the Evernote Trunk →

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