Evernote for Mac: Better Note Editing, Faster Sync, and 100s of Fixes

Posted by on 22 Sep 2014

Posted by on 22 Sep 2014

You know what’s better than adding a new feature? Making a bunch of existing ones a million times better. That’s what today’s Evernote for Mac update is all about.

For months, our Mac team has been quietly rebuilding every underlying aspect of the app. This allowed us to tackle speed, sync, and editing in a holistic way rather than piecemeal improvements. On the surface, things look more or less the same. Hidden beneath is an entirely new Evernote, designed to put a smile on millions of faces.

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Better notes

One of the areas that we focused on was rebuilding our note editor. The goal was to give you more options when creating and editing notes, make that experience equally great on all of our platforms, and set the stage for really cool features in the future.

Image resizing
This one’s a biggie. Any images that you have in a note can be resized by clicking on them and dragging the corner. No more scrolling through enormous images. Just drag them to whatever size works for you. The beauty of this feature is that it’s meant to visually improve your note without changing the original image. If you ever drag the image out, you get it at its original size.


Better checkboxes
We redesigned our checkboxes inside notes to make them look larger and cleaner. Now, they’re easier to see and select.

Improved tables
Spreadsheets are great for finance and formulas, but not if you’re making a list or a project plan. For the majority of your table-making, Evernote is the way to go. With our new table editor you’ll be able to do all the things you expect from a table: delete a row or column, change the color, and drag to resize cells. If you’ve ever struggled with tables in Evernote, this update will make you very happy.


Improved sync

Evernote for Mac now syncs many times faster than before. Evernote Business users and those with a large number of shared notebooks will notice the biggest improvements.

More relevant searches

Our Augmented Intelligence team has been hard at work rethinking how search results are displayed. The date a note was created may be valuable, but in many cases that isn’t the best indicator that the top note is the one you’re looking for. We’re now displaying notes in order of relevance. The notes that we believe are most relevant to your search, based on a variety of parameters, will appear first.


You can always switch to the classic search ordering, if you want.

Tons of fixes

When you rebuild as much as we did, you also get to fix a lot of things in the process. We fixed more than 500 bugs and 200 different crashes that users were experiencing. This is a major stability improvement over previous versions. It’s the sort of thing that makes us really happy.

Search notes with Spotlight

For those of us who prefer keyboard shortcuts to grabbing the mouse, Spotlight is a godsend. With this update, you’re able to use Spotlight to search inside your Evernote account. This is particularly useful when Evernote isn’t in the foreground. Use the keyboard shortcut, CMD+Space and begin typing. Your fingers never leave the keyboard and notes from Evernote will show up in your results. Spotlight is also available by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your Mac screen, but where’s the fun in that.

There’s more…

  • The new notebook selector in the note view remembers your recently used notebooks
  • The app launches more quickly
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption for the app

We’ve been working on this update for quite a while. It may not look very different, but it’s full of the things that our users have been requesting for a very long time. We hope you like it. Please let us know what you think.


This update is available to anyone that downloaded Evernote directly from our site. If you use a version of Evernote that you downloaded though the Mac AppStore, then your update is coming very soon.


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  • Tor Ivan Boine

    Great updates! especially image resizing and better spreadsheets. o boy those have irritated me.

    btw, I cant see any check for updates in the evernote app? mac.

    • David

      My guess is that you’re using the Evernote available in the Mac App Store where the update is not yet available.

      • Grigori

        Hey David,

        I’m in the same situation as Tor. I would like to switch to the downloadable version from the MAS version. How do I go about this? Should I just replace the bundle and Evernote will pick up from there?

  • Sahil

    Awesome! I hope this kind of an update comes to Windows soon.

    • David

      I’d say that it will eventually but the Mac client appears to get the new features before they come to Windows.

    • BetNel

      Windows seems to be the step child here – sometimes not all improvements get to Windows apps. That is so frustrating! Many of these changes are the irritants that keep me looking for alternatives to EN – note formatting, tables (use as a last resort!), picture resize, etc.

      • Lazza

        «Windows seems to be the step child here»

        If Windows is the step child, I’d like to know how one should consider Linux support by the Evernote team…

    • Don Smith

      I’ve been using Evernote for years on multiple platforms. There seems to be a widening gap between the Mac and Windows. As an Evernote premium account holder for many years I do finding disheartening that I don’t experience Evernote in the same way on both platforms.

  • Joanna

    Sounds great! Have you also fixed the problem with [not] autosaving annotations in PDFs opened in Sketch? I saw in the Evernote Support Forum, that the problem persists already for a very long time.

    • Chinarut

      ditto on autosave in Skitch. I’ve had to resort to to ensure highlights aren’t lost and it’d be great to use Skitch again.

  • Davis

    Finally some improvements to the Tables. I wish, though, that it was possible to select a column, or part of a column, the same way I can select a row or part of a row. This would make the formatting and new shading features a lot more useful.

    • Jack Hirsch

      We’re working on it!

  • KC

    Excellent! Been waiting for image and table improvements. So stoked. Thank you. 🙂

  • Chris

    The table updates and image resize features are fantastic. Like the new checkbox, too. Thanks. It’s really nice to be able to add some formatting and make a note look sharp.

  • Martin

    I like to see improvements to the Editor. It’s perhaps one of the areas where I feel Evernote it’s lacking the most. Yet, I wish I would see improvements in the most fundamental basics like better and more refined bullets, as well as better support for copying and pasting to and from Microsoft Word. Additionally, a long shot I know, I would LOVE some inline functionality (as you would find in Omni Outliner). That would make it really complete for me. Thanks.

  • Rodd

    First, thanks for the update. The image resizer is worth the upgrade alone. I still would love to be able to hide and/or make private individual notes and notebooks (via passcode). Fingers crossed for the next round. Great app getting even better. Thanks again.

  • Jonathan

    And I’m still sitting here waiting for the linux version.. Sigh.

  • JR

    I’m possibly sleep deprived and being a bit dim, but how do you resize a column or row? I’m not getting any drag handles when hovering over a column or row line.

    • Marc Bizer

      @JR: right, this is a buggy release. After I launched Evernote 5.6, it rearranged the columns in Top List View, and some of them (such as the crucial “Title”) was not resizable. I had to revert to 5.5.2 — not easy, since 5.6 changes the format of the saved notes!

  • Robert

    It’s great to see a few of the improvements that were promised in January by Phil Libin (Evernote CEO), but this falls very short of the editor improvements needed to the Mac AND Windows clients.

    Now when can we expect to see basic style support, and features that bring the Evernote editor up to the same level as websites such as WordPress?

  • Ramon B. Nuez Jr.

    I have been using the beta for the last few months. I have been happy with the changes. And the images resizing is very nice. Yes, thankfully the Tables have been updated — all good updates.

    It would be rather awesome if I could combine rows or columns — just saying 😉

  • Rui Guerreiro

    These are all great!
    Now I’ll only be waiting for improved options for the reminders, like being able to set recurrent reminders and integration with the Calendar app. I know you can use something like Zapier to acheive this, but it would be awesome to have both apps talking directly to each other.
    Great job, Evernote team 😉

    • Denis Rafter

      Like you I have been hoping for improvements to reminders, calendar integration and recurring reminders and then I found it, Sunrise Calendar Integrates with EN and does the above

  • Parham Shafti

    A much needed update. One thing I miss however is the ability to lock my notes. To avoid accidentally manipulating, or even worse erasing notes, and not knowing it until its too late.

    Please fix this.

    • Chinarut

      wow – this sounds like a great idea – sounds like this was a feature that was in the product in its early days?

      this feature could be very similar to how Mac OS X autolocks documents that haven’t been touched for 2 weeks.

  • Dave

    I really miss just two features:
    – Possibility to choose thumbnail picture
    – Reminders based on location (as in Google Keep)

    Otherwise, great update.

    • Chinarut

      +1. use case might be to right-click and “Use this image for thumbnail” much like choosing a key photo of an iPhoto album.

    • Reinhard

      Add my vote on these! Especially choosing a certain thumbnail is long on anybody’s wish list.

  • Lebohang Bucibo

    Great improvements. Please also fix the broken Spotlight integration with the Mac App Store application.

  • Chuck Tomasi

    After downloading the 5.6 update, I lost all my preferences (e.g. shortcuts, numbers next to the folders, etc.) Did I miss something?

    • Chuck Tomasi

      My shortcuts are back (after a full sync), but sidebar and view options all needed to be set again. 🙁

  • Theresa

    But where is the “Sort by Oldest” option???? I save articles from my RSS feeds using IFTTT, and when I want to read the oldest article, I have to scrooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll!

  • Justin

    I try to be patient but these new features are testing my will. When do you expect the update to be available in the Mac App Store?

  • JRA

    I downloaded from the Mac App Store so I’m looking forward to these updates! I do have a question–do you think we will ever have free form text editing in Evernote? I really want to be able to type anywhere, to type beside photos, to use text placement as a tool in itself. Is this something you think will ever happen in Evernote?

  • Alex


    I installed the non-MAS version on my Mac, how can I update? I cannot find the “Check for updates” option in the menu.

  • Sam

    Is this update not available through the existing app yet or something? When I click “Check For Updates…” it says 5.5.2 is the newest version. Should this be happening?

  • Amit

    Still waiting for App store update. 🙁

  • Ben

    Looks so great! And for the checkbox, would it be possible for the text which following the checkbox to turn dimmed with line-through when I checked the checkbox?

    • Reinhard

      Oh yeah, that’s a great idea.

  • Wouter Rensink

    I’ll wait patiently for the Mac App Store-version. Looking forward to receiving it!

  • Steve

    Great! Can’t wait until updates are released on Mac.

  • Michael Emery

    Does this mean we can expect to see spotlight integration on iOS anytime soon?

  • Leila

    Since the update mine won’t log me out every time I quit the application. I want it to ask for my password every time it’s launched, but there’s no option for that anywhere. That’s a serious problem.

  • Patrik

    Generally, great update. But why you cancelled the possibility to have a table within a cell of a table – that was a very good way to create forms.

    Additionally, is it right, that the IO S app does not recognize the cropped pictures and shows them as big as it is possible?

    • chodorowicz

      Yeah, I was also using extensively tables inside tables. And now this options is gone…

      • Denis Rafter

        Evernote seem fond of giving us stuff but taking other stuff away. I use EN heavily for linking one one to another, wiki style, they took away the neat link feature from iOS on last update, so now I get a long ugly code style link showing in my notes. They did replace it with several other feature I do not need!! Strange to say the least.

  • Jeff

    Big fan of Evernote–bought into the more you use it the better it gets.

    My biggest want is basic formulas in Tables: just add, subtract, multiple, divide. I know it’s directional but basic math is a part of life and getting things done too (especially totaling things). Big want and get me away from office or google docs completely. One can dream.

  • Chris Schreuders

    Before anything else, I appreciate the continuous effort of Evernote to improve. The resizing of images, better tables and improved spotlight search are all great.

    I would appreciate the colors of tables and cells to be visible in the presentation mode. Cell backgrounds are perfect when colour coding progress etc.

  • Vlado

    Still waiting for App store update.

  • Stephen

    Why announce this so far in advance of when the Mac Store update is available? This story was published on 9/22 and the MAS version is still not available on 10/1. Seems like it would reduce frustration to wait until every user can update and then promote the upgrade and new features.

    • Roger Walsh

      Really not their fault – if you want updates as soon as the developers complete them then don’t use the App Store!

    • Jake

      I’m assuming they’re doing a staged rollout. They’ll wait a couple of weeks for bug reports before submitting to the App Store. Unfortunately it’s difficult to switch to the downloadable version but support can help with that.

      • Thierryratsiz

        Does it mean the downloadable version is a beta one ? (waiting a couple of weeks for bug reports…)

    • Wouter Rensink

      Yeah, greatly disappointed that Mac App Store users have to wait multiple weeks longer than other users.

  • Howard Moorey

    Thanks Evernote – good to see the updates – one omission seems to be an increase in available fonts for Notes – seems to be a bit of a mish-mash, with only 7 or 8 on the native dropdown, but others (including my preferred Calibri) only appearing on occasions. Is there any way of controlling this so we can have a greater choice? Also, when I click on your blog link, and Sign In, I get taken to my Evernote on the web, not to the Blog where I expected to be 🙁 It’s all a #LearningCurve!

  • Kathi Black

    The Evernote Web Clipper stops working a lot. Why?

  • Reinhard

    These improvements sound like my christmas wish list for Evernote. Really looking forward to the Mac App store update!

    A little off topic, but … I wonder why aren’t there any dates showing up in these discussions, so one could assume if the posts are up to date or not?

  • gil

    Would it be possible for Evernote Developers to setup prefs for date stamping to follow a european type order like yymmdd (no slashes PLEASE) or 141002 for today? This is MUCH faster to type and much easier to sort and find by.

    2. Could EverNote set auto title creation preferences to include the aforementioned date stamp as part of the title instead of the location the note was created in as i am 99% of the time in the same city and have to deleted the title Evernote creates almost every time because it is irrelevant.


  • Marco Ricciardi

    Spotlight can`t search notes after update. This issue is present on my Macmini and my Macbook Pro.

  • Andrew

    Still, still waiting for App store update.

  • Jake

    Dissapointed that MAS users have to wait so long!

  • xmg

    Color picker is still the default OS X color picker. This really ought to be a dropdown or simplified design without requiring a full palette. Disappointed.

  • Ryan

    Can you give us an update on when we can expect a new MAS version? Over 3 weeks since the initial announcement and still nothing…

    • k1tt

      Yes, it´s really annoying! We are waiting a month now for the mac App Store version! What´s going on?

  • John

    Does it usually take a month for an update to hit the App Store? Still waiting…

  • carlos ibanez

    I just upgraded to EN 5.6.1. I coudl not enjoy any of the improvements as I immediately noted that all linkes to files in hardisk (of the formula file:///Users/Myname/Folder/File.ext) are broken.

    Why has this happened?

    My workflow depends on being able to link EN notes to content in my computer. This feature is now broken.

    Please fix asap!!!!


  • Andrew

    It is really disappointing that nobody from Evernote can be bother to answer all of the queries posted here as to when the update will be available via the Mac App Store. Maybe it is time to move across to OneNote.

    • Jake

      Probably some last minute issues that held back the update. They don’t read the comments so I doubt you’ll get a response here.

    • David Edge

      You’re lucky – my polite post was censored. As no doubt this will be!

  • Samuel Lavoie

    Still not in the Mac App Store after a month? What’s taking so long, a bug, something with Apple’s security? Mac App Store is usually slow approval but not that much as 1 month!

    meh :-/

    • Joseph R. Jones

      So by “very soon” you meant that it would be in the App Store “in a couple months?”

  • Kainer

    I would like to know if we can get automatic updates or maybe a reminder via email when a new version is in the line/ready for download. I have to find out by myself that there is a new version all the time. Just send me a link or an email reminder. Thanks!

  • sbstrum

    I think Evernote has definitely lost my enthusiasm since I first became a premium member in 2008. First, the support for Evernote web snapper was dropped for Mac OS 10.68. The OS upgrades since 10.68 have been ho-hum but in the last month I have upgraded to 10.10. No place in the Evernote app that allows me to check for Updates and when I went to update off the Evernote website it says my current version is newer than the downloaded one. Of course I did not install it. How about indicating the VERSION NUMBER in the app the user downloads? Is that too big of a deal as an enhancement. My protest will be not to renew my premium membership in Feb.

  • George53

    Oh, can I go back to the previous version? How do I do that?

  • Marco

    The spotlight search does`t work on my mac. What do I wrong? I have the latest update.

    • Marco

      Suddenly it works. I reinstalled evernote from the evernote site, I started a new indexation of spotlight. But nothing works. After two days, it works, suddenly without update.

  • Marty

    Lost an encrypted note and cannot find it anywhere on my mac or even in my backup hard drive. Crazy thing.