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Evernote Invitation-only Beta Launches!

Posted by on 21 Feb 2008

Posted by on 21 Feb 2008

Big news today, we officially launched our invitation-only beta for the all new Evernote Service. Read all about it in TechCrunch. There are only a limited number of beta invites available right now, but we’ll be releasing more in the coming days and weeks. To get an invitation, please register here.

If you want a better idea of what the new Evernote is all about, watch our screencast below, or watch the YouTube version.

Additional information is available at


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  • Russell Limprecht

    Thanks for the Evernote Web invite.

    I have used the windows and Flash drive versions, but i think this is the best of all worlds.

    I look forward to watching and contributing to your progress.


  • Shawn

    Evernote was recommended by Leo Laport on his Macbreak Weekly show #81, “Click The Throbber.”

  • Ninja

    Great voice acting.

  • Phil Libin


    Lay off the voice acting. When your corporate budget for movie production is exactly zero dollars, you wind up using whichever no-social-life schmuck you can get on a random Sunday night. Which happens to be me.

  • Joseph Martines

    Seems to be a neat little program. Have tried to use it several times but, it doesn’t remember who I am. Have had problems trying to reset name and/or password. Wish you lot of luck in the future once you get the bugs ironed out!!

  • Santos

    Looking for beta invitation. Would appreciate help. Have already submit on evernote site.

  • Eric Becker

    Also in desperate need of an invitation to evernote. I have registered and am waiting. If anyone can spare one I would appreciate it.

  • Pascal Jaminon

    If someone has an invite left please send it to my email pjaminon AT