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作者: Phil Libin 發佈日期: 25 二月 2008

作者: Phil Libin 發佈日期: 25 二月 2008


Here is a screenshot of what happens when you try to email a note from Evernote about what happens when you try to launch a major new web service.

Day after launch

We couldn’t have done it without ThinkGeek.


Evernote 專業版


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  • maciek gregorski

    i couldn’t find feedback form, so here you go:

    emailing from sprint to evernote doesn’t work, the picture comes as a link & doesn’t get imported. you could circumvent it by providing a virtual phone number. (sprint forwards just a picture from a phone to a phone)

  • Jon

    Yes, this is a bugger. Any chance of being able to use picture mail from Sprint effectively with Evernote? Currently, it’s a no-op.

  • Roger

    Tried sending a note from my iphone using address but did not work .Where am I going wrong?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you continue to have issues, please contact our support team:

  • Gregory

    How do I email a note on Evernote to another email address?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can email a note into Evernote from any address, as long you know your Evernote email, which is located in settings of all Evernote versions.

  • samar

    How do i my mail sync in anywhere from evernote.