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Posted by Phil Libin on 02 Mar 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 02 Mar 2008

Our goal is to make Evernote your effortless, external brain. This means that you can capture and access your notes on any computer or mobile device. On relatively full-featured computers you’ll have a choice between a native client (for Windows and Mac) and a full-featured web client that’ll work with any major browser. As you know the Windows and Web clients are now in early beta and the Mac client is coming soon. What about the other half of that story?

Functionality on mobile devices will fall into three broad categories:

Type 1 – No Client

You can use Evernote from your mobile device without installing any custom software in three different ways. These are all available now and we’ll be enhancing them actively over the next few months based on testing with many different types of phones and PDAs.

Mobile Web Browser:
Just point your built-in browser to and you can browse and search through your notes as well as enter new notes. You can adjust the settings to control thumbnails and the number of notes displayed per "page" to best fit your particular device. You can also execute "saved searches" from the mobile web client, so you can set up a complex search on the desktop and always have the results at hand on your phone.

Email Gateway:
When you created an Evernote account, you were given a special email address for sending notes, images and sound files into your account. You can see this address or change it from the "settings" page on the full web client. You can use this capability to email or SMS (via an email gateway) notes from your phone into your account, which can then be searched or browsed from anywhere.

If your mobile device has an IMAP client, you can configure it to point to your Evernote account and pull down your notes as IMAP folders. Depending on the specific implementation of your IMAP client, this should let you have locally-cached copies of your notes and allow for searching and browsing.

Type 2 – "Capture" Client

You can install a small Evernote client on some phones and mobile devices that makes it easy to create new notes and can be configured to automatically upload all (or some) photos and sound files into your Evernote account. These clients make your phone an ideal "capturing" device, since you don’t have to worry about syncing or emailing notes. You just snap a picture or record a voice note using your phone’s built-in media capabilities, and know that you’ll always be able to find it later from any computer or device. It’s like "fire and forget", but instead of forgetting, you remember.

In the current beta, such clients are available for Windows Pocket PC and Windows Mobile phones, but we’ll also be releasing them for J2ME (including BlackBerry), iPhone and Android in the future.

These small clients will not have local note storage or browsing capabilities – you’ll have to use the browser or IMAP interfaces for that (described above), or wait until the next phase…

Type 3 – Full Client

Eventually, the "capture" clients will be extended into "full" clients by adding local storage, browsing and searching capabilities. The main advantage of the full client will be that you can access your notes without a live network connection and without having to rely on your IMAP. This type of client is not currently available in the beta, but we’ll post more details about our development schedules as they become available.

Hopefully, there’s enough "mobile" functionality now to satisfy a few people and more will be coming soon. Thanks again to the beta testers! You’re making Evernote a better company every day.


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  • Frank McPherson

    I have the Windows Mobile beta client on my Pocket PC, where does it fall in the strategy that you outline in this post?

  • Steve

    When are you planning on releasing the mac client?

  • Mark

    I can’t wait. I have been praying for something like this for years. I’ve tried it all: bookmarks, webarchive, delicious, google bookmarks, devonthink, … Finally some forward thinking technology is coming to help me with archiving every bloody cool webpage I come across. Thank you for creating an electronic brain I can be proud of.


  • Phil Libin


    The current Windows Mobile beta client for PPC is firmly in the “capture client” category. It let’s you make image, ink, voice and text notes and automatically syncs them to the Evernote service. If you want to browse notes on your PPC, it launches the browser.


    Thanks! We have high hopes for it.

  • Karen

    As a journalist who enjoys the hand writing experience, I have been looking for an OCR app that will digitize my stuff. TechCrunch article says your OCR component is unbeatable. Is there a way for Evernote to do the job for me if I scan my scribbles? Or is something else needed to produce editable text? Presumptuously speaking for all diarists out there who have volumes of handwriting sharing their floor space, is there hope for us?

  • Arnoud

    Wow, you’re really taking this into the right direction! I’m impressed. This is going to be a killer application that many people won’t be able to live without anymore. Thanks so much for making this!

  • Tom Z

    Hey Phil – Does the recently announced iPhone SDK change any of your plans for the mobile Evernote experience on the iPhone? Do you forsee creating a more feature rich experience by using the SDK to build an Evernote client specifically for the iPhone?

  • Lizzrd

    Please consider including Palm OS in your handheld plans…please, oh please…leave us not in the dark with only our PCs and USB drives to comfort us. 😮

  • Peter Kirn

    After all the hair pulling in the Java community over Android, I’d be really interested to know what your experience is like writing a client for J2M3 *and* Android — hope you keep us up to date on the blog! Does it seem like you’re unnecessarily repeating work — or is it one big, happy Eclipse party in which you’re naturally targeting code at two unique platforms?


  • Curt

    “Wow, you’re really taking this into the right direction! I’m impressed. This is going to be a killer application that many people won’t be able to live without anymore. Thanks so much for making this!”

    I have to agree. I have only been using the program for a few days, but it amazes me already!!! I find that I cannot live without it.
    Evernote is by far the finest peripheral brain/GTD app. that solves so many problems people experience with information overload at home and at work across heterogenous platforms.

    The manual and tutorials are great as well!

  • Tom van Geffen


    I am VERY excited about this, its just what I need.
    I have been setting up all the clients.
    Now I run into the fact that via imap 100 items are syncd, not all my 169 items.
    is this a known problem?


  • Ron P.

    Hey guys, I was not sure where to report this so here it is, on the WEB Page that describes how to install the Mobile BETA you have repeated yourself regarding the intsallation of the Mobile if you have ever installed a version on a Windows Mobile Phone or PPC. You may want to clean this up.

    Mobile versions of Evernote
    Evernote for Windows Mobile — Download EXE | Download CAB
    Important note: If you have ever installed a version of Evernote for your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device, please remove it prior to installing this version.

    Note: If you have ever installed a version of Evernote for your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device, please remove it prior to installing this version.

    Automatically send snapshots and notes from a Windows Mobile device into Evernote
    Create or edit text notes
    Quickly link to the web and search your notes

  • plchan

    I just installed the mobile version but I am unable to launch it. I tried to install it in the main memory / storage card; and neither one of them would work after the installation was completed.

    Any tips?

  • christian

    hello guys, excellent work keep on going, just one big problem: the same as plchan “I tried to install it in the main memory / storage card; and neither one of them would work after the installation was completed.”

    could you help us please

  • Alex

    Good idea, the evernote 3 with evernote client, web interface and synchronization service.

    Will the software be available on client only as well? I assume there are data that people do not want to be saved on a server in internet. For example company data or financial information.

  • Windows Mobile version?

    I have started using EverNote beta 3 recently and one of the big draws for me is the Windows Mobile integration. I tried to install it and it wouldn’t. I couldn’t find anything on your site about the supported versions of Windows Mobile, but i fear you don’t support mine.
    I’m using a Dell Axim X30 running WM2003se. Any chance of supporting it?


  • Benny

    After installing the Clipper for Firefox plugin, I get the following javascript alert:
    “Exception:TypeError clazz has no properties”

    I spent about 5 minutes to track down the problem, and that’s about all I’m willing to spend. Anyone know what causes it?

    Evernote plugin version
    Firefox for Linux, version

  • Frank

    I’d prefer a mobile client. I have used a Palm in the past and currently use a nokia Internet Tablet (N810). I like the paradigm that Palm brought to the table: the PC is the mother ship and the Palm takes the data on the road for later syncing with the PC. I prefer that to the Web approach.

    The Web implementation is a non-starter for me (and I would assume many others in corporate or government work.) No way will I use EverNote servers to store my company’s confidential data that I record in my notes. You can tell me it’s all secure, password protected, or encrypted but I am not going to tackle the effort to convince my company’s IT lawyers that it’s okay I use EverNote and EverNote servers.

    Is this a problem for anyone else or just me?


  • Allison

    Is it possible to export the text to a file after text recognition?

  • Lars

    Sure is a booooorrrrring blog…. seems like a Kompany Kamp.
    So How do I use the keyboard to type into my page on Evernote to give me, say, a standard daily page.

    Then be able to use that page (imported into Enote?) and modify it with pen….. Then take that page off via USB or SD and put that page oonto evernote which is on my desktop and is NOT a tablet pc…????

    I/we are mixing media and/or metaphors here, this is a DO ALL program, right? But Der Blogger do NOT show such trix. Yah More information VE needed.


  • Daniel

    Hey… I installed evernote on my desktop and I like the program … but I own a Sony P1i … so I´m very curiouse, wether (and if yes,when) you will release a Symbian/UIQ-version?

  • Colin

    Offline access to Evernote notes on the iPhone will be the perfect thing. Make this a top priority fellas. We must get functionality where there is no online access – and that’s still a lot of places! Love the Evernote!

  • Random Detox | Travel and Tech

    Echoing the sentiments of Daniel. I own a UIQ smartphone (SE W960i) and I really really really want to use Evernote on it!

    I am sure you have a huge audience on the SE front, please have a UIQ version! Thanks!

  • Tat

    So… how’s the Symbian client coming along, or are we still too busy with the freaking iPhone???
    C’mon fellas, we Nokia/Symbian users need Evernote on our phones!!!!

  • nuscape

    Evernote full client for Blackberry please…! can’t wait anymore..

  • Marco

    Please, add the landscape mode in iPhone version.

  • Gil

    Yes, yes on BlackBerry client. FULL client. Please?

  • mm

    I’ve downloaded the CAB file/ foldder (Evernote for Win mobile version) but cannot install it in my Dopod 838pro. Seems no exe file inside the folder, can anybody help? Many thks in advance !!

  • HAL

    Please, do consider a Palm OS app, that doesn’t demand permanent Web access to find & open EverNote files. I know Palm OS has been phased out, but we’re still a lot of users. TIA!!!