Get your Evernote invitation. Time’s running out.

Posted by on 21 Mar 2008

Posted by on 21 Mar 2008


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  • johng333

    I am a bit confused and somewhat disappointed. I a fully paid user of Evernote that has purchased your full suite I guess I would expect that I might get an automatic invitation into the beta testing.

    I can see how you might want people currently not using Evernote to get them involved and get unique feedback, but certainly you could include every paid user as well.

    The disappoint comes in finding out that not only did I not get an invite, not only are you now giving away the product for which I paid, but those who get it for free get preferential treatment over a paid user ?!?!?!?!

    I really like Evernote, I tell all my friends. What did I do wrong to piss you off so much to get treated so poorly?

    If it helps, I will accepts a full refund but keep a full license to all the products in exchange for automatic acceptance into the Beta program.

  • ChrisA

    I’ve been tracking many of these web clip/journal tools over the years. I was a pretty big user of Onfolio (and have been really disappointed how Microsoft just bought & then dropped that product).

    Anyway, this looks very promising and I wanted to point out some possible synergy of EverNote 3 with a web 2.0 site called Jott:

    To quote them ‘Jott converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments.’ Since mobile evernote works by sending items to an email, you could set up your Jott account to send an email to evernote & log your message there. Of course that does bypass some of the things that Jott is trying to do on their site.

    But for logging/journaling items that occur to you as you’re on the go. This makes it a very cool and quick tie in.

  • Matdredalia

    I’m a long term Evernote user, so when I saw the Beta up on Giveaway of the Day I was ecstatic. I only have one little complaint though.

    I use the Flock browser which basically is Firefox, but with added features. Pretty much every Firefox add-on there is works with Flock, and vice-versa.

    However, when I installed the Evernote 3.0 program, it automatically installed the web clipper into my copy of Firefox (which I don’t even use), which I didn’t have a problem with. The problem is, there is no way for me to get the advanced clipper for my browser, since there is no “manual install” for it.

    So, I was wondering if there was a way to get a hold of the base add on file so I could use Evernote’s web clipper within Flock?

  • Joan Sloanane

    I wonder why the full version won’t run on the iPhone Safari. it takes you to a crippled version, which is nice for quick access, but it would be nice to get the full version.
    but it seems to know you are on the iphone and takes you right to the iphone version. it would be nice like with many Google apps, you can stay with the iphone version or go to the full version if you have more time and want all the features!

  • Ruben


    I signed up for the Beta release and never got account information.

    Should I expect it soon?



  • korbas

    It looks good…captures things and whatnot…the only problem being the text recognition. While I realize this is obviously a difficult task, I’d like to know what the level of progress is here. Sometimes it seems to pick up partial words, and sometimes it doesn’t. It detected fuzzy typewritten letters, but when I wrote HEY in large letters with a marker on a piece of paper, it couldn’t detect that. I guess that’s why Evernote is still in beta – a few bugs remain to be worked out.

  • SASanders

    need a OSX Tiger version

  • Lenny B

    Anyone have an extra invite around?

  • Josh

    I need an invite as well please. Thanks!