A Whole Lotta Updates. Plus, You Have Invitations!

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 27 Mar 2008

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 27 Mar 2008

We released a whole bunch of updates over the past 24 hours. Make sure to click on the "Check for Updates" menu item in your Evernote clients.

First announcement, all accounts now have invitations to send out. Click the link in the top link bar on Evernote Web.

Here’s a shortlist of some notable items. For more details, see our release notes.


Evernote Web

  • Switching between Thumbnail and List views now keeps the user scrolled to the same spot in the result set
  • Single-Note view now displays the source URL from web clips and other note attributes
  • Thumbnail and List views now immediately adjust their scrollbars to reflect the total number of notes in the result set making it easy to find other notes and keep track of where you are.

Evernote for Windows (download) 

  • Improved handling of image attributes
  • Improved synchronization logging
  • Fixed conversion of ink notes from Apitek tablets
  • Added the ability to select between ‘system default’ mail client and ‘user default’ mail client

Evernote for Mac (download)

  • Todo checkbox support
  • Note Info panel now shows image recognition status, when applicable
  • Spell checking is now enabled in the note title field.
  • Bold, italic, underline and strike thru formatting are now preserved when syncing and copying/pasting.

Evernote for Windows Mobile (download)

  • Added ink edit toolbar/color selection dialog
  • Added scheduled upload support on non-Latin language phones

Plus a ton of bugfixes everywhere.  Keep that feedback coming!


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  • Russell

    I have yet to get the Windows Beta to Sync. It just doesn’t work for me. I keep getting errors…

  • J C

    This is AWESOME.

  • Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner

    Feature-Request 😀 “Save as” should be enabled as soon as possible, and some pdf-export would be nice aswell.

    Okay boys, how about some words about final version´s price and so? 🙂

    Cheers from the core,


  • Dave L

    Would it be possible to get an Evernote invite from someone who has some to spare? Thanks.

  • Greg

    Is there any way to assign tags to multiple notes at once in the Web version?

  • Paul

    Just getting into Evernote and it looks great. Any development for the Mobile S60 3rd Edition platform as I can see a use for my Nokia N80 and Evernote ???? Cheers

  • Robert

    I see Mac todo checkbox support listed here, but no way to make it happen in the actual application?

  • Tom

    I would love to see a S60 client.

  • Carl

    Yes, an S60 client would really be useful!

  • martijn

    yes an s60 is really ne

  • Anderson Nielson

    I do need a S60 client.

  • kralizec

    also a todo feature for the iphone with badges on the springboard would be awesome!!

  • Jochen Uebel

    Hi all.
    I would like to turn off the Spell Checking in general. Uop to now I am forced to turn it off again and again in every new note. Any idea? Version 2.0 (Mac).
    Thanks for any help.