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Using Skitch with Evernote for Mac

Posted by on 10 Apr 2008

Posted by on 10 Apr 2008

Lots of Mac users out there love Skitch. It’s a great application for image editing, screen grabbing, and annotations. In this short video, we show how easy it is to use Skitch with Evernote. Plus, you get to see the Evernote recognition technology in action.

If you’re in the mood for some takeout in San Francisco, here’s the public notebook of take out menus that we showed in the video.

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  • Scott


    How about doing something similar with Snag-It? 🙂

  • M1ke

    Hi, I have a query – you keep demonstrating this great recognition technology inside Evernote, but when I got my beta key and installed the software I wanted to test it out. I got a picture of some writing and loaded it in, but Evernote didn’t detect it. Nevermind, I wrote a few digits in big numbers on a piece of A4, took a photo straight down and loaded it in – still no recognition. Finally I screenshotted a PDF and loaded it in, and it still found no text. My only thought could be that I didn’t wait long enough – should it be longer than 10 mins before text in an item is searchable, if at all?

  • Paul R. Pival

    Just the other day I was wishing for the option to import a PDF I’d received – should be able to take a picture of it and be all set, it sounds like! Off to try. Mike, are you remembering to synch before searching?

    • Jonay

      Glad I’ve finally found sohmteing I agree with!

  • Paul R. Pival

    Yup, worked just fine with a picture of a PDF. Are there any plans to add the ability to add this, or other file formats?

  • Adam Metz

    Wow….why didn’t I think of that. Hot stuff, from two of my favorite software companies. It’s like a Reeses Peanut Butter cup of software.

  • mmcadams51

    uhhh…cool and I love Skitch but couldn’t you just TAG it with the word TASTY? I guess the circle around mussels would be useful but not remarkably so.

  • Sandy Santra

    The hand recognition servers seem to be dead. I’ve been trying to get EASY stuff recognized all evening–nothing. What is going on, Evernote? There’s not much point to the software if your servers are down. At least TELL us on the website.

  • bobh

    Has promise but…
    “Evernote: ‘A tool for lazy slobs’ (Invites!)”

  • Kevin

    I really am digging this service. I posted about how I am using it with a moleskine notebook and post it note messes on my desk. Check it out at:

  • andrew

    Hey I know the application works great with the iphone, but what about the instinct from sprint, can we get an app for that?

  • Anthony

    I love this feature as it’s us to contribute to Flikr and Evernote very easily. The only flaw in dragging Skitch previews into Evernote is that it does not add the screen shot at 100% size. It rather adds the screen shot at the current size of the Skitch preview window. 🙁 Boo.

  • Anthony

    I found the solution for any of you out there that want to add Skitch images to Evernote using the drag method.

    Since the preview mode on Skitch shrinks the size of the image, all you have to do is make sure you have the “export at original size” selected at the bottom of the Skitch window.

  • Stephane

    Hi, I am in China and I cannot access videos from here. I have a question regarding editing Evernote’s images in Skitch. When I do it with Preview, I control click the image in Evernote and choose to open it in Preview. Then I make my changes and when I close, all I have to do is save and the image is updated in Evernote. In Skitch, there is no close button and the drag me just adds a new image next to old one in Evernote. My question is how to update into Evernote an image modified in Skitch. Thanks for you help !