Evernote and ShoZu: Mobile snapshots made easy

Posted by on 15 May 2008

Posted by on 15 May 2008

When it comes to snapping photos with your phone, the fewer clicks the better. Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could snap a photo and have it automatically go into your Evernote account? No emailing. Just snap and you’re done. Well, you can and here’s how.

Those of you out there with Windows Mobile phones have it pretty good, since Evernote for Windows Mobile will automatically send snapshots and audio right into your account.

But, since many of you don’t have Windows Mobile phones we thought you might want to give ShoZu a shot. ShoZu is an application that can be set to automatically send snapshots to your Evernote email address as soon as you snap the photo, and ShoZu works with a ton of different phones.

This video shows how ShoZu and Evernote work together.

Get ShoZu

  1. Go to, and click on Get ShoZu
  2. Find your phone in the list of supported phones
  3. Create an account and follow the installation instructions
  4. Once installed, select Send to Email and configure ShoZu to send to your Evernote email address
  5. Select Evernote and go to the Sending setting menu and set it to “Auto Send”

That’s it. Now, go snapshot crazy.

If you have any questions, check out the ShoZu support site.


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  • Mugo Petersen

    This is just great – thanks! Also thanks to the ShoZu guys 😉 It works perfectly!

  • Alonso

    Works great with Shozu, I had uninstalled shozu until now, it has improved a lot, and certainly it makes easier to upload the notes. Now, I have a little issue, I installed Firefox 3 RC1 and the clipper is not working… could you please fix that??? Thanks in advance, and congrats on the great work you´re doing.

  • roofone

    There isn’t an auto send (or even a 1 click) option on my Blackberry, so it isn’t a viable alternative to a real Evernote client for me.

    I can’t find any documentation, but I suspect that it only works that way on windows mobile platforms.

  • bert

    I second what roofone said

  • John Bazooli

    I third what roofone said…. and add that I am pretty bummed. Please bring a client to the BB soon! (either java or BB-specific)

  • Jen

    For roofone and others- ShoZu does have a recently launched Blackberry client that works on the Curve and Pearl devices. ShoZu also has clients on a range of handsets, not just the smartphone, windows mobile platforms, but also a range of java flavors and BREW. ShoZu ALSO has an MMS/ email client so you can set up your ShoZu account and destinations you would like to send to and then just send to and your photo will get to all of the different destinations you configured. “Look mom, no computer!”

  • Erik

    I wish ShoZu worked…I just can’t get it activated with my blackberry pearl. I looked around the sites forum and it looks like many are having problems activating. Is this site still in beta? Anyone else having issues with activation?

  • Sa;

    I wish evernote worked on Windows Mobile. The program will not open on my Mogul running WM6. I have submitted a ticket and posted on the forums but still no help.

  • femmme

    This seems impossible. I created an account. I was unsure where to use my evernote email. once I got in I went to the list to choose what to configure with my account and EN wasn’t even there:( super frustrated

  • Billy

    When I launch Evernote, there is nothing about sending pictures or anything… there is no place to put in an email or ANYTHING! It gives me a list of stuff (like blogger, BBC, blip)


    I really, REALLY! wanted this…

  • Billy

    Nevermind, I found it! It is so different from the video, i request an updated vid plz… 😀

  • Billy

    There is no option to send it to my evernote email when I take a pic! There is no such menu that he used! (I have a BlackBerry 8330 Curve)