Evernote Web gets drag-n-drop!

Posted by on 02 Jun 2008

Posted by on 02 Jun 2008

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced multi-selection checkboxes to Evernote Web. Now, we’re taking that once step further with the addition of drag-n-drop.


Here’s what you can drag

  • Drag notes between notebooks
  • Drag notes onto tags or tags onto notes
  • Drag notes, tags, and notebooks into the trash
  • Create nested tags

Give it a shot.


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  • maique

    it keeps getting better and better.
    thank you for the great work.

  • ultrasur1

    big leap forward! now if we could only drag and drop info/files from locations such as the browser, desktop, folders, etc. directly onto evernote web. good work!

  • S!ick

    Neat-o! (Yeah…I said it…nice features, gang.)

  • Darla

    You’ve come a long way since version 1.0 and I have to say, you guys rock! Keep ’em coming!

  • ncus

    Nice feature. Makes it more fun to use the web interface.

  • G. Lewis

    Why won’t you tell us what you plan to charge for your service once the beta period is over? You are being deliberately evasive and are making yourselves look bad IMO.

  • Kelly

    Makes it easier to organize. Great addition.