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Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Jun 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Jun 2008

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Big news today: Evernote is now in Open Beta and we’ve rolled out many changes, including premium accounts.

Four months ago, we introduced the invitation-only private beta of the new Evernote service.  Our goal was to get about 10,000 people to use the system so we could fine-tune our servers and try out new features.  We were blown away by the response and watched with equal parts of glee and horror as the closed beta users count passed 10,000, then 25,000, then 50,000…  By the end of the four months, over 125,000 people had participated in the closed-beta!  Luckily, our hardware, software and team held up with only minor incidents of spontaneous combustion.

Since launching the closed beta, we’ve released new feature updates virtually every week and today we took the biggest step of all: Evernote is now open to the world!  You no longer need an invitation to create an account.  Anyone can sign up right from and start using your shiny new external brain in 60 seconds.

We now have two types of accounts: Free and Premium.

Free users will keep all of the features of the closed beta, including automatic synchronization between Windows, Mac, Web and mobile phone clients and advanced image search.  There is no limit to the total number of notes that you can store.  Free accounts can upload up to 40 megabytes of new notes into the service every month.

For $5 per month (or only $45/year, because we’re bad at math), you can upgrade to a premium account.  Premium users have their upload quota raised to 500 megabytes of new notes per month and get a number of other goodies, including enhanced security through SSL for all data transmission (free users only get SSL for login), priority access to the recognition queues (for much faster image recognition, even during peak busy times) and premium customer support.

You can try out a premium account at any time without worry: if you ever decide to go back to a free account, you’ll still have all of your notes (you’ll just go back to 40 megs per month for new notes).

We’ve also got a limited number of stylish Evernote launch t-shirts (pictured above) that we’ll give away to one-year subscribers until we run out of stock.  I’ve been wearing one around the Las Vegas strip lately and getting more compliments than I deserve.  People just like swirling pink elephants.

For more info on free and premium accounts, check out

Two more big changes are going to get their own blog posts soon, but you can try them out right away: we’ve got a brand new web clipper and a completely redesigned web interface.  I think you’ll like them.

We’re excited (and a bit scared) about abandoning the relative shelter of the private beta for the open waters ahead, but if we’re really going to expand everyone’s memory, we’ve got to let everyone in.  As always, let us know how we can improve.  We’ll be keeping up the rapid pace of new development throughout the open beta.

Thanks to the 125,000.

Wish us luck!


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  • Mugo Petersen

    Great work! I just signed up for the Premium account 😉

    The new Web Interface looks awesome!!!!

  • Alana

    I have really LOVED EverNote! I’m glad to have been part of the Beta Testing! Congrats EverNote Team!

  • Chris

    The new web interface is adorable 🙂

  • Joel

    EverNote is definitely an extension of my brain. I, too, am glad I was a part of the beta test.

  • nUKIRK

    $49.95 or $5/month? While 500 MB is a tad small, I realized that my usage of e-mail is a bit smallish as well. I have an account for 5 years and alot of e-mails, but it has yet to break the 1GB mark.

    $49.95 is like… a new version of Evernote every year. That’s actually pretty reasonable. So, I’ll be glad to upgrade once I reach the need. 🙂

    Congrats on launch!

  • randoMatt

    Congrats on the launch. I’ve been using and raving about Evernote for the last month. It’s truly awesome.

    I did have a question. Since I am signed up with the private beta, do I need to re-register now that it’s open?


  • donh

    I’ve just signed up for the yearly account. Hope there are a few of those great shirts left! Keep up the good work, gentlemen.

  • Anthony Baker

    Absolutely love the new clipping bookmarklet and the new web-based UI. A significant improvement. I’m a long-time user, but you folks have swiped me away clean. This is so much better in a number of key ways. Keep up the great work.

  • Jeff

    WOOHOO! Finally launching. Nice work!

    Honestly, I don’t need more than 40MB per month, but for this program, your team deserves my $45. I upgraded solely based on the fact that I use Evernote more than any new software in years. It is great!

    Thanks Evernote Team

  • Nico R / w0nk0

    Very nice, guys! I like having a monthly UPLOAD plan instead of a storage limit. It makes it easy to give it a try or to downgrade later when you don’t need the capacity for a period of time.

    I hope that this business model works out for you, because it definitely does for me!

    One thing that really bugs me, though, is: Whenever I install on a new device, it re-indexes all my notes. That makes no sense to me, as the Mac version proves that the client can use OCR information from the server. I hate having to reindex HUNDREDS of notes that have been indexed before – and having to wait for it to be done to be able to search them!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jayson

    I guess I won’t be giving out those beta invites anymore. Awww man they were such conversation pieces. Thanks for such a great service and I’m still playing around with evernote after all this time.

  • Shenandoah Don

    I’m missing something here. My images get OCR’d but I don’t have access to the data?

    Example: I submit photos of business cards, labels, etc.

    Some of that gets recognized accurately and is searchable. Great. BUT…

    When I land on the stored information –say Fred’s business card, I can’t grab, copy, or manipulate the other recognized info, like Fred’s phone number or email address.

    I can’t see what other text was recognized and stored from that image? BIG drawback!

    Or am I missing something?

    Why not make my information — already scanned and OCR’d — available to me? (Or if it is, why am I having trouble finding it?)


  • Ian Bacon

    Just an idea… I do not need the 500 a month of the premium account, but I do not like to be a freeloader. How about a $10 a year fee ‘lite’ users, or is this more admin trouble than it is worth.

    Also, a pink elephant? I would have preferred green. And, NO delivery outside the US of A! What about Australians?!

  • Bronwyn

    I absolutely LOVE Evernote… i now take all of my meeting notes within Evernote, and am researching a book i’d like to write… it’s just such a great app. keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Aspen

    What happened to EverNote Portable? I’d love to be able to carry my app and notes on my USB.

  • M. Hendrix

    Evernote popped up from nowhere some months ago, and continues to do so. Having been scammed on some backup come-on just previously, I was leary and have to continualy x it out.
    I am a genealogist, and Evernote would probably be of great use, but where are instructions, tips, etc.?
    I’m going on 88 years – need to be walked through tech stuff.
    Thanks for your anticipated help. MMHH