Evernote for iPhone Gets an Update

Posted by Phil Libin on 16 Jul 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 16 Jul 2008

We are amazed at the number of Evernote accounts created since we launched Evernote for iPhone a few days ago! The feedback keeps pouring in and we’re pleased to say that we’ve just released an update (version 1.0.1) that addresses some of your most common requests. If you have the 1.0 version installed, your iPhone should alert you to the upgrade via the App Store icon. You can also just re-download Evernote directly from the phone or from this iTunes link and you’ll get 1.0.1.  As always, the Evernote iPhone app is free.

Here is the list of changes in Evernote for iPhone 1.0.1:

NOTE: Upgrading to 1.0.1 will delete any notes you currently have pending for upload in 1.0.  This won’t be the case in future updates.

  • Snapshot notes are now sent in full size, for much more flexibility with display, sizing and recognition later on. You can also pinch and crop a snapshot before sending. Try it.
  • The default zoom level is now set correctly when viewing text notes and small image notes, so you can read without any further zooming. This required both a change in the client and a server update, which went live this morning.
  • The “pending” experience is greatly improved. Individual pending notes now display their status. We’ve also revamped the network code to prevent some notes from getting stuck in the queue. There’s also an indicator to tell you whether the phone is online and sending. Please note that sending full-size snapshot and long audio notes over the original iPhone’s EDGE network connection is pretty slow. Performance is much improved with 3G (best four hours you’ve ever spent in line), and performance over WiFi is very fast. Pending notes will continue to be sent even if you’re taking new notes, browsing existing notes, or making changes to your account setting. Due to restrictions in the Apple API, they will NOT be sent if you exit the Evernote application, but will remain in the pending queue until the next time you launch the app.
  • The login experience has been improved to better handle user authentication, registration, incorrect passwords, etc.
  • Search on the iPhone client is now improved and full-featured; you can search on any combination of keywords, tags and attributes. We replaced that icon to the right of the search box that no one understood. It was supposed to be a funnel. It will be missed.
  • Snapshot orientation detection is improved.
  • Memory handling has been optimized for a snappier overall experience.

Editing notes directly on the iPhone is coming soon! It’s a highly requested feature (by me, let alone all the rest of our users), but anything that involves changing the content of your memories on the primitive iPhone editor is just too risky to jump into without thorough planning and testing. We’ll roll out a way to edit text-notes on the iPhone (and our other mobile platforms) in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, since Evernote keeps all of your memories synchronized, you can easily edit notes on our Windows, Mac and Web clients and have the changes automatically show up on your iPhone.

This brand new platform presents us with lots of exciting, unexpected possibilities (and exciting, unexpected obstacles). We’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made on the iPhone so far and are busy figuring out more ways to make Evernote on the iPhone your shiny external brain.

If you like the idea of Evernote on the iPhone, please download the client, write a review in the App Store, and tell your friends! Thanks again for helping us make a better Evernote.


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  • Nick

    Will you have a version for the iTouch anytime soon?

  • paul in Kirkland

    I should add that if you’re referring to this issue when you say “Editing notes directly on the iPhone is coming soon” above…well, never mind my comment. I guess it was never supposed to work right now anyway.

  • paul in Kirkland

    Thanks for updating this app so quickly!

    That said, I can’t believe you didn’t fix the issue where entering a new note on the iPhone clips the top half of the text in the editor. This is a bug that makes entering new notes essentially worthless, as I can’t accurately see what I’m typing.

    Hope this gets fixed soon so I can actually use this to enter notes on the phone.

  • vince.baskerville

    I just wanted to say gracias and that you guys rock… loving the new iPhone app.. keep up the awesome work!

  • CJ

    Ok, in beginning had issues. All cleared up. What a great APP.. Thanks so much!! Also you fixed my only complaint, which was not mentioned in the update and that is the “Title” field, having it erase when you highlight it is much easier, thanks for the change!

  • EP

    Please don’t forget the Windows Mobile users while you envy your shiny new toy… 🙁

    • Janelle

      That saves me. Thanks for being so sseibnle!

  • Phil Libin


    Good point. The Evernote client runs on the iPod Touch as well. Obviously, there’s no direct camera or microphone on the Touch, but everything else works.

  • RandyB

    Question for the iPhone version: can notes be made ‘persistent’, i.e. still viewable in ‘Airplane’ mode or when out of the AT&T network (in the US)?

  • Jeff

    I know the iPhone is the greatest thing since sliced bread ;-), but when will you consider us poor blackberry users? I know there is only 2 or 3 of us, so we are probably not a big enough market.

  • Chris K

    Neat stuff. Please don’t forget the Windows Mobile client though! It could use love too.

  • yitping

    The delete button in the iPhone version for Evernote is kinda dangerous. There is no warning given before it deletes a note once pressed. Fortunately the deleted message is just being moved to the trash before it is permanently destroy. So, be careful.

  • yitping

    Opps… forgot to say that this is a great app! Thanks and keep up the wonderful work. 🙂

  • Charles G

    Will there be an app for the Blackberry (esp the new 9000/Bold) and, if so, will it allow offline use of notes? Is offline use coming to the iphone? I use Evernote on PC and Mac and will wait to decide on a phone based on which app will be better.

  • Ken

    I’m still having a problem that some notes don’t show any content on the phone (I can see the note title but no note content), but they do in the desktop app (where they were created).

    These are all notes that weren’t plain Arial text, if I copy the note, and make the text plain Arial ONLY, I can read them, but no bold, etc.

    Thanks for the iPhone app! Nice interface.

  • Troy

    Love the iPhone and Desktop versions of your APP. I would like to be able to export in xml format as well. Just a thought. Thank you for making my life easier to manage.

  • SG

    How about editing text notes with IMAP (using IMAP client’s ‘draft’ editing feature)?

    Should be easy to add-in and it will make life a lot more beautiful for the minority not having (and not planning for) an iPhone.

  • Antonio

    entering a new note on the iPhone clips the top half of the text in the editor, fix that and we are in business

  • Jim

    Two questions about workarounds until you implement note editing in the iPhone App:

    1) Can I edit notes if I use Evernote for the Web via the iPhone version of Safari?

    2) Does the iPhone Web App for Evernote support note editing?

    And a third question: Do you guys have any plans for implementing Note/Task features in Evernote? The current offerings for Mac/iPhone use don’t seem to add up – OmniFocus requires buying an expensive desktop version AND MobileMe in order to sync with an iPhone.

    Thanks for any answers, and thanks for providing updates and responses so quickly. I’m counting on you guys to make my eventual iPhone purchase possible (after the friggin lines die down), because I need to migrate my huge collection of Treo/Entourage notes to something I can access on the iPhone. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael

    Is there anyway to retrieve notes from a stuck pending status? My girlfriend left me a note and I won’t see her again for two months cause she’ll be in africa…so it’d be nice if I could hear the note…

  • ScottSp64

    OK. I discovered Evernote after I updated my iPhone to the 2.0 firmware and then started playing around with the various apps. I installed and played around with Evernote on my phone. I was blown away.
    I downloaded and installed Evernote on my MAC. When I saw the stuff on my mac that I had put in with my phone, my jaw dropped to the floor. When I tested the OCR, my head exploded. You people are gods.

    I am sure I will become a premium member soon.

    I do wonder one thing. Do you know of anyone who has detailed documentation on how they use Evernote for Getting Things Done? Especially how they organize and make the best use of the features for implmenting GTD?

    Keep up the good work.


  • Mike Jones

    Will viewing pdf’s for instance ever support landscape view…otherwise pdfs are very hard to view. Or how about a way to get safari to open them if they can’t be flipped landscape in the program. I can do it using the webapp, but it’s a bother.

  • Rob

    Hi Guys, I’m loving Evernote’s ability to successfully sync between home, work and the web. This is something that your competitors could never make to function, and you have managed it brilliantly. Thank you!

    In Australia (amongst other places) we don’t have, and due to the monopoly of telco carriers, probably never will have unlimited mobile data. This makes the non-caching nature of the Evernote iPhone app almost useless down here. Having to go back to the server for ever note view will murder the tiny 500-1000 MB caps that are the largest we have access to.

    If there is something in the works that will allow the iPhone to act as another Evernote client with a full database, you can count on my annual subscription within minutes.

  • Mike Dent

    This looks to be a great app, I’m looking to switch from Yojimbo as I would like a windows client as well as Mac. But what would put the icing on the cake for me is a Blackberry client!
    That would just simply be amazing. Bring it on guys 🙂

  • Blackhatseo

    Added. Nice work on this one. Walter

  • Henry

    Blackberry support please.

  • Kent Anderson

    Evernote is a fantastic app. Just one request (in addition to the promised edit on iPhone feature)… Could you add a way by which we could flag notes for reminder on a future date? I’d love to be able to make a “to-do” note which would automatically come to my attention on a given date and time.

    Thanks for this.

  • Joel Barker


    I wanted to try this and attempted to download the Mac client.

    I got the following message: : Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

    Is there an alternate download url…?


  • michael

    First off, great app! Now, the ten million dollar question…. Why are no applications being provided with a landscape keyboard!? Please, I beg of you! Can you at least provide some insight as to why my favorite app does not have the golden landscape keyboard? If you have moment and can share why, as a developer this has not been added as a feature- I would literally sleep better at night. And I would gladly pay up to $50 or more(!!!!!) if it was added. Please!

    Yours truly,


  • Mladen Mihajlovic

    How about a version for Symbian? (Nokia especially)

  • ecb

    Any ETA on when the “first line of text note only being half visible” problem will be fixed?

  • Chris Cavallucci

    I think Evernote is fantastic. It’s one of the best apps available on the iTunes Store. However, I noticed the iPhone app tends to crash when creating a new Snapshot Note. I’m using the 2nd gen iPhone and the updated version 1.0.1

    I was blown away when I noticed an option to import notes from MS OneNote — this feature will help me continue to break my chains with MS apps.

    Thank you.

  • digiprod

    Love the iPhone App, it will get me to use Evernote. Please add a landscape mode to the iPhone App. I paid $10 for Byline to use over the free NetNewsWire over this issue alone.

    It is hard to read the notes and type unless there is a landscape mode.

  • rob

    Are there any plans for a nix edition? I choose to run Kubuntu as my regular desktop, which makes Evernote less appealing, since I’m unable to find a version for my desktop.

    I’m giving it a try with Windows, and am liking what I see, but not sure how much I’d use it without a desktop app available for my desktop.

  • Karl7

    Love the app! Just upgraded to premium….use it every day on OSX, Windows and iPhone. Great job, thanks from Switzerland!

  • Felix

    Hey guys,

    I’m one of your new iPhone-Users!
    Evernote is really great! Thx a lot!

  • Henning

    I use the Evernote client on my Mac a lot, and really appreciate it. However, the iPhone version needs some improvements like the following:

    – The area that says “27 notes from default with filters >” is much too tall and wastes screen real estate.
    – The little previews on the left are useless and waste screen real estate too. It would be nice if there was an option to turn it off, thus allowing each note to spread out and not take as much vertical space, therefore allowing the display of more items. (I don’t use pictures, just text, so for others this may be useful.)
    – I would like a landscape mode too!
    – I don’t want to have to click on “Details” in order to see the URL.
    – I’d like other URL’s in a note to be clickable as well, not just the main one. (This is true of the Mac client as well.)
    – It would be nice if there was a browser built in to Evernote, just like Twitterrific has. It’s very nice.
    – At the top of a single note there’s the sequence (2/27) and up and down arrows for going to other notes. Since I navigate to a note by looking at the list and clicking on the one I want, this is a waste. I’d much rather see the note Title and Details button there, and put the clickable URL where the Title is now.

    All in all this is a very promising app, but it needs some polish. Keep up the good work. If you need someone to help out, I’m a Mac programmer! 🙂

  • Tim Bedgood

    I am loving Evernote more every day!
    Just wondering why I can’t read text in landscape orientation.
    Thanks for a great App!

  • Sally

    Hi I love this app on both my Mac and iPhone, it rocks!

    My only problem is the camera shots. The iPhone camera doesn’t have a focus capability, so no matter how close or far I try snapping business cards, they always come out fuzzy and unreadable in Evernote 🙁

    Any suggestions?

  • Dale

    I would love a version of the iPhone app that actually syncs my iPhone evernote account with the server rather than essentially browsing the online version. It’d be a tonne quicker to look up things and when I’m in a poor 3G reception area I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to access my information.

    It would make evernote the ultimate iPhone app for me, as is it’s just ok.

  • Nokia User

    Please, please add Symbian S60 support ASAP.
    You would reach a considerably larger crowd than you do now. Btw, I’ve recommended evernote to all my friends, but not my enemys >:] BUAHAHAHAHAA

  • John

    Great App! One of my first downloads for the iPhone, and I’ve also downloaded the Mac Client. Really looking forward to organizing everything as soon as its up and running at 100%.

    The inability to edit notes on the iPhone is a little frustrating, especially when I’m on the go, so I hope that comes soon. And I like another commenter have the bug, at least some of the time where I can’t actually type in the text area because it cuts off half the screen and I cant read what I wrote. Hope these items can be taken care of soon. Thanks for the great application though!

  • Migs

    I love it and am totally hooked…Beyond the editing function, just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem with formatting.

    When I save a note via the iPhone 2.0 app, it does not save the formatting (line breaks, etc.) and appears smaller when I go back to review. Just wondering…

    Awesome job!

  • avrum68

    Can this app be any slower? I take a photo with my iphone… uploading, uploading, uploading (via 3g), and then more lag time for tagging, saving. Dear Lord, it’s a lesson in mindfulness not productivity. Seriously, how do you guys use this on a daily basis?

  • Ron

    I think this is a great iPhone/desktop/web app.

    Just one request – apart from notes editing, it would be great to be able to view/sort my notes by notebook like on the desktop? Even just a list or a folder structure would be great.


  • Blackberry

    +1 for blackberry support

  • Chmille

    I am a new user of Evernote on PC and iPhone and I think this is a very good soft that easy our life ! Thanks a lot.
    I just miss two main functions:
    1/ edit note directly on my iPhone
    2/ make note available locally on my iPhone to be able to read, edit or create even if I am not covered by any network (wifi or telecom operator)
    Thanks to say if the 2nd issue is foreseen in the next release

  • james

    are there any other people out there who have the issue when the first line when typing a note is only slightly vidible and half of the first line is obstructed. plz post in if you do

  • Allan Seago

    This is a phenomenal bit of software. Put in a contacts and calendar application and you will give MobileMe a run for its money.

  • Charlie McGrath


    While I appreciate the iPhone app, it has one glaring flaw — if you haven’t saved your note and you leave the app, your note is gone forever. Steps to replicate: create a note. Add some text. Hit the home button. Go back to EN. Note is gone.

    I could get used to saving, but sometimes you have no choice — if you answer a phone call while taking a note, the note disappears. The only way to prevent it is to decline the call.

    This is a show stopper.

  • Brian Hogg

    I’m loving the app, but agree that not being able to edit the notes in the iPhone app is a big problem.

    Also, I can’t seem to be able to slide the text field around as I’m creating my note, which meant that when I was writing a note last night — doing some bedside idea capture — I had to write things weirdly because I couldn’t go to earlier in the note I was in the middle of creating in order to insert a thought.

    I’m also getting the issue where the first line of text in a new note gets cut off halfway. Now, I can make out what it is, generally speaking, but it’s tricky.

    My bigger problem is line returns: for me, anything I enter in the iPhone app is stripped of its line-returns, such that a nicely formatted bit of text gets rendered an unformatted blob. I can deal with having to edit the note on the Mac later on, but this means I’ve got to fix it before it works even as reference.

    Still and all, I love the app, and love the service; it’s invaluable!

  • Christian Kahlbom

    This app seems to have all the possibilities to become an killer app, and I and all my employees would start to use it in a daily basis if it wouldn’t for:

    1) I can’t reach my notes “off-line”! That’s a must and I sincerely hope the team will solve this.
    2) Todays version is a bit slow when uploading/downloading.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Christian

    Congrats on the iPhone app – add for the whole of Evernote, by the way. I am new to Evernote and very impressed by the features and the fact that you support so many platforms – web, iPhone, Win/Mac.

    Just wanted to add +1 vote for making the notes available locally on my iPod Touch to be able to read, edit or create even if I am not covered by any wifi network.

  • Noel Hastings

    When I try and delete a note from my iPhone it crashes the program. I have all up to date software. It is a little slow, but I really like the idea. Hope it continues to improve.

  • ping lieu

    Wish the search can link me directly to the specific text within a large document. Currently, the search will only help me find the document and I have to scroll within the document to find a specific text. This can be tedious if the document is large one.

  • BC

    Does anyone know if there is a calendar app like evernote? I’d like to be able to clip an event to my calendar and sync my iphone with it, so I don’t have to type each event into my iphone calendar.

  • Ghafoor

    I have just stumbled across Evernote and I like what I see so far. I have setup a client on Vista and on the iphone. I create a note on Vista and attached two jpeg scans to the note. I then viewed the note on my iphone. I can see the note but not the images contained in the note. Is this a known bug ?

  • Chris

    Hi – I am a huge fan! I’m discovering new ways to use Evernote every day. I have a request for what I would consider a killer feature, though (and it was mentioned by Ken above:

    “Just one request (in addition to the promised edit on iPhone feature)… Could you add a way by which we could flag notes for reminder on a future date? I’d love to be able to make a “to-do” note which would automatically come to my attention on a given date and time.”

    Evernote’s feature set aligns SO well to be a central clearinghouse for “to-do” lists, but it would need to have reminders (desktop, sms, email, and iPhone when push notifications are built into a future SDK).

    I, for one, would immediately sign up for a pro account if reminders were integrated.

  • Reece

    A reminder date field would be awesome.

    Of course, it would have to be accompanied with new search logic. Currently Evernote understands today, yesterday, this/last week, this/last month, this/last year. It would also have to understand tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year, as reminder dates would be in the future.

    One day I hope I can use the search term:


    ie show me everything with a reminder date before tomorrow, that is, today and before…

  • Reece

    Or perhaps, instead of reminder date, it would better be called a “review” date.


  • Rile

    A reminder funktion and this will be above everything else!!!!