I love it when a plan comes together

Posted by on 04 Aug 2008

Posted by on 04 Aug 2008


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  • Amitabh


  • Jason

    Brilliant! That’s why I love you guys!

  • Doug

    Awesome! Just awesome… there is hope yet.

  • Michael

    Suggestion: Instead of taking the time to gloat, focus more on your product’s stability. Every few days since I’ve installed it on my iPhone, Evernote stops working. At all. What do I do then?
    1) Tap and hold icon to uninstall.
    2) Open Apps store.
    3) Search for Evernote.
    4) Choose to install it.
    5) Acknowledge that yes, I do want to download it again.
    6) Enter my username and password. Again.

    This is a waste of my time, not to mention what it does for my faith in using Evernote going forward. I know your software is beta, but I paid you money for it.
    Try harder, Phil. Save the gloating for when your product is bulletproof.

  • Michael

    It’s not just the iPhone version; one of my 5 Macs has a version of Evernote (most recent) which consistently disagrees with all the others about my database.
    I know this info rightly belongs with your Tech Support people. But you chose to post about taking on Microsoft. (And just look at how delighted their customers are. Is that your aim?)

  • Ingo


    When Evernote on my iPhone stops working, turning the iPhone off and back on again always fixes it for me.

    It’s not just Evernote either, several apps exhibit the same problem. It looks like a general memory leak – when the iPhone OS runs out of RAM, it just shuts down the active application without warning.

  • Klaus

    Cool 🙂

  • Michael

    Yes, I’ve seen other apps exhibit the same behavior. Will try the power-off-and-on thing.

    Interestingly, this ONLY happens with non-Apple apps.

  • Roderick

    I always just turn my phone off.. wait a few minutes turn it back on. It fixes the evernote small issue every single time.

    I don’t suggest that you do that if other applications are acting crazy. Just send it in for a new one! a.s.a.p.