iPhone v. 1.3 part 1: Location. Location. Location.

Posted by on 09 Sep 2008

Posted by on 09 Sep 2008

Our latest release takes full advantage of the iPhone’s geo-location powers, letting you find notes and memories created near your current position at a radius of 1, 5, and 25 miles. To access this feature, go to the search filter screen on the iPhone and check the appropriate “Near here” distance. Get the latest version of Evernote for iPhone.

Great for travel


This past weekend, I went to northern California’s wine country. On a previous trip, we stopped at an amazing winery, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return and buy a bottle (or two…or three). When we got to the winery, I realized that I couldn’t remember which wine I had enjoyed. Luckily, I’d taken a snapshot in Evernote of the wine bottle. So, I took out my iPhone, opened up Evernote, and set the filter to “1 mile.” Voila, all the notes I’d taken at the winery popped up, including that fantastic zinfandel.

Longitude + Latitude = City


In the note details screen, Evernote for iPhone takes the geo-location data (longitute and latitude) and converts it into the city name, which is a lot more useful –unless you’re a pirate.


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  • sathish

    thats really cool, but still we need a way to search for the notes offline in iphone app. Right now evernotes iphone app can be searched only if the user is online, which makes it difficult for me to use while traveling.

  • 101DoFollowBlogs

    I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

  • Alberto

    I met your project today. It is really amazing for a really disorganized person like me! I want to congratulate you and ask if there is a way to run your application in a blackberry.

    Thank you very much from Spain!

  • edi

    Where I can download Evernote for Symbian ???

  • Hamish MacDonald

    I last looked at EverNote several years ago when you were first talking about making a Pocket PC version, which was so long coming that I gave up and forgot about it.

    Now that I’ve switched to an iPhone, I discovered it again. Holy fishcakes! You guys have done an amazing job of making an incredibly useful program and branding your product in a really attractive way (love the elephant motif and the soft, kinda-Sixties colours).

    This product and your presentation of it are a class act. And having my notes in a cloud, searchable, FINDable across places and platforms – perfect!

    Just… thank you. And congratulations!

  • stevokbk

    location from the laptop would be nice too, you would know where the laptop location from the wireless or ip address information. good luck

  • ash

    This piece of software is brilliantly engineered ! I use all of its versions: iphone, desktop, and the web. And I have recommended it to many friends.

    It now only needs one thing to make it uber-useful on my iphone: offline availability like the windows client. Without that its very unusable to catch up on old notes since its so slow and doesn’t work at all in my subway ride to work.

    Adding the offline mode will also make a bunch of other apps obsolete as well (like Instapaper). Adding a RSS source to a notebook will make all RSS readers obsolete as well.!

  • Scott

    I also give TWO thumbs up for evernote. I have only been using it for 2 days now and I am already becoming addicted….

    P.s. Can I ask that all things you create for the IPhone to also be made for Windows Mobile.

    You guys are making some good things for the iphone but can you implement them in Windows mobile at the same time?

  • Paul Caplan

    Any chance of location awareness in the Pocket PC version for those of us with Diamonds et al

  • Aaron

    I love the app you’ve got here, the service is brilliant. Being able to work with the app offline is really a crucial feature for me though. I’m working on an iPod Touch so connectivity is definitely an issue. I love everything so far, just hoping for that little extra!

  • Joe

    I second the comment on adding this to Windows Mobile. What about us? We want this too.

  • Stuart Woodward

    Is it possible to turn back on the Geo-location on Evernote for the iPhone if you refuse to allow it? Once I refused by accident and Evernot never asked again.

  • Rob

    Yes it is Stuart. Look under General Settings – Location Services. You can fix it from here.. and all the other apps too.

  • Mona

    I had it for about 4 hours and I deleted it. Disappointed. I travel a LOT and I was hoping to use it for keeping track of my product dealer locations, favorite places to eat, favorite hotels, etc. It would seem that you can only map stuff when you are AT that location. I tried adding restaurants and then editing the details of the note for the actual location and there is no location on the note that I can edit. I guess that’s only for the paid app people. How would you expect someone to pay for it if we can’t see what it really does? I don’t have time to screw around with it. I already wasted hours adding items and searching the web for mapping answers.

  • Matt G

    I was also under the impression I would be able to attach notes to different places on the map, restaurants, friends houses, bars i’ve been to, plus info (like the bartenders name etc) to each note. It appears I can not use this application to view multiple ‘location centric’ pinned notes in the google maps view.

    It appears that locations are Although I have an iphone I would prefer not to have to use my data plan to access and update my notes on the go. Synching online is nice but its MOST important to have the notes on the device in the field.

    I appreciate many things about this app and the work you have done.