Web Update: We Like Chrome. Plus, UI Improvements.

Posted by on 18 Sep 2008

Posted by on 18 Sep 2008

Mmmm. Chrome-y.

The latest Evernote Web release has significantly improved handling of Google’s new beta browser, Chrome. Please keep in mind that Chrome is in beta, so we can’t promise flawless support. Nevertheless, if you’re a Chrome user, you should now have a much more pleasant experience.

Attribute buttons

attribte links

Your notes contains tons of meta-information, including the source URL for webclips and, in some cases, the location of where the note was created. To make it easier for you to interact with these attributes, we’ve introduced “Map it” and “Go to source” buttons.

Sign into Evernote Web to see these new features in action.


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  • Sheila Nolan

    Fantastic, I’ve been waiting for this it’s been frustrating not being able to use Evernote with Chrome.

  • cameos

    Thanks! we love to access Evernote from Chrome

  • Avi Flax

    I’d be interested to hear some specifics about what had to be tweaked to improve the Chrome experience. I’m still holding out hope for the day when that sort of thing isn’t necessary.

  • anonymous

    that’s great. let me know when you offer support for the symbian OS.

  • Nick


  • charles Schenck

    I would like to ability to refresh my bookmarks, I imported my delicious bookmarks and would love to have a snap shot of all the pages that are bookmarked. Just a thought, love the product.

  • charles

    Yes Evernote for the Blackberry would be great!!!

  • Adam

    I like Chrome too. Good work.

  • Brandon Rome

    Hurray for Chrome support! I was tired of having to open Firefox just to view my Evernotes 🙂

    Wonderful app you guys have here!

  • rick

    Love the product and the continued innovation. You guys rock!

  • ppesk

    I wander when there will have a multi-lingual versioin.


  • alan

    How about a Chrome Clipper pretty please?

  • Tiger P

    Very very nice. I have a tablet pc and using evernote is very convenience

  • Jim Nutt

    Ok, the fact that you’re geotagging notes from windows mobile is just cool. I would have thought you’d make a bit more noise about it though, I discovered it completely by accident..

  • Nick Huang

    Why there is no Palm version?

  • Vishal

    Can you please develop evernote for G1 Android phone similar to what iphone has?

  • Damon

    you guys rock!