Evernote Gets Zippier

Posted by on 16 Oct 2008

Posted by on 16 Oct 2008


Our grease monkey engineers have been hard at work tweaking this and tuning that to make Evernote’s web-related clients (everything but Mac and Windows) way, way faster. And the results are amazing.

This update affects:

Whether browsing, searching, filtering, or loading notes, you will experience major speed improvements across the board. The best part: since the changes are all on our servers, you don’t have to download or install anything new. Just sit back and enjoy.

This is the sort of thing you can expect from us in the coming months —a focus on making the Evernote service and clients better, faster, and more awesome.


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  • Keith

    Loading of all the notes seems to be really fast now which is a welcomed changed. Overall very pleased will the changes made on the web version and the windows client in the past couple of weeks.

    Are you guys going to be adding thumbnail view to the windows client anytime soon?

  • Dave Murphy


    Both the web and iPhone interfaces are much speedier.


  • Sarah

    Does evernote work with the Black Berry Curve 8310

  • Marcus Enriquez

    Wow, the windows mobile speed is MUCH faster. Thanks allot guys! Any plans on making the windows mobile app not use pocket internet explorer?


  • marc

    It still can’t connect.

    I’m so disappointed about EverNote since version 3.

  • SamShearman

    I’d also like to see a release of Evernote for my Blackberry Curve 8310. I chose it over the Iphone because:

    Real Keyboard
    Supported by my company for email / contacts / etc
    Solid construction (Screen less likely to break if mistakenly dropped)

    (To be sure, IPhone has a cool UI and plays better games.)

  • Kerry

    Any plans for an Android client?

  • Mrown

    Any news on a Linux client (non-Web)? I’d gladly pay for such a client

  • Willie

    Wow! Amazing difference! It’s down from over a minute to less than 2-5 seconds.

  • Mladen Mihajlovic

    Wonderful news, but how about giving us a bit more power on the Windows Mobile side. I don’t really want to go into the browser at all, all should be handled by the app. I should at least get a list of notes…

  • Curt

    Thanks. The internet UI is very clean and overall speed is incredible! You guys have done wonders since the beta.

    My Mac client hums along very well thank you!

  • thomas clancy


    This is the first time I am trying evernote, and I think that your “grease monkeys” have done an excellent job!

  • genevieve wong

    Hey! The iPhone client is crashing like crazy for me! I’m just marking favorites and I made one photo note and it’s crashes a total of six times on me! Is this happening to anyone else?

  • timothy lim

    i absolutely love evernote, but the only thing bugging me is the missing landscape mode for typing. you guys add that in, and i’m yours for life 😛

  • lyndon

    Awesome program, almost perfect, just needs landscape mode!