Evernote Integration Spotlight: Pelotonics

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 Nov 2008

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 Nov 2008


We recently launched the Evernote API, which allows third party developers to integrate Evernote functionality into their applications and services. In this series, we will highlight some of the most exciting integrations.

Pelotonics, in their own words

Pelotonics unifies your team online to get things done. Organize your projects, collaborate with your group, and succeed in meeting your goals.

Pelotonics + Evernote API

Pelotonics is a project management and collaboration service, which allows organizations to easily manage multiple projects and tasks among groups of users. What Pelotonics needed was a powerful information capture tool. They found that in Evernote, thanks to the Evernote API.

Here’s a video conversation between Phil Libin (our CEO) and Troy Malone of Pelotonics.

Troy Malone and Phil Libin discuss the Integration.

Why this is cool

If you’re like us, then you spend a lot of time thinking about work (in a good way). It often feels like inspiration has a tendency to strike at random times, and the key is to capture it and make it actionable. The combination of Evernote’s multiplatform data capture, and Pelotonics’ project management, make going from inspiration to action a snap.

Thanks to the integration, users can now link Pelotonics to Evernote and easily bring notes into their Pelotonics account. Once a note is in Pelotonics, it can be assigned to a user or project, set as a task, attached to a message, or saved as a file. Instructions on linking the accounts are available on the Pelotonics FAQ page.

Since this is a server-side integration, user can take full advantage of all the functionality Evernote offers. Create a note using the desktop, web, or mobile versions of Evernote, sync, and have it instantly appear in Pelotonics. The video below shows Troy using the integration.

Take action on your Evernote voice notes!

Check out more video use case examples from Pelotonics.

50% OFF for Evernote users

Pelotonics is graciously offering Evernote users a 50% discount off of the first month of paid Pelotonics service. Get it while you can.

The Evernote API

Learn more about the Evernote API on our developer page, and join over a hundred developers working with the Evernote API to create new and exciting integrations.


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  • Troy Malone

    Thanks for this mention. We are very proud of our integration with Evernote. I am absolutely addicted to using it with Pelotonics. Voice notes are easy to do and turn into tasks or messages. I love the ability to capture the thought at the point of interest and then process it later. That saves me a good deal of time. Rather than having the same thought twice or three times before I can get it into my system, I archive it and move on with my day!

    Thanks Evernote
    Troy Malone

  • manuel

    PAPERIUM integration… Please check out paperium – it is as great as evernote – and it is “green” also… I bought paperium (a system with digital pen and paper, which makes handwritten notes DIGITAL on the mac and saves it as text, svg, jpeg, tif…)… please connect to the paperium guys and make a synchronization possible between my handwritten notes and evernote! PLEASE!