New Premium Feature: File Synchronization

Posted by on 17 Dec 2008

Posted by on 17 Dec 2008

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.


It’s a big day here at Evernote. In addition to updated versions of Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac, we’re launching a fantastic, new Premium-only feature: file and document synchronization.

When we launched, we said we’d help you remember everything. Today, we dramatically expanded the meaning of the word everything to include, well, everything*. Evernote Premium users can now add any type of file to a note. Once a file is added to Evernote, it’s synchronized with the Evernote Service and made instantly available across all version of Evernote, even mobile.

Why this is cool

Now, not only can you take notes, clip web pages, snap photos, and record audio, but you can also add the stuff you’re working on, like that client presentation, the novel you’re writing, your resume, your band’s MP3s, those Photoshop files, and just about anything else you can think of.

Best of all, Evernote Premium users no longer need to worry about where their files are, how to access them, where the last copy is saved, or how to share them. Everything is in Evernote, available whenever and wherever needed.


Multiple files in a note

You can add multiple files to a single note. So, say you’re organizing the big corporate offsite. Create a public notebook called “Offsite.” Create a note with the location, meeting agenda, and include all the PowerPoint presentation files. Now, share this notebook’s URL with other attendees. The whole process will take no time at all and you’ll come out looking like an organizational ninja.

Live update

When using the desktop versions of Evernote, if you open a file contained in a note, make changes, then save the file, Evernote will automatically update the version in your notes to the latest. This feature applies to files supported in Free accounts, as well.

Emailing files from your phone

You need to urgently send a file to a coworker, but you’re out to dinner with friends. No worries, it’s in Evernote. Just pull up the note on your phone and email it. How easy is that!?!

The ability to add any type of file to a note is only available to Evernote Premium users. Sign up or upgrade now for only $5/month or $45/year, or give an Premium account as a gift.

And don’t forget, it’s only $5 to try out Evernote Premium. If you’re like us, you’ll never want to go back, but if you prefer Free, rest assured that you will always have access to the notes and files you added as a Premium user.

* Ok, fine, not everything. There is a limitation to be aware of: the total size for a single note cannot exceed 25MB. That HD family reunion video probably won’t fit.

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  • Dave Rakowski

    Thank you!!!!

    M$ just trashed FolderShare with this Live Sync nonsense, so I was looking for a reliable replacement.

    Keep up the good work!

    Dave Rakowski
    Allentown, PA

  • Mitch Olson

    Fantastic product! I signed up today as a premium user as a show of support (as a Dropbox user this particular feature doesn’t grab me but I am sure it may be useful for other users).

    Would love to see some collaborative note sharing functionality in a future release. I want to share notes with colleagues.

  • Eric

    Woooohooo! Excellent work guy!

    One question though… a 500mb Premium account can fill up quickly with file attachments. Any plans to add more space to premium accounts?

  • Enoch

    Unfortunately Google Checkout isn’t available yet here in Brazil. So, we can’t upgrade to Evernote Premium yet 🙁

    Is there another way to pay the upgrade?

  • Greg

    This is great – I can now replace DropBox with Evernote, but I need a Linux (Fedora or Ubuntu) client. Any chance this is coming soon? As soon as it does I will sign up for a premium subscription

  • Neil Chapman

    Doesn’t seem to work very well with Pages, the Apple word processor. I can drop a Pages document into Evernote, but it zips it. And I’m not sure that it saves changes.

    Since I favor Pages over Word, I’m not sure that this new feature is useful to me.

  • J Lucas

    Great news! This feature will rock.

    @ Mitch
    +1 on the collaborative note sharing (public notebooks are nice but sharing with specific people is the next step)

    @ Eric
    Keep in mind that’s a new 500 MB of bandwidth each month. I haven’t actually seen a published aggregate storage cap. Right now they’re only limiting transfer bandwidth from what I understand.

  • Lyle

    This is a nice feature. However, as far as I can tell it is still not possible to link one note to another and 500MB is a non-starter if I’m going to use this as an “online file system.”

    For now, I think Evernote is still for . . . notes.

  • Mike Perry

    Sounds marvelous and might be the killer feature that makes me go Premium. Notetaking, file syncing and basic off-site backup from one source.

    But I have a question. I do a lot of writing in a popular Mac program called Scrivener. It stores projects in an OS X package (a folder that looks like a file but contains multiple files), with individual documents (typically book chapters) as files inside that package.

    Without the Premium account, I can’t check. Does Evernote 1.2 know how to handle OS X packages: opening documents in applications that use them and saving/updating each individual file properly?


    Also, one suggestion. For Macs and PCs, you might want to create a project manager application that manages this feature and remembers which application to use with each file. That way, we would not have to wade through dozens of snippets to find projects we work on every day. Or have a project manager mode for your existing application. This new feature needs a new interface.

  • Mike Wills

    Allow me to search the documents (especially PDF) and I am 100% sold. Until then I am mostly sold…

  • Anthony Russo

    If I change a file opening it in Evernote, does it change the local file I still have on my computer as well?


  • Mark

    If I upgrade to premium, will I be able to email a synced note / document from my iPhone? For example, I attach my resume to a note using the desktop app, and then run into someone I’d like to email my resume to from my iPhone when I’m away from my computer.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mark Yes, you can do exactly that. Your friend will receive the emailed note with your resume as an attachment.

  • Mark

    OK, just to double check, Evernote is the ONLY app that will allow me to put my resume on my iPhone AND email it?

  • Science Dave

    YES!!! I can highlight in attached PDFs and the changes to the file are SAVED!! Woo hoo!!

  • Chrisian

    Wasn’t I already able to do this? I just upgraded Evernote to the newest non-Premium version. But last night I was able to make changes/additions to documents and they were reflected everywhere. I could already sync everything.

    Am I not understanding something here?

    (By the way, I love Evernote, excellent work!)


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Chrisian The difference between Free and Premium, as related to this update, is in the types of files that can be added to notes. Free accounts can add images, audio, ink, and PDFs. Premium accounts can now add virtually any type of file (ZIP, DOC, PPT, etc). For a more complete feature comparison between Free and Premium, visit:

  • Michael Santarcangelo

    This is an exciting development… but leaves me asking ‘how safe/secure is this?’

    Would you be interested in a discussion with me – private, blog or podcast and/or members of the Security Catalyst Community? Several of us use/recommend Evernote (I personally LOVE it) – but would also like to get a sense of how information is being protected in transit and at rest.

    Let me know how we can help.


  • David

    It is a shame you have not added support for Windows Desktop Search. I want one place to search for my information, the native search built into my OS which inegrates nicely with everything else. It is a bummer that I can use it for everything else except Evernote. At the very least, open up your local file format so someone else can do it. Integrating WDS is not that hard (from a developers point of view).

    When you add this, I will be totally sold.


  • Chrisian

    @ Andrew

    Ah, I see. Very good. That’ll come in handy.

    I think you’ll have another Premium user very soon. 😉


  • Roland

    This may not be the place to say, but I second David’s suggestion : Windows Desktop Search integration. I really don’t want to have to search from several places.

  • Kate G.

    Yes, yes, oh, yes!

  • Eric

    @ J Lucas: Yes, I understand it’s a bandwidth limit (I’ve been premium since they offered it).

    With this file storage option, I would have loved to save youtube videos (i.e. workout routines, recipes, presentation, etc.), but they average approx. 25mb each, so filling up a 500mb quota / month would be too easy 🙁

    Still, this is a great feature!

  • thegeniusfiles

    You are making good progress! I appreciate this new feature very much. Most of my class materials are .doc, docx, .ppt, .xls, so this makes Evernote much more useful to me. One more thing I would like to see: when a note is maximized, it would be very useful to have a Find (CNTR+F) feature like Firefox has. It would help a lot in locating specific sections of code, for instance. And Find&Replace would be handy too. And syntax highlighting. I wonder if perhaps you might make Evernote pluggable; that way a user could select features of interest without weighing everyone down with stuff they might not want?

  • Christian

    Quick question:

    Now that I have a Premium account and a lot more storage space, with the ability to store more file types, I’d like to do something about the Documents folder on my Mac. I have notes in Evernote and notes in there. I use the MobileFiles App on my iPhone to view the files in my Documents folder, since I back them up to my iDisk regularly. But as of yet MobileFiles is quite limited in what it can read.

    But I also have notes in Evernote. So I have notes scattered over two different places. I wouldn’t mind viewing the contents of my Documents folder in Evernote. Is there any easy way to import all those files? I can’t import them into a single note – they’re too big, about 124mb total. I can’t import them by batch-selecting them and dragging them into Evernote, either. It seems the only way is to add them, one by one as a new note. This will be very time-consuming. Maybe Evernote was never intended to be a repository for all of your documents, but how far can I push Evernote in this regard?

    I’d appreciate any help.

  • KenZ

    You’ve just had me! you guys kept on putting better and better services day by day and I am impressed.
    Just that I cannot yet edit notes from client from my winmo device.

  • Broti

    I wil upgrade right now because I love evernote on my mac and on my iphone and it´s doing so many important things for me so easy. thank you very much for that great work which I really cannot use free anymore – i couldn´t sleep well without supporting your work! 🙂

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    This was the feature I had been waiting for to upgrade to Premium. Now I can create audible notes straight from my phone (which only outputs .amr files).

    One ‘complaint’: just a few hours after I upgraded, I received an Evernote promo mail; apparently as an Evernote Plus user I could have got a much better deal! Anyway, too late for regrets, and the package is good value at the regular price anyway.

  • Cricri

    subfolders/subnotebooks, please!

  • Luckaza

    Hi! Thank you very much with this new feature!
    I agree with thegeniusfiles and the ctrl+f Feature would be great.

    I’m a premium user and I have a problem, on the windows version I can’t see any “open with” feature to open my image note on the photoshop for example. I will appreciate your help. Sorry for my bad english.

    Thank you again!

  • Nik Kalyani

    Interesting feature, however I can’t see myself using Evernote to share/sync files given the puny amount of storage. I can just as easily use Gmail or Live Mesh. Please consider revisiting this limit and bringing it more in-line with industry standards which have moved past MB into GB territory for many years now.

    A feature that I would like to see (and pay for) is the ability to have a shared Evernote Notebook with another user (versus just private or public).

  • Arvinder Singh

    I think this feature is very cool and a significant leap for the tool to become a comprehensive information note taking tool. However, the pricing model of per year recurring cost is not working for me since I do most of the notes and file sync for my laptop only. I can pay a one time cost for the feature on my desktop and only use the online access if required. Is there an option to decouple the pricing model.
    But regardless impressed by the continued improvement in the product and the blog model for communicating the feature set.

  • brunetti

    +1 on Subfolders and subnotebooks!

  • Snowy

    Whatever….Get some SYMBIAN support.

  • JP Hill

    I’m impressed. Just the other day, I was telling my wife that I want to migrate to the cloud. I’ve been using Google docs and I absolutely love having access to my content anytime anywhere. Now, I can use Evernote to help me do the same with my Adobe files.

    All I need now is an online repository for my music!

    Thanks for such a great product and making it useful for those of us with both a Mac and a PC.

  • Jay

    Is there a way for the live update to work with jpg’s you created in Skitch? I open in Skitch and save and it doesn’t update… hmmm…

  • Wei-Yen Tan

    @Nik that 500MB you speak of is the amount of “traffic” that you have uploaded to the Evernote server every month. It has unlimited capacity to store your data.

    I used to use Copernic Desktop Search, and I would love to have a feature to be able to search the documents (and highlight searched words just like normal notes. All those others are great and this product keeps getting better and better.

    Good work!

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    @ Nik: the file limit of 500 Mb is per month; this makes it 12 X 500 = 6 Gb per year.

    @ Snowy: me wants SYMBIAN too!

    And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone here!


    What Evernote needs is a good seaerch engine on the iPhone. As it is it locates the note, but not where it is in the note.
    The search works fine on the computer

  • Welcomed Rain

    +2 for subfolders/subnotebooks. Actually, I can’t believe this is not a feature. Any folder system uses this as a natural and intuitive form or organization. As cool as the program is now with its amazing search abilities, I still think from an organizational standpoint, hierarchical notebook-subnotebook trees would go a long way to enhance functionality.

  • Ben

    +3 for subfolders/subnotebooks. This is the only function really holding me back from using this program on a daily basis.

  • dirkblasius

    Nice Update, but I’m missing a feature. It would be helpful to change the notebooks icons!



  • bookie

    Will this support Office 2007? Or just the older version?

  • Dale B

    I like the new version but I need to pull-transfer-upload several years of my notes on my local system from your previous version into the new 3.0 Where do I find the procedure for this? Also, on this Blog of questions, why do you not publish your answers for all to see?

    I have used the Evernote for years with an Addesso Notepad and now an IBM Tablet where I add handwriten notes into the Evernote. I place ideas and notes on the fly and have them all in one place instead of on numerous paper notepad. The program has worked well for me!

  • Jonathan Dutton

    I’d also like the sub-folder/sub-notebook option.

    More than that though, I’d like to specify notebooks and/or notes to share with other specific users for collaboration. Example, I use a note for a shopping list. I jot stuff down that I need to pick up at the store when I think of it and pull it out at the store. I’d like my wife to have access to that both to make changes to the list and pull it up at the store when she goes. But it is not necessarily something I need published publicly on the internet.

  • Guest

    + up for subnotebooks

  • Mark Neufeld

    Please! – subfolders/subnotebooks

    I’m one of the many people who are asking for this. I plan to go with premium and stop using Together as soon as this is implemented.

  • Andrew

    Subfolders/subnotebooks are essential. Also: the Clip/Cancel button should have an option to select the notebook/subnotebook the clip is to be added to.

  • Scott

    + another on subnotebooks. Pleeeeeaaaase? Until then: is there a way to search for a tag, then do a word search within those results? If so, that might be a way to replicate the subfolders function: for instance, folder=banking, tag=BofA Savings, word search=check #2400.

  • Tom

    +1 subnotebooks!

  • Mike Pearce

    +1 subfolders/subnotebooks

  • Joe

    But could you lower the price? 🙂

  • Steve

    What a great app – I just upgraded to premium as although I want to be able to store tiff files etc –

    Another vote for Subnotebooks here – or rather folders to group notebooks in – I’m really surprised this feature is not included – it seems like pretty basic functionality.

    I am feeling a bit like I did when I found out my ‘state of the art’ iPhone couldn’t send picture messages…

  • ysamjo

    Well, I just don’t get it why you don’t bring out a file synchronization software that syncs specified watched folders automatically. The you would be the perfect Dropbox killer. It would be reason enough to go preimium – at least for me. But manually importing stuff isn’t comfortable, and two tools just for syncing files (a note is a txt-file, too) is annoying.

  • Ugur

    Just switchted to premium. Trying the file sync feature. – What if I change a file that I copied into a note? Will it change the original file as well? If not then it’s not going to be very useful :-/

    Greetings from Berlin,

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ugur If you place a file into a note, then open it from within the note, Evernote will keep an eye on that file and update it in the note whenever you save it.

  • steelie

    +1 for Subnotebooks, please!

    • jussi Ojajärvi

      I would pay for Evernote if it had sub-folders.

  • hwk

    +1 for subnotebooks or folders to organize them in (using tags for subnotebooks only creates a whole lot of tags, it’s hassle)
    Working Thunderbird beta plugin would be great too.

  • Mike H.

    +1 for subnotebooks/hierarchy.. Not switching from onenote or paying until it has it. Thx!

  • John Madden

    Another +1 for sub-notebooks or subfolder organization – the lack of it really limits my ability to use EN
    (Premium User)
    Also please allow an easy direct file import into EN (i.e. from dropbox etc.



  • benton

    Another vote for subfolders new premium user
    it would help to keep my files organized to have subfolders (if only for my mental clarity) thanks

  • michael

    Subfolders/sub-notebooks… for me, this is the one major feature which Evernote desperately needs.

  • Sue

    +1 more vote for folders/sub-notebooks.

  • Ross Haines

    I agree with others about sub notebooks – one clear thing that Onenote has over Evernote.

    Also, when you export a web page into Evernote, the hyperinks don’t work – it’s just an image. Is this right? Is it possible to have a hyperlink to the web-site that I’ve just exported??

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ross We recommend that you use the Evernote Web Clippers ( when trying to save webpages. This method will capture text, images, and links.

  • Lynn

    The Evernote premium price is extremely reasonable and well worth it. For synchronization of all files across computers, nothing beats Syncplicity.

  • seaslug

    And another plea for sub notes / hierarchy – then you have me!

  • Dan

    Googled “evernote sub-folders” and landed here. Adding +1 to the chorus!

    Oh, also. I love evernote.

  • kt

    Subnotebook feature would be perfect!

  • Rob

    Subfolders/subnotebooks +1000

  • TR

    I echo the call for subfolders/subnotebooks. This is something that I have been hopefully waiting on for many months.

  • DB

    Subnotebooks, please.

  • 7twenty

    Please add subfolders/subnotebooks.

  • deadcatdreaming

    |_ Notebook
    |_ Folder

  • kiara Robertson

    Its suprising that Andrew has replied to one comment about the weblinks and not the folders!

    ANDREW – please tell us if you guys are working on subfolders!!!!!!! they will make everything neater and easier for me – as i use evernote for so many different topics!


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Kiara, We’re looking into it. Sorry, but can’t be more specific than that right now.

  • Yann L

    Subfolders guys, please. It’s not “organizing” everything if you cannot have a proper way to achieve it… I already have like… 100 folders… me – private, me – fun, me – research 1 – business – cliente – etc etc… Even Microsoft realized it was a good feature for Onenote…
    Except this “not so little” thing: GREAT WORK ! KEEP ON

  • Simon L

    Hello Andrew,
    I just upgraded to the premium service, for the extra space and the ability to add different file types. Is there any feature to preview these documents like you do a PDF. I don’t want to have to open them in their native programs, if I am searching for one phrase or bit of information.
    Thanks for the great software.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Simon, for previewing we use the tools made available to us by the operating system. Mac allows us to to do a Quick Look for a certain set of filetypes. Windows is more limited. If we don’t have a preview option for the filetype you’re looking for, then you will have to open it in its native software.

  • Imanol

    Cool feature, the reason that I purchase the premium account BUT… you have to open files within the note to update the file or files… I think it should be possible to update the file opening wherever the file is, p.e, from My documents… etc… and also it will be great sync a folder from your desktop and automatically update versions in the notes…

    With these features dropbox and similars… K.O

  • spier

    Please add one for sub-notebooks, that is what is keeping me using OneNote.


  • Matt

    Sub Folders, Sub Folders, Sub Folders.

    Nothing like having 43 little green Notebooks down the left hand side. I feel so organized, yet I have to stop and think before “drilling down” to find my notes.

    I know this is “my limitation”, but after using Windows for 10 years, my brain now only works in folders and sub-folders, not tags 🙂

  • AceSi

    sinced switching to Mac I’m still getting used to Evernote having left OneNote behind in PC land. I miss sub files though and i cant work out how to attached files to files to evernote..can anybody help please?

  • AceSi

    okay, so I have to drag an attachment from my email to my desktop before I drag it into evernote…this cant be it? surely there’s a quicker way??

  • K

    Subfolders PLEASE!!!

  • Pavel

    I agree with AceSi – having to drag an email attachment to the desktop before dragging into Evernote is . . . a drag. More an annoyance than anything, though. (You can drag an email in, and it will bring the attachment with it, but that’s not the same thing.)

    SUBFOLDERS, PLEASE! +1,000,000 (Premium user.)

  • Joel Fairbank

    I Googled “sub-notebooks for Evernote and landed here, too.

    +1 for sub-Notebooks!

  • Ryan

    As per the above comment – I also landed here after googling for ‘evernote sub-notebooks!’ – it’s the one feature stopping me moving all my document handline over to Evernote (Especially since ironic software dumped the Collections feature in Yep :-().

    Also, perhaps a 1-off payment (or first month bonus) in premium to allow people to shift an existing horde of documents into Evernote (ie. I’ll probably only push in about 50-60 Meg a month, but have a backlog of older docs to go in which total around 1Gb).

    To summarise my rambline : +1 Subfolders 😉

  • Floris van Onna

    Love evernote and just became a premium users.

    Started to use evernote for my administration and now…. I would love it to have subfolders / subnotebooks. So… +1!

  • massive

    +1 for subnotebooks

  • MadMax

    I would go premium as well if subnotebooks were available… it’s the one missing feature that prevents me from only using EN.
    +1 for subnotebooks.

  • Robert

    +1 for subfolders

  • patrick

    not having subfolders is like having a library without any shelves.
    …or a department store where everything is simply laid out on the floor

    must be very difficult to implement?

    doesn’t even have to be more than 2-3 deep.

    look at rexwireless ideamatrix or todomatrix for an excellent implementation of hierarchical structure: they have drawers, folders, then notes.

    this is what’s keeping so many from switching from blackberry to iphone / android.

  • eridanix

    Subnotebooks, please!!!

  • Revenger

    Subnotebooks please!
    Evernote is looking good. Just became a premium user but I need subnotebooks.

    Any word on if they are coming anytime soon?

  • Chris M

    Googled “sub notebooks for evernote” and ended up here. Please Please Please do an update with sub-folders, it;s the only gripe I have with evernote. other than that I LOVE IT!

  • Dave B

    Subnotebooks is a deal breaker for me. I would love to switch over from OneNote but just can’t until Subnotebooks is a feature in EverNote

  • Paul

    +1 for sub notebooks.

    I really dont understand why EN are ignoring this request. As a developer I really do not see what the problem is. Sub notebooks has to be the most sought after feature!

  • will

    SUBFOLDERS, please! It’s the only reason I haven’t become a premium user. This one feature is holding me (and apparently many others) back.

  • Guenter

    + 1 for sub notebooks (i am premium user)

  • Dominique

    Googled “evernote subnotebook”, landed here… Much like many others…

    +10^10 for sub notebooks!!!

    Seriously, what is the hold up? People have been asking for this simple feature for over a year now… I’ll be the first to admit that evernote is made of 99% pure awesomeness… But I am not going to make the switch to Evernote Premium until I get some subnotebooks. I still haven’t entirely jumped onto the tagging bandwagon, perhaps I’ve been trained too extensively in the use of folders and subfolders, so much so that my mind naturally compartmentalizes info into subfolders now… I NEED them. Please add… Then you’ll have some money from me when I switch to premium…

  • James

    Please sub notebooks. I have a premium account but I am really considering other products right now without this feature. As my note library has grown I am finding it very difficult to organize properly without them and use this as a business tool effectively.

    Like others I Goggled for subnotebooks and came to this thread. Anything you can do is much appreciated.

  • Nasir Ghazi

    Yes, please add subfolders. I want to keep my personal files backed up AND organised (not just backed up).
    Makes sense?

  • Matt Sorensen

    Another vote for sub-notebooks. I’ve tried conforming to evernote’s tag only system for 6 months and it just isn’t working for me. I need to browse my data not just search. Thanks.

  • Jum

    The one comment I keep reading about is: subnotebooks Please please please

    Subnotebooks would polish this program to the 10th degree.

    Any word from the Evernote staff?

  • eridanix

    Subnotebooks, please!

  • Steve

    +1 Subfolders / notebooks. Getting this will make my credit card jump out of my wallet!

  • jafi

    Another +1 for subfolders/notebook + multiple tag filtering (ala delicious) and tag nesting on web.
    These would make evernote perfect and purchase worthy.

  • Deanna

    Love the app. Adding scribing capability would make this perfect. I teach autistic students who could use both type and write option