Evernoters Save BIG on Eye-Fi Cards

Posted by on 05 Feb 2009

Posted by on 05 Feb 2009


The very generous folks at Eye-Fi are offering Evernote users BIG discounts on all Eye-Fi wireless SD cards. Visit Eye-Fi’s Evernote page and click Buy Now.

We recommend the following cards for use with Evernote:

  • Explore: WAS $129 NOW $99
  • Anniversary: WAS $129 NOW $89
  • Share: WAS $99 NOW $59


Evernote and Eye-Fi

Eye-Fi and Evernote give you tons of great, new everyday uses for your digital camera. Start taking high quality snapshots of whiteboards, business cards, wine labels, or anything else containing text, then do a search for the text in Evernote. Since these photos are coming from a digital camera, you will see significant improvements in Evernote’s image recognition results. The best part: it all happens automagically over Wi-Fi, no docks or cables necessary.

Great gift for Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to tell someone you care than to give a gift that simplifies their life. They get what they want and you save a ton of money. Nice.

Don’t miss out.


Evernote Premium

Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter.

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  • J.

    I’d love to have one.
    But they don’t work outside the US, do they?

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    Great news guys, but it only seems to be available in the US and Canada. Pity –the Evernote world is bigger than that.

  • Peaboy

    Is there a recurring fee for using eyefi’s services? Looks like there is, but that’s not clear in the BUY portion of the site. How about anothrer video explaining the upfront and then ongoing costs.

  • Ziv Gillat

    Good comments. The Eye-Fi Cards sell in the US, Japan and Canada. They work everywhere, but we can only sell them in those 3 countries, because we haven’t gotten through all the certifications for Europe, etc… But as long as you set your router to the normal channels of 1-11, the cards will work. By default, most routers are set to channel 6.

    Good luck —


  • Alexander Deliyannis

    @J As far as I can tell, there’s no reason why most of the features shouldn’t work anywhere in the world. The Wi-Fi you would set-up would be the same anywhere; it’s not like cellular telephony which differs from continent to continent.

    Only Eye-Fi Explorer’s free hot-spot access and geotagging should have some limitations:
    “Today, about 70 percent of the population of the US and Canada is covered. In Europe, the top 50 metropolitan areas are covered, along with 70 percent of the populated areas in Germany, France and the UK. Coverage is expanding in Western Europe as well as several areas of Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries.”

  • Gordon

    hey, just curious when will you guys come out with a Linux version of Evernote?

  • Gilad

    What about Google Widget for Evernote?
    It is the only reason Evernote is not a match and superior to Google notebooks..

  • Graham Flanders

    Good news if you live in America or Canada. What about the UK?


  • Andre Chaperon

    If you live outside of their distribution territories, here’s a workaround…

    Signup at and get a free forwarding address. Then order your Eye-Fi and use your new U.S. forwarding address.

    Sure … you’ll have to pay a small premium for International shipping … but that’s not such a bad thing.


  • Michael Roberts

    – another option is
    US Street Address they provide is yours for life, not rented, not a PO Box. Great website technology, country info, & tracking to your door.