The New Web Clipper Take 2 + Firefox Add-on Update

Posted by on 19 Mar 2009

Posted by on 19 Mar 2009


We’ve received a ton of useful, and loud, feedback since launching the new web clipper bookmarklet. In response, we just added two much-requested features: full web page clipping and longer “Remember Me” sessions.

Don’t forget, the web clipper bookmarklet works on various platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and in numerous browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

Also, there’s a big update to the Firefox add-on for Mac. More on that below.

Clipping the full page

Clipping the full page is super simple:

  • Click on the bookmarklet without selecting anything
  • Check the “Clip full page” checkbox
  • Click Save

Whoa, you say, that’s one more click than it used to be! Not so fast: we’ll remember your choice for next time, so you only need to check that box once. If you want to create a Quicknote, simply uncheck that box, add some text to the note, and click Save. Best of both worlds, etc.

Please be aware that clipping the full page grabs all the text and images, but not necessarily the formatting. If you want to capture a page with formatting, we suggest using the Clip to PDF function available in the Safari Clipper for Mac.

We will remember you

Gone are the days of constantly logging into the web clipper. Now, when you click “Remember me,” Evernote will keep you logged in for about a week, unless you explicitly log out. This functionality is at the mercy of your browser cookie/security settings. So, if your browser doesn’t allow Evernote to do its thing, you may still have to log in every time.

Firefox Clipper update for Mac users

Today, Mac users get a big Firefox Clipper update. You will see the change only if you have the desktop version of Evernote installed.

Now, clipped web content is sent directly to Evernote on your desktop, instead of first going to your web account. This makes clipping significantly faster, as it doesn’t show you a popup or ask you to sign in. In the application Clipping preferences you can choose whether to have the new note come to the front for quick tagging and editing. It’s up to you. If you prefer the old functionality, simply install the Clip to Evernote bookmarklet into you FF link bar.

We will have a more comprehensive clipping blog post very soon, which will describe the various web and desktop clipping options available in Evernote.

Get the latest

  • Install the latest Firefox Clipper
  • Drag or add the “Clip to Evernote” button below into your browser’s link bar. Designed for: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and others. In Internet Explorer, you will need to right-Click the “Clip to Evernote” Button below and select “Add to Favorites”. More info »Clip to Evernote

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  • Andrew

    So good to know you guys are listening to feedback! Keep up the awesome work.

  • Andrew

    By the way, are the bookmarklet and the FF add-on supposed to work the same way? I find that the FF add-on doesn’t pop up the window, like the bookmarklet; for me, there is no quick note functionality in FF; after this update, I just get a window saying “no selection, take the whole page?” when I click the toolbar button; if I say no, I don’t get any note. Is this normal? I’m on Windows Vista. Thanks!

  • Duncan

    This is crashing my browser every time I click it! eek! I’ve submitted a support request. Thanks.

  • Bil

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Matt Duda

    Excellent – full page clipping is back! Thank you!

  • Solari

    Hi ther, this new Firefox Clipper is crashing my Firefox for some reason. Using a Mac myself.

  • tivoboy

    Has anyone tried this? I just tried it, clip full page. I got a note that simply said NULL.

    Another page, yahoo homepage, just posted one long thread bout 2 inches wide, and 20 pages long. A site that I often bookmark and used to save, again just NULL after clipping and checking “clip full page”

  • Andrew Sinkov

    @tivoboy @solari Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re looking into it.

    If you see a bug, please let our support team know:

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    Works fine on Internet Explorer 7!

    I just decided against using the webclipper because it did not clip the entire page as I mentioned in my Evernote post at but now I’ll use it.

    At a first glance I thought I’d mention autofilling for tags (if you look at the interface you don’t think it’s there) but the webclipper can already do this! So thank you for the great work!

    Just to prevent take 3 for taking it too far: I like the fact that formatting is not preserved, this makes the pages easy to read on my Windows Mobile Evernote client 🙂

  • Nick Van Weerdenburg

    Will the FF clipping support PDFs soon? That is so useful, you are forcing me to use Safari.

    Thanks for the great updates!

  • Andrew

    The Evernote Update just caused a Bluescreen crash in Vista …

    Am reluctant to try again until this install bug is eliminated. Please Twitter when this is fixed.


  • Yun Fu

    Works for me! Wonderful. Thanks!

  • Sun

    Annoying issue on the latest firefox plugin for Mac:

    After update to latest firefox plugin with FF 3.0.7 on my mac, everytime I clicked the web clipper button, firefox crashes. But the same plugin works fine on my linux and windows version of firefox. (the button icon only changes for mac).

    Later I found this may be caused by mac version of missing. (I have installed it once before but later deleted it). Is there a way to make firefox plugin work the same way on mac as on linux/windows? (*not* calling, just do the webclipper script thing)

  • Fang

    I’d really like to see “clip webpage as pdf” function on firefox, currently only plugin for safari has this feature, but it’s so useful…. 🙂

  • Naomi

    Hey, FF clipper crashing my Firefox every. Single. Time. I click it. Not only that, it’s NOT CLIPPING ANYTHING. Love Evernote, but next time? Make sure it works before releasing it into the wild.

  • Fictive Cameron

    Not relevant to this post, but we did a redesign of your home page for fun. Just thought Id bring it to your attention and see if you all had any thoughts.

  • Phil Libin

    I’m glad that the new web clipper functionality is being well received. Thanks to everyone who commented on the last version; with your help, we managed to make it handle all three use-cases (partial clip, full clip, quick note) nicely without requiring a second bookmarklet!

    The FF native clipper issues that some people are reporting on these comments are still a bit mysterious; we’re working on trying to reproduce the problem but haven’t been able to do so yet. Looks like some particular OS/Browser combination may be to blame. Please report any problems on our support system at because it’s much easier for our engineers to track them there than on the blog. Make sure to include as much information about your configuration as possible, since most users don’t seem to be affected.

    In the mean time, if you’re having problems with the native clipper in FF, try using the web clipper as described in the blog post. It does almost the same thing and shouldn’t cause any browser problems.

    It also works with Chrome!

  • Unimpressed

    Thanks for listening and restoring this feature!

  • Randall Stevens

    OMIGOD – Incredible! A 2.0 company that actually listenes to it’s customers and IMMEDIATELY, too!

    Much man-love, in a non-gay way to you guys.

    Thank you SO much!

  • tivoboy

    One of the things that it might be, is on MAC at least the FF beta 3.0 was JUST updated yesterday. I found that I had to install via extension update, the regular FF clipper update wouldn’t work. After that I had to restart, and then it worked. I still get some NULL reports from some pages, not sure why.

  • melanee

    Thank you for listening to our feedback! Trust me, this goes a long way.evernote

  • Phil

    Add my thanks for listening, too. Truly great to see your responses so quickly. Thank you!

    In fact, I had just about forgiven you for the ad box, but I just noticed you are actually selling ad space there. I thought you were just advertising Evernote. Defunker Good Clothes? And some stationery shop? Well, I’m back to being seriously bummed out. Seriously. I really think you ought to re-think the payment/ pricing option and sell one-off licences. I’d pay AUD50 for Evernote. If I used more than 20MB/ month I’d be prepared to pay more – perhaps a scaled fee based on amount of uploads? But not AUD65/ year.


  • Rob R

    Thanks for the update.

    Just want to add my voice to the chorus who want clip to PDF in Firefox. What I’ve been doing in the meantime to save PDFs is use the ‘safari view’ Firefox add-on to open the page I want to save in Safari, then save to PDF in Evernote.

  • prof

    Very happy to hear!

  • Jorge

    I went to support but couldn’t find any discussion so here it goes: I’m having the same problem. Bookmarklet works as advertised but FF plugin doesn’t show the pop up quicknote screen.

  • Pandu

    Is there a BlackBerry app yet?

  • Jo Fothergill

    Hi Guys – love the latest “thing” being able to clip directly to my mac desktop client – except … it works fine with my MacBook – running FF 3.1b3; but not on my iBook – same setup.

    I’ve updated everything but still get nothing happening with the clipper in the iBook.



  • morten

    Have Evernote any intentions of releasing a client for Symbian S60?

  • Julie

    I love, love, love this tool. I’d like to see one small checkbox added for clipping: Save to desktop only. I work from home for a large company. I use the tool for both personal and business purposes. Much of what I do can’t be on a 3rd party server and has to stay on my machine only. Which means having to launch the old desktop version for those types of notes, and keeping the new one open as well for generic notes which are not proprietary. If there were a way to just mark a note “Desktop ONLY”, that solves that problem. Whether you check that when clipping, or in the notes database view for selected notes, I don’t know. But the option would REALLY, REALLY be helpful. Great job!!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Julie When you create a new notebook you can designate it as “Local,” which means the notes are never synchronized with the web.

  • Claudio

    How about allowing the clips to be pushed to Twitter / Facebook… ?
    Evernote would then expand into the “social”.

  • billn

    crashes ff 3.1b3 on os x 10.56. tried on two themes. en desktop not installed


    Hi! I love the clipper and use it every day. I hope you extend the Safari clipper icon and the Clip to PDF functionality to Windows users using Safari as well.

  • John

    I’m having the same problem as Jorge. I no longer get the pop up quicknote screen. It was working just fine until the latest update.

    I’m on a Mac, and I use the web clipper FF plugin.

  • JL

    Are you people listening? People are bleeding over the loss of EverNote 2. Not everybody is interested in sending photos to an online account. We don’t like EverNote 3. Please make EverNote 2 an option again. Just put up the installer and the clipper button and leave us in peace.

  • ork

    Using Windows7 and Firefox, I don’t see the Quicknote screen where I can tell Evernote where to save the clip. Instead, i just receive a flash note in the bottom of the my screen saying the clip has been captured with options do delete, edit, etc.
    Why I’m not seeing the quicknote screen?


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @ork If you have Evernote for Windows installed, the Firefox clipper sends your clips directly to the desktop without bringing up the popup. If you would like to see the Quicknote popup, then install the Clip to Evernote bookmarklet into your browser bar.

  • Jane Forrester

    The problem with the bookmarklet in IE7(w/ Windows XP) is the encoding isn’t treated properly and if the web page isn’t encoded in Latin-1, the whole page characters become garbage.

    I wish the problem solved soon.

  • Phil

    I love Evernote, but it the Firefox add-on always seems to be one step behind FF versions. I haven’t been able to install it on any current version of Firefox for over a year.

  • crock

    Just installed addon in FF3.5b4pre/OSX.5.6, works for now 😉
    What I’d love is a keyboard shortcut for clipping.

    Thought I’d fiddle with DOM inspector to handle button code to keyconfig, but then realised that I’d hide button then, and it’d disable created shortcut.

    So, please : give us at least a menu item (in Tools menu?) “Clip to Evernote”, or better create a built in shortcut with ability to change it in settings (or disable it, when I opt to create a shortcut on a menuitem myself)

  • Julian Maples

    In Internet Explorer 7:

    (1) Does not clip the entire page

    (2) No Quicknote screen

  • Mgaff28

    This crashes Firefox everytime its clicked on. Needs some tweeking.

  • mary

    another mac user – my firefox browser crashes when I click on the clipper.

  • Julian Maples

    I see on another webpage you have written “In Internet Explorer, you will need to click Tools->Toolbars->Unlock the Toolbars, then turn on the “Links” Toolbar. Right-Click the “Clip to Evernote” Button below and select “Add to Favorites”, then select the “Links” folder. In your IE Menubar, drag the “Links” toolbar out to the left until you see “Clip to Evernote.”” In my copy of IE7 there is no “Toolbars” item in the “Tools” menu.

  • Bill Kennan

    The desktop version does not work with Mac OSX 10.4.11. Too bad.

  • tommyent

    Crashes firefox every time osx

  • Octocat

    Worked with my FF when I installed in, but then when I rebooted my pute FF keeps crashing. Unistalled it, reinstalled and all seems fine now.
    Agree with the request for a blackberry version – that would be cool.

  • Robert H

    I am having a few issues with it also, which is a shame as this looks as though it would be a nice addition to my tools.

  • Joe Pesci

    Works for FF3 now. thanks.

  • php scripts

    Everything seems to be working fine for me on FF3. BTW I absolutely love this addon, keep up the good work (especially like the full page clip)

  • Paul

    Will the FF clipping support PDFs soon? That is so useful, you are forcing me to use Safari.

    Thanks for the great updates!

  • Mercury66

    Any fix for Firefox Extension crashing OS X? I don’t have the OS X desktop client installed, do I need to?

  • Michelle

    So, as of today, using Firefox 3, the web clipper is still crashing my browser. Consistently. Because I’m still running Tiger on my Mac, I don’t have the desktop client. Is that why I’m running into this issue? I love the clipper and miss using it!

  • Michael Becker

    Absolutely nothing happens when I click on the clipper button in Firefox on Mac. This is true on my work Mac and my personal Mac. It’s like the FF plugin just stopped working.

  • Michael

    This is such a cool feature! I will surely try this very soon!!

  • Steve Article

    seems like its working now on firefox 3.. will post update soon.

  • J. Biddle

    Neat article.

  • david

    I am having the same problem with the evernote web clipping plugin. I’m using firefox and have a mac 10.5.7 and using firefox 3.0.10 and it crashes firefox everytime I try to use it. Any update on fixing this problem?

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    The webclipper did not work with Internet Explorer 8. This can be fixed by changing an option via Tools>Internet Options>Security, Custom level. Set “Enable XSS filter” to “Disabled” and restart Internet Explorer 8.

  • Angela

    Bump. Another request for keyboard shortcut for both “clicking on toolbar button” clipping, as well as “shift+clicking on toolbar button” clipping as pdf! Pretty please with sugar on top.

    PS: even w/o kb shortcut, this is great!

    • derrickey

      I do agree with this – a shortcut for clipping article in browser (i’musing chrome atm)
      saves time there for me!

  • Matt

    I agree with some of the comments above.

    Evernote 2 was definitely superior to evernote 3where privacy is a concern. I also don’t want notes of a confidential nature posted all over the web.

    Please bring back the earlier edition: It was such a great product.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Matt You can create Local notebooks in Evernote that are not synchronized with the web.

  • blade97

    Sorry, but I don’t like the Evernote 3.0. I like the ability of creating and sorting categories with custom icons and the regular layout of the 2.0 version. The only things that I like about 3.0 is the ability to import pdfs and some of the new tools that you added. However, it is a disappointment to see that you require a online account to even use and limit the amount of upload bandwith. I give the program 5 out of 10. Please combine 2.0 and 3.0. For now I am sticking with my 2.0 version.

  • Christian

    When will you come with an update for Firefox 3.5? It has been out for ages but the plugin described above doesn’t work with this version yet.

  • Coby

    Installed web clipper for Firefox 3.6.3 (Mac OSX 10.6.3), and it will not allow me to start Firefox. If anyone else is having the same problem, start Firefox while holding the Alt key to start FF in safe mode and then uninstall/disable the Add-on.

    Evernote: Any suggestions?

  • Troy

    Absolutely nothing happens when I click on the clipper button in Firefox on Mac. This is true on my work Mac and my personal Mac. It’s like the FF plugin just stopped working.

  • Jack

    Annoying issue on the latest Firefox plugin for Mac:

    After update to latest Firefox plugin with FF 3.0.7 on my mac, every time I clicked the web clipper button, Firefox crashes. But the same plugin works fine on my Linux and windows version of Firefox. (the button icon only changes for mac).

    Later I found this may be caused by mac version of missing. (I have installed it once before but later deleted it). Is there a way to make Firefox plugin work the same way on mac as on Linux/windows? (*not* calling, just do the Web Clipper script thing)

  • lingerie

    i want to make some changes for firefox..

  • Alice Munro

    This is crashing my Firefox every time I click it…

  • john

    I love the idea but also crashes my firefox. Is there any fix for it or i have to downsize to whichever version of FF you are using.

  • clive Scott

    I also have lost firefox which now refuses to open since adding the evernote clipper. I also see that evernote has not responded to ONE of the numerous posts above complaining of exactly the same thing. What the hell is going on evernote!!!

  • Internet Affiliate

    Nothing happens when I click on the clipper button in Firefox on Mac.
    Is there any fix for it?

  • cityville

    i was beginning to contemplate i could end up being the sole person whom thought about this, at the least now i know i’m not crazy 🙂 i will make it a point to take a look at a number different blogposts immediately after i get a little caffeine in me, adios for now 🙂

  • Brucester

    HELP!!! I have the latest version of Evernote! After taking a screen clip, I can NOT print it!! All that the printer gets is some header info, the not title (screen clip), the notebook it is from and the date created. 🙁

  • Peter

    Get really ugly results when clipping the whole page using the Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and the evernote extension.

    Tried it in Chrome and the note looks like the page.

    wonder whats wrong here!

  • Sam

    Still enjoying evernote but the clipper on firefox + mac is a bit dodgy. I love that I can sync directly to my local but can this be done using the webform? also getting the webform back was non-obvious (i.e. turning off the local sync) I use multiple screens so having grab focus really annoys me; especially when I just want to note something for later.

    On a related note: can you please add a “suggestions/feedback” form to your website?

    One final request: I’m not sure if it’s a firefox issue or your website but when you try and change the “search” category it instead loads that category. Making it tricky to search inside just one category…


  • Marie Louise Mangor

    Can anybody help? The evernot webclipper does not appear with Internet Explorer. I tried to deactivate the XSS filter” but it still does not work… Need help! Thanks.