Evernote for Mac Update: Supercharged Shortcuts

Posted by on 06 Apr 2009

Posted by on 06 Apr 2009

Attention power users: The latest Evernote for Mac release (version 1.4) introduces a number of usability improvements that make interacting with Evernote significantly faster. In addition to better menus, we’ve also added lots of new keyboard shortcuts for everything from searching to creating new notes to making checkboxes.

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Create a new note any time

Struck by a great idea while in the middle of another program? Just hit the new global New Note shortcut any time and a new note window pops up ready to capture your inspiration.

  • Global New Note shortcut: CMD+CTRL+N (can be changed in Evernote preferences)

New and improved search shortcuts

  • Bring up the main Evernote window and place the cursor into global search bar: CMD+Option+F
  • Perform in-note search: CMD+F
  • Find next/previous search results: CMD+G/CMD+Shift+G. This will even work for notes containing a mix of recognized text in images and regular text.


Other enhancements

  • New Search menu consolidates all search operations
  • Increased number of operations that have shortcuts

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  • How To Self Motivate

    Hope you could develop linux version.I ain’t found out any note-taking application in linux could compare with evernote.

  • Robert

    A short cut to start new notes – brilliant! All it needs now is to write the notes as I think about them and it’ll be near perfect! 😉

  • Anant

    the global new note shortcut is a killer feature! thanks for this! the conversation’s gonna get wild on Friendfeed 🙂

  • Seb

    The Windows binary runs well using Wine under Linux. Just a few display problems and the Firefox web clipper doesn’t detect Evernote as installed on the computer.

  • Robert

    Wow… very impressed. Especially about adding in note search! Add this on Windows too and you are golden!

  • Garden Shed

    The new note shortcut is brilliant thank you very much I have been doing some research for my Garden Shed blog and evernote saves me hours of time.

  • Carl

    This is awesome. Downloading now. Feels like I’ve been living under a rock not knowing about Evernote. Can only imagine how this is going to help with my research.

  • grog40a

    Evernote is awesome!

  • Phil

    More great improvements – thanks! Promise – as an agitator who has been vocal about the advertising in the free version, I promise that once you have a fully functioning app for the Symbian OS I will upgrade to the premium version so that I can extend my usage beyond my iMac and iBook.

    Phil – a user since the start

  • Danny

    Evernote is awesome downloading now

  • brock

    love the updates and the fact that you’re keeping us low end users in the loop with the ad support.

  • Leapfrog Explorer Smart Globe

    Thanks so much for your commitment to developing for us Mac users!

  • Courtney

    will the desktop Evernote client ever support Mac OS X 1.4? I tried downloading before realizing that it was only for OS X 1.5 and up, which was pretty devastating!

    Thanks for the consideration.

  • Omega Seamaster Center

    Awesome. The new note shortcut is extremely handy and I’m planning on using it for my new site Seamaster 300m. Thanks for the great app.

  • John

    I really love the ability to create a new note at any time with the global new note shortcut!

  • Shirley

    I downloaded Evernote to my iPhone, only to find that I can’t download the desktop companion version because I only have the Tiger version of Mac OSX (10.4.11). Is there any way to get a desktop version that will work with Tiger?

  • lareservedesarts

    soooooooo great !
    there is many things to do more but this soft is SOOOOOOO great ! thanks for all

  • Karen

    I had no idea that it was compatible with the Iphone. Thanks for letting me know that.

  • Emma

    Awesome information especially since I just got a new Mac yesterday. Look forward to getting used to it and using evernote.

  • David

    I am getting ready to get a new Mac because my PC is having problems; this information will come in handy.

  • Marie

    New to Evernote; However after reading this post I am going to download right now. Thanks

  • Chuck

    Thanks for the download link; I have been searching for this site all morning and just found it.


    Thanks for keeping the Mac users in mind! We’re your early adopters, you know…

  • fitness for sports

    Glad that it finally came to mac, but I agree with the first comment. I hope there will be a linux version as well.

  • Peter Andrew

    Amazing, Its very impressive. Thanks for the download link. An awesome information.

  • Oliver of www.Royalty free

    This service just gets better and better. I’m using it with my mac for my business and the quick button to a new note has saved time. I love finding applications that make the process tighter!

  • Michael Kettunen

    Thank you, this is extremely handy!

  • Mike Kirby

    No 10.4 support? Sorry, not paying $129 for Leopard for this one app. Tiger isn’t *that* old…. you’re not interested in supporting me, then I’m not interested in supporting you. I’m off to your competitors.

  • Hollywood Fl Bankruptcy Attorney

    wonderful tool keep up the great work. I love mac short cuts.

  • Alan Vallis

    Evernote is the best thing since sliced bread – unfortunately there can be opportunity costs.

    I’ve been migrating from Windows to Linux. The lack of support for a Linux local Evernote client has caused me so much unbearable pain and suffering that I’ve switched my allegiance to Apple instead.

    So Evernote has just cost me the price of a new Macbook and a second hand G5.

    I’ll need to hide the Visa statement from the Social Secretary next month.


    In case anyone is wondering, using Evernote with Wine is too buggy. After using a local client with Windows, using the web client doesn’t cut it.

    After 12 hours of using a Mac for the first time I now regret that I didn’t dump M$ years ago.


  • hoyla

    Anyone else find that the new note shortcut does not bring the note window to the front if Evernote is located in a different “Space” in OSX? What happens with me is Evernote is activated, but it fails to shift focus to the Space on which the application resides. If I then move to that Space, the new note window is located behind the main Evernote window…

  • brock

    i have the same issue. Evernote and Word 2008 both activate but fail to switch the space to the one that they are assigned to.

  • Mary Lee

    I am with a lot of others here. I will not upgrade to 10.5 as it cripples some of my major, very expensive, software. No support for 10.4.11 is not very smart. A LOT of people who pay attention are not doing the upgrade due to all the programs it broke, which require new purchase of new updated software. That is just crazy.

  • coopertino

    I started using Evernote about 1 month ago, and I’m a fan. It is the missing piece of s/w that I’d been looking for a long time. One thing which I’m missing the most is keyboard shortcuts while editing a note (think wiki markup), for ex, the one I miss the most is ability to add a TODO little square in front of a line.
    Also it would be nice to add the ability to create template notes with pre-defined fields – for example, I started keeping my contacts in there as well, but in free form notes, I wish I could have something with fields that I an just fill in.
    Bu you get the point – once you offer templates, the sky becomes the limit 😉
    Thanks for an excellent product.

  • coopertino

    … oh , and one more thing :
    Do you publish any API, SDK, etc. that one can use to write plugins ? Or do you have that in the works ?
    I’d volunteer to write some cool ones and share with the world.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @coopertino We have an API. The documentation is available here:

  • Tonia

    I too, am disappointed in Evernote not supporting older versions of the Mac OS. Tiger is not that old. And I just will not upgrade to Leopard in order to get Evernote because it does not support Tiger 10.4 — very, very disappointing. Especially in this economy, I have no need to upgrade to Leopard (which would make me have to upgrade all of my graphics programs as well) and I know I’m not the only one.

    Why can’t Evernote step down to the Tiger level?

  • marilyn nolt

    is there a version for 10.4?

  • Christian

    I too have tiger and would love to use evernote. If I was able to install the desktop app I would seriously go crazy with it!

  • chris

    Can’t thank you enough for the note shortcut function I could have not finished my research for my blog on sheds. Evernote saves me hours of time every single day.

  • Lawrence

    Could someone please provide the key-sequence-shortcut for creating checkboxes on mac? I know it’s “ctrl+shift+c” on PC, but what is it on Mac?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Sid

    CMD-Shift-T creates a checkbox automatically on the Mac.

  • Amy

    Another person disappointed with Evernote not supporting Tiger. If I need an online note-taker, Zoho is good enough for me. I literally can’t upgrade to a Leopard because I would lose compatibility with the Adobe Creative Suite program I have right now – it close to, if not higher than, $400 to upgrade it! Add that with the Leopard program? With tax, it would take me at least $500 to get Evernote working! I am extremely disappointed. I just signed up an account for nothing – I was going to cancel my account to show my disapproval, but I couldn’t find how you do that. I will never use this program unless there is an offline software since I am already so used to Zoho.

  • Lena

    This looked extremely promising until I downloaded the program and was unable to run it.

    I never even considered that it wouldn’t run on Tiger! Stating that Leopard has been out “for some time” does not mean that there are not many of us who will not be upgrading.

    Off to find another program…

  • Hoylus

    Hey – yes, want to add my voice to the get evernote going for tiger campaign – come on!

  • Wiske

    I too am a Tiger user and can’t run Evernote at work. My boss won’t upgrade the computer, so maybe you guys should consider an equivalant for evernote that does work on Tiger. Right now a lot of people are left out! 🙁

  • Haru

    I liked Evernote on my desktop PC, tried to install it on my laptop mac….. then found out it doesn’t run! Disappointed ! >:-(

  • Jack

    I’m really disapointed at evernote for not supporting Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. We dont want the fancy thumbnail, we just need to sync the files with out android, iphones, pcs and TIGER computers.
    I was about to get a premium account but since the support section says that you wont allow tiger users to use your service, then I’ll have to search for another service.

    People who pay money on this service just need 100% uptime and sync, not the fancy tools on top.

  • Ryan

    I thought I was on to something as a way of dealing with a problem. Evernote seemed like the sollution. Oh wait, I have to update my production macs to a new OS to be able to use the software. I cannot update my production computers at this point without disabling some other more expensive software. Why would you not be able to use Evernote with Tiger?

  • Ali

    Aaaaagh. WHY does this not work with Tiger – crazy!!!!!!!!

  • Bugjoelle

    I too am frustrated that it will not work with Tiger.
    Same as others I do not need a new mac, but love evernote.

    Please make it downward compatible for tiger.

  • art

    Has anyone found a work around for the evernote not supporting tiger issue? Seems to me they would make that possible. So when people do upgrade their mac os ver they will still use evernote instead of their competitors.

  • Bojan

    I still don’t see how to make new checkbox keyboard shortcut

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The keyboard shortcut is CMD+SHIFT+T

      • Mercedez

        Thank you!!! It works for my mac 🙂

  • Donny

    Would be really great to have a way to navigate with keyboard shortcuts notebooks and from note to note. See gmail and google reader for shortcuts done well. “j” and “k” to move from note to note and “g” + “n” to bring up a notebook selection dialog (see google reader) would make me stop using springpad! 🙂