Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories

Posted by on 14 Apr 2009

Posted by on 14 Apr 2009

Now you can send your tweets directly into Evernote. Why is this cool? Because Twitter is chock-full of great stuff. Your ideas, thoughts, and experiences mixed together with all of the content from the people you follow: journalism, storytelling, commentary, activism, even comedy –to quote Rob Corddry, “It’s the perfect joke-writing medium. If you need more than 140 characters then it’s not worth it.”

Thanks to the Evernote-Twitter integration, you can easily capture the tweets you like: your own or those showing up in your stream. Plus, as an added bonus, you can now send yourself a quick note right from Twitter –no need to do any of that pesky app switching. Here’s how…

Say ‘Hello’ to @myEN

Evernote now lets you send public Twitter messages, and private Direct Messages, right into your Evernote account for searchable, permanent safekeeping. It’s called myEN, and here’s how it works.

Setting up myEN

First, you’ll need an Evernote account. It’s free. Get yours now »

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter (you will need a Twitter account)
  2. myEN will follow you back, and send you a DM with a link
  3. Click the link, sign into Evernote, and connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts

If you have a protected Twitter account, then do the following: follow myEN, accept myEN’s follow request, then send myEN a DM. After that, go to step 3 above.

How to use myEN

    • For Public tweets: Add @myEN to the body of any public tweet


    • For Direct Messages: Send a DM to myEN to create a new note in Evernote


Tip: Retweet something you like and add @myEN to save it into Evernote.

It usually takes under a minute for a message to show up in your Evernote account, depending on how Twitter is feeling.

SMS notes

Thanks to Twitter’s built-in SMS support, you will now be able to send notes into Evernote from any mobile phone, anywhere in the world. In the US, text message “d myEN [your note]” to 40404 (you will need a Twitter account to do this). Go here to see your country’s Twitter SMS number.

Tweets with Twitpics

A popular way to embed photos into Twitter messages is with Twitpic. If a tweet that you send to Evernote contains a Twitpic URL, a thumbnail of the photo will show up in Evernote along with a link to the original image. Nice.

API developers take note

This integration now adds Twitter to the, ever-growing, list of ways to interact with Evernote, and by extension your apps. Think about it. There are tons of great possibilities. Check out our developer section for more info.

We hope you like our Twitter integration. There’s lots more exciting stuff coming soon.

Update: How fast is it?

The speed with which your notes get into Evernote depends on how you send them and how bogged down Twitter happens to be at the time. Direct messages (DM) to myEN will almost always get into your Evernote account in a minute or two, while public @myEN replies can sometimes take 30 minutes. Either way, don’t worry, the tweets will be there by the time you need to remember them again.

4/26 Update: Some people are experiencing problems linking their Evernote and Twitter accounts. We are looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.


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  • Daniel Marashlian

    Wow Andrew! This is a simple, yet powerful integration you guys put together. Kudos to you and the whole Evernote team. It’s making me think of cool ways our customers could take their Tweets from Twitter->Evernote->Pelotonics.

    I’ll have to think of some good use cases. Also, I love the idea of sending an SMS message to Evernote!

    Good job all around!

  • Kevin Rochowski

    Yes!!!! This is perfect, I needed an easy way to capture actions into evernote from anywhere… this does the trick!

    Now, any chance of being able to auto-capture notes from RSS feeds as well?

  • Mike

    Awesome! thanks for adding this functionality.

  • Michael J Pratt

    How do we just capture a tweet into EN without actually RT’ing? I may not want to RT every tweet that is important to me. Also, does it go into a new note each time or can we have it add onto an existing note?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Michael You can copy the tweet into a DM to myEN.

  • erik jagger

    Awesome! One question: I have 2 twitter accounts, one for my day job as a developer of elearning and one for my cover-of-darkness alter ego as a artist and webcomicer. Can I link both twitterselves to the same EN account?

    Much obliged for this great new feature!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @erik The way it’s set up, you can only link a single Twitter account to a single Evernote account.

  • Peter

    Great !!!

    Can you investigate integration of too ???

    Anyway… Good Job !!


  • eric

    Fantastic! Perfect – nealy. Give us also the tags. For example: If I hashtag a tweet with #private it will be labeled with the tag “private” in Evernote?

    Then, friends, it will really be perfect 😉


  • Allan White

    @ Eric – it will only be perfect when *Twitter* adds tags as a separate field, getting it out of the text body. I’m so tired of taking up my 140 characters with tags.

    I’m not sure I want to pollute my twitterstream with another (mysterious to my readers) tag/recipient.

    Great idea, Evernote team; I can see it being useful for DMs and the pictures. So much to remember now!

  • Chris

    This is beautiful – thank you!!

    Any way to tell Evernote which notebook to send the tweet to? I’m assuming right now it goes to the default.

  • Peter

    HHmm… the @myen option doesn’t seem to work !??

    The DM works fine !

    Anyone !?


  • Mari Adkins

    This is just cool! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

  • Mari Adkins

    @Peter – mobypicture integration would rock 🙂

  • Peter

    Sorry about @myen option.

    It DOES work, but took 1 hour…


  • Kurt Schmidt

    I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!

  • Daniel Johnson, Jr.

    I’m looking forward to trying this out, and I just synced up my main Twitter account to my Evernote account. Thanks for the added functionality.

    Is there a way to send a tweet to a specific notebook, say, just for Twitter stuff? I’m not sure I want to do that, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to specify or otherwise contextualize something coming from Twitter.

    Thanks again!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Daniel Right now, all tweets go into your default notebook.

  • dan

    Will this work with protected accounts? Mine is protected and I received and accepted the request to follow me, but haven’t seen the DM show up yet.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @dan Send myEN and DM. It will reply with a DM containing your setup link.

  • Imaggard

    You guys are AWESOME! That is an incredible addition to the EN feature set. THANKS!

  • pete

    I like this can you adapt this as a buddypress plugin?
    (Buddypress CMS is wordpress MU network cms)

  • Renee


  • Molly Gordon

    Very cool. Thank you!

    Hmmm… now, what else can we use this for?

  • Saggi Malachi

    Seems awesome! The only problem is that you can’t trust the Fail Whale when it comes to important notes 🙁

  • ggm

    received and accepted the request to follow me, but haven’t seen the DM show up yet.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @ggm If it still didn’t show up, send myEN a direct message. It will reply.

  • Sanji

    Great feature !

  • mika2k1

    This would work much better if Evernote allowed for a feed from Friendfeed or Tumblr and alike to automatically repost tweets to Evernote. Having to type ‘@myEN’ at every tweet seems like a hack, more than anything else.

  • linkingarts

    am so impressed w/evernote so far. really pro stuff. thx folks

  • David Rummls

    Awesome! thanks for adding this functionality.

  • John Piercy

    Thanks andrew ,, I’ll give that a try

  • lisa stephens

    I’m so excited about this… what a great thing! Thanks!

  • Jason

    I love this!!!! you guys rock. thank you so much for this idea. I would love to see the url of the statuses be captured in to evernote as the source url, is that possible?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jason myEN does capture the URLs of all public tweets sent into Evernote.

  • adam

    I’m having the same problem. Does this work with protected accounts??

    dan says:

    Will this work with protected accounts? Mine is protected and I received and accepted the request to follow me, but haven’t seen the DM show up yet.

    April 14th, 2009 at 12:29 pm

  • adam

    nevermind- it works with protected accounts. I received my link about 2 min ago- I guess it just took 14 hours for it to get to me

  • Norio Nomura

    I want @myEN supporting #tags.

  • rainer

    can you please add support for tags. or automatically add a specific twitter tag or smthg? thanks!

  • Brenda

    Great I am a twitter addict

  • Binny V A

    Do I have to submit my twitter password or does Evernote use oAuth to connect tow twitter?

  • Iain Magee

    Brilliant! Thanks.

  • life-without-buildings

    This is fantastic. But it’d be great to reverse it and send a note TO Twitter. I’d love to be able to tweet a photo note with geodata to Twitter. The tweet would essentially be 2 links: a link to the photo and link to google maps.

  • kavin nash

    Awesome! now, what else can we use this for?
    Do I have to submit my twitter password?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @kavin You don’t have submit your Twitter password.

  • udefn

    Another option to add entries to your evernote account is to use evernote txt app with udefn. udefn lets you define keywords for different apps/widgets (bots). you simply text in the keyword you defined for evernote followed by the note. it will be added to your evernote account. check it out at

  • Alex Taylor

    Famtastic to be able to use Twitter with Evernote now! I think before long Twitter is going to be absolutely everywhere, which is great, cos I love it!

  • Adam Adamol

    This might be good and handy; but I am getting concerned that Evernote’s team’s attention has been on the collecting information; but not that much on organizing the collected information. I feel still Evernote 2.x (copy links) or for that matter tiddlywiki pages (default tiddlers or main menu) are stronger in that regard than Evernote 3.0 with so powerful features in other areas.

  • Charlie Nichols Browning

    Looks great! Thanks again for keeping so active on new features. I’ve just decided to upgrade to the year premium plan.

    Rock on Evernote.


  • Lian Vaiphei

    Everyone here is going ga ga about evernote’s new feature. It seems to be worth a try.

  • Bape Nerd

    thanks for the great post, my twitter has been growing everyday, this will be a great addition for twitter tools.

  • Dweeze Snagglebar

    I’ve actually been doing this for about 6 months now. I created a separate twitter account with my Evernote email address. I then just would tweet to my bogus Evernote “friend” and it would create a note just like a regular email.

    I always wanted to share that as a tip but thought Twitter might not like being inundated with bogus evernote accounts. Yeah! I can be legal again!

  • Brett Manning

    Oh – can’t wait to give this a try – thanks…

  • RJ Aquino

    You may want to put a disclaimer for folks to just think twice about what they want to send via Twitter as I just went to and searched for @myEn. I realize that for the more savvy users it’s common sense but not everyone seems to be aware that their notes can be seen and searched for in that manner.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @RJ You’re absolutely right. Any tweet sent publicly with the @myEN reply is seen by all followers and on If users want to send a private note, they should send a Direct Message to myEN.

  • Joshua

    myEN won’t sent me a dm with the link

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Hi Joshua. If you are following myEN, and myEN is following you, then send a DM to myEN. You should get a message back with you setup link.

  • Liani

    WOW! This is cool. I can’t wait to try this.

  • Wedding Speeches

    Could not agree more about Twitter – it is a great marketing tool.

  • Rob Boyd

    Very awesome integration of Twitter and Evernote. What will you guys think of next?

  • Doug

    I’m having the same problem as some others. I went through the Follow routine last night, but no DM from myen. Tried sending the DM to myen today, still no DM back. Am I missing something?

  • Doug

    All is well now. Don’t know what the problem was earlier, but I got the DM and everything appears to be set up.

  • Guitar Alliance

    My twitter list is getting out of control! This will really help – thanks!

  • Steve H

    myEN won’t send me a DM or even a request to follow me. It just kinda sits there. hmmmmmn

  • xen

    i just tried to set this up and didnt click the link. now it wont work, cant find the link anywhere :(((

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @xen Try sending a DM @myEN. It will reply with a new link.

  • Acai Extract

    I have registered in twitter for a while but I don’t know how to take advantage of it so I rarely use it. This article really solve my problem.

  • john

    This is awesome! I’ve been using evernote for quite a long time and I just started using twitter. The integration is just awesome. Took me a while to finally make the move to twitter but I’m there now.

    Dunno if it was answered yet or I just missed it, but is there a way to have the tweets go to specific notebooks just for twitter specific content?

  • ljay

    Same question as Tim above..I have several twitter accounts for home and biz. Can I use this on different accounts?



    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ijay You can only link a single Twitter account to your Evernote account.

  • Bodylastics

    Oh yeah – I love new features – thanks!

  • Muhd Noor

    Hey, this is really, really awesome man! Now, I don’t have to keep switching from evernote to twitter and back again.

    Appreciate it, thanks man..

    Muhd Noor

  • greatlife

    Twitter has changed the world we communicated.. thanx for this info it really will help make things easier.

  • Jan

    Not working for me on direct messages…

    What did I do wrong? 🙁

  • Mork

    Wow..this is just what I was looking for, you guys rock!!

  • Anwar

    This looks a great feature. Should be exciting to use.

  • Singer Machines

    This is awesome! I love the new features!

  • MICR

    Wow! Just when I think Evernote can’t get any better, there you go proving me wrong! I don’t know how I ever got along without it!

  • Allan

    Thank you very much, great powerful feature, this will come in handy 🙂

  • quimicadelta

    For me is not working either, please reset my account. I don’t get the direct message to link the accounts.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @quimicadelta Try sending myEN a direct message.

  • Game Console Bundles

    Yet another way to catalog my life in Evernote 🙂

    Great feature – keep up the good work!

  • adjustable bed mattress

    Yet another great feature added, wondering how easy will it be for people using evernote, keep the good work going..

  • jshoreman

    Very useful for people who use twitter, but i’ve never tried or known what twitter is about.

  • Mr. nG

    How about function or Add-on for

    Evernote + facebook = Instant goodies

  • Fred

    Wow! Thank you for the info. Great job, I cant wait to try it for myself

  • Shawn

    Excellent news! Kudos to the EN team. I do have two feature requests, if you’re making a list: 1) An option to have EverNote import Favorite Tweets would be quite handy for capturing tweets you don’t want to RT. 2) Will you explore adding more twitter-specific image hosting services (especially to the list of things EN will recognize?

    Again, many thanks.

  • z.Yleo77

    it’s a wonduful update…

  • ClintW

    Excellent idea to increase input options to EverNote. This increases usability exponentially.

    In this same spirit, may I suggest the following:

    A plugin / option that will allow users to use an external editor to enter data into Evernote.

    I’m sure there are many coders, writers and bloggers who ‘d love that feature:

    Current workaround is to use a mail client that allows external editors and e-mail the note to evernote…. not ideal, but …

  • Paul Easton

    Great use of twitter for more functionality, thanks for the information.

  • Rohit Nair

    Brilliant feature, extremely useful 🙂

  • Alviz

    We’ll love this feature… it’s awesome and powerful.

  • Tim

    I can’t wait to try it. Just as a note in the video it says t check your “Evernote account” for a direct message, but you really meant Twitter. 🙂

  • ghostlibrarian

    I really, really want to use the twitter/evernote connection. There are so many tweets that I’d like to save but it doesn’t work for me. When I put @myen nothing happens. When I click on the drop box for my DM myen is not in the list. What’s the problem?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @ghostlibrarian Have you followed myEN and received a DM from it?

  • Bon

    This is great for my twitter-filled lifestyle I have these days. Thanks so much.

  • fasil

    Evernote is one of my favorite and this improvement is highly commendable one…

    Great work…
    Just a tweet will make a note ,wow to use…

  • Rob

    Great idea – but my LINK TWITTER EVERNOTE option does not appear – even after following your instructions twice.

  • Greg

    Great idea – but my LINK TWITTER EVERNOTE option does not appear – even after following your instructions twice

    I have the same

  • Michael

    I also have more than one Twitter account and would appreciate the ability to import messages from any of them. Keep up the good work!

  • Les Foster

    Yet another way to catalog my life in Evernote 🙂

    Great feature – keep up the good work!

  • BD

    Yea I’m still waiting on the direct message to link to my evernote account.

  • Conrad

    I followed MyEN but never got the DM back. Is there another way to connect the accounts?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Conrad Send myEN a DM, it should reply back.

  • Hugh Collioer

    This looks fantastic. I’m always losing great content on twitter because I don’t get around to bookmarking it right away!

    I’ve followed @myEN but haven’t had a follow back or a DM. Strange thing though is that I can send @myEN a DM which usually you can only do when someone is also following you. Anyway hope it resolves itself because like I said this looks fantastic!

  • Hugh Collioer

    RE: my last post. I was too impatient. Everything is working fine now. 🙂

  • Cara

    I haven’t gotten the message back from EN with the link, signed up this morning. maybe it will come thru later? also, EN is not on the direct message list.

  • Greg Santos

    Finally got a link from @myEN.
    Says I have connected my Twitter account, but dm’ing myEV is not adding notes to my Evernote.
    Is there a current issue or suggested fix?

  • Shazzer

    The twitter link to my EverNote account was working beautifully until today when…for some reason…”myEN” unfollowed me. This means I can no longer get info into EverNote by DM and I am uncertain how to get the bot to follow me again. Please advise.

  • Ally

    I’ve been having a problem with using @myen. I noticed this morning when I synced Evernote that some of the tweets I’ve been sending aren’t being downloaded/saved, while others are being saved twice.

    This especially concerns me because I’ve sent quite a bit from my phone while on the go.

    Is there a reason this might be happening?

  • Technoshaman

    Ah, that’s what I’ve been looking for so long! Finally a tool that makes my Twitter experience more deeply meaningful. I predict that this little tool has a huge future. A small step for the Evernote team, a giant step for the collective memory and intelligence of organizations and communities!

    It also inspires me to become a power user of Evernote and develop smart uses of it for my client system. That is, after going through the first hurdle: finding a simple, 1-click way to add tags to a new note instead having to create it first and only after having to locate a view where there’s the tagline to click on. I hope there’s a simpler way but the Guide .pdf didn’t say anything about it.

  • Homeway

    I made many notes in Evernote. But I want to read the notes in Evernote of iPod touch,always force quit。

  • Paulette McNab

    How to add evernote to my blackberry?

  • Accounting Outsourcing

    Hi Guys,

    It’s Very Good news.
    Thanks for this good news.

  • Acai

    This is really great! I love using Twitter and this is perfect for it.

  • rob engheam

    Hi, great news..!!

  • Thomas

    I like this feature. How about having the option (if possible, ‘cos not everyone may want it) to convert any #hashtags in the tweet to Evernote tags on the generated note?

  • Scott Jones

    This is great! Are you working on a way to backup FaceBook posts?

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  • Stephen

    How does this work in comparison to Posterous? Are they even comparable products?

  • Dusty

    How do you un-link your twitter and Evernote accounts?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dusty To unlink your Evernote and Twitter accounts, go to the Setting page in Evernote Web. You’ll find the option towards to bottom of the right-hand column.

  • Ann

    Can I link multiple Twitter accounts to the same Evernote account? (each Twitter account has a different email associated with it)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ann You can only link a single Twitter account to your Evernote account.

  • Gagan

    is there any way I can #tag my message and it goes into that notebook ?

    Actually the thing is that I use a notebook in evernote -by the name “todo” . So if from twitter I can add todo’s to my evernote -todo notebook – that would be amazing !
    wont need ant todo app every !!

  • Global Freelance Projects

    I use only twitter from many times. this is very helpful for us.

    Thanks for these resources.

  • moromizato

    Great!! It would be better if you remove “@myen” from tweeted note and expand bitly url:)

  • Kamlesh

    Today, I saw this news –

    Is your Twitter integration bi-directional? Can I send tweets from EverNote Mobile to Twitter?

  • David

    Can I hook up my twitter accounts to evernote so that twitter updates are auto-added to evernote? Or the same, but with an rss feed? I’d like to be able to send my blog updates to evernote automatically.

  • Manuel Granillo

    I created my account with evernote about an hour ago and followed them as well on twitter but I have not gotten the DM with the link to link the two accounts together….

  • Rohit Akhauri

    I wanna follow myEn but cant find it on Twitter. How would I follow if its not searchable?

  • George E. Kennedy Jr.

    This cool, but I have multiple Twitter accounts and it’s only allowing me to post to one.

  • George E. Kennedy Jr.

    need to be able to add multiple twitter accounts

  • tmurphy

    @tom_murphy Didn’t receive my dm the first time nor the second time.

  • vedicverses

    I agree with George Kennedy — need to be able to add notes from multiple Twitter accounts to a single evernote account… absolute must!

  • rojaasensei

    Twitter connection is so fast! Great idea!

  • Scott

    where does Evernote file the tweet in Evernote? How can you control where Evernote puts the tweet?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Scott Evernote will place your tweets into you default notebook.

  • Mika

    Is it possible that @myEN tweets don’t also go into Facebook or is only possibility to remove linking between Twitter and Facebook ?

  • Stephen

    If you are likely to forget to add @myen or need the extra 6 characters it takes up (including the space) why not beat the hassle and feed all tweets automatically into Evernote? –

    You could even feed other sets of tweets like searches using the method in the post.

  • David @ Twitter Designs

    Hey thanks for this great news and video! It’s very informative! Thanks!

  • Awal

    I tried following myen but it won’t follow me back and I tried DM-ing but no such luck either…. HELP?!

  • Phil

    Just today (3/10/2010) I noticed this feature being advertised in the lower left corner of my Evernote. It says “Brand New Feature…” How is tweeting and capturing that tweet in your Evernote a BRAND NEW feature? You guys have been doing this since mid-2009 (just check the date on the first comment here).

  • TC

    link to @Inside_Insights was working for a while and then stop working for some of my twitter post. Tried to start all over – unfollow and follow again and unlink twiiter but no DM was sent. Unable to link back up again…

    Need to be able to link multiple twiiter account to one evernote..

  • Martin

    I’ve been trying to sign up for this for two days now, but still not received my DM. Have even sent a couple of DMs to @Myen.

  • mtsMac

    I want to try it, thanks.
    ilove Evernote!!!!

  • Striae

    It’s much better now. But it could be even better.

  • @sacmedia

    Whoa! I will totally use this all the time now.

    Thanks Evernote!

  • nooidea



  • Yaser Alrefai

    Love it, This is what I really need.

    Many Thanks Guys…

  • Ryan

    Really sweet feature. I can document my ideas when I don’t have pen and paper handy. THANKS! 🙂

  • 365hope

    Twitter and Evernote’s Perfect Integration. Thanks!

  • Jane

    I never noticed that you could link twitter and evernote so thought this was really great. But…when I click the link in the DM from @myen it gives me a validation error telling me my twitter name is not valid – any clues???

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Jane, Twitter made some changes which created issues with the integration. We believe we’ve made the necessary fixes on our end. It should be up and running soon.

      • Justin Withers

        Still not working today, any idea when it will be?

  • Jfarrell005

    Twitter DM has not arrive after 2-3 hours

  • Angus

    Did the process as instructed – no DM from myEN…

  • John

    24 Hrs. later still no DM from myen. Love the service can’t wait to use it with Twitter

  • Joakim Westin

    I am not able to register from the URL sent to me in the DM from MyEN. When I press the link I get this:

    “Stripes validation error report”

    Validation errors

    Please fix the following errors:
    “JoakimWestin” is not a valid Twitter User Name.

    Which is strange since this is my Twitter username that works fine with other services.

    Any ideas how to fix this?


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Twitter made some changes that has affected our integration. We’re looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

      • Edward Redondo

        I still have not received my DM with the link; when will this be available?

      • Fuwei

        I didn’t get the link from myEN as well.

  • Lisa

    I followed myEN on twitter a few days ago never received a direct message from them and my account is set to public?

  • Robert Larkin

    re: the youtube tutorial “after a few seconds you’ll get a direct message…”
    it’s been a few hours, still no direct message…
    twitter: @rob_larkin

  • Bobby McGraw

    Cool feature! I’ve followed @myEN, but never got the DM w/ link to link my account. I tried un-following and re-following. Any tips?


  • arvind

    Setting up myEN
    First, you’ll need an Evernote account. It’s free. Get yours now

    Follow myEN on Twitter (you will need a Twitter account)

    myEN will follow you back, and send you a DM with a link
    “– this does not seem to be happening.”

    Click the link, sign into Evernote, and connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re investigating the issue.

  • Klaus Alexander Seistrup

    I also never got the DM with link to my account…

  • Paul Stewart

    I am having the same issue. I’ve not received a dm.

  • KnightBaron

    I am also having the same problem. DM still have not arrived for days.

  • caz_papa

    a direct message does not arrive from evernote…why?

  • Humberto Gonzalez

    Is there a way that I can send notes from Evernote to Twitter? I have some pics and notes that I’d like to share.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Humberto, the best way to do this is to go to Evernote Web and share the notebook. Then tweet a link to a specific note within the shared notebook.

  • goldmine1969

    NO DM for over 2 weeks.
    I tried unfollow and follow again, but the situation has not changed.
    Is there any tips about this issue ?

    Please advise. Thank you.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team. They should be able to help you.

  • Phoenix

    Hi, thanks, all cool!!!

  • toneking

    Hi, thanks, all cool!!!

  • RamRam

    Heard about it from @KevinRose and immediately sounded like something I needed. Super excited to start using it. I already made a bunch of notes in just minutes after downloading the app for my iMac and my iPhone. kthnxbai! =)

  • dhanabalan

    No words to explain the use of this software. If any one is not having this he is missing a lot. What a convenient to use. With out
    this nothing will move for me.


  • Lisa

    I joined evernote months ago the twitter feature sounded great but I never received a DN back and no my account is not protected so months later I’m back and still can’t figure it out. The whoe evernote idea sounds great on paper but to actually use it you would have to be the person who designed it because its not intuitive at all sorry I won’t recommend to anyone.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Lisa, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. You should try unfollowing, then refollowing @myen on Twitter.

      • blackfeathers

        i am also having this issue and tried the re-follow with no luck. i see from older comments that this has been an issue before or still a persistent one.

        wouldn’t it be possible just make an oauth twitter connection link just like other services do? that way we don’t have to deal with @myen getting back to us & finally move on.

    • am roland

      Lisa can we be friends am roland from holland

  • blackfeathers

    it finally worked for me, i had to wait awhile. but i still would like an answer about why not another implementation of just clicking ‘allow’ to connect.

  • MICR

    Nice, Nice this will help me finally get organized. Thanks for the article.

  • Joan

    that is really cool, i never knew i could use evernote like that

  • Ohakosim Everistus

    Thank you for showing people the right way to do it

  • Scott Matheson

    Is there a way to have anything I favorite/star in Twitter (and Google Reader, while you’re at it) be sent to EN automatically? I’d love to have all my “read laters” in one place.

  • stangm

    This works great, I would like to request one feature. Can you convert twitter hashtags to Evernote tags? So If I tweet:
    “d myen this is very cool #twitter #evernote”

    it appears in evernote as
    “this is very cool”
    with the tags “twitter” and “evernote”

  • Sophia

    Is there any chance to connect 2 or more twitter accounts with 1 evernote account?

    • Geoff P

      I’d like to know if Evernote can connect to two twitter accounts too.

      As the original post was August 2010 and it’s now March 2011, and it’s unanswered, I guess the answer is ‘No’.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        One Evernote can only connect to one twitter account.

  • Frederick Y. Martello

    I have been trying to upgrade to Evernote Premium, but your site form insists something is missing. I use a middle initial on my credit card name, but no matter where I put it, I get the same error message. What to do? I give up trying, I guess you don’t want my money. (haha) Please help.
    Frederick Y. Martello

  • GCT

    Not availble if with Telefonica in Spain. sh.

    What does my provider have to do with the apps i am able to download ?

    well.. what can I say.. no evernote for us !

  • Julio Sandling

    Is there any chance to connect 2 or more twitter accounts with 1 evernote account?

  • marianne richmond

    I don’t get the DM with the link. I unfollowed and tried again but still no DM. Suggestions?


  • Tota

    Same here. Didn’t get the DM.

  • Nicolas

    it would be nice if the image recognition from EverNote could pick up the text from the twitpics for automatic indexing 😉


  • mathys

    please check out the Mobypicture API, would be very useful to have that included…

  • sally

    I love the @Packratius service where tweets I bookmarked got saved to Delicious.

    This is a much more convenient and discreet way of bookmarking tweets with links you want to check out later as one doesn’t always want to save their own tweets.

  • Marco


  • Fouad Itani

    I followed @myEN but I still havent received a DM with the link.

    I tried to unfollow and refollow several time but still facing the same issue. Any help?

    • Fouad Itani

      it just worked after the 3rd refollow

  • Adrian

    Wow, where have I been? Must have been living under a rock to not notice this. I’m a new user but really excited about the potential of using Evernote and Twitter combined.

  • David

    I dont like the way this works as it requires too much typing (for us lazy people) Why not use the Twitter API and simply let evernote pick up anything thats been marked as a favourite? Im only guessing that the API would allow this, but it would seem so logical. Maybe someone needs to wtire a trunk App for this.

  • David Gibson

    I like the functionality but I’d like to see all the tweets go into one note and not have one note for each tweet. Possible?

  • brian meagher

    Feature request: A way to designate which Notebook @myEN Tweets get saved in.

    Thanks for the great app!


  • MIke Hardin

    This is a handy function, but would me MUCH more valuable if url’s were automatically converted to hyperlinks when imported into Evernote. Normally I save a tweet because it contains a link to something I want to read later. It’s a clickable link in twitter, but when I get to evernote I have to copy the link, and either paste it in my browser’s address bar, or in the “source” field in my note and then click it. Too much hassle.

  • MIke Hardin

    Your video shows URLs showing up as links, but that’s not working for me. This is especially frustrating if I view the note on my mobile (Android) device, as it’s not easy to isolate the unlinked URL to copy and paste.

  • marcoiac

    i believe i followed and unfollowed and refollowed @myEN a million times. still no DM. does it just take a long time to get the DM? (but why? i doubt it’s a manual thing, right?) or do i need a magic wand?

  • marcoiac

    the trick for me was to send a DM to @myEN. even though my twitter account is not protected, the DM i sent out did the trick

  • soykan

    cool stuff!

  • Nathan Barlow

    I followed @myEN and it sent me the direct message with the link. However when I go to click on the link, it takes me to a page where it says “This URLs or Page has been blocked” – I’ve tried going to this on all devices, and it isn’t the result of any settings on my computer..Help! Please? 🙂

    My Twitter: nathanalan21

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact Evernote support:

  • yoshisa iwasa

    Hallo! I’m happy.

  • Chantale

    DM is not working for me!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try un-following/re-following. If that still doesn’t work, then contact Evernote support:

  • zakeu


  • Ayush

    I think this is a cool feature… though I wish there was a way of adding tweets to evernote WITHOUT RTing them. I mean, why do ALL my followers have to know what I am RTing?

  • Boils Treatment

    I have followed all the steps carefully but am still experiencing problems linking my Evernote and Twitter accounts. What to do?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team, they will be able to help:

  • Ricky

    great app! I this will really help! Thnx!

  • Alejandro

    Can it automatically and periodically backup my timeline?

  • Jane D

    If I want to put someone else’s twitter comment into my notebook i.e. I see something interesting that I want to save, then how do I do that? I can’t press the re-tweet button as you are unable to add in any text (so can’t add @myen) and you can’t access the text in other people’s messages in the timeline. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Luiz Valerio

    Great! Very cool!

  • Andi Roberts

    A great idea – Just added this – a great way to sending reminders / quotes to self!

  • Jelle

    I installed the link with Twitter

    Your tip to add @myen for a RETWEET can not work
    Has Twitter changed the function anymore prevent adding info?

    please explain

    • Chris Smith

      Twitter has a new functionality that retweets all in one click, so you don’t get the chance to add or alter the tweet text.

      In order to add @myEN to your RT, you have to use the older kind of retweet (which gives you a copy of the tweet which you can add to or change). Availability of the old RT will depend on your Twitter client. For your mobile, for example, you have to select an app that has two kinds of RT instead of just Twitter’s new RT.

      • Sahar

        Type your cmmeont var edInserted; if (!edInserted) {edToolbar(); edInserted = true;}var edCanvas = document.getElementById(‘cmmeont’); You may use these HTML tags: <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <img> <q> <strike> <strong>

      • Muchammad

        I don't quite know what to make of it yet. @Biz added an adnuddem to it saying more changes are coming that will make things better, maybe this is just the first of it. Maybe they're adding threaded @replies or something. I don't know. I can't quite get my head around what the fuss is yet – but I'm sure the fuss is justified I'm just not quite understanding how I'm affected yet.

  • hong50


  • Cindy

    Would you do that for Sina Weibo too?

    That would be cool!

  • Toner

    Very Nice, with as many tweets as we are doing, this will be helpful to keep track of past tweets.

  • Lidia Gutiérrez

    Evernote + Twitter = “the bomb!” Useful tool. Thanks a lot!

  • G Johansson

    Didn’t receive any DM either so I sent a test message and then I got the DM back to make the integration.
    Perhaps help someone out there… 🙂

  • saburow

    It is block accidentally after follow myEn. Even if it refollow after that, myEn does not refollow. Why is it? DM can be sent.

  • xithia

    A new opportunity to express myself and keep my Face!!!

    Blessed Be,

  • Jess


    Is there the functionality with this to direct to notebooks and add tags like there is with the email function?



    • James Regoord

      Great idea if @inbox #work would work inside the DM message Evernote would be my number 1

  • Debra

    I think so go on the evernote and read directions..c:I’m still learning about it. you can pretty much stick anything on it. c :

  • yu jai kun

    hi my tablet is samsung galaxy tab 10.1
    Evernote is god prog but voice recoarding file does not play in my tab other program amr file is good working in my tab
    I want you fix this bug

    Thank you

  • manuel

    Vamos de paseo

  • REiy

    Be brave.

  • REiy

    I can add @myen anywhere in the tweet to save it.

  • Joy

    When I go to follow @myEN it says that user does not exist. Is there a newer ID?

    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!

    • iamsra

      impossible…I just did it !!

  • ningchi

    I wish it could support add TAGS. thanks!

  • Chery Schmidt

    Wow what a Great feature to have thanks for sharing! Now I can keep everything in one spot Happy Holidays Chery

  • Daryangelina Doeut

    I want to add myen website in my iPad.

  • Oyvind Solstad

    If you want to store ALL tweets in a special folder in Evernote, head over to, make a free account and use a script.

    If you want to store all twwets you favourite in Evernote, use this:

    All Evernote receipts are here:

    Amazingly cool site!

  • Sara

    You allow everyone to see the list of twitter accounts you follow and which follow you, and this is being used by spammers who’ve been innundating me by spam.

    Could you please hide the list of all the thousands of accounts being followed by you? Even if I unfollow you, it won’t stop the spammers, unfortunately.

  • mymoonlog

    hi…Cool site…

  • Jung hyeyeon


  • Michael McClure

    I LOVE Evernote so much! I love how it keeps getting better and better and better with time. Here’s how I use it every day (note that this post has been SHARED over 1,200 times; people sure do love the green elephant, don’t they!):

  • Daniel Hunter

    🙁 my DMs are not loading, BUMMER

    • mpeers

      my direct messages aren’t loading either

  • stephen dee

    It seems that the twitter connection with Evernote has been terminated. There’s no longer a way to set up the Twitter feed into Evernote.

  • Barry

    Hi, I’m wondering if there is a possibility to auto safe the tweets i send out with my RSS-Feed. It is nog possible to add @myEN to those tweets because they’re sent automatically so i hope anybody can help me with this situation. please respond..


  • Ellie ch


  • cassy1007

    anything from gmail is not from me. my account was hacked by people that mostly sign in from schwenksville, but oddly have time to sign in from ohio and tennessee- I am sorry for any confusion.

  • Zana


  • faber75

    following @myEN, not receiving any DM

  • jmengate

    I see a few comments that this integration is no longer working. I have been trying this for a few days and can’t get it to work. Want to give up if it’s no longer supported. Anyone know?

    • Geoffrey Barry

      We’re checking into this, thank you for reporting!

    • Geoffrey Barry

      The twitter integration should be working again, sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Tomas Hanacek

    Hi, what about HTML5 video?

  • James Kilpatrick

    When taking notes at a job site, if you include the clients phone number, can that number be dialed from your notes and if so how?

    James Kilpatrick

  • Toromo Kasaine

    I love EVERNOTE; though am still new to it.
    However the connection of Evernote with Twitter is not working.

    • clblancfe

      It doesn’t work for me either. I’m not receiving any DM from myEN.

  • juarge17


  • Den Nicholson

    I am struggling with the twitter to Evernote app I can get the message but not the pictures

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  • juan enrique pascual bueno

    I did not get my link to log in. What happen? I made the first step, but could not go to 2nd. step. Please, if you can solve the problem, send me. to my mail above.

  • Floyd

    dm, retweeting, d, etc. no longer work for me either.

  • Alwasta

    I changed my password on twitter and now I can’t send anything to twitter , how can I connect again to twitter?

  • Alwasta

    I changed my twitter’s password and now I can’t send anything to it
    How can I reconnect to twitter again?

  • teshaka

    i really like evernote

  • dogyun lee

    hello! evernote

  • Neil Eneix

    Great tool!

  • snsdiary

    I developed a tool to produce notes from twitter, it provides more functions, you can have a try if you are interested. (

  • 川上求

    what’s myEn?

    • like-mind

      It’s the way to access Evernote while tweeting. my Ever Note => @myEN. Include it in your tweets and the tweet will be saved to Evernote

  • Steve

    What a pain to use.

  • Aaron Houssian

    Twitter’s updated TOS got rid of this some months ago… sadly 🙁

  • chylene6599

    Twitter is really a P.I.T.A. about doing anything to provide additional support for their customer base. It’s “customer service” seems to go out of its was to be as obstructive and UN-helpful as possible. My account has been suspended for months and no matter how many times I submit their silly forms, e-mails or how many times they write back, no one in whatever nether world on the Matrix they reside in seems to communicate on the same bandwith because no one knows what the other has done–or who has done anything at all, or who they are–and my account is still suspended. Is there another Twitter, perhaps, in an alter dimension we aren’t aware of? I’ve heard of these things, but I thought they only happened to Bosons, and I’m not even in the Navy. (Arghhhhh!)

  • David Hodgson

    Could we have an option to just have @MyEN follow you and send all tweets into a log in Evernote?

  • David Hodgson

    Could we have an option to just have @MyEN follow you and send all tweets into a log in Evernote?

  • Geordie Stowell

    Following @myEN but no DM message back to link accounts. What now??