Evernote for BlackBerry Is Here

Posted by on 11 May 2009

Posted by on 11 May 2009


Evernote for BlackBerry, you say?

The, much (read: MUCH) requested, native Evernote for BlackBerry is now available. Yes, it’s true. BlackBerry® owners, you now get a slick app to create new notes and search through all of your existing Evernote content.

We’re very excited about this release because, like a BlackBerry, Evernote is designed to fit perfectly into today’s fluid life/work mix. The minute you need to remember something, take out your BlackBerry and use Evernote to capture or recall whatever it is, then go on with your life. Isn’t it nice not having to worry about forgetting stuff?


Evernote for BlackBerry lets you create notes containing text, snapshots, voice recordings, and file attachments. Once created, the new content is automatically sent to the Evernote Service, making it available across all the versions of Evernote that you use. You can also access your existing notes, search by keywords, filter by tags, or simply browse.

It is important to note that features are linked to the capabilities of your device. For example, if your BlackBerry does not have a camera, then you will not see the Snapshot note option. Also, the note searching and display experience depends on the capabilities of your BlackBerry’s built-in web browser. In general, the newer your BlackBerry, the better Evernote will run on it.


Evernote for BlackBerry is compatible with recent BlackBerry smartphones. Currently supported devices are:

  • BlackBerry® Bold™
  • BlackBerry® Curve™
  • BlackBerry® Storm™
  • More soon (subscribe to this blog or follow us on Twitter to be alerted)

We will release an update shortly, which will add support for some additional devices. Many older BlackBerry smartphones can be upgraded to newer operating systems. Please check with your BlackBerry vendor or carrier. Unfortunately, due to device limitations, some smartphones will not be compatible with Evernote for BlackBerry.


Evernote for BlackBerry is available through BlackBerry App World in the Productivity & Utility > Personal Organization category.

[UPDATE: A direct download is now available on our BlackBerry page]

BlackBerry App World is designed to only display applications that are compatible with your device, which mean that Evernote will only show up if your smartphone is listed above.

What’s next?

Tons of cool stuff. So, stay tuned.


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  • Kashimura

    Can’t download from Japan.
    NTT Docomo is selling Blackberry bold in Jaan from this spring.

  • Espiox

    Sounds cool, but where the heck’s the Android app?

  • Gabriel Jackson

    After checking DAILY in the BB Appstore, Evernote showed up as if by miracle Sunday night. THANK YOU!

    It’s great to have a native application – it has found a permanent place on my home screen the second it was installed.

    Since we, as humans, are never satisfied – when will be able to scroll through notes inside the application rather than the BB Browser? 😉

  • Jerry D'Antonio

    When I first saw this announcement I was absolutely giddy with excitement. Then I read the entire post. No Pearl!


    Do you plan to support the Pearl? If so, any idea when? I will be the FIRST to download the app when it’s available for the Pearl. I love Evernote and have been having iPhone envy for too long now. Help a brother out? Evernote for BlackBerry Pearl, please!

  • Matthew Yankelovich

    When is this supposed to show up in App World? I don’t see it listed and a search doesn’t produce any results for “evernote”.

    I’m running a blackberry storm 9530, 4.7 – Any ideas?

  • Robert Miller

    No Pearl support?

  • edmidor

    Does it use SMTP or direct socket connection? Can it be used with email-only data plans?

    Are you planning any Linux client, for example for Linux based Nokia n810?

  • Duckalicious

    I have a Bold with 4.6, but searching Appworld for “evernote” won’t locate the Evernote app. Any thoughts?

  • Don


    I only wish I could find it in App World.

  • Jarmer

    How do I get it?! The App World returns “No Results Found” when I search. What category can I find it in?

  • Greg Battle

    I have complained about Evernote not having a Blackberry application on Twitter no less than 20 times. You’ve heeded my call to action, and now I will install it and giggle with delight!

    Thanks for listening to your users. Get ready for some iterative feedback.

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Hey folks,

    If you have a compatible BlackBerry and are not seeing Evernote in App World, please be patient. It may take a little bit of time for it to show up for everyone. You can also try searching for us in the Personal Productivity category.


  • Stefan

    How can I get the application – as the apps store is not available in Germany?

  • Jarmer


    thanks, I will wait a while and try to find it again later.

    Although, I really wish you’d provide an OTA version. The App World is unfortunately pretty painful to use. Laggy as hell, takes a while to update app lists (like right now with Evernote) and randomly removes apps from the “My World” that you do indeed still have.

  • Jim Rathbun

    I’m also running the Storm and I don’t see the app. Which is fine I’m patient. Just not sure which category it is supposed to be under.

    Under “Productivity & Utilities”
    There are
    “On-the-Go Productivity” and
    “Personal Organization”
    I don’t see Personal Productivity category.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Hector

    Now I know!! Why I don’t see it. The Curve 8330 is not supported. We have 4.5, it is for 4.6. All the Curve owners are out of luck. Sucks big time, I have been waiting like crazy!! Are there is tons of 8330’s Out there!

  • Michael Roberts

    Support for 8310 running 4.5 and 4.6 handheld software would be great! Please please..

  • Michael

    Also wondering when I’m going to see EN in AppWorld on my Storm

  • Stepe

    I used to cuss at least twice a day because there was not BB app! Thanks for putting the proverbial soap in my mouth.

    …now if I can just find it in app world…

  • JMEhlers

    As Stefan said above, since the Appworld is not yet available in Germany (and it will probably be another few months if not more) there is no way to download Evernote for Blackberry. This goes for quite a few other countries aswell.

    Any chance you could make it available for download from the Evernote website aswell? I for one would gladly (finally) upgrade my free account if I could use it with my blackberry, but it is pointless if I can´t even download it.

  • Fernando

    Same problem than Stefan, but in Spain. As far as I know the store is only available in US, Canada and UK.

  • Doug

    tried searching within the productivity category but still couldn’t find it…

  • Mark

    2:25pm EDT: just tried a category look up and a search and am unable to find Evernote. Blackberry Storm 9530. Any chance of a direct download link for subscribers? Looking forward to seeing the program in action! This is great news.

  • James


    Some of us are limited by corporate restrictions and can’t install the latest BB OS. No chance for support on 4.5?


  • Insomnic

    No Pearl support?

    Very disappointing…

  • Twdumbdogs

    What Personal Productivity category? I dont have that category and it isn’t showing up any where else in the whole of App World.
    Be nice if there was just an OTA download somewhere. Sheesh why does it have to be so damn complicated.

  • mark

    There is no “personal productivity” section. There is a Productivity & Utilities. My guess is that it’s here, but under which subcategory? Personal Organization?

    I can’t find it. Any plans to link to download from

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Sorry for the confusion, the app is in the Productivity & Utility > Personal Organization category.

  • mike pags

    get it together boys, release a direct download/ota version of this app…
    we’ve been waiting too long only now to make us wait for AppWorld to update…

  • Rich

    No luck finding Evernote on the App Store for my Storm. Any ideas when it will be available? Maybe the announcement should have been made when it was there for almost everyone???

  • JH

    Hate to add to a long list of gripes, but the app isn’t appearing on my Storm in the “Productivity & Utility > Personal Organization category”. I’ll check later, as I am super DUPER thrilled to see Evernote coming to the BB.

  • Matt

    Can’t find this via app world in the UK, have tried a search and looked in the category suggested above…

    A download from the site would be great – I’ve been waiting for a blackberry version to complete my Evernote life 😉

  • Adam

    I don’t see it in my App World. I am running the 8900 curve on Rogers in Canada.

  • Greg Cimmarusti, PMP

    I have a BB Storm and I have looked on my phone under the Productivity & Utilities catagory and then the Personal Organization Catagory . . . no Evernote. Please help!

    Really looking forward to this.

    Greg Cimmarrusti, PMP

  • Shelly Middleton

    Evernote still does not show up on my Storm. Not even when i navigate to it from categories.

  • Damian

    Not available in Ireland either as for the German and Spanish commenters. OTA download would be great.

  • Jarrett Collins

    Consider me another 8330 user waiting for the Evernote app… soon, please!

  • Bil

    Also waiting for 8330 support. And why no OTA?

  • Juan

    Another Curve 8330 user here that won’t get to experience this app. I hope you guys make a 4.5 version that we can use because there are TONS of 83xx devices out there that would take advantage of it! Pearls are quite abundant also…

  • Danny

    Are there specific capabilities lacking in the 4.5 OS that are preventing you from extending this evernote app to it?

    None of the US carriers currently support upgrading to 4.6 on the pearl or any of the curve models (83xx)

  • Jamie D

    I am having no luck finding it on my BB Storm either… Sad!

  • Dofang

    Still not in App World in the US! (Not in the “Personal Organization” subgroup…) Feh. Teases!

  • Zenistar

    Making this exclusive to the app store is reduculous, the store is UK, USA and Canada – hello the rest of the world do have Blackberries!

    Annoyed Evernote premium user in Switzerland.

  • Andrew Elia

    Blackberry app world not available to people outside US, Canada and UK.
    Is there any other way I can get it, I have a bold.

  • Ken

    THANKS! As promised, I will be going premium!

  • Chris

    I too am disappointed at the lack of support for the Verizon Curve 8330. The 83xx Curve was the best-selling smartphone in quarter 1 2009.

  • Gil

    You have to search appworld for Evernote — capitalize. AW is too dumb to check for lower case — can you believe it?

  • Gil

    And don’t bother looking through the categories. Just do a SEARCH but be sure to spell Evernote (not evernote). Finds it quickly.

  • tim nolte

    Anoher disappointed 8330 user here. 🙁

  • Jason

    It is there now, I did a search and found it. I did install the latest version of appworld and reboot.

  • Mike

    Tease! Announcing it to an eager blackberry user base only for them to head off to the only source of the app, to find no evidence of it! A direct download would be welcome, but perhaps there is some deal with RIM going on that means it is sweeter for you to do it the appworld way.

  • Vestelar

    What? It’s a joke? We waited Evernote for BB for a long time, and now it’s only avaiable in App World (“World” but only works in three countries). The rest of the world also have BB and, perhaps, we want to have access to apps too. I know that the avaibility of app store isn’t your fault buy please give us a direct link to the app.

  • Greg Cimmarusti, PMP

    Checked again . . . still not there. Did they pull it? I have the BB Storm so it should show up. There are 56 apps in the Personal Organization category, but no Evernote. Waiting patiently . . .


  • Nate

    Another 83xx curve user here.. i got REALLY excited this morning by the news of an evernote release, and then got really bummed just as quickly when i realized it was specific to so few phones..

    can’t wait to get this when it’s out for 4.5..

  • fjpoblam

    [off-topic] Thanks for keeping up the great work. It is my fervent desire that Evernote remains healthy, wealthy and wise and does not get sucked in to the GoOgle juggernaut as has been the case with many other great apps.

  • Ron

    I have a Curve 8350i running OS v4.6.1.204 on NEXTEL. Though this device isn’t in your “supported devices” list, I’d guess based on the OS version that it should work. However, I can’t find it in the App World, probably because my (likely compatible) device is being filtered out.

    Guess my premium upgrade will have to wait a little longer…

  • Gonzague

    not available in France since … Appworld doesnt work in France :/

  • Charles

    Fail!! A large percentage of BB users are shut out of this with little explanation why 🙁

  • Gerardo

    No. I make a search with “Evernote”, “evernote”, “EVERNOTE” and “No Results Found”. The app is not un the Personal Organization category yet.

  • DrHogie

    I got REALLY excited when I read this — because I sent a request to EN support today pleading for this app and saying a EN for BB app is the last thing keeping me from signing up for a Premium account!

    Then I saw my Curve 8330 isn’t supported. Hopefully EN will extend support to the #1 selling phone in the USA last quarter.

    If not, guess I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  • mary

    oh, come on! how about those of us w/ 8330’s who can’t upgrade to 4.6? we love evernote – help us out!

  • Sunny

    Please get support and a product out for 8330. or the BB 88xx series

  • Erin

    Yet again anyone outside North America is denied an amazing application.

    Blackberry appworld should have been called app”North America, Canada and Britain”

    Two thumbs down.

  • aidoc

    Some of us, living outside of US/Canada/UK, can not use App World. Please give us other options for download!

  • Jason

    Did you upgrade to the latest version of appworld and reboot?

  • Adrian Pounder

    I live in Australia and don’t have access to appworld, how am I suppose to get Evernote installed onto my Bold??

  • Norbert

    Don’t bother, downloaded the app to my 8900. So far I had to reboot my BB a couple of times and the application is timing out. I wasn’t able to post a single entry. Worst app ever.

  • Greg Cimmarusti, PMP

    Thanks Gil, found it by doing the search function under “Evernote”. I was trying “evernote”.

    All the best,


  • Alan

    Caught the headline and didn’t even bother to read the rest. Pulled out my BBStorm downloaded and began to use it immediately.

    Thanks Evernote…. for a while I thought we’d be left out. This is positively great.


  • James

    AppWorld not available in Mexico! Please give us an OTA download link!

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Hey everyone,

    We are listening. We will make a download available soon. Please be sure to either subscribe to the blog or follow @evernote on Twitter.


  • NewellPost

    How about support for the 8830 World Edition (88XX series) blackberies? Looking forward to it…

  • Ly-ann

    Where’s the Android love?

  • Ozzie

    Thank you for releasing this BB app. Eagerly wait for OTA (or direct download – whichever rocks your boat) version.

  • charles

    Gmail has a great app for the BB. It seems EN should be able to as well.

  • Eric

    Why Appworld? its not global !!!

    So you have just limited the reach of evernote on blackberry.

    “In fiscal 2009, 63.0% of the Company’s revenues were derived from the United States, 8.0% were derived from Canada, 6.4% were derived
    from the United Kingdom and the remaining 22.6% were derived from other foreign jurisdictions.”

    So 22% of BB users cant use this tool. Great

  • Spyros

    Please add support for Curve 8330/OS 4.5. PLEASE. It’s what’s been keeping me from using Evernote more voraciously. Oh, and a Linux desktop client would be SWEET too.

  • Reeza

    Bold user in Dubai.. waiting for a way to download – please tell me I don’t have to wait till RIM realizes the “World” has more than three countries.

  • Coe

    I’m desperate at this point:

    When will we see some support for 8310 running v4.5? I love Evernote, but my limited mobile access is rendering it useless. I have three more months before I can upgrade my mobile device – I’m probably headed to an iPhone – but, until then, where’s the love?

  • claudio

    oh god, why not a OTA download for all the bb users around the world!

  • dwhit

    8900 user with 4.6 and the app is NOT showing up in the App store. Doesn’t matter if you look in the categories or do a search (including searching “Evernote” instead of “evernote”).


  • Justin Dorfman

    Great no 4.5 support! Thanks guys! =(

  • Kylo

    Can’t find it in App World, looks cool but I just use vPost and it makes all of the storage & access email driven.

  • BurakBold

    Why only AppWorld??!!! What is the point? What about direct download link?

  • Alex

    I got real excited when I saw this show up in my feeds. Sadly BB App World doesn’t work for anyone outside of NA and UK. Any way you can make a download available to the rest of the world?

  • lakelady

    great, just great. I get all excited about trying this out on my new curve 8900 only to see that the download requires Internet Explorer! I’m on a Mac there IS no IE for a Mac, it was dropped years ago. I know we’re a subset of the computer universe out there but this is a seriously stupid way to distribute your product.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @lakelady To install Evernote, launch App World on your BlackBerry. You do not need to use IE.

  • Michael Youngblood

    Thank You so much for adding a black berry app. However, Some of my guys use the pearl, are you planning on hookin us up with that?

  • Jeremy


    It would have been perfect… if I was not French.

    App store is not available here. It sounds like the rest of the world is punished for being… the rest of the world.


  • Paul Mah

    Well, decided to give Evernote a look since it came out with a BB client. Downloaded the desktop to, setup an annount and then realized I cannot get to the application since I live in Asia.

    Guess that means the premature end of my short-lived “trial”

  • Sanchit

    I hope there is a Symbian (S60/UIQ) version soon.

  • cBees

    Um.. How about someone who is not from US, UK and Canada?

  • Gavin Knight

    as per my blog post

    “Earlier today I was very interested to see via Twitter that Evernote has released a Blackberry application.

    I have been waiting for such an application for some time as I think it could be the key to making Evernote a tighter component of my daily workflow, and my current project of refining my implementation of GTD.

    However, having tried to install it, I am very disappointed to find it is only available in the “US, Canada and UK” as those are the only countries allowed to install the Blackberry App World, which is how Evernote distribute their application.

    I’m hoping that either Blackberry extend Blackberry App World to New Zealand, or Evernote provide an alternate way of downloading their application.”

  • John R

    UK user, BB 8900, OS 4.6 no sign of Evernote in App World. Just adding to the consensus here.

  • Martin

    Why is it only available in the so-called “App World”? This shop does hardly function anywhere in the world! You can’t be serious. If it has to do with licence fees/money – just sell it via Paypal.

    You really should avoid a marketing nightmare:

    1.) Letting people wait WAY too long for a BB evernote app and providing no information when or if a BB app is even planned

    2.) Announcing – as a surprise – the eagerly awaited app and rising high expectations

    3.) Frustrating people as they find out it won’t work with their BB i.e. excluding most of the world

  • David

    Another vote for OTA link. I am in Australia and cannot access App World.

  • Miguel Alvarez

    My hate for Blackberry App World is starting to grow bigger and bigger… Please keep in mind the fact that only a few countries have access to it, so the rest of the world are stuck with nothing.

    Please, give us some ota installation on the meanwhile… 🙂

  • Nigel Gale

    UK Bold user, looked via category and searched for Evernote.

    Nothing – as per everyone else above – direct link please.


  • Doug H.

    one more disappointed Curve 8330 user – looking forward to the next release

  • James Wilson

    No Pearl support!!!! Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

  • Rich

    It finally appeared on my storm and I tooled around with it last night. Two words: Love it!!!!

  • Matthias

    I love Evernote and find it very useful. Hoping for an app for my Nokia E71 soon (s60). Then it would be perfect.

  • Andrew Tatum

    Please, please get this working on Blackberry 8330/OS4.5. As the link below explains, the Blackberry Curve (in all of its “83xx” variants) is the MOST POPULAR US smart phone.

    Pretty please 🙂

  • Lorenz Szabo

    Is RIM becoming the next Apple Inc.? No download for international users because …?

    Please tell RIM to open AppWorld ASAP or drop the “exclusivity.”

  • Sean Rima

    Sadly no app store in Ireland so cannot get 🙁

  • mike

    Really suprised the 8330 phone is not supported.

  • Ken

    Thanks for alienating every Verizon Curve user, since we all have an 8330 with version 4.5. Until there’s a version for that, you have left out a huge segment of potential customers.

  • Ari Markenson

    I was excited until I realized it only works with the newest BBs. Thanks Evernote, what a great way to let down all of the BB users dying for this application…..

  • Nmc

    Appworld on BB is nothing like the apple appstore. Please don’t rely on that distribution engine only.

    Reaching a majority of BB users should have been your priority. Creating groups of haves and have nots doesn’t meet your customer requirements. It is critically important that a release of this magnitude be managed properly.

  • Hector

    Thinking here. There is a lot of 8330 out there, but no Evernote client. I am trying to figure out the logic. Thanks

  • Jarmer

    Thank you all so much for making your awesome service avail on my Storm!

    one question: What does the “Use GPS” functionality do exactly?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jarmer When selected, that will add your GPS coordinates to notes you create.

  • Belgium

    pffff what a major disappointment… not available in Belgium….:-( just put the link on you’re site

  • Maxim Weinstein

    +1 request for Pearl support (OS 4.5)

  • Marcos

    And for Nokia smartphone users, any news ?

  • Greg

    The Curve 83xx just passed the iPhone as the most sold smartphone. Is the need for 4.6 a technical limitation or was it a design decision? It just seems that you could reach many more users by offering a version compatible with the Curve 83xx running v4.5.

  • Emory

    Grats on what looks like a solid release. I’m sure many BlackBerry users are happy.

    Any plans for an S60 client?

  • Blair

    Thank you! Yes!

  • won derer

    Sorry, but also with the curve here no installation possible. Evernote works for me on Win and Lin perfectly. Sadly not for Blackberry. Bad PR, Guys.

  • TonyB

    Curve 8900 with and it is not listed in the AppWorld.

    I’m an AppWorld fan but but kinda sucks its not showing up for everyone when it should be.

  • JohnnyB

    Storm 9530 and it doesn’t show up. Download link would be very appreciated.

  • Michael S

    PLEASE add support for 4.5! There’s no way on older devices to go to 4.6, to my knowledge!

  • Michael S

    Yeah, I checked and phones like the Curve 83xx series and the old pearl will NEVER be 4.6-compatible!
    Basically if it doesn’t have 4.6 or 4.7 now, it won’t ever.

    I really hope you guys make it work on the 4.5 devices!

  • Brian H

    Are there any plans for an S60 version of Evernote? This is a much bigger installed user base than bloody [i]Android[/i]

  • Crysti Couture


  • Marinersway

    Evernote is not available on the UK AppWorld using my Curve 8900 v4.6.1.206

  • Vadim

    I have 8830 World Edition, OS 4.2.2. This is a fairly recent phone, still sold in stores. Don’t you just need a network connection? What features of v4.6 did you need to cut off so many existing customers?!!! Software emulator is free…

  • John Dada

    Its amazing to see so many people who are citing how much they feel “let down” and shafted by the lack of a 8330/4.5 supporting Evernote. Lest we not all forget, it is free. How can someone “let down” when they are giving you something? Just an observation…

    And that said, please, please, please release an OTA version that supports 8330/4.5 Curves…please, pretty please?

  • Mike

    Still no show on AppWorld UK, more than 24 hours after being announced here 🙁

  • Androider


  • Jason

    One more Verizon 8330 user here…it was like waking up on Christmas morning to find all your presents stolen. Please help us get the APP for v4.5!

  • Bill

    I downloaded the app from appstore and it installed and immediately asked me to download a patch and the download fails..

    Also I cannot add notes to from the BB (Storm 9530). I get an error “Error communicating with the Evernote servers: Connection closed.

    Anyone with thoughts.

  • Sal

    why is it only on AppWorld ?? Which means most of the world cant download it !?

    Happy you got the BB app going : disappointed that I cant download it off your own site !

  • Miguel Rodas

    I downloaded it on my curve 8900 running OS 4.6 without any problems but any time I try to open evernote it gives me a module error/out of memory message. As far as I know I still have 70 MB free for apps. Does anyone have any idea why I’m getting that error?

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Thanks for being patient.

    Direct downloads are now available:


  • Michael

    What about the original curve 8300 series? I use it and I see them all over. I want to have options for that phone too.

  • Emanuele

    Installed now via OTA in Italy

    I get an error “Error communicating with the Evernote servers: Connection closed.
    After pretty some seconds
    “uncaught exception:application evernote(172)”

    Anyone with thoughts?

  • kkemot

    where is the symbian app?
    i want evernote on my e71 😉

  • Michal Danhelka

    I downloaded OTA, but if I want log-in to Evernote I get an error “Error communicating with the Evernote servers”.
    What can be problem?

  • Thomas Capote

    Another disappointing Verizon 8330 user with 🙁

    Please help us!

  • tracking system on blackberry

    Evernote is one of the valuable assets in BlackBerry.It is used to create notes containing text, snapshots, voice recordings, and file attachments. Once created, the new content is automatically sent to the Evernote Service, making it available across all the versions of Evernote that you use. You can also access your existing notes, search by keywords, filter by tags, or simply browse.

  • Pradeep D

    Downloaded the app OTA and the same “Error communicating with the Evernote servers” appears on login. The app sometimes logs in but then freezes itself as well as the phone.
    In India on Vodafone, no app store here!

  • Ken Hutchinson

    Reagrding John Dada’s comment about the “free” application:

    Don’t forget that Evernote has a “premium” version, which I’m assuming they’d like to get more and more customers.

    Alienating a huge segment of Blackberry users will prevent them from growing their subscription based business. (I’m not that naive to believe that most Blackberry users will all of a sudden pay for premium, but I for one will not since most of my internet access is through my Blackberry).

  • Ray L

    So I took a shot at DLing the OTA version on my curve 8330 from sprint figureing it’s insured what’s the worst that could happen. While I am sure Evernote won’t substantiate this, the program did install on my 8330, however when uploading I get an error that says can’t connect to Evernote servers. What I found interesting was that the error comes up twice even though I only hit it once, and even more importantly it then says upload complete and sure enough, my test note was uploaded. and ever since then everything uploads first time, at least so far. I wouldn’t say I would encourage any 8330 users to jump to DLing the OTA but I will say it worked for me.

  • ThankYou

    Just wanted to say,

    THANK YOU for getting Evernote on BlackBerry! 🙂 Evernote is awesome and you guys rock! 🙂

  • Frederic Ducros

    Hi guys 🙂

    Thanks, given I say no to urPhone, I am glad you have it on BlackBerry. thanks. Thanks. Thanks again.

    Now, just one note, I have an 8310, with OS 4.5, on AT&T. And it works like a breeze. Am I missing something?



  • Syed

    You guys really rock, thank you for a great step now we can enjoy Evernote on our blackberry. Thank you again for such great release.

  • Steve

    I’m in the UK and Evernote is not yet in my App World. Also I’ve tried OTA downloads but if I type in a direct link to the dl I get a communication error, and I get the same trying to access the downloads page from the Evernote mobile site. However, I have managed to download the app and install it using Desktop Manager. The link to the zip file to download to pc is at the bottom of this page –

  • JML Ad

    Thanks for this feature on Blackberry. Sure is helpful, God bless.

  • waterprise2

    OK, I {heart} all of the non-US users, but THANK YOU from a BB Bold User here in the US!

    Did an OTA last week, and the app loaded perfectly and works like a charm!

    At this rate, I will actually use my monthly storage of my premium account!


  • Subhash Rao

    Please integrate it into the menu when viewing inbox or reading a message..similar to Anagram. Will make it a breeze to capture mails to the Evernote To-do notebook

  • Wei-Yen Tan

    I was disappointed to to hear that in the post that they would release it for 4.6 and up (I have 4.5 on Curve 8310). HOWEVER when I downloaded the standalone installer and installed it through the Desktop Manager….everything worked fine!

    Evernote for Blackberry does work on 4.5 if you install it through the Desktop Manager. If you guys have any questions I would be happy to answer. You can tweet me @weiyen or here.

    One question however is how would I make use of the GPS info on the Blackberry through the Evernote client, the web, or mobile?

  • BrianJ

    Great release, just update the berry. Thanks again guys.

  • ChuckS

    PLEASE PLEASE Evernote for my BB Curve 8350i. I am anxious for Evernote to come full circle in my life.

  • dancemyth

    please add PEARL support. THX.

  • Mike

    Disappointed that, as a premium user, I am unable to use on my BB World Edition 8800 series… a business phone.

  • Marc

    I still cannot find it in the App World. Search does not produce any results. I have a BB Curve. How can I find it??

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Marc You have a couple of options. You can try doing an over-the-air install by pointing your BlackBerry browser at and clicking on Mobile Downloads. Alternatively, you can go to our BlackBerry download page and download to your desktop, then use the Desktop Manager to install the app.

  • @bbd

    Unfortunately, it uses the pathetically slow, poor rendering and hard to navigate Blackberry browser to read/search. Not very helpful. It truly would be a great app if you had your own list interface with its own http connection…

  • phuong

    Will the next release for Blackberry include editing existing text notes from the Blackberry?

  • Matthew Miller

    I’ll add my voice to the chorus of users completely flabbergasted that Evernote has not released a true native client for the BlackBerry. How “Can edit notes on the BlackBerry” and “Can work offline” were not on the list of initial, absolutely critical requirements is beyond me. We do appreciate that you quickly released a portal version, but it has simply whetted our appetites for a true client. Let’s face it: Evernote is the best out there. We just want to use it where we spend all day: on our BlackBerrys. Thanks!

  • Bob Day

    Agree with @bbd and Matthew – BB’s native browser makes this almost unuseable. HAS to be a native app with its own connection. Not being able to edit notes / work offline? Can someone at Evernote comment? Thanks.

  • Taylor

    I recently purchased a BB Storm2. BB apps will not let me download. the message is this app is not configured for my phone. i am dying to get this app on my phone. please help.

  • Mike W

    I am a new Evernote user and am loving it so far, even considering the premium edition. However, I cannot edit existing notes on my Blackberry! Very frustrating as I want to edit things on the go. Am I overlooking something or is this feature not supported?

  • Bob Moore

    Evernote record doesnt work with my blackberry storm

    • Ron Slocum

      It doesn’t work for my storm either. Any fixes out there?

  • cosmindinu

    I cannot install evernote on my bb because I have no access to app store. Could somebody tell me how to install the app on my BB bold, if I have no access to BBappa store?

  • Ward Mitchell

    Blackberry app needs to allow for BIS connections and/or be a native BB program. Great product but need to fix this major issue for the mobile workforce!

  • Aly B - DiscoMaulvi

    Need to download but App World not available in all countries. Any work arounds??? There is a mention of a direct OTA download but I cant find it!

  • Pixie

    It seems that I can’t edit anything on Evernote in Blackberry. What good is that? I’ve just deleted the app and am looking for something else.

  • Tim

    I too cannot edit notes on my Blackberry Bold 9000. I use Evernote on my Ipad and Windows computer without problem. It’s very frustrating not being able to be interactive on the Blackberry. It will be a great tool once there’s a fix for my Blackerry ….and more when Evernote brings Blackberry users up from Step Child status. By the way, Evernote support has been great, but still no solution.

  • Roberto Ritte

    I can find the download page to download to my desktop the evernote blackberry app. In

  • Shelly Middleton

    The Evernote application is not really useful on my BlackBerry. I can read notes that I have added to Evernote, but I can’t edit them. Will Evernote ever have a full application for the BlackBerry without just pointing to the website? I really like Evernote on my Mac, and would love to get more use out of it on my Storm 2. Thanks!

  • Mschoones

    Can’t seem to get the direct download version to work on my BB Bold 9000.

    Can’t find the app in App World. Please help me before i switch to the new iPhone.

  • yujis

    Does not working with BIS.
    Please support to BIS!

  • Mike8899

    Can’t get Evernote on my Pearl flip-phone????

  • Lorna Brodtkorb

    Would love to use Evernote on BlackBerry Bold 9000 but until there’s a true client version it’s out of the question.

  • kormos endre

    The Blackberry client needs a massive feature set update – this way I don’t see it as much more than 3 pictures that point to the mobile website. What would be lovely to see:

    – Offline storage
    – Integration with the native MemoPad application
    – Preferably system wide integration, especially in “Send To” menus.

    • Starchitect tge Architect

      Yes yes yes.

      I would pay for memopad integration and (limited) offline storage.

      Just being able to edit a note would be brilliant

  • Chad

    I have to say, I’m horribly disappointed that I have to install that bloated BB App World program in order to install your app. 🙁 So much for that idea, it isn’t worth the memory it takes to install App World.

  • Jarek

    As it’s not possible to edit (non-txt) notes this application is useless for me.

    Whole idea of ‘documents in the cloud’ sound interesting but it’s not existing with evernote: I can’t work (I mean – edit) my notes while I’m away from my laptop. I can only view then (morover – in lousy manner – on BB 8900 fonts are too big to read whole sentence).

    What I would need to use this soft:
    – adjust font size
    – edit rich text notes

    PS: Briefly looking into previous comments says than I’m not only who complains. Shame on you, Evernote!

  • mirx

    great idea, poor implementation. how can you leave out local storage of notes, no local editing? are you kidding me? the blackberry memopad app beats blackberry evernote. i’m uninstalling until there is offline mode and proper local editing. this also means sync would be necessary to bring down new content. also a lot of people have a preference for ota downloads, which isn’t up to date atm. i’d also like the app to be wifi aware to warn me of large up/down loads over my data plan, a checkbox for only sync over wifi would be nice.

  • Stan Levine

    Joining the chorus here that are flabbergasted that, here it is almost two years after Evernote for Blackberry was released and yet one *still* cannot edit a non-text note! This app is completely useless until it’s brought on-par at least with the browser-based version.

    Who the heck developed this app and what were they thinking?

  • Xi Po

    Same issue as many others for me. Need note editing capability for this app to be useful. After I downloaded it and was playing around with it I assumed it was malfunctioning and went to google to figure out why mine would not edit. Suprised to find out it is not an option on the Blackberry???

  • kg

    Just adding my vote for better integration w natuive BB features. Add it to “send to”, need to easily add webpages with comments. Offline would be great, but not as important as integration.