BlackBerry, scanners, and more

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 19 May 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 19 May 2009

Podcast MP3 | iTunes | Audio feed | Length: 30mins

Podcast #4 topics

  • Evernote for BlackBerry is here! [product page]
  • Phil’s UK trip [BBC podcast]
  • Using the Fujitsu ScanSnap with Evernote [related blog post]
  • Answering your questions: future integrations and emailing from Evernote
  • How to do a Russian accent
  • New ways to use Evernote

Call me!

We’ve set up a voicemail box just for you. Call us and tell us how you use Evernote –don’t forget to tell us your name and where you’re from. We’ll choose the best ones and play them in our podcast. Call +1 (347) 497-3572 and leave a message.

Any questions?

Have a question you’d like us to cover in a future podcast? Leave it in the comments section or send a tweet with the hashtag ‘#EvernotePodcast‘.


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  • Lukather

    Good! I’m waiting for Blackberry Flip support of this awesome software 😉

  • Sam Hasler

    Here’s the BBC interview: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8037979.stm

  • Andrew

    Great episode, although I can only get about the first 20 min of it; what’s wrong? (nice intro music, btw.)

  • Noah

    *sob* Why no support for 4.5?

    We don’t have *any* 4.6+ devices deployed at our office. In fact, our 8830s are considered the “new” Blackberrys.

  • Kevin Neely

    It seems really quiet, and sound is only coming out of one side.

  • Jon Payne

    your podcast feed in iTunes seems to have a problem as of 5/21 @ 11:36 EST. “There was a problem downloading “Evernote Blogcast”. An unknown error occurred (8004).

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    Hi there,

    Love the new lenght of your podcasts!

    Also appreciate the intro tune. Via which site did you buy it? http://www.stockmusic.net/ ?

  • Jon Payne

    Guys. One word, VOLUME! Please turn it up. If you can’t then use Levelator to increase the loudness. http://www.conversationsnetwork.org/levelator. Its free.

    I’m not an expert but I do have 50+ podcasts under my belt, so if you need a little tech advice, email me. Here is the reason for my request. Sure a lot of people use headphones to listen, or even listen at their PC (statistically 50% according to libsyn) and the volume is probably loud enough for such quiet environments, but if you listen while in the car, with road noise, with an FM modulator or plug in jack to your radio, then (for me) your volume is way too low.

    Eat the mic, turn up the mixer gain until the little green lights blink, and adjust the main mix out so it doesn’t overdrive your recorder. Headsets are great. I use Sennheiser broadcast headsets. http://www.bswusa.com/proditem.asp?item=HMD280. Dont use the Beyer

    I have some screenshots of some audio tests I ran on your show before and after Levelator, and compared to another show. Email me if you want them.

    Best of luck & I hope you continue. I enjoy the show.

  • Judy

    I can’t get iTunes to download the podcasts. I just get an exclamation point instead of the podcasts…….. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Jol

    Same problem as Judy and Jon. Happened for #3 too.

  • NTT

    I totally agree with @Jon. You guys need increase the volume. I would suggest close micing everyone, since when someone moves away, it becomes inaudible.. It’s fine in q quiet environment, but when there’s tons of ambient noise, I can’t hear anything..

    Levelator is a great option. Or you can just amplify the audio in your recorder after your recording and make sure you have the full range..

  • Brad

    Question: Still waiting for a native app for Ubuntu. I’m using it with WINE now, but the display isn’t as clear – text formatting is off, and several of the buttons are blurry black blobs. I use the web-based version from time to time, but a Ubuntu-friendly version would be nice. Any chance that this is on the horizon?

  • Biff

    Why only 4.6 and above? What about the rest of us that won’t get 4.6 till sometime much later? Show us the love!

  • Dana

    It is EXTREMELY difficult to listen to these podcasts do to volume issues. In the car or with earbuds on, we listeners are dealing with ambient noise. Because some of the dialogue on the podcasts drops to whisper-like levels, it is impossible to hear some of the most important points made.

    Volume-leveling software might help, however the real problem comes from the guys themselves. Too many times you all are speaking in the bottom half of a breath. This may work for people sitting 3 feet apart in a quiet room, but the lack of projection makes these words impossible to hear from farther away.

    To correct this, place a spare, dead mike (or even a cup) in the center of the room, and imagine that IT is your speaking target. Phil, especially, needs to imagine this (his youtube video is almost impossible, and very nerve wracking, to try to listen to).

    Best of luck and thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Kate H

    iTunes doesn’t like you! Unknown error (8004).
    You worked for 2 episodes and then you didn’t.
    Too bad – when I couldn’t sleep I listened to you – now I really can’t sleep.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Kate We’re looking into the iTunes issue.

  • Robert

    I’ve been waiting for Evernote to fix the iTunes problems since podcast 2. I’ve unsubscribed, and at this rate will probably have forgotten they do/did one… 🙁

  • Josh

    You have just GOT to work on balancing your sound levels. Phil is still impossible to hear half the time. The podcast itself is fun and informative, but finding where to set my volume control is a constant battle.

  • Megan

    Loved the Amiga reference!!! I did grow up with an Amiga, as my father was an artist and it was the best compute around for graphics. 🙂 Ooooh . . . I so wish I had that computer today.

    Great Blog . . . but, wish you guys would have an easier way to find How To’s for the basic stuff, as I am a new user and want to text myself notes. I know I saw the info, but can’t find it now. 🙁