Evernote for Mac Gets Quick Look and HTML Export

Posted by on 26 May 2009

Posted by on 26 May 2009

Evernote for Mac got a nice update today adding a new export option and a bunch of great usability enhancements. Check for updates or download the latest

Quick Look attachments

You can now view attachments from within Evernote using the handy Quick Look feature. Simply click on the Quick Look button in the attachment box or use the CMD+Y keyboard shortcut. This also works the other way; you can now Quick Look your Evernote notes in Finder or Spotlight.

Don’t forget, upgrading to Evernote Premium lets to you attach any type of file to your notes. Learn more on our Evernote Premium page.

HTML export

Data portability is very important to us. We believe that you should feel comfortable putting your data into Evernote with the knowledge that, if you want, you can always take it out. In addition to our XML export, weโ€™ve added the ability to export notes as HTML. To do this, select the note(s) you wish to export, click Export in the File menu, then choose HTML as the export format. All of your meta-information (tags, source URLs, etc) is preserved in the HTML source code.

All notes button

This new button lets you instantly clear out any searches and filters that you may have and resets the view to All Notebooks. You can access this feature either by clicking the button or using the CMD+R keyboard shortcut. Why didn’t we put this handy button into the Mac client before now? We have no idea.

Other great improvements

  • ‘Save As’ now works for audio files contained within notes
  • Improved and simplified menus – we’ve scrubbed every menu with a fine-toothed-mixed-metaphor-comb to make them all consistent
  • Numerous bug fixes throughout

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  • Jon Moss โ€”

    Great news! Loving the Quick Look feature.

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Iain Delaney โ€”

    Could you please codesign your updates? Without codesigning, the keychain asks for permission for Evernote to access the keychain. This happens with each update.

    Codesigning is pretty simple, and can be automated as part of the build process.

  • Phil Libin โ€”


    Good idea – we’ll look into code signing.

    [Update: I’m told by the Mac lead that code signing is “on the list”.]

  • DivinoAG โ€”

    While I applaud any update to Evernote, I wonder when Windows users are getting some love to the native client.

    I mean, all this time and we still don’t have a thumbnail view, which is available even on the web client, which by design should be the simpler of them all.

    Any chance for an update on the status here?

    • Phil Libin โ€”


      We’ve been working on a major update to the Windows client which will include zoomable thumbs and other “mac-like” features. It’s a very big task, but will be out this summer.

  • David M โ€”

    Fantastic — the Mac client just keeps getting better and better. Thanks guys!

  • Dasein โ€”

    Forget the “data portability is very important to us” rubbish, at least for the Mac version.

    That one must CUT AND PASTE to import text files is unbelievable. And that one must CUT AND PASTE to export text files is equally unbelievable. What is this, 1995?

    • Phil Libin โ€”


      Buh? You can drag text files (or any other files) right into the dock icon or into particular notebooks. You can also export as HTML. What’s missing? An export-as-plain-text option would drop much data on the floor.

      • Duncan โ€”

        The lack of an export as .doc or .pdf option is a killer for me. I don’t need the tags embedded, that’s what I have evernote for, but I need to share files with non-evernote users.

  • Dare โ€”

    A Windows version would be wonderful.


  • Dasein โ€”

    Your help files state that if I want to import a text document or notes, I must cut and paste:

    “You need to highlight the information you want to import from a document and then paste it into a new note in Evernote.

    Alternately, you can export your current data to HTML format and then open it in Safari or Firefox, then use the Evernote Web Clipper to create a new note.”

  • Dasein โ€”

    In other words, I’d like to move to Evernote from Yojimbo, DevonThink or another similar programme. I want to export all my data or files from those programmes, and import into Evernote.

    Can’t do that, if your documentation is correct, without cutting and pasting, or converting to HTML first and then clipping.

  • ian โ€”

    Great features…But when will it possible to include notebooks in other notebooks, like groups and sub-groups ?

  • pendolino โ€”

    i think developers just enjoy developing for mac more than windows because the results are more gratifying and the apps more often work than crash (cheeky response to windows user comment. sorry couldn’t help it).

    thanks for the improvements guys. i’ve actually been looking for that ‘all notes’ feature for a while now.

    there’s still more to be done with faster and simpler tag accessibility (i rarely use it in current form for navigation and search) and possibly a quick entry window.

    love the way you’re moving ahead though. thanks.

  • Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner โ€”

    Great new update, thanks from the mac force ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please cycle updates for all devices and services, for me as a mac-user with 3 macs, a netbook with windows xp, an iphone and user of the webservice of evernote all “spots” are interesting.

    Keep up the good work and take the time you need!

    Best from Germany,

  • William Fox โ€”

    These new features are awesome. But do they come at an extra price?

  • samu โ€”

    I’m still having issues with Safari 4 when the Clipper is enabled. I know the browser’s in beta, but it’s frustrating that the problem has survived two Evernote updates when other applications seem to have kept up OK. As it is, I have to use the bookmarklet, which is a poor substitute.

  • Tiago โ€”

    Hey, can someone tell me how can I access the Quick Look feature?

    After the update, I found no modifications on my Evernote and I had to update the toolbar manually (add the All Notes button).

    Thanks guys, keep on the good work

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      @Tiago If you are a Free subscriber then you will see the Quick Look button in Audio Notes. Evernote Premium subscribers will have the Quick Look button for all file attachments. The Quick Look feature also means that you can now get a preview of all your notes in Finder.

  • Karen โ€”

    Is anyone else having trouble with this build? It crashed upon relaunch, crashed after restart, etc. I’ve now trashed it and reinstalled twice, but to no avail — it simply refuses to run.

    This happened to me once with an earlier build and I eventually got a reinstall to work (though it left me with corrupted notes I’ve never been able to identify or delete — clicking on them crashes the application), but no such luck this time. This is a real crisis for me, as I am an all-day-every-day user of Evernote and rely on it for my work.

    (And no, I’ve never gotten any help from tech support — my only complaint about Evernote — which is why I’m really hoping someone here can help. It’s a regrettable last resort.)

  • Rob โ€”

    I am a premium subscriber, and he QuickLook button is working for file attachments, but I am not getting the preview of my notes in Finder.

  • dave โ€”

    Great update. Thanks.

    “I had to update the toolbar manually (add the All Notes button).”

    And rightly so. Updating an application should not automatically add anything to the toolbar, nor take anything away. it’s up to the user to control what appears in the tool bar.

  • Don Blohowiak โ€”

    Wonderful additions / improvements! Thank you.

  • lanny โ€”

    i can’t get the mac version to download…it just times out. thoughts?


  • kevin โ€”

    I just did the update, but when relaunching evernote keeps crashing. It doesn’t start anymore. I hope I can restore all my notes.

  • Mugo โ€”

    Mac users are really getting some love… ๐Ÿ˜

  • Andrew Mason โ€”

    Just downloading the update. Looking forward to seeing the new features.

    Keep up the great work!


  • kevin โ€”

    I just reinstalled evernote. Luckily I had recently synced my data, so I didn’t lose anything.
    I just love this program.
    Thanks guys

  • Chris โ€”

    Great job!
    Everything fine with the update, I just need to reset the toolbar to get the All Notes icon.

  • Los Angeles DUI Lawyer โ€”

    i have downloaded the update it looks great.keep it up guys ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  • Expungement โ€”

    the look is fresh and good .

  • Sealfur โ€”

    Has anybody else had a synchronisation problem with this version? I’ve been getting this error message ever since updating:
    Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service. This may be due to a network problem or service maintenance. Please try again later. If enabled, automatic synchronization will resume once the Service becomes available.
    Any suggestions?

    • ghmkkk โ€”

      I’ve had this problem even BEFORE the upgrade….but my problem started when my company installed a new firewall. I can only synchronize from home.

    • Beechnut โ€”

      Have not been able to synchronize for two days. Have closed and re-opened the program several times. Checked username and password. Redone permissions on my mac. Logged into the web version with no problems. Still nothing. Help! I have a lot of notes that need to be sync’ed.

  • john โ€”

    pleeeeeeease add OCR for pdfs. I am tired of the extra step in my snapscan process.

  • Slugdoc โ€”

    I would still love to see the ability to link notes to other notes.

    (So a journal type of note could list things worked on for the day, and link to more extensive discussion of those things in individual notes.)

  • Don โ€”

    Unfortunately I can’t use this, as I’m still on 10.4.9, for various reasons.

  • Dominique PERETTI โ€”

    Quicklook should work for PDF attachments too !

  • Daniel Florien โ€”

    Looking good!

    When will you have a “paste as unformatted text” or “paste and match formatting” feature? It’s REALLY annoying that text pasted in always has the weird formatting it came from, which almost never matches the default in Evernote.

  • michael โ€”

    I would love if the mac version would automatically title a new note with the first line of text from your entry. The Windows version does this, but the mac just gives you “untitled note” as the title unless you explicity give it one.

    • John Benac โ€”

      I want that as well

  • Jonathan โ€”

    Love the ongoing progress…what about email with Entourage??

  • brett โ€”

    this product gets better and better… great work!

    would love to see a task / reminders feature (cross platform would be great)

  • bob โ€”

    I don’t understand why co-designing the updates would solve the keychain problem.

  • Andrey โ€”

    “Ink Note Support Coming Soon!”

    Will we EVER get it?

  • Ramon โ€”

    Great update, love your program! Feels like having an extended mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Paul Bostic โ€”

    Awesome, I love this!

  • Taco Meeuwsen โ€”

    That last updat just killed my desktop app

  • Ellin โ€”

    I am running Mac OS 10.4.9 – is there a more ancient version I can download or do I have to wait until I get a new computer?

  • mrsa treatment โ€”

    I’m glad they have these enhancements for mac. I have a mac and so does my wife. This is really great stuff…


  • Keerock โ€”

    So far really liking your app. Would love to see a Mac Stickies import and an Entourage Notes import. That would get even more people onboard with large volumes of notes and needing your premium upgrade.

    You may want to change your elephant logo “bug” as it looks more like a fetus impaled by a Dorito. Then again, maybe I’m just high…

  • telepresence โ€”

    We use Evernote in our office all the time. We do lots of designing so clipping full pages sometimes saves us lots of time when we run out of design options and need something to refer to… Its HTML export is awesome!

  • bdrohr โ€”

    Does anyone know what to do when you get a message stating…

    Synchronization Failure

    Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service. This may be due to a network problem or service maintenance. Please try again later. If enabled, automatic synchronization will resume once the Service becomes available.

  • Jason โ€”

    I am with you, bdrohr. I have the same problem. Have no idea where it came from.

  • JoeTaxpayer โ€”

    bd /Jason,
    I have the same issue (sync) but even more strange, on Mac has no issue, one does. They are identical G4s both running leopard. The issue on one just started today, I don’t know how to even start troubleshooting this.

  • bill โ€”

    Quick look uses Textedit is the default. Is there a way to make preview the default or some other program the default?

  • David โ€”

    Sync failure. Programme is useless now.

  • Paul โ€”

    How do I tell quick look to open *.hs files (Haskell source) as text files?