Evernote Expands BlackBerry Support to Curve 8300 Series

Posted by on 28 May 2009

Posted by on 28 May 2009


We recently launched Evernote for BlackBerry with support for the BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and Curve 8900. Now, Evernote is available for the very popular BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 series smartphones. The series includes, BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, and 8350i.

What can I do with Evernote?

Evernote helps you remember everything that you experience using almost any device that you have within arm’s reach. Type notes, snap photos, or record voice memos in Evernote on your BlackBerry then access those same notes on your Windows or Mac computer. It works the other way, too. Clip a webpage, draft a blog post, or attach a file in Evernote on your desktop and then find it all on your phone.

Get Evernote on your BlackBerry

Evernote for BlackBerry is available from BlackBerry App World or the BlackBerry page on our site. Over the Air downloads are also available.

Which BlackBerry smartphones does Evernote officially support?

Evernote officially supports all models of the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry® Storm™, and BlackBerry® Bold™ running on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel, British Telecom, Vodafone (UK), and Rogers.

What if my device/carrier isn’t on the list?

If your device or carrier is not on the list, then we do not officially support it. You can still try installing Evernote, but we cannot guarantee that it will work as advertised.


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  • Bill

    Thank you!

  • Chris


  • Velanche

    What is the OTA address? It seems that the version on the address is the same as the version that had no official Curve 83xx support. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Valanche We updated the file that that URL points to.

  • Velanche

    Thanks, Andrew; will grab the file now.

    BTW, good job that you guys are doing with your podcast. And of course, great job with Evernote; loving it!

  • Gordon

    Hey thanks guys! Now my favourite app is on my blackberry. Works like a charm.
    I did the manual install from the software on your site. Couldn’t find it in the app store yet.

  • Joe

    Thanks. Just downloaded and tested on my BB Curve 8320. It bascially worked, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to use the Evernote app for taking/uploading pictures:

    Specifically, I took a picture, it started uploading, then I opened the voice note (all within evernote). It then showed an hourglass, not allowing me to use the blackberry. It did finally return control to me after about 10 minutes.

    Also, when I was done testing exactly 1 text msg, 1 picture, 1 voicenote (and then clicking on upload and going to my picture directory without uploading a picture) – the memory in the BB was nearly gone so I rebooted to get it back. This little test used up about 9 million bytes.

    After rebooting, I tested with just text and voice (and accessing recent notes through the browser) and the memory impact was minimal – so whatever happened had to do with the picture taking.

    People with limited memory 83xx devices need to be careful not to run out of memory, as Blackberries can automatically start deleting data when that happens. Be careful about using picture taking within this app, at least with the current version.

    I’m thrilled to have this on my BB 8320 and hope that future development will have some memory management features (like allowing to specify max cache size) that makes sure my memory is not totally used up.

  • Clement

    Yes! Thank You. I’ve been waiting (and praying) for this since the mobile version launched.

  • Wil

    I just clicked on the Blackberry App World icon on my Blackberry Curve and I can’t find the Evernote app using the Search option. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Wil Try downloading it from our site:

  • Brian

    How about you fix your ridiculously broken text editor instead of constantly expanding your empire?

    At least make it keep focus when your thumbnails are updated and I’m still typing. It drives me INSANE.

    This is on the Mac OS X version.

  • equationlab

    Works on my Verizon 8130.

  • Xzheng


  • Juan

    The Curve running on Telefonica Movistar (Spain)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Juan We have not tested it on your carrier, but you can still try installing it.

  • Tax Relief

    thanks but i was having trouble for some time as i was unable to find application on my blackberry 🙂

  • Shenandoah Don

    Sure was excited by this. BUT…

    Uploads of audio and pix NOT working on my 8330 with sw downloaded from the Blackberry App Store [version 3.0.155 (49081)].

    Here’s the error message (which as a premium sub, I’m also sending on to Support):

    Exception: Connection Closed

    BTW, this error message mentions Facebook, but I’ve deleted any Facebook app and rebooted AND reinstalled the Evernote app. Same problem.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Shenandoah That sounds like a job for our support team:

  • Jody

    I installed it on my Pearl 8130 and it works!

  • D Lawrence Joseph

    Works fairly well, is there a clock that have to be set? The time posted on notes are two hours behind local time.

  • mich

    Wow! Evernote in Blackberry! That’s cool.

  • Jeff

    So what is the point of this? Anytime you do anything except the 4 main icons you get directed to the (useless) mobile web page.

    No use to me until we can edit text at least.

    I like Evernote’s client and full web functionality, but until it’s useful on my BB I won’t be using EN.

  • Edward

    Looks like a great product. Will have to try it out!

  • Mike

    I keep getting an error: “Update failed: Failed to transmit”. Clicking more reveals “Operation: autoUpdate Exception: Failed to transmit”. Then a second error “Error communicating with the Evernote servers: Failed to transmit”

    I have a Blackberry Curve with OS 4.3. I downloaded the app with the OTA link.

    Anyone else having this problem? Is the mobile app not compatible with BlackBerry OS 4.3?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mike Evernote works best on 4.5 and higher. You man be able to upgrade your device to a later OS.

  • maniacSE

    testing on BB 8820…..

    run ok, now i testing upload.

  • Gary

    Installed it this weekend on my Blackberry Curve (running OS 4.5. So far it works perfectly. I took photos and uploaded without a hitch.

    I have been waiting for the Blackberry mobile version and have not used Evernote before. In 2 days I have become addicted. Sitting in a cafe over the weekend I had an idea for my blog and created a text note. This morning when I powered up my laptop, I saw the note, pasted it into Livewriter along with the photo and was off and running. Great stuff

  • Cool Phones

    I installed this on my BlackBerry Curve 8330 and afterwards played around with it some. Very cool and I’ll be having some fun with this seeing how everything works.

  • Dennis Mayberry

    Thanks for this details to the balckberry. I have this.

  • matt

    i can not find this on app world. searched for “evernote” and even just “note”. I get tons of other crap.

    1. appworld is kind of a piece.
    2. thanks for giving a direct link to download direct from you guys.

  • Carlo from Canada

    When I start up Evernote on my Curve 8330 while in the middle of a building with no Internet connectivity, Evernote hangs until I walk outside and get signal. I was expecting that it might allow me to type a text note even if it can’t save it until it gets connectivity. Do others run across the same situation?

  • Jack

    Just installed on my Curve and am having the following error:

    Operation: signIn Failed to transmit

    I’m using OS 4.5

    Any suggestions?

  • Paul Bostic

    Thank you so much!!!

  • JasonM

    I really like this app. I used it today for the first time. There are a few things that should be addressed.
    1. A timezone setting so the timestamp isn’t 2 hours off my time.
    2. Fix the mobile website text boxes so that they display better in the BB Browser when editing notes.

    Other than that I really like this app. Thanks!

  • syliach

    I also get the signin exception. I had a previous version installed that worked, updated when it officially supported the 8310 and get this error. I originally thought it had to do with our corp. policy or something but now others have the same error. I never have used facebook and was a little thrown off by this error. I thought maybe I had something set to log into face book automatically but I can’t even get to the settings.

  • Glenn

    Has anyone tried it on a Blackberry 8830? It has been upgraded to the 4.5 OS.

  • JasonM

    It runs great on my 8320 minus the 2 issues I posted above.

  • martha

    Have yet to be able to connect. Always get a “Can’t communicate with Evernote servers” error.
    Trying to upload from the blackberry freezes the device, necessitating a battery pull.
    These problems were with the original release and the update.
    I’ve uninstalled the app. Will try again once the kinks are sorted out.

    (Curve 8900, Rogers Canada)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @martha That sounds like a job for our support team

  • sean

    Tried to post this via your ‘contact us’ form, but couldn’t seem to prove my species while on my blackberry… Seems to be a bad idea to make leaving feedback such a pain; if I had something better to do while sitting in the airport, I wouldn’t even bother.

    “A worthwhile blackberry app would be a great addition to your service. I was excited to see the bb version released, but horribly disappointed upon use. It’s a glorified bookmark… Functionality should at least match that of the iphone app, which, while feeling quite clunky and ugly is usable and serves a purpose. I was excited by your service, but find myself drifting back to more traditional note-taking methods because of your inelegant apps and web interface.”

  • Marketing

    I love that this is available for the blackberry – because I really love this phone. Also – thanks everyone for all the great info…

  • dm

    Seems like the communication problem with Curves is very prevalent. Any update?

    A search of the site didn’t turn up anything and Google led me here.

  • effendi

    Shenandoah Don

    Uploads of audio and pix NOT working on my 8330 with sw downloaded from the Blackberry App Store [version 3.0.155 (49081)].”

    I have the same problem with the same error message. I am in Sngapore using the BB Storm 9500. Did you ever manage to solve the issue? Everrnote support wrote to me saying they are n0t aware of whaat can cuase the issue and that it could be my carrier.

    Anyone else, if you know how to solve this, please help. 🙂

  • Hiram

    I’m also seeing the signin error on an 8310 with 4.5. Any updates? I am on a BES, but I have my default connection set to the Internet and have several other applications working just fine.

  • Domenico

    Operation: signIn

    on a BB 8900

  • Anette

    I have the same problem as Domenico, I´ve tried to update the o.s and the same message appears when i try to conect:

    Error comunicating with the Evernote servers
    Operation: signIn

    Please help

    BB Bold

  • Susan

    Using 4.5 OS for 8330. Getting the following error message during upload process after snapshot notes.

    error communicating with the evernote servers: connection closed: operation: enuploader.uploaditem
    exceptiom:com.facebook.thrift.transport.ttransportexception:connection closed

    Some notes successfully uploads, some i get the above error message.


  • Max

    I have the same problem as many others..

    Error comunicating with the Evernote servers
    Operation: signIn

    Please help us!!..

    BB9000, OS:

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Max Please contact our support team:

  • Scott Rouse

    My problem is with some Facebook thing. I’ve uninstalled Facebook and uninstaled and reinstalled Evernote and it still won’t let me upload anything. Something about a path and I have an 8330. All the software is up to date. Help!

  • Lawrence

    I am also having a problem uploading snapshot, audio and file notes. I have contacted Evernote support, but so far no resolution.

    Here is the log:
    Fri Oct 02 14:06:33 America/New_York 2009 | ;deviceside=true |
    ENUploader.uploadItem | Error communicating with the Evernote servers: Connection closed
    Operation: sessionDataSync.uploadItem
    Exception: transport.TTransportException: Connection closed

    I have tried reinstalling the app, pulling the battery, and other things, but I get this error every time. I also have a Curve 8330, carrier is Sprint. This app is useless unless I can upload photos and other files.

  • Kevin

    I’ve done everything too. Blackberry Tour on Verizon does not work with evernote. It’s been a month of looking for fixes, thinking there would be an update. Oh well. Pretty much what i expected. bugs bugs and more bugs.

  • kim

    anyone had any recent sucess since kevin’s post with the blackberry tour?

  • Kevin M.

    I’m seeing the same issue with photo & voice notes from a Curve 8330 on Verizon. Anyone gotten anywhere with this?

    Sat Jan 09 09:53:36 America/New_York 2010 | ;deviceside=true | ENUploader.uploadItem | Error communicating with the Evernote servers: Connection closed Operation: sessionDataSync.uploadItem Exception: transport.TTransportException: Connection closed

  • IonizerPurifier

    I have been using evernot on my blackberry for the past 2 months and to be honest im really impressed. The only issue i had was related to some blackberry software which caused it to crash but is not sorted with the recent update. Thanks

  • Justin

    Please make this work on the Tour! I mean it’s only the premium BB device for CDMA carriers. I would think you would have a lot of tour users love this app!

  • David

    I agree with Justin, post January 19; I have used evernote for the past month and use it much more than microsoft onenote; but make it a priority to get the blackberry tour app completed; I travel a lot and easy access via my tour would be great

  • Kevin Chaulk

    I have the Storm 2 and everything except audio and file upload works fine. Love the App. wish it all worked. I strongly ask Evernote to work on the Storm compatability issues

  • Denise

    I have a blackberry Curve and I installed Evernote. When I click on it to launch the app, it does not launch. Can anyone help?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Denise, that sounds like a question for our support team:

  • Lawrence

    I posted about a network error I receive on my Curve 8330 back in October. Evernote support contacted me, but the issue was never resolved, and still occurs today. I am on the latest Blackberry Evernote software, but I will be uninstalling it as it is useless if I cannot upload snapshots, audio or files.

    Goodbye Evernote….

  • Bruce

    Can I attach a web site to evernote from my Blackberry?

  • Matthew

    I have a blackberry bold 9700 and get the message – sorry there is no application installed that support this file type.
    A file name for example was- ppa88-1.pdf19.4MB
    I’m guessing the 19.4MB bit is the problem. How do I get rid of it please?

  • Cecil

    An error ocurred while loading the note: net.nm.device.api.10.file.fil10esception.file system full.

    and the note does not load

  • PMK

    How do I uninstall EN from my BB? It doesn’t show up in Options/Advanced/Applications and there is no “delete” option on the EN menu.

    Thnaks for your help.