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User Profile: Marie Kennedy – Paperless Traveler

Posted by Ron Toledo on 01 Jun 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 01 Jun 2009

In Napa, California Name: Marie Kennedy
Location: Los Angeles, California
Profession: Electronics Resources
Librarian at Loyola Marymount University
Blog: Organization Monkey

Where do you have Evernote Installed?

Which features do you find most useful?

The ability to tag notes makes searching much easier and quicker, especially when using the iPhone version.

What’s your Evernote story?

Back in November I made a driving trip from Los Angeles to Napa and decided to try it as my first paperless trip, using Evernote as my traveling brain. I used Evernote on my iPhone and Dell Mini laptop to store driving directions, maps, hotel confirmations and other details that I would normally have printed out. It worked beautifully!

Before we left
I created a spreadsheet of dates and the places we’d be visiting every day; I pasted that into a note in Evernote and titled it, ‘trip schedule’. I found a map of Napa wineries (a PDF) and dragged it from my desktop into the program. I used Google maps to plan our route and grabbed screen shots of the maps and pasted them into a note in Evernote, along with the driving directions. I emailed my Evernote account with hotel confirmations.

During the trip
I mostly used Evernote on my iPhone and it worked great for accessing all those notes that I had created beforehand. We had two people in the car (my husband and I). I did the driving and my husband did the navigating. The tags worked out great. I tagged everything with ‘San Francisco Trip‘ and then used other specific tags for even quicker searching. For example I tagged all my hotel confirmations with the tag ‘Hotel‘. When I needed to call them up we just searched for the word ‘hotel‘.

What was your last note in Evernote?

My last note in Evernote was a photo of a label from a bottle of wine I really liked. I uploaded it into my notebook called “Wine.”

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  • Nikki Rose Ty

    Super!!! 😉

  • mediajolt

    This is brilliant! I never thought of making PDFs of my Google maps, but why not?

  • lawofattraction

    Evernote’s Tagging feature makes accessibility super quick, infact thats what makes me glued to it for a long. Am using this on ma old Iphone 2G. Really Productive tool. A must have.

  • Bob O'Shaughnessy

    Whoa! Nice job Re!

  • Michael

    I just had to comment: the thing that stands out most in the picture is the bottle of V. Sattui Madeira.

    Using PDF maps is a great idea!

  • Kaylee Meyers

    WOW! Great job, love the pdf out of google maps:) Thanks

  • mtb

    I agree tagging notes makes searching easier. Convenient feature to use.

  • Andrew Flusche

    I never thought about using Evernote for traveling. I actually have an upcoming trip with my wife, and I’m going to have to try this idea!

    I currently use Evernote to manage all the information that flows through my law firm. It’s a great way to keep track of phone calls, notes about clients, research, etc. I’d be lost without it!


  • beat maker

    Nice. Thanks for sharing

  • Mel Pollock

    Haven’t yet gotten the hang of “Evernote” but I’m going to Costa Rica next week, and going to try and utilize it just as MK did.

  • capnlouie

    Nice and helpful

  • Amy

    Great tips!
    Sattui is one of my favorite wineries – I recognized it instantly!!
    Makes me want to go just so I can use EverNote for my trip!

  • adi johnson

    great tips. thanks for sharing with us

  • Victor Durbin

    so useful!!!

  • Jehml

    Mel Pollock:
    I haven’t quite got the hang of it either. I get how to plan a trip, or the wine folder or book or whatever.

    What I don’t get is how to use it for GTD and To Do lists. Haven’t got a clue how that works.

  • Troy Malone

    Nice idea…I love hearing about how others are using Evernote…

  • V. Ivanov

    Using Evernote more extensively for a trip is really a refreshing idea. I feel that my blogging custom influences the way I use Evernote: it’s more like a private blog, like a diary, for me. Making it more useful and more directed into the future is a good point; thank you, Marie!

  • fordspark701

    I really love everything that is paperless, So I always bring my flash drive in everywhere I go.

  • male ok

    I’ve been a Getting Things Done devotee for about 3 years, and a Palm user for about 10 years. Between the ubiquity of my Treo and the efficiency of GTD, I feel like I’m pretty well set.

    The only exception is that it would be nice to make use of the internet at any computer I’m at to quickly and easily make notes to myself. I understand Evernote does this. But I worry trying and using Evernote will just confuse and complicate the Palm / GTD system that’s been humming along well for me over the last few years.


  • wendy

    I used Evernote for my last trip– to an academic conference in Savannah. I collected in my Evernote desktop app (on my mac) all my travel confirmations (hotel and flight) and as I found places I wanted to see in Savannah (restaurants, sights etc.) I clip their website into Evernote. I also saved all the conference schedules and info in there as well.

    I also use Google Maps for traveling. I make a specific map for my trip someplace. I printed this and all it’s info (hotel, sights etc.) to pdf and also added it to Evernote.

    Now here’s the difference. I have an iPod Touch (not constant internet access like the iphone). So, before I left, I went through my trip info in Evernote on my Touch, and “starred” all the pertinent trip info– therefore saving it right to my Touch for easy access anywhere.

    A big plus of being a tourist someplace with an iphone/ipod touch and Evernote is that you don’t look like a tourist with a map! Yay!

  • davinci kalani crib

    Thanks..really appreciate the info..

  • Cemil

    Will need to give Evernote a trial run. The thing I like the most is the number of platform that it works on – is there some sort of ‘sync’ ability so that all your notes across different laptops, etc can be sync’d up?

  • Going Self-Employed

    I’m currently trying to go paperless as a self-employed writer and “do things on the web kid”, so this post is much appreciated. I tried Evernote some time ago, but it didn’t really work out for me at that moment. Seeing how you travel, Marie, is a big inspiration, so I’ll definitely give it another try! 🙂

  • Mr. Gunn

    I tried the PDF maps thing once and you have to make sure that you save the maps at a high enough resolution that you can read them without having to zoom in on the PDF all the time. Using few different zoom levels of the map helps, too.

  • David

    This is brilliant! I never thought of making PDFs of my Google maps, but why not?

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  • Lilia Smit

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  • Bob From Vigrx Plus

    I’m very happy with Evernote but I feel a bit insecure. I mean what if something happens to their hardware and we loss all of our documents? I feel a bit safer with google doc but It’s not as user friendly as Evernote.