Sooo Shiny: Evernote for the Palm Pre

Posted by on 12 Jun 2009

Posted by on 12 Jun 2009


Evernote for Palm® Pre™ is here. It’s the newest addition to our rapidly growing family of remember-everythingamajigs. Get it now from the Palm App Catalog. Visit our Palm Pre webpage for screenshots and additional information.

What does it do?

Evernote for Palm Pre lets you capture your experiences and inspirations instantly as they occur, and then find them whenever you want. It allows you to create text and snapshot notes on the go, edit existing text notes, and search through all of your memories, even those created on your desktop or the web. Evernote for Palm Pre also lets you open and view multiple notes at once, launching a new “card” for each.

Don’t forget to try our image recognition. Take a photo of something containing printed or handwritten text, send it into your Evernote account, give it a minute to process, then try searching for the text. This is great for whiteboards, business cards, wine labels, signs, scribbles, and more.


You can easily toggle between two view options. One gives you thumbnails along with some meta-information (title, date), while the other shows a wall of note thumbnails —perfect for quick browsing.

Now, where was I?

Evernote takes full advantage of the Palm Pre location awareness capabilities. Whenever you create a new text note, Evernote captures your location and associates that with your note. Later you can search for notes created within 5 miles of where you’re standing. So, say you’re visiting headquarter and want to find the notes your took on your Palm Pre the last time you were there. All you need to do is launch Evernote, tap the Search button, and tap Search Nearby. Voilà.

More to come

The Palm Pre is a brand new platform, so we’re just learning the ropes. You can look forward to more great features and functionality in the not-too-distant future.


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  • Espiox

    Pre? Before Android? Are you kidding me?

  • Matthew Yankelovich

    Wow! Looks great guys.

    I’m somewhat disappointed this sort of look and feel and functionality couldn’t be implemented for the first version of the blackberry client but I’m hoping an improved version is in the works.

    You guys are doing great work! Keep it up!

  • Roger Albert


    Evernote looks pretty cool. A couple questions:

    1) What does it’s desktop client look like, or what existing desktop apps does it sync with

    2) Can it import old PalmOS Memos into its notes, and also keep them categorized (as one of PalmOSs 15 cats) ?

    If so, I and a lot of PalmOS/Centro/Treo etc owners who find the new Pre Memo app too dumbed down, would be very interested.

    Would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Roger Albert

    Just searched your site some and figured out the desktop sync. Looks like one of two missing tools I need to migrate from palm Centro to palm Pre (assuming one could migrate palmOS memos into evernote notes.

    Does your Pre-implementation allow Palm’s Universal Search to search its contents, or would that have to be a separate search within your mobile client?

    Increasingly interested in this product

  • thesimplicity

    Didn’t the Pre come out like a week ago? And didn’t Android SDKs come out like… two years ago? Are you guys just not supporting Android or what?

  • trent

    Any idea when you’ll have a native Android app ready? I’ll be in the market for a new phone soon, and one of the dealbreakers right now is that there’s no Evernote app for Android.

  • ewonk

    “Pre? Before Android? Are you kidding me?”

    This is totally a bitter sweet announcement for me since I was under the impression that the evernote team has been working on an android app.

    Native version?

    We know what you’re wondering, and the answer is ‘Yes’. We do plan to release a native Android client, as well as native clients for other mobile platforms and devices. Mobile versions are a major part of our product roadmap, and the Android-optimized Evernote Mobile Web is a first step. Stay tuned. –

    I hope the evernote team surprises us android folks with an awesome app soon.

    Still, I love that you guys are expanding to other platforms. Keep up the good work!

  • Marc

    Just adding to the request line for an Android version. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Kevin Neely

    I just don’t understand Evernote’s strategy of targeting mobile devices with a small market share.
    Let’s look at the numbers for a second:

    Pre has been out almost a week. They sold 50k units on the opening weekend (and most stores were at that point sold out) and this is an unproven though sexy platform:

    In Q1 of 2009 alone, over 15 MILLION S60 powered smartphones were sold. (14.9 from Nokia, I’m guessing at least 100k from the other Mfgs)

    This one quarter equals the total number of iPhones out at that time. So why does Evernote ignore this huge userbase?

    Lack of a usable mobile client is what keeps me from subscribing to Evernote, even though I use the service daily.

    (also, Android has one million units sold in the US:

  • Richard

    I was just about to beg you guys for the Pre version, when to my pleasant surprise it was already there.

    (a former Windows Mobile user)

  • CanyonR

    It is really striking that out of the first 8 comments on an announcement of the Palm Client, 5 of them are asking about Android support. (6 of 9 if you count this comment)

    I’m sure that the Evernote team is working on a native client for Android but an update on the status would be great.


  • Padraic Ley

    It must be the Palm cool WebOS, a easy to develop platform.

  • Joe

    What’s most worthless about the Pre Evernote client is that it appears you cannot scroll side to side, so even that ‘Getting Started’ type note that is automatically in there, you can’t see most of it.

    And as for the fact that a Pre version is developed first, did it ever cross any of your minds that it probably doesn’t require all that much work to detract from other projects, since the main Evernote service is browser-based, just like all of the Pre’s applications?

  • portorikan

    Thank you! I just happened to check the Palm App Store and saw Evernote and almost flipped. Thank you for putting this out. The app could use a little work it’s real basic now, but it’s nice to see it there and I’m looking forward to the improvements.

    Thanks again.

    @portorikan on twitter.

  • brklynsurfer

    Android app please

  • Nikita M Filippov

    Hell no!
    Pre First than Android and still no symbian support!
    Love u and hate you…

    My e71 filled unloved

  • Brian

    WOW that’s great, the 10 people with Palm-Pre’s can use Evernote. I’ll be a paying customer when you finally release the an Android app, there are only 18+ Android phones to be released this year…

  • Chris Ridgeway

    Thanks!! I’ve been waiting for the Palm Pre for six months, and your new app is helping me get excited. It DOES fill huge hole… that Outlook memos/notes don’t sync with the cloud. I think I’m about to transition to Evernote as a major new thing.

    But on possible issues:
    * first time I loaded it up on the Pre it’s been great, but now my second time, the apps spins and spins but never fully loads my notes. Confirmed my Wi-Fi is working for other apps at the same time. Have tried re-starting with no success…
    * the side-to-side scroll is prolly a thing… I also almost ditched the app as soon as I couldn’t read the official welcome note… but other features (and potential fixes) will keep me in for now.

  • Ed Roberts

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that you rolled out a WebOS client. Evernote is the one app that I wanted above anything else. (Too bad I got laid off a month ago, so I can’t afford a Pre or the enhanced service plan right now.)

    None the less, I’m THRILLED that Evernote is one of the few apps in the catalog. WTG guys!

  • Android Lover

    Holy cow – took the wind right out of my sails. I thought I’d see an Android annoucement with this. It’s been out a LONG time and the Pre users haven’t even recharged their batteries yet.

    If you are not planning on writing one, could you please just remove the teaser from your website.

    Excellent software – I just REALLY want to use it on my lovely smartphone! 🙂

  • Peter Baker

    Long term user, first time poster…

    BOOOO. Pre? Really? Not being a hater on the pre but come on, no Android support?

    Please blog about your plans on Android. Either tell us to shut up and stick to /m or give us something to focus on besides burning effigies of the palm.

    PS Still love Evernote besides my rampant desire to have it on the G1…

  • Zexee

    Android please,,, waiting for so long,,,

  • roger

    yeah i thought Android will be included in this review! i do hope that you will come up with one soon. thanks for this guys…

  • Brian

    Since WebOS is supposed to be very easy to develop for, and because Evernote is exactly the sort of application that would appeal to Palm’s demographic, I can understand why the Pre got Evernote before Android. That being said…

    *smashes vases against wall, then eats tub of ice cream to feel better*

  • Edwinek

    So will you now tell us what you have against Symbian? Not sexy enough? This is getting silly.

  • palmcarsh

    This app is a huge improvement on the lame built-in Pre Memos, which even PalmOS Memos trumps. Thanks!

    I’d like to suggest an enhancement to add a reminder alarm for individual notes, so we can even do away with the Tasks app, also.

  • Stephan

    If I understand correctly, everybody could use the API published by the Evernote folks and build their own client app for Android, Symbian etc.

    So why do you guys don’t look for a savvy Android/Symmbian developer to build your customized app.

  • David

    This is great! What can you tell me about adding voice memos on the Pre. That would really complete this for me.


  • ST

    Yea, kind of miffed at the Pre before Android support. What gives?

  • Adam F-G

    Will an option be added to take a note with contact information in it and add it to the Pre’s contacts? I would love to be able to take a picture of a business card, submit it to Evernote, and have it show up in my contacts!

  • Les Edwards

    Am I missing something with this app? I can look at my notes, but I can’t search on them. The magnifying glass icon allows me to view recent notes or notes written near my gps location, but I can’t search on words or filter by tags. (Unless I’m just not seeing the commands). I can create new notes with tags, so I guess that’s something. But it appears this app is kind of useless.

  • Matt G

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Switching from the iPhone to a Pre this was the first thing I missed, and I expected it would take you longer.

    …but, it won’t let me log in; I just see the progress spinner forever after entering credentials. At least 3 of the recent reviews in the App catalog mention the same problem, and a couple say that’s what happens if you enter your credentials incorrectly, but I’m sure I’ve entered them correctly, at least 1 of the 5 times I’ve tried so far 😉

    Maybe something with funny characters in my password? Not that I’m going to put my password here, but it includes letters, numbers, and symbols. It works for my wife though.

  • John Ghormley

    I don’t understand the crying about an Android client. Linux has been there since before Evernote and still there is no Linux client. But there is a Mac client. I find that interesting since the Mac OS is basically BSD unix dressed in a formal gown.

  • thesimplicity

    @John Ghormley: If you’re running Linux, chances are you’re using WINE or dualbooting, and you at least have full access to the web interface. Mobile devices are another story completely. I love Evernote, but it is a pain in the ass to get my mobile photos and other notes on there from the G1, and the mobile interface is barely functional.

  • Ant Bar


    Good work guys, keep going and thank you.

  • S2s

    > Evernote takes full advantage of the Palm Pre location awareness capabilities…

    You’re kidding, right? That is SO RAD!

  • Mike

    THANKS for the program for the Pre. Can I make one request – offline access to notes. That would make it perfect!

  • linksjam942


  • David Levin

    You guys ROCK! I have been using your Windows version for quite a while and I am looking forward to using it on my brand new shiny Pre. Got it yesterday, downloaded and installed today. I expect whatever doesn’t work in this intitial release will soon work.

  • Dave |

    I like my Pre, I like Evernote, what else can I wish for today?

  • mark p

    Application with pre downloads fine, but will not load evernote. i can log in and the spinnner goes for 15 minutes and nothing happens….anyone else

  • salmonmoose

    @thesimplicity I’m a Android and Linux user, and no, I’m not dualbooting or running WINE on my production machine.

    Please, Android and Linux (Hopefully CLI based) support.

    Dropbox managed.

  • Max

    Yea, an android client would be great. I’m totally confused on why there’s a Pre app, but no android client. As someone else stated earlier, the SDK has been out FOREVER.

    We’ll probably never get a real explanation into why these decisions are made. I will say its keeping me from getting a pro account.

    Anyway, congrats on the release, but please stop neglecting us linux folks. We’re users too.

  • Saltwater Aquarium Supplies

    Oh shoot! I really hope the Palm Pre gives the iPhone a run for its money. Keep on rocking great Palm Pre apps!

  • Mark R

    Thanks. This is a well-executed, must-have productivity app for the Pre, Looking forward to you adding the ability to email a note.

  • pepoluan

    Please read Kevin Neely’s comment above.

    Why do you focus on the MINUSCULE market and ignore us MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Symbian users?

    I don’t get it… Symbian SIGNIFICANTLY outnumbers iPhone+BB+Pre+Android COMBINED… and yet the world’s biggest smartphone userbase gets the cold shoulder…

    Who’s your venture capitalist, Evernote? Does he/she know that you’re neglecting a HUGE market?

  • Vamsee

    Come on. Whatever happened to an Android app? This is ridiculous.

  • sbank

    Lots of android comments. But what about for us Blackberry users?

    Yeah, I guess we have a release for the BB. But c’mon, do people even use that? It is really nothing more than a launcher to the website.

    I would love to actually use Evernote on the Blackberry. (Keyword is use.)

  • Christian Wilsson

    Android App +1 🙂

  • Marcus

    Yet another request for Android release…

  • Skippy

    Lots of good comments here but what nobody’s talking about is the Android client — when is THAT going to come out?

  • Joe Esposito

    Some thoughts on the Pre App.

    During my initial login, I had to disable WIFI to successfully login. Thoughts?

    Also, Decrypting blobs in a note is needed! I don’t think you have a bug system, so here’s my public comment 🙂

    Finally, does the pre version support SSL for us premium users?

  • vega

    Android gets hosed again, 🙁

  • hertzi

    Great, great, great.

    Love Evernote so much and now when I will be able to by my GSM Pre I will have one of the most important software from start.

    Thank you soooo much.

  • Jarek James

    Yeah i’m gonna have to agree with most of the commenters where is our android app?

  • Small Business Help

    I’ve been really interested in building an app for these things. I heard the guy who created the fart app is banking hard.

  • David

    I was hoping for an app for Palm OS. Yes, I know it is old and outdated, but there are a lot of Treo’s and Centro’s out there (millions) and the mobile web version is limited in it’s functionality.



  • Barron

    Looking forward to an Evernote app for Android as well… I have to think there was some kind of incentive, financial or otherwise, coming from Palm. Something like the Pandora dealie?

  • Volker

    Looking forward to an native app for ANDROID too, and I pay for it, if it is necessary. The browsersolution is not a solution…

    At this moment a Android-App is available, I will register the Premium-Account in the same moment.

  • Benregn

    I will subscribe to the premium service when you’ll get the Android app out 😀

  • Matt

    +1 for android… I too would be paying if android was supported

  • KLee

    Although this seems to be the bug list, it doesn’t seem like there has been any corporate response. Still, I wanted to comment that, when using Evernote on my brand new Pre, if I leave the program open for too long, clicking on a note opens the note but then I get an error – essentially I have no more access to my notes and I can’t add any either. I have to either logout and log back in, or I have to close and restart the program. Does anyone know what is happening and how I can fix this?


  • Snataas

    Android app. Please, come on guys.

  • Ian Wright


  • Alejandro

    Android please!

  • Jesper

    Android… we need an android app. How hard can it be?

  • Dave

    Does the app for the Palm Pre sync and store your notes on the Pre? If not, what happens if you need to access your notes and you don’t have a signal (some buildings, basements, and airplanes)?

    It would be great if the Evernote notes were sync’d to the Pre, just like on the computer.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dave Currently, notes are not stored locally on the Pre. You do need a web connection in order to search your notes.

  • Paul

    I need this for Palm Treo 650. There are millions of gsm and cdma Palm Treos, and a few Sprint palm pres.

  • tlecroix

    This app is working pretty good for me once I figured out that to sort my notes simply involved typing text. I kept looking for a search field, nope, just start typing.

    First thing I want is a text only view. Also the ability to sort notes by notebook.

    Will lock up on next use if I did not log out. Looking forward to updates.

    Thanks for supporting the pre.

  • c3p0

    I agree about the sync thing. The app is fairly useless, because if you have no signal, then you have no app.

    Also I keep getting these notices at random, when the app is not even launched: “Evernote is in online mode.” So, what, this app is constantly running and tugging on the battery? And all the while it’s not even connecting? Funny I should get that notice, as I’ve had EVDO connection for the last 24 hours.

    Easy solution: sync it to local storage, or at least have the option. Problem solved. Then it can connect at leisure to the Evernote server and I don’t have to see random notices about it.

  • KC

    ETA on new version of evernote for the palm pre?


  • Craig Martindale

    Sorry, but the app is worthless if I cannot decrypt information and look at it on my phone. If you haven’t fixed this in the last 6 months, it obviously isn’t a priority to you regarding Web OS users. Do you have any recommendations for other apps that include some encryption, password, etc? Even for a fee? Thanks.

  • Rob Cooper

    For those that keep getting the “Error: undefined” at login (I was getting this) – you need to change your password to a WEAK password.

    I obviously have a strong password because I am security concious. Turns out Evernote on the Pre doesn’t seem to like security concious people.

    (You can’t blame the Pre, I have plenty of other apps accepting strong passwords).