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Posted by Ron Toledo on 23 Jun 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 23 Jun 2009

IMG_3319 Name: Erin Doland
Location: Washington, D.C.
Profession: Editor-in-Chief of
contributor to Real Simple and,
author of upcoming book on organizational strategies Unclutter Your Life in One Week

Twitter: @UncluttererTips

Where do you use Evernote?

I use Evernote most often on my iPhone, and also to access the notes that I have captured on the go on my desktop computer at home. I travel a lot and have found that searching through my Evernote notes on the iPhone is far faster than doing multiple Google searches. I try to leave the house with only a small purse, and being able to capture images and notes on my iPhone allows me to travel without a notebook, pen or additional camera.

Which features have you found most useful?

Definitely the image search functionality —I often take pictures of things that I see that I think might make for a good article. When I get home, I can sort through all of these images, grab additional ideas from the Web with the clipper and get inspired to write.

Your Evernote story

I came across Evernote two years ago, but really started using it consistently after downloading the iPhone app last summer. I use the application mostly for my blog, capturing ideas, pictures and notes that form the basis of my posts, but I have also found it very useful when performing research for my forthcoming book, Unclutter Your Life in One Week.

While writing my book, I frequently used Evernote’s Web Clipper to capture information from the Web, ensuring that it would be easy to find in the future and that I would be able to access it from anywhere.

My husband is also an Evernote addict —he is currently using the iPhone application to create a list of all of his favorite words. Recent entries include: burgled, pancakes, irascible, sturgeon and pontoon.

What was your last note in Evernote?

My last note was a newspaper article that I clipped about a guy in Maine who had so much clutter in his yard that the city had to come in and clean it up. My husband’s last note is the word ‘pants‘.


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  • Zac

    Is your husband new to the language or just an enthusiastic wordsmith?

  • House Hunting

    I am house hunting, and as I drive or walk around I use the Evernote snapshot feature to take a picture of the “For Sale” sign for any house I am interested in. When I get back home, I refer to that to do additional research on the property. I don’t have to stop and jot down the real estate company name, phone # or agent’s name. It’s all there in the picture. Evernote is a great tool.

  • deals

    i like the picture

  • DominicT

    Never knew there were so many facet to a blog

  • aparmley

    LMAO – The husbands last note “pants” is classic! I really like these feature blog posts – More!

  • rogera

    jftr, the link after ‘editor in chief’ should not lead to (missing ‘er’).

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @rogera Thanks for catching that.

  • Heather

    I use Evernote to capture all those things I need to do, remember, and read later. I love it and have it on my computers and my iPod Touch and Blackberry. It is one of the best GTD tools ever!

  • Josh Smith

    You published all of the comments to this via RSS. It’s cluttering up my feed reader. :[

  • Jason

    Zac – you made me laugh out loud in the office…

  • Edith Frost

    Yeah, please fix the RSS feed… I thought I’d subscribed to the comments feed instead of the regular one.

  • Ladyurbain

    I am falling in love with Evernote more and more. One oft top 5 iPhone apps.

  • ScottRouse3

    Yeah. They’re showing up in mine too. Woops.

  • Larry

    Come on, Evernote. Your RSS feed has been broken for several days now. I don’t want to subscribe to what your customers say…I want to hear what you have to say.

  • NarrEver

    PLEASE – get comments out of the RSS feed.

    My first thought is to unsubscribe completely, as you already have too many postings.

    None of this improves your market position, though Evernote is becoming a very nice tool. In case you were wondering by trying these things….

    Thank you.

  • Jamie

    Ditto Josh, Edith, and Scott. Please fix!

  • Jenny

    Love these feature stories and I adore Real Simple magazine so this was an especially great post in my eyes!

    Atlanta Movers Review

  • paul

    I enjoy using evernote to keep tabs on all the things I need to do

  • joint pains

    falling in love with Evernote more and more…

  • Lawrence

    Last year I posted about a renaissable for bibliographies, that online they are much more relevant and interesting.

    These would not simply be a list of publications but a collection of bits of info, links, media, emotions, tweets, etc… that an author has used and thought about when researching and writing a piece.

    I finish my post asking what kind of software or gadget would allow authors to ‘capture their inspiration’.

    I haven’t tried Evernote yet but I’m sure that it can be used for this.

    However, can it output a collection of things in a format (HTML, Flash, whatever) that can be published online?

  • detwope

    I enjoy using evernote to keep tabs on all the things I need to do