iPhone 3.0, sync, and lots more

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 30 Jun 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 30 Jun 2009

Podcast MP3 | iTunes | Audio feed | Length: 40mins

Podcast #7 topics

  • Evernote for iPhone 3.0 [blog post]
  • How we decide which devices and platforms get Evernote
  • Focus on a feature: Synchronization
  • “My one Evernote wish”
  • The Evernote “Seven Ate Nine” Party [RSVP]
  • Twitter questions: Using tags, Evernote for the enterprise, better iPhone editing
  • Use cases

Stuff we mentioned

Call me!

We’ve set up a voicemail box just for you. Call us and tell us how you use Evernote –don’t forget to tell us your name and where you’re from.  We’ll choose the best ones and play them in our podcast. Call +1 (347) 497-3572 and leave a message.

Any questions?

Have a question you’d like us to cover in a future podcast? Leave it in the comments section or send a tweet with the hashtag ‘#EvernotePodcast‘.


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  • English

    When will you have an app for T-Mobile G1/G23 phones?

  • Brandon

    I think the camera picker got slower in 3.0 (not just your app – but everyone’s apps) on the 3G.

    Are you guys seeing the same thing?

  • Roger

    Web Clipper Add-On is not compatible with Firefox 3.5. Evernote for Windows

  • Dave Engberg

    Roger –
    It works fine for me. Try uninstalling and making sure you have the latest version:

  • CanyonR

    Thank you for the update on Android development and the insight to your decision making process. I hope that the android release you are talking about is the MyTouch 3G which is rumored to be on Aug 5th. I understand that you aren’t going to confirm this but for all the android hopeful, this might be a date to look for.


    Also if you need testers for alpha or beta versions of the android client Please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to file bug reports.

    Also I have been using the 3.5 alpha for windows and I LOVE it. It has been rock solid and I’m looking forward to the next (maybe Beta) release.


    Canyon R

  • alex

    wow – 40 mins podcast! the content looks interesting and makes me wanna tune in, but I’d prefer something like a 5 minute version

  • dmont

    I think the podcast got posted incorrectly or something. All the other ones have shown downloaded via the Zune software for me but this one didn’t.

    If you go to blog.evernote.com/feed/ you’ll notice that all the other podcast posts have an mp3 file attached and the latest one doesn’t. Can someone fix this? I doubt it’s working on ITunes either.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @dmont Thanks for alerting us. We’re looking into the issue.

  • Robert

    When will the podcast appear in iTunes?

  • pope22

    This must be getting old for you guys, but what is the current status of the Android evernote app? When my blackberry finally died a couple of weeks ago, there was quite a bit of reading that went into choosing my new smartphone. In the end I went with the HTC Dream, and I truly love it. However one of, though not the primary, reasons Android won out was the affirmation of a native app in the works. I can live without it, but please let us Android users know if we need to move on and find another organizational tool as opposed for waiting for something that may not come to fruition. Thanks 🙂

  • Los Angeles injury lawyers

    when you release the same for sony ericsson phones?

  • universe93

    Thank you so much for bringing up possible editing on the iphone app! As an IPod Touch user I think it’s really great that you’re seriously looking at more editing capabilities and the idea of having all your notes stored locally as us IPod Touch users can’t always rely on constant internet access. As a writer I’d love to be able to edit my writing and other notes in Evernote via the app, which is where I most frequently access Evernote, and it’s great to know ahat you guys have in store for future versions of the app. Thanks! 😀

  • Emo

    Could you make it possible to have multiple emails as return address’s? When I send a note about work I would like it to be from my work email but when I send a note to my hubby I would like it to be from home.

    How about working with Things, if Evernote and Things would play together it would make my day!

  • Mike

    You mention soooo many platforms, but you left out Linux. When will you do Linux — in open source? You can say you have native clients on all platforms with that OS.

  • MyklK

    Ok, two vocabulary words in the podcast

    If you need to have publicity around a client launch… The ire of all us Android users isn’t enough publicity in itself??

    I sure hope the client will be backwards compatible for my G1 (with Cupcake).

    Waiting patiently….
    (If I could get paid to help you and I had the time, and I could brush off my Java skills (I do C#, 2nd cousin twice removed…), and I was a more talented coder – I’d love to work with you guys!! :p )

  • Jeff

    When do you guys plan to release a version for Evernote for Symbian OS?

  • Dana

    I have another use case you can share with listeners: organizing professional information.

    I am a dentist and get about 10 journals/magazines monthly in my profession. Corralling this info is daunting after a few months stack up. So, what I do is rip out the pages of articles that I do want to read, and keep them in a 13-section accordion file. As I am reading the articles I am constantly running across information that I want to save. That’s where Evernote comes in. If there is a fact about Orthodontics that I like and want to take with me, I’ll put it into Evernote and tag it “Orthodontics”. After many months, I may want to search for an item, which works well, or simply peruse all of my Orthodontics notes.

    If I see an article that is a keeper, I’ll find the online version and send the whole article into Evernote, tagging it with the appropriate sub-topic in my profession. (I handle my Bon Appetit subscription this way, too)

    I used to use a homemade, complicated setup in Microsoft Access for this, but found Evernote much easier to use. Thanks, guys, and keep up the good work!

    Dana McCall, DDS (male)

  • Rod Miller

    I use Evernote to document IT procedures and I capture a lot of screenhots with the clipping panel. I make notes above many of the clips and consider my manual notes more important than the OCR content of the screenshots. Is there a way to perform a search whereby I can choose to omit text in my notes that originated from an OCR of the images. I guess another way to put it would be that sometimes I would like to search for only the text that I have typed instead of text that was produced through OCR.



  • AlanB

    On the mac desktop client, the way to create a new note is odd. You hit apple-n and a new note appears, you type, but nothing shows up until you hit enter, and then it appears as the title, and then you have to double click on it to open it. The workflow there seems a bit odd, and outside of the image saving speed for the iPhone podcast, that’s my biggest pet peeve about EN, which is otherwise awesome.

  • Don

    Is there an updated Evernote panel for Xperia?

  • VLSI Training Institute

    This very good so all VLSI Journals we keep in institute can be online kept for easy archiving and access.

  • Greg

    One more vote for the Symbian question. I miss Evernote on Symbian and you’d get a huge number of downloads because of the seer number of Symbian users.


  • andy

    you mentioned not being able to password protect a notebook or entire note. And you also mentioned people using evernote for work and personal. How about being able to password protect the app in general on my PC? I don’t want someone to sit down at my desk and decide to open and see what is in my external brain (whether confidential, or not). I.E., i’m looking at other jobs and what i need to start doing to prepare myself to change jobs. I really don’t want my current boss (who uses evernote and could easily navigate my notes) to to snoop around and see that that is currently what is on my mind.
    to top it off, it would be great if this was a local option. That way i could password protect my evernote on my desktop at work, but i wouldn’t have that extra hassle on my PC at home.

    • John

      I would find the ability to password protect a notebook VERY useful! Is there anyone who is trying to develop this feature?

      • Ashleigh

        I would as well, especially as I use it on my phone! (I actually found this page while searching for a way to do so)

  • Dave Engberg

    andy –

    The data on your hard drive can be read by anyone who accesses your computer, so if you’re worried about someone getting access to your PC, we recommend that you enable screen locking, and possibly implement File System Encryption through the operating system or a third-party solution like True Crypt.

    This provides protection for all of your data, including emails, Office documents, web passwords, etc. This is a more comprehensive solution than trying to push separate local password+encryption implementations into every application you use on your PC.

  • andy

    would i just encrypt the local evernote files (in my application data folder) to prevent access? The issue being that it’s my work computer, and i can’t encrypt the whole PC If my boss wants to get on and use my computer, she needs to be able to. I just don’t want her (or anyone else for that matter) to jump on and use my evernote.

  • rtadlock

    Any chance you guys will be supporting a bluetooth keyboard within your app for the iPhone? I know that it’s possible with 3.0, but I believe it’s on an app by app basis (which is weak). Anyway, it would be really cool to use an external keyboard to takes notes.

    Thanks for the sweet app.

    – Rob

  • Bags Girl

    I am student but i am also working and have many tasks and duty to do and also have some people works for me.

    I used to have an my own smf forum board as task and information management system.

    Then i have found evernote, and i now i use it.

  • dpeach

    This one was much better with real information, but it still could have been only half as long without loosing content. Thanks for trying. I am encouraged to give #8 a listen.

    It was mentioned that it was easier to use the built in camera app on the iPhone for pictures and then transfer them to EN (because it is faster). I have always done this since when taking a picture in the EN app it does not show up in my normal picture folder for the phone. I have not tried it in a while, so you may have fixed that. Essentially any picture I took with the EN app became dead to me as a picture from my phone. I would have to fire up EN and find the note to use the picture. If I took the picture with my phone to begin with it was probably because I wanted the picture there. I found that I must use the iPhone camera app for that.

    Thanks for your product. The podcast is helpful to learn about features that I did not know existed before. But I could use a lot less banter and more info. I don’t care that you guys are friends and enjoy each other’s company. While it is great that you are, I am coming to the podcast for hard information, not an entertaining show.

    Thanks guys.

  • Michael Freeman

    I have created a simple WRT app for Evernote for 5th Edition devices. The performance is only OK since the WRT does not yet support jQuery UI very well.


    The WRT is fairly limited in its API to allow much more functionality.

    I could not follow the Evernote API too well, but it seemed that I would need to pub Java classes on the Symbian side and I only have access to JS, DOM, CSS, HTML using WRT. At least it is something…

    Please let me know how it works on 3rd edition devices. My guess is that it will not work because I am using Platform Services 2.0 Beta. Nevertheless, add a comment to my blog post for the app.

  • Luiz

    The feature of protecting individual notes or whole note books would be great. Not only for what Andy described as securing access in shared computers, but also on iPhone. I want to keep all my passwords in Evernote because it is the only app with both PC and Mac desktop versions for free, plus it is a great interface. But I need to be able to lock it in my phone and everywhere else. The master login of course helps, but it is a hassle for most notes. All I want to lock is my password book and not all of them.

  • Yash

    How can I add extra level of security (password) when I open evernote on my iPhone?

  • Loretta

    Please develop a password protection feature for Evernote! I just converted all my One Note info to Evernote on my Mac and now I see there is no security. Stupid me for not checking in to that first but I just assumed this product would come with that.

  • Thierry

    I saw a number of comments regarding passwords, and I agree, it should be possible to add a password to some notebooks, to the entire application if the user decides so, to the iPad or iphone version (I do not have my ipad password protected)… so my recommendation is the same as Loretta’s, please develop a password protection feature

  • JohnDrake

    Evernote is a wonderful application, but we need to be able to password-protect our Evernote notebooks for privacy!


  • Chong

    In for notebook password protection. For example, we need password to open the notebook named “personal” or “diary”.

  • ?

    How can I sync my evernote album in my Iphone to my computer? So I can have the same notes i both my computer and Iphone.

  • Mike C

    Totally agree that Evernote would be smart to have a password option on files and notebooks. Recall in MS Word where when you save document (Save As), there is a security option you can pick that requires password to change file, or password to open file. Something similar would be great and make Evernote a much more valuable program to me. Saying to lock your whole computer with the operating system is really not much help to most users, as many of us have family or group computers which may be logged in for constant use, etc.


  • Water Dog

    I installed Evernote on my iPhone specifically because I thought I could restrict access to my notes on my phone. It looks cool, but I have to get a different app.

  • more

    +1 for password protection

  • Daniel Stewart

    would love to see you implement a tag/hashtag feature where any hashtags in the body of the note could be turned automatically into tags. Tagging while writing becomes a snap then.. also, this feature is avail in other programs i use.. thoughts?