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Posted by on 29 Jul 2009

Posted by on 29 Jul 2009


If you took a map of the world and threw a dart at it, you would likely hit an area with an Evernote community. We’re thrilled to see just how widespread Evernote use has become over the past year, and we know that we’re only scratching the surface.

Starting today, we embark on an ambitious plan to make Evernote accessible to more people in more places. Say bonjour to the Evernote Translation Program.


Evernote is currently available in two languages: English and Russian. By year’s end, we plan on having Evernote versions in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. For a company of our size this is a tremendous task, so we need your help.

How you can help

It’s easy. We have deployed a simple web-based tool that allows you to translate as much, or as little, of Evernote as you like. Want to translate a single line of text? Great. Want to translate the entire Evernote for Mac client? Go for it. The tool will let you do all of this, and also edit existing translations. There’s no commitment and no minimum. We appreciate any help that you provide.

Why did we choose community translation?

Our goal is to make Evernote accessible to as many people as possible. We chose the four languages above as a start (and a test). If this process proves successful, more languages will follow. Ultimately, using this translation method allows us to focus our very limited resources on the most important task of all: making Evernote better.

We’ll do our part

Community translation is just one step in the process of launching Evernote in different countries. While you help us translate, our researchers and engineers will be busy making our image recognition and other technologies ready for their international debut.

Get started

To get started, visit the Evernote Translation Program home »

Danke schoen!


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  • Mattias Thurfjell

    Great initiative!

    Add Swedish, please.

  • Ricardo Yasuda

    This is great news! Let me know when you need assistance with Brazilian Portuguese.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ricardo and @Mattias We’re starting with the languages above. If all goes well, we’ll expand to more in the future. Thanks so much for you willingness to help!

  • Ragnar

    awesome, i’ll start doing the german parts right away!

  • JLibbey

    Are you familiar with the saying “pay peanuts, get monkeys”?

    Why should your company make money off the work of translators who you refuse to pay?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @JLibbey This is an experiment for us. Our goal is to make Evernote available to as many people as possible. The community translation method is the only way that we are able to achieve this goal given our limited resources.

  • Gui Ambros

    Lovely crowd-sourcing initiative. Count one more here eager to help with brazilian portuguese if you need it in the future.

    cheers from a heavy & Evernote user:)

  • Jill

    Facebook tried it too (using the community to translate the interface) and now I hear a lot of users complain about the terrible translation. You may just be shooting yourself in the foot, but good luck to you.

  • mehori

    I know that localization is hard work, but why isn’t there a Japanese/Chinese project?

    I speak both Japanese and English, and have a fairly large following on Twitter that I can discuss the appropriate translation with, so if there’s going to be a Japanese Evernote, drop me a note.

  • HuangTianShu

    Chinese please!!

    if you have plan, i’ll try my best.

  • notlolo

    Add french please.

  • fducros

    Great 🙂 Congrats for this effort.

  • Dmitry Stavisky

    @notlolo French is already part of the program
    @mehori and @HuangTianShu We are starting this program with a small number of languages. If all goes well, we’ll expand it to more languages. Thanks for your offer, we will definitely keep you in mind.

  • Mick

    Here’s another vote for Japanese project! Let us work on it!

  • pp

    Great move! I can’t wait to have the Chinese version.

  • MB

    I would also really like to see Chinese supported.

  • Petra

    Swedish please 🙂

  • pakopako

    Let me know when you need assistance with Dutch.

  • WDB

    Go for Dutch also, please

  • Jen Smith

    Wow, this is great. I speak native Filipino and English. Let me know when you need any assistance on this.

  • Lawrence

    Greate initiative! If you want to add Polish language i will be glad 😉

  • tratamiento hemorroides

    Cool. I hope the spanish translation will be ready soon! 🙂
    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Bill

    Need support Chinese.

  • patrick

    Nice idea, let the community speak up!
    Love to participate, but not untill you guys are gonna make an dutch version of EN available.

  • Dudido

    Why don’t you throw in free licenses or subscriptions for translators? No cost for you, and sounds only fair to reward people.

  • Nippr

    Great – I think crowdsourcing translation is a compromise. But it’s a step in the right direction, so count me in on helping with the Danish translation. Am a former copywriter and have done this for Campaign Monitor also.

    Keep up the great work.

    – Niels, Copenhagen

  • gqganstah

    This is great news! Please shoot me an email if you need assistance with Chinese

  • João Carvalho

    Please support Portuguese language. If you use the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990 you can satisfy both Brazilians, Portugueses and every other portuguese speaking countries. Thanks a lot.

  • erik

    Great news.
    When will the French version be available ?

  • Akira

    one more vote for Japanese. it could be difficult for you to localize evernote for double byte codes in terms of handwriting recognition, but it still works greatly.

  • Beerend

    Isn’t an idea to “check” translations by way of peer-reviews?

  • Carlos

    Hola por favor en español sera maravilloso

  • Blogsmdmm

    About Spanish be careful with so different Language in Spain and in America

  • Matthieu

    If you start with Dutch, I will be glad to help.

  • Jorix

    I can help with Dutch (nl-be) if you want.

  • fishMD

    I can translate to Ukrainian

  • Lee

    Simplified Chinese, thanks!

  • S Miranda

    It seems only fair and logic to add some incentive to users who give valuable contribution in translation. It serves as reward and as incentive.

    You may need someone to oversee the quality of the contributions.

    I’m not trying to get a free premium license for me (although it would seem reasonable to me if you gave out some..) because sadly Portuguese is not a part of your chosen languages despite being the sixth most spoken language on the world (see Wikipedia)
    In the future, I might be available to help in creating a European Portuguese translation.
    (sorry João Carvalho,mixing Brazilian and European Portuguese is just a complete mess! and technicality you’ll always have two separate languages in the interface)

  • Boobie

    I have been using Evernote for sometime now and it has been making my life a lot brighter and feeling my brain expanding. As English/Japanese speaker, it would be greater if I could scan all those notes and name cards in Japanese that I need to keep on my hands within my Evernote client and have all of them searchable!

    I know there will be more complexity involved in double-byte character recognitions but that is the only a thing missing. They can be privilege for premium account and I am sure those Evernote users who need them would be happy to pay for it.

    Please consider. Thx

  • FroguetteMiNote

    As a professional translator, i can confirm this is absolutley the worst solution for software localization. You will end up with an unprofessional, unconsistent, unsatisfying product and hamper your international development (the contrary of what you were trying to do). Examples of this abund.

    If you do lack funds, why not launch a call for tenders and offer a lifelong free Evernote premium account in exchange for the job? For a minimal cost (bandwith and storage for one person per language), you can then select professional translators based on their resume and native language. Also, chances are the job will be well done since only the people really interested in the software will apply, instead of greedy agencies who want your money…

    (BTW : one should alway translate towards their native language… Keep this in mind when supervising translations.)


  • Joki

    Add Swedish please!

  • Aru

    Perhaps I could help with brazilian portuguese too. Would I earn a premium license?

  • Trance

    I seen Facebook tried it too (using the community to translate the interface) and now I hear a lot of users complain about the terrible translation. You may just be shooting yourself in the foot, but good luck to you.

  • Grzegorz

    I notice that polish translation for Windows Evernote client is mark as ‘Waiting for release’. Does it mean that all necessary translation are done? If so, why didn’t You release it yet? And how long dose it take to release language pack after it get status ‘Waiting for release’?

    For now I’m using my privet translation of all menu, dialogs and strings. If You need help, QA or anything else with polish translation, just let me know.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That means that the next release should include support for that language. Polish is currently available.

  • Arcady Khotin

    Would it not be great to have an ability to translate one’s (selected) records into different
    language? I am Russian living and doing business in Finland and am struggling with Finnish documents I am sent to my business all the time. I tried to scan it into Evernote with Doxie – works perfect, all I need now either to have it translated _inside_Evernote or get access to API and call external translator.
    I think I am not alone in this world who may need it…

  • Culbert

    I’m very pleased with the articles on your blog. I receive numerous ideas that helped me to.