August is Evernote’s “Summer to Unclutter” Month

Posted by Ron Toledo on 05 Aug 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 05 Aug 2009


Have you ever felt like the guy in that picture? Well, then this month is for you.

Dealing with life’s clutter, physical and digital, poses a huge challenge for many of us. Even more difficult is finding a way to get organized and, most importantly, stay that way. Evernote is here to help. All month we will focus on tips, systems, and methodologies meant to cut life’s clutter.

To help you embrace the organizer within, we’ve enlisted a number of experts in the organization community to provide some priceless guidance. Look for guest posts throughout the month filled with great ways to use Evernote to maximize your organizational potential. We’re also planning an exciting, and somewhat unexpected, giveaway. Stay tuned.

Great partners. Great ideas.

Over the past year, we’ve partnered with some great companies that make decluttering your life a breeze. Here’s a look back.

  • Eye-Fi cards: Keep your digital photos organized with Eye-Fi and Evernote. Put an Eye-Fi Card into your camera, go through a quick setup process, and any photo you take will be wirelessly sent into your Evernote account. No cables. No docks. Just magic.
  • Shoeboxed: Shoeboxed is a service that will scan all your business cards and receipts. Stuff all that paper into an envelope, mail it to Shoeboxed and then easily import it all into your Evernote account.
  • Fujitsu Scansnap scanners: After a quick setup, a single button push sends your business cards, receipts, documents and anything else directly into Evernote. Great for getting rid of that paper clutter.
  • Pixily: Collect all your papers and place them into a pre-paid Pixily envelope. Once they get your documents, Pixily scans everything into your personal online account. From there, simply click on the “Send to Evernote” button and the scans shoot over to the notebook of your choice.

How does Evernote help you organize your world? Share a suggestion in the comments section below and stay tuned for lots of great content this month.


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  • Andrew

    Sounds exciting! I’m looking forward to the guest posts and giveaway (and I really need to get myself a ScanSnap . . .)

  • Karen M

    Looking forward to seeing these posts. I am getting my documents ready.

    I have a premium account but I have been unable to figure out who to encrypt documents other than selecting a section of a note.

    Are there any other document types where you can do this? I was thinking of scanning some financial documents but I want to be able to encrypt them somehow.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks – love the product!

  • Jude

    You may want to reach out to the Fujitsu folks as they don’t have a reliable driver for the S300 scanner. Although I still love it!

  • Jude

    …for Windows 7.

  • Mike

    We use HP multifunction printers, which can print/fax/scan/copy/etc. One of the features of the device is to “scan and email”: it will scan a document and email it to wherever.

    I set up a filter in my mail client to look for anything with a special subject from the MFP. These get forwarded automatically to my Evernote email address. (I could type in my Evernote email address to the MFP and have the device send directly to Evernote. However, my email address is too convoluted to remember easily.)

    The result is that I can scan from my office MFP directly to Evernote in an easy-to-remember fashion. Awesome!

  • Fran

    I´d love to see how Evernote gets completely integrated with the GTD philisophy. As I use Thigs, i´d love them both to colalborate in some way. Would it be possible?

    thanks for everything and greetings from the bottom of the clutter.

  • CentralAla

    re Karen,

    The easiest way that I have discovered to encrypt scanned documents for EN is to take the PDF’s generated from scanning & then zipping them using Winzip’s encryption option. That encypted file can then be added to EN with the premium account. In addition, most of the software packages that generate PDF’s also offer an encryption option in the options.

  • Jordon

    From what I noticed it is still winter here in New Zealand, hehe but yeah I am looking forward to seeing the posts mate, keep us updated.

  • Mike Burrows

    Updates for iPhone, versions for Pre but still no Android version???????