Evernote for Mac Update: Better Text Handling

Posted by on 18 Aug 2009

Posted by on 18 Aug 2009

We’re just going to come out and say it: Evernote for Mac has had a history of doing funky stuff when you created text notes. There were issues with text sizes, font switching, double spacing, and a host of other small annoyances.

That’s now mostly in the past. Our latest release (version 1.4.8) fixes a number of these nagging issues.

Here’s a rundown of the text handling improvements:

  • Pasted plain text will match the style of the note and properly preserve spacing.
  • Hitting enter on a double-spaced line converts it to a single-spaced line.
  • Undo continues to function after a note is saved.
  • Plain text copies of a note now preserve lists and to-do checkboxes.
  • Pasting HTML from a web browser preserves newlines from text inside <pre> blocks.
  • Copying and pasting a list item within a note preserves list indenting.
  • Pasted rich-text font sizes are preserved when saving and syncing.
  • Cutting and pasting a line of text within a note properly preserves line endings.
  • Pasting multi-line text from an HTML <textarea> in Safari preserves newlines.
  • Improved handling of newlines when pasting rich-text.

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This is all part of our ongoing effort to make sure you have a great experience when using Evernote.


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  • Colin

    Any chance in the future of updating evernote for mac to be able to rotate pictures/scans within evernote?
    That would be stellar feature. Thanks for all the text handling bug fixes. You guys are stellar

    • Ken


      • Rob Lewis

        Yes, I would really like to be able to rotate images!

  • Tom

    At last we can finally copy code snippets properly, thankyou!

  • Stephan

    Colin, that’s easy:

    In Evernote, right-click on the image, click “Open” and starts (you may choose other apps using “open with”). In Preview, you can – among other things – rotate your image, see Tools menu for details. Save the image (it has a cryptic filename, but you shouldn’t care) and close the window.

    The changes appear automatically in Evernote.

    • Quique

      Great tip!

  • DK

    Great, now if we could have a robust table maker that allows you to properly add/remove rows/columns after the initial table is created – we would have a winner.

  • Jake

    This is great!

    One feature I would love to see is either a rich text editor on the iphone or the ability to clear all formatting from a text note, like the web version. even better; mark a note as plain text instead of HTML and never worry about accidentally making it uneditable on your iphone.

    i’d also love to see either integration/sync with “stickies” or some ability to make evernote notes look like stickies; simple, streamlined, color coded.

    thanks so much for a great product!

    • Brian Inderwies

      Big fan of Evernote since discovering it in ’08… I’ve been premium since ’09. The iPhone app has become far more stable over time, which is great.

      Just want to add to @Jake above – I’ve migrated SOME of my data from Stickies, but not all; I really like the lightweight footprint and visibility they bring to my mac experience. It’s just a great paradigm for a tasklist or the aforementioned jot-down when speaking to the bossman or when a idea strikes.

      INTEGRATION with and Evernote could be SWEET – stickies would be backed up, a separate “Stickies” folder could be established in the Evernote db for them (from which items could be moved to/from to modify visible Stickies). It would allow yet another intuitive interface for adding and organizing data anytime, anywhere. Perhaps tags could be auto-added via sticky by using special parameters (e.g. {tags:red,green})

      Thanks for your hard work on this product. Please consider integration in your roadmap!

    • Kevin

      Integration w/ Stickies — YES PLEASE!!!!

  • phil

    Yay, thank you so much!

  • JT

    now for that brand new windows version and i will have lived

  • mark

    Okay – installed the update – but now I have a problem – I open evernote and then close the window (but obviously leave the program open) – but clicking on the dock icon will not bring back the evernote window…it changes the titlebar to read that I’m in Evernote, but the program window does not load…help!?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @mark If you close the main Evernote window, go to File > New Evernote Window. That will open up a new window.

  • Dave Jaworski

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Love it!!! A great product gets even better.


  • Ashish Bogawat

    Is it just me or is the ‘new improved Windows version’ of Evernote really joining the vaporware league?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ashish Definitely not vaporware. It’s on its way.

  • gam

    AAAAAAAAh, at last, the paste without formatting. GREAT!
    My only remaining problem with it is that it’s not the usual Mac OS X keyboard shortcut (opt-shift-cmd-V) but shift-cmd-V.

    Great udpate.


  • Henning

    Definitely an improvement over previous versions. This was the #1 issue for me, it bugged me so much, I was bitching about it at every opportunity.

    Now I see the font-resizing issue has been solved technically, for the most part, but some quirks still remain. And then there’s the User Interface: x-small, small, large etc. will not cut it.

    One of the biggest improvements I’m still hoping for is the support of line-height (leading) in copied text.

  • Shelly Brooks

    That’s quite a list of changes for the last Mac update, I told my Mac not to install it, but now that I see the list I will definitely update! Thanks!

  • Daniel

    @ mark:

    I have the same issue. If I close the window then try to re open it (as was the previous behavior), the window no longer re-opens.

  • Steve Bryson

    @mark & @daniel, I am having the same issue. The suggestion that @Andrew suggested works, but I would much rather click on the evernote icon sitting in the doc to open it. This needs to be fixed.

  • Peter Norman

    This is good news! I very much want to use Evernote for writing notes as well as capturing web clips etc. Up to now it’s text-handling has driven me mental. Thank-you for the improvements!

    Question about clicking the Evernote Dock icon issue described above by Steve Bryson, Mark & Daniel: For years I’ve wanted Finder to produce a new Finder window on clicking it’s Dock icon. This is similar to your request for Evernote. Is the requested functionality something that Evernote’s devs have to create or is it already part of Apple’s existing Dock code/functionality, only needing to be activated in Finder, Evernote etc?

    Thanks again!

  • ShenanDon

    I’m with DK. Really would like the table function to allow for insertion and deletion of columns and rows after the initial table creation.

    Also would be helpful for tables to display in the iPhone / touch version.

  • Zach Clark

    @Mark @Daniel I’m having the same issue, just wanted to say so. They need to resolve this, very irritating!

  • mhurwi

    @Peter– I think what the others mean by this bug, is that when you close the evernote window so none is open, then when you click the dock icon, a window should open. With the finder, this does happen– when no finder window is open, click the dock icon and a finder window opens. I also long for this to work in evernote– so very much, I do!

    Also, a new bug for me, just this latest update– closing the evernote window, and reopening a new window– it freezes. Cannot switch notebooks, or tags. Need to quit and restart the program. Anyone else?

    thanks evernote!

  • Richard Levenson

    Still not able to convert double-spaced lines to single (by hitting “enter”??–all that does for me is to add a line-return. What am I missing.

    Also, echo a previous comment–line spacing should take its cue from the size of the text, and not retain the value from the original paste.



  • Drew

    Just wanted to add my voice to the call for a return to the previous click-dock-icon-to-open-Evernote-window functionality; the loss of this basic feature is both frustrating and counterintuitive!

  • Amy Stewart

    I too am having the problem of Evernote window not coming up when you click the icon in the dock. I hope Evernote fixes this soon.

    This release has also has frozen multiple times. It’s a lot less stable than the previous release.

  • Steve Burgess

    Appreciate the updates – thanks.

    A couple of bugs in text handling:
    1. Seems that the editor converts tab characters to spaces – about 4 per tab. Makes a mess of editing if you are trying to reformat note to be more readable.
    2. Bulleting acts weird – first line always double-spaces from previous line. Bullets stay together as single-spaced, which is good.

  • Steve Burgess

    Oh – and also, a feature request – something that I bet a lot of folks would love: highlighting!

    It would be terrific to be able to select a portion of text, click on a toolbar icon and/or context menu option and have background change to a “highlighter” color like yellow or – even better – a user selectable color. I guess I might be able to applescript it, but it would be better to have it in the application.


  • Sheila

    My two cents: I’m having the same problem as everyone else above. Evernote has suddenly become super unstable and is freezing constantly. I am trying to remember to minimize rather than close the window, but without much success.

    Also, in the past I could drag an image directly from a webpage onto an Evernote note, and it would copy over. Now, the little green circle with a “+” in it still shows up, but the image doesn’t copy over. I am having to “ctrl+click” and “add image to evernote,” which can be less than efficient if I want to add the image to an existing note, since this puts the image into a new note.

    All this said, I am still using this app EVERY day. So thanks for creating something that has been so life-changing!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Sheila [and everyone else that commented] We will bring back the ability to open the Evernote window by clicking on the dock icon in our next Mac release.

  • hoyla

    The paste-and-match-style feature has somewhat reduced my problem noted earlier ( that stuff inadvertently becomes rich text and I then can’t edit it on the mobile platform.

    But, seconding @Jake above, I still think it would be nice to have a convert selection to plain text option in the Format menu, an “always enforce plain text” option for a note, and some indication whether a note is plain or rich text.

  • TInu Cleatus

    +1 for not able to open up the Evernote window on clicking on the dock icon. Needs fixing asap. Thanks.

  • Wil Harris

    +1 for the Evernote window coming up – this behaviour has changed since the previous release, please bring it back! 🙂

  • Mitch

    So why can’t we copy text from the uploaded pictures, shouldn’t that be pretty basic?

  • Eddie Forero

    Ok, great. How about rotating images? Really.

  • Paul

    Please fix the strange tab behavior!

    When making lists, such as expenses, everything gets all mixed up pressing the tab key on each line.
    No lines match up and it laooks terrible.
    How hard can it be to make the tab key behave like it does in all other text editors – move the cursor to the next column so one can have properly aligned columns please.

    • Paul

      I agree on the tabs issue – I don’t want spaces. I want tabs for easier formatting. Any idea on when that will be incorporated into the Mac software?

      • Anton Schwartz

        Yes, tabs please!!

  • Cary Gleave

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