Evernote on Snow Leopard (Updated)

Posted by on 31 Aug 2009

Posted by on 31 Aug 2009

UPDATE We’ve put together a release candidate of the upcoming Evernote for Mac version 1.4.9, which should fix many of the Snow Leopard issues mentioned below. Please be aware that this is not the final release, so you may encounter bugs and other issues. We plan to release the final patch through our normal autoupdate system next week.

Release candidate installation

We’re really excited about Apple’s Snow Leopard release (OS 10.6). It’ll help make future versions of both Evernote for Mac and Evernote for iPhone much more powerful. The current version of Evernote for Mac runs well on Snow Leopard, though we (and you) have identified some issues. We’re working on an update that will be out soon. In the meantime, here are some workarounds.

Safari Clipper

Problem: Safari Clipper doesn’t clip when running Safari in “64-bit mode”
Workaround : Switch your Safari to 32-bit mode by locating in your Applications folder, select it, then right-click and choose Get Info (or use Cmd+I) to open the Information panel. Click the “Open in 32-bit mode” checkbox as shown in the screenshot below.


iSight Note

Problem: iSight Note doesn’t save the picture
Workaround: Take the photo using Photobooth and drag it into Evernote

Quick Look

Problem: Quick look for file attachments doesn’t display a preview
Workaround: Double click the file to launch it.

Firefox Clipper

Problem: If you have Evernote for Mac installed, the Firefox clipper sends clipped pages to the web first, instead of sending them to Evernote on your desktop.
Workaround: No workaround for this one. You are still clipping the page, it just goes to the web first. We’re working on a fix to bring back the old functionality.

We’re also investigating a few reports related to synchronization and Spotlight.

A fix will be available soon. In the interim, please use these workarounds.


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  • Sam Ellis

    I’m encouraged because it sounds like you plan to support Safari Clipper on 64-bit Safari, and I hope that’s the case.

  • Jeremy Baldwin

    I’ve also been experiencing sync issues. Haven’t been able to find a common thread yet: sometimes it just stops syncing. Reboot seems to temporarily fix the problem.

  • chrisb63

    Too bad that you’re not ready yet…
    As I couldn’t live without Evernote, this holding up my upgrade…
    And I don’t see the point to upgrade and run it in 32-bit

  • Allan Bazinet

    Will there also be a fix for the Evernote clipper button overwriting the 1Password button?

  • John

    I had sync issues, but I think it was an authentication issue: With the upgrade, the authentication of keychain access apparently has to be updated by applications. For some reason, the pop-up for that did not appear the first time I started Evernote. A subsequent time, it did and the sync has worked since.

  • Chris Johnston

    I think I’ll buy my copy and hold on to it until you guys work out the kinks.

  • Gary

    @chrisb63 – it’s not a big deal…there is no lag in 32, and everything works seamless now (temporarily). I wouldnt hold up the SL upgrade just for this. Thanks for the interim workaround guys…

  • Donacion de ovulos

    I think it is time to upgrade…

  • Jon

    My problem is that the minute I open Evernote on Snow Leopard, I get endless error messages saying “tag names must be unique.” I can’t save or sync any changes. I don’t understand what’s wrong, but I never had this problem with Evernote on Leopard. Any advice?

  • Martin

    Since I upgraded, the Evernote clipper button has disappeared from Safari. Anyone else seen this issue? What’s the fix? Re-install Evernote?

  • Rachel

    Got the exact same problem as you, Jon. Have you figured out yet? Please post here when/if you come up with a solution, cuz I`ve been googling forever and it irritates the crap out of me..

  • Stan

    I’m finding myself having spaces issues on Snow Leopard. If I click the red-close button and then click on Evernote in my dock it will not come up. What I have to do is completely close out Evernote and then reopen it in order to get back to the note listings.

  • nabicht

    @Martin or you could read the post and see exactly the issue you are having.

  • lowfi

    It doesnt open when clicking the dock icon. When making a new notebook/note while application window is not showing it locksup. You have to close the main window again and reopen it.

    No safari icon anywhere. Maybe because of 1password?

    Bugs! 🙂

  • Anthony Glyadchenko

    Please come out with a Snow Leopard version!!! At least give us access to an alpha/beta version for now.

  • pillguy

    Please put this message in the Support section so we can find it there. I searched there but didn’t find it!

  • MJM

    can we please get an ETA for when the fix will be available?

  • Benny

    Stop making marketing and boring success-storys! make this software working with SL in Safari 64bit mode. The Release Time of Snow Leopard shouldn´t be such a big surprise for all of us.


  • Ryan

    Ever since upgrading to Snow Leopard, I get errors whenever Evernote on my mac tries to sync with the Evernote server. Will this be addressed? I’m currently unable to sync…

  • Christopher Bailey

    I made a video of the bug that I’m having frustrations with (on both my laptop and desktop). I can open and use Evernote just fine, but when I close the main evernote window, there is absolutely no way I am able to open Evernote again, besides for quitting a relaunching the application. Major frustration! But I’m hoping a fix for this will make it into the next build. (I had the same issue on my desktop and laptop for Leopard as well, for the most recent version of Evernote.)

    45 sec video of bug:

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Christopher We will fix this issue in the next release. For now the workaround is to click on Evernote in the dock, the go to File and select New Evernote Window

  • Jon

    So far, I simply can’t use Evernote on my Mac. I’m encouraged that EN says a Snow Leopard fix is in the works, but I really need an emergency workaround for the crippling “tag names must be unique” error right now.

    Anyone who can, please help!

    Evernote? Evernote?

  • david

    I am finding that sometimes after hiding evernote it doesn’t come back happily.

  • Christopher Bailey

    Thanks Andrew 🙂

  • Joel Esler

    I’d like to see Clipper and other features be added to the Services Menu under Snow Leopard. That’s the proper way to integrate into the OS level.

  • Andrew Sinkov

    UPDATE We’ve put together a release candidate of the upcoming Evernote for Mac version 1.4.9, which should fix many of the Snow Leopard issues mentioned below. Please be aware that this is not the final release, so you may encounter bugs and other issues. We plan to release the final patch through our normal autoupdate system next week.
    Release candidate installation
    – Quit Evernote (if you have it running)
    – Go to you Applications folder and drag Evernote into trash
    – Download and install the release candidate

  • WD1V

    Thank you! Synch fixed with your release candidate for Snow Leopard as is iPhoto. This is a superb product! I have been using a Mac for a long time, an iPhone for a short time – and this is life changing software. Bows and salutes!

    Manchester, NH

  • Jon

    Thanks Andrew, I am still having the same problem in the release candidate: a “Tag names must be unique” error message that appears every 10-15 seconds… I never had this problem before I installed Snow Leopard, and I’ve been using EN for a year.

    I hope the final release version can fix this. In the meantime, is there any kind of known fix or workaround?

  • francisco

    Guys, please update quickly…I cant live withouth Evernote and I cant even sync my notes.

  • CBarnes

    Hangs on sync. Restarting doesn’t seem to change that…

  • John

    Hi, all! Do anyone know when a fix will be available?

  • ABarkaloff

    I’ve only had CPU usage problems with Evernote in Snow Leopard. I also missed the elegant clipper and in Snow Leopard both Firefox and Safari had the less robust web clipper. BUT here’s what I did — I used Firefox with Rosetta. When I restarted Firefox I was told there was an update for Evernote webclipper (this update was not there in 64-bit mode). I installed the update, exited Firefox and then switched Firefox again to 64-bit mode by unchecking Rosetta). Wow, it works like the old Leopard installation again.

    As for Safari, just run in 32-bit mode. Safari 64-bit keeps crashing anyways. The clipper works well in that mode.

  • John

    I downloaded the release candidate, and it still won’t sync. It’s a disaster for me. I rely on Evernote for my work and now it’s busted!

    This is the error:
    Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service. This may be due to a network problem or service maintenance. Please try again later. If enabled, automatic synchronization will resume once the Service becomes available.

  • Antti

    Did the release of the Snow Leopard come as a surprise to the Evernote Developers or what? I thought Apple always gives beta versions for the developers to play with, wouldn’t this allow you to prepare for the bugs and such? Why didn’t you?

    (Not to be mean, I’m really curious – how come you guys are totally unprepared? Is it because Apple doesn’t give the developer versions to everyone or why?)

  • Christopher Esget

    Snow Leopard beta working great for me. Thanks for a great product!

  • Philip Hayes

    I hope Evernote takes the opportunity to capitalize on Snow Leopards new Services Architecture. I don’t see any talk about it yet.

  • CBarnes

    Latest release still hangs on sync for me every time. I have to force quit. (Snow Leopard)

  • Carol

    why don’t all my folder for Evernote show up on my iphone? Any help out there?

  • GW

    Keeps hanging on me too, I eventually installed an older version to start using it again and ignore the sync issues for now. It keeps saying

    – The note XXX could not be synced. The content is not valid

    Now I add the tag synissue to each new item and refrain from editing old items

    Hope this doesn’t take too long to fix!

    • Adam

      the note was just fine, then i added 4 more text lines on top. and since then i have the same synch problem message “The content is not valid”

      and if i copy the content of the note to a new note under different name. then it also will bring the same synch error message.

  • GW

    Just installed Evernote_57356.dmg which delivers Version 1.4.9 (57356). This one works! Got 2 machines with Evernote & Snow Leopard, some files which I created with the wrong version gave sync errors, deleted them and imported the content again with text edit, it’s working now!

  • oliver

    With OSX “Find in evernote” on menu bar circumnavigates login screen (you can just move it out of way) with full access to everything – please can you make more secure?

  • Tyron

    For the “Tag names must be unique” message, I had two tag names that were the same, except one of them was capitalized. I deleted one and it synced. Hope this helps.

    • J.R.

      This worked for me, thank you.

  • Mike

    I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with the actual S.L.’s lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.

  • Mohammed JH

    I have problem syncing with Windows 7 64 bit too and evernote keeps taking 50% of my CPU ? I think i’m gonna go back to one-note and sync with my windows live account.

  • cavitacion

    Thanks Andrew! 😀