Integration spotlight: JotNot for iPhone

Posted by on 11 Sep 2009

Posted by on 11 Sep 2009


JotNot for iPhone is a nifty app that corrects your less-than-perfect photos and sends them into Evernote. Whether you’ve taken a snapshot of a business card at a wacky angle, a photos of a whiteboard under poor lighting conditions, or an off-kilter receipt, JotNot will magically fix contrast and let you correct the angles—turning your snapshot into a straightened, cleaner version of its former self. It’s like turning your iPhone camera into a scanner.

The results are pretty impressive, and (here’s the best part) it’s great for Evernote.

The integration

JotNot used the Evernote API to develop their latest release. The paid version of JotNot allows you to send your improved images into Evernote (you can even assign titles, tags, and notebooks right from their app). Once in Evernote, those images will be processed by our recognition technology and made available on your computer, phone, and the web.

How to use it

  • Install JotNot on your iPhone
  • Snap a photo of a whiteboard, business card, book jacket…
  • Adjust the image in JotNot by aligning the edges of the blue box
  • Let it process
  • Send the image to Evernote


Get it

The Evernote integration is part of the paid version of JotNot. Get it now »

The Evernote API

Learn more about the Evernote API on our developer page, and join the many hundreds of developers currently working with the Evernote API to create new and exciting integrations.


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  • Phil

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to publicize JotNot. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and think it’s one of the best mobile uses for Evernote. I set up a shared notebook called Bookkeeper. With Jotnot I capture receipts and process them to Evernote into the Bookkeeper folder. My bookkeeper then can pull them. I used to have a pile of receipts in my car, pocket and office that my secretary had to copy or scan and fax or email to the bookkeeper.

    Great product and great integration. Now I’m just waiting for my Fujitsu Scansnap scanner to arrive and my Evernote setup will be complete!

  • Matt Sokoloff

    Stop putting evernote on applications…cause then I end up buying them.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Matt Klevemann

    Thanks for sharing this. Without perfect lighting, it was not possible to get these images before jotnot.

  • Daniel Drucker

    It would be nice if JotNot actually used your authentication token system rather than asking for your Evernote password.

  • Luke H

    very cool but I would never use this unless it was integrated directly into the Evernote app itself. Evernote should just license this company’s tech or acquire them outright and roll the functionality into Evernote.

  • Jeff Burke

    I would love it if you could work with the Photogene developer and get Evernote export built into that program. It does a great job on the post-process of iPhone photograpy…just needs to be able to directly export to Evernote. A workaround is emailing to Evernote from Photogene…which works, but just not as seamless.

  • Steve Baker

    why does it convert color photos to b&w?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Steve That’s a setting. You can change it. Click on the little gear icon after snapping a photo.

  • hamhead

    impressive complement to evernote. i just bought it after giving the lite version a single try and seeing how it improved the lighting, and therefore readability, of the menu i had snapped on a restaurant door.

  • Pawel

    Great work. But seems not to be location aware – neither pictures taken by nor pictures imported to JotNot are containing any GPS data after processing?!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Pawel Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This would be a change on the JotNot side of things. We’ll see what we can do.

  • Marc

    Just saw the video… Come on, is the evernote app working so fast on your iPhone guys?? Mine takes a while to load and Thats why I’ve started to use it less often 🙁

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Marc This is a tutorial video meant to demonstrate how JotNot and Evernote can be used together. To make the video more watchable, we edited it to focus only on key moments in the user experience. We’re hardly experts when it comes to film editing, so I think those cuts are fairly obvious.

  • Denis Gravel

    JotNot for iPhone is NOT avelible in Canada, way ?

  • Michael Asfaw

    Will there be a JotNot for Windows Mobile?

  • macaco

    Will there be a JotNot for Windows Mobile?

  • Marc

    @Andrew, I watched the video on my iPhone at 2am in the morning and I didn’t actually realize it. I wish so much that my Evernote worked that fast, I would use it way more often.

  • majaMojo

    I also have the same takes way too long to load..

  • Einar D

    I just downloaded the JotNot app and scanned some business cards. The basic features work great and as advertised. However, the Evernote integration needs some enhancements: Apart from no GPS coordinates, I also found that notebooks and tags are listed in some kind of random order, instead of being sorted alphabetically. It would also be great with a rotate picture option, or even better, orientation awareness when taking photos. It becomes tedious to rotate the TL, TR, and BR crosses manually to fit with landscape scans, as had to to ten times in a row for my scanned business cards.

  • Paolo Sammicheli

    What about Android client? Is it planned? And a cross-platform client which works also in Ubuntu?

  • deodato

    I bought iphone only when I discovered evernote, and I received iphone 2 days ago (the new one), I immediately installed evernote and Jotnot. I think Jotnot is good…but the photo capabilities of iphone are so poor…that quality obtained is much much lower the minimum. I don’t suggest at all to use iphone to scanner images, even wth Jotnot (unless you have a photografer lighter with you!). I use a scanner or a digital camera (copy mode), not easyat restaurant, but good quality.

  • Netwtoz

    I actually did a test; using JotNot I photographed a document and then loaded it into Evernote. I then proceeded to print the document on a regular sheet of paper. The resulting quality was certinally acceptable for documents of low to medium importance. Other documents I would scan. Works great for me.

  • Lou

    Thanks for sharing this. I just bought Jotnot and expect it’ll become an invaluable tool. Evernote has been a lifesaver, thank you!

  • Steve

    Bought it. Love it. You guys should buy this company and integrate the functionality into the Evernote app directly!

  • Nelson

    How do you test the free version of JotNot – it won’t let you save a file. There should either be a limited time trial or a limited number of photos…othewise, I don’t see buying the full version.

  • Susan

    I was hoping that JotNot would make the file-sizes smaller for scanned receipts… but the difference between me snapping an iPhone receipt picture and using JotNot for a receipt picture doesn’t seem very big, from a file-size point of view (meaning maybe a 100K file instead of a 600K file…)

  • shano

    I prefer this could be built dir into the evernote.
    otherwise this “enhance” effect could also be done in many other free ware.

  • Steve McGuire


    I bought JotNot right after I tried it, mainly because of the Evernote integration (which I’ve been for quite a while).

    I’ve made the mistake of taking a picture of a text with Evernote rather than JotNot, which means that I can’t seem to easily get the image back to JotNot’s scanner. I will have to learn, but it would be nice if there were a way for JotNot to get at images scanned with Evernote.

    OTOH, maybe I’m missing something obvious.

    I’m using Evernote for more and more all the time and am synchronizing it across my iPhone, home computer, and laptop.

  • Gavriel

    I bought JotNot based on this blog and so far it has been great. What a great replacement for taking the time to scan documents. Please continue to update this blog with ideas!!!

  • Robert Aubin

    Will jotnot be available for the Palm Pre’

  • Bill

    That is a very kool applicatation. It reminds me of the old spy movies from the late 60’s early 70s. This type of application would have been a marvel and a star scene of any James Bond film. It really is still a marvel to me. Nice work on that app. The future has arrived.
    Best Regards

  • Art Vandelay

    I’m having trouble exporting the JotNot photo to Everynote now. Anybody else?

  • camn

    Yes I too am having trouble using the Evernote button in JotNot. Any fixes out there yet? It was working very well together.

  • Nauka Jazdy

    Wow. JotNot for iPhone is NOT avelible in Canada, way ?

  • camn

    JotNot is available in Canada. I downloaded from the CDN iTunes store.

  • Lodewijk Bergmans

    My jotnot-evernote integration is also not working; it seems to get stuck trying to upload..
    any suggestions?

  • Anders Lorentsen

    My Jotnot app wont upload to EverNote on my iPhone?!
    I´ve tried everything from rebooting the phone to re- installing the Jotnot app to re installing Evernote.
    Any clues??

  • ronkinoz

    My JotNot also won’t upload to Evernote. It’s stuck on “Uploading to Evernote”. Tried reboot, etc, but no go.
    Anyone got a fix?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’ve let the JotNot folks know about the issue. It should be resolved soon.

  • ronkinoz

    Problem is with JotNot 2.01. See “Uploading to Evernote with JotNot 2.0.1” at – there is a work-around.

  • Raymond McCauley

    Another “me too!” request for an Android client.

  • Ghezzi

    I would love to use Jotnot, and am a big fan of Evernote, but I do not have an iPhone, and sort of doubt I ever will. Are there plans to develop Jotnot for other smart phones in the future?