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Posted by on 16 Sep 2009

Posted by on 16 Sep 2009


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, we want there to be an Evernote in your language. To make that happen, we recently launched a community translation project to translate Evernote into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. This has been going really well, and now we’re ready to start the next part of the project: optimizing our handwriting recognition for these new languages.

Once again, we would like your help. Below are text samples in the languages we are currently working on. Please write them out in your language of choice, using your natural handwriting. If you make a mistake, just cross it out and keep going. Then, send us the result.

Cool bonus: Helping us means that Evernote should recognize your handwriting particularly well. That could come in handy later.

What you need

  • Blank, white sheet of paper
  • A pen with black ink (preferably a roller ball)
  • Scanner or digital camera

How this works

  1. Write out one or more of the sample texts below
  2. Scan or photograph the piece of paper (separate ones for each sample)
  3. Email the image (JPG, PNG, PDF) to our translations mailbox

Four text samples

Visit our translation project page for more information. Thanks for helping us make Evernote better.


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  • Andrea

    There are some typos in the german version. Should those be copied?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Andrea Sorry about the typos, but please write them as you see them.

  • George

    Hi i am from Bulgaria and my language is on cyrilic!There have a problem?

  • Ingrid

    In French we don’t write accents on the upper case letters. and we don’t have the ae combined.
    do you still want us to write those, eventhough it doesn’t make sense ?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ingrid Yes, please write the text as it appears in the samples. Thank you for your help.

  • Andrea

    All clear. I sent my File. 🙂

  • Marco


    In the Italian version, guillemots (« ») are used for what looks like a song title and an ironic word (my «preciousss»).

    In reality, guillemots are only used in “official,” dead tree publishing; quotation marks (“ ”) are what common folk use either in handwriting or at the computer.

    I think you should include those as well in your sample.

  • Daniel Jomphe

    “In French we don’t write accents on the upper case letters”

    Is that right? I learned around 15 years ago at school that this rule had changed – we were to accentuate our capitals too starting from then. I still do to this day.

    That said, I’m from Québec; we may use different rules than in France.

  • Samuel

    Any plan to include Chinese into Evernote? If any chance, I could help the Chinese landguage enhancement. Thanks.

  • flutterby123

    very good project…

  • Sankalp

    I like this idea..
    but I am waiting for an evernote support that can help me scribble my own hand writen script right into evernote.
    I write in bengali
    Currently its tedious to write it down on a piece of paper, then I snap it with my iPhone to save it into evernote.
    But I wish to write it right into evernote with my stylus on the iphone..
    I hope you can add this into evernote support both for iphone and windows PC.
    It would also help me draw certain sketches of my plans and ideas.

  • Sabrina Mix

    Hi, Andrew!

    I’m looking forward to the day Evernote will be in Portuguese too.

    Best regards!

  • Bertrand Gac

    @Ingrid : It’s wrong, uppercase accented letters are required in French.

  • Ivo

    I would also be very happy if You support cyrilic!
    All of Russia and us from Bulgaria are going to appritiate this “feature”. I mean atleast enable the program to rekognise the cyrilic text!!!

  • Coubray Antoine

    Do you want us to broadcast that text to our personal network in order to maximize the number of samples.
    I’m french native.

  • Grant G

    Will there be an English release similar to this that will help with the recognition of English notes?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Grant Our English recognition is constantly improving.

  • BeesVee

    This is a great surprise for me, I will be very happy to see the German version of Evernote. Keep my fingers crossed you get that going.

  • Dm. Riabichenko

    Andrew et al,

    the program has Russian interface, so why don’t you need Russian handwritings? I guess from your name that you don’t need help with the translation to Russian, but handwritings never will be redundant, I suppose.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dm. Riabichenko We have already done extensive handwriting work with Russian.

  • Koen

    I’m fond of the way of working of Evernote and I’m happy to contribute! French version sent!