Business model, JotNot, new website, and more

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 17 Sep 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 17 Sep 2009

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Call me!

We’ve set up a voicemail box just for you. Call us and tell us how you use Evernote –don’t forget to tell us your name and where you’re from. We’ll choose the best ones and play them in our podcast. Call +1 (347) 497-3572 and leave a message.

Any questions?

Have a question you’d like us to cover in a future podcast? Leave it in the comments section or send a tweet with the hashtag ‘#EvernotePodcast‘.


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  • Robert

    When will the iTunes version of the podcast be available?

  • Frank

    Does anyone knows how to “connect” Evernote to Chroma and/or Firefox?
    Thank for your help.

  • Alexey

    I am very interested in the direction you plan to take with Windows Mobile. The current client seems very much like an afterthought, while in only a few months, WM users will have to decide, whether they want to switch to … a competing service.

    Best of luck.

  • Chris

    @Robert: Sorry for the inconvenience; this podcast went up right in the middle of a bit of a tech transition. It should be up now via embedded player, RSS or iTunes.

  • Acai

    Wen will be the itunes podcast version available…

  • Andrew

    Great Podcast, as usual! I’ve been using Phil’s screensaver idea since the last podcast, and I’ve been loving it!

    I’ve got to ask: it seemed to take a bit longer than usual to get this podcast out (over 2 weeks); did that have anything to do with the “future announcements”? 🙂

    Keep up the great work; looking forward to bigger note limits!

  • Steve Bryson

    You’ve probably already had this idea, but:

    I wanted to make sure I had every important biz card in my rolodex tucked away in Evernote. Rather than photographing each one individually, I laid as many as I could on my scanner, and scanned them. I did this 4 or 5 times, then I put all of the scanned photos in ONE Evernote. When I search for a name or company, it’s highlighted…and I don’t have hundreds of individual notes for business cards. Just an idea. 🙂

  • Jesper


  • Roy Jacobsen

    Here’s a question for you: I’ve been considering picking up a Lightscribe Pulse Smartpen. Has anybody worked out how to integrate your Smartpen notes with Evernote? (Maybe this is really a no-brainer, but I haven’t seen anything on it.)


  • Robert Aubin

    Will jotnot be available for the Palm Pre