Windows Beta update: Evernote 3.5 Beta 2

Posted by on 06 Oct 2009

Posted by on 06 Oct 2009

Our recently released Evernote 3.5 Beta just got a nice update. For existing Evernote users, we now allow you to automatically copy your 3.1 note database—so you won’t need to sync everything down from our servers on first use. There are also a bunch of great optimizations and improvements all around.

Download the latest Evernote 3.5 Beta »

What’s new

  • Synchronization is improved, it is now both faster and more memory efficient
  • Existing users can copy their Evernote 3.1 database into the 3.5 client during installation
  • Note editor functionality is improved
  • Premium PDF Search functionality is now working more reliably
  • Premium users can disable ads
  • Single note windows can be minimized correctly
  • Thumbnail zoom level is maintained throughout the application

Work in progress

We are aware of (and working through) some problems in the current Beta:

  • Graphics and text may appear blurry in some monitor configurations
  • The Firefox clipper is currently unsupported, and does not clip into 3.5 on the desktop
  • Note text encryption and decryption behaves inconsistently
  • Note editing format display is not always up-to-date
  • Menus do not always disable properly to reflect context

Download the latest Evernote 3.5 Beta »


Evernote for Windows Beta keeps getting better:


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  • Andrew

    Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Victoria Marinelli

    Not seeing anything in the text above to indicate whether or not the subject date field has been restored. Without that field, I CANNOT upgrade from 3.1. I use Evernote to develop nonfiction manuscripts, and the subject date field is the single most important field in the original Windows desktop client. When that function was inexplicably stripped from the first 3.5 beta I nearly had a heart attack. I LOVE Evernote to pieces and recommend it to everyone I know, but if that field isn’t restored, I will just have to hope that 3.1 (crash-prone though it is, and I DO see lots of ways the next beta improved on that) will continue to be supported. Thanks for hearing me out.

  • Gregg

    You once promised to support linux. Apparently, you’ve decided against it. Without a native linux version, evernote just isn’t very interesting to me.

  • Will

    Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more from Evernote!

  • Chester

    I clicked the update button that presented itself when I opened 3.5 beta 1, and I got the blue screen of death!
    Unfortunately I can’t give you a screenshot or tell exactly what happened, as I was in a hurry. 3.5 looks good though – looking forward to use it once the bugs are ironed out.

  • Mugo

    I can only see version .. how do I get the beta 2?

  • Chester

    ..oh, I should probably tell you that I run a fully updated version of Win XP.

  • Yariv Zur

    The link in the beta page downloads the old beta, no?

  • Jonathan Babcock

    Just a question and a few items of feedback on the beta so far:

    Can you still select multiple notes from the list and tag them at once? I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that in 3.5. It’s a feature I use a lot on 3.1. I really hope to not have to key each tag for each individual note – even with the autocomplete.

    I miss the automatic default for naming notes from 3.1 as well. Often, I wouldn’t key in a specific name for each note. The first line – or whatever the system grabbed – was fine for a name and much preferable to “untitled”.

    I’ve found myself having to delete and redo screen captures quite a bit. I commented this before, but the old screen capture functionality was much more powerful and failsafe.

    Some of the text I’ve clipped has had spacing issues. By that, I mean some words are missing spaces between them and jumbling together. It is kind of a random occurrence.

    This is a nitpick, but I also liked being able to autohide the notes list and Notebook/Tag sidebar with a click on the frame.

    Aside from that, all seems to be working relatively well. 3.5 doesn’t have any new features or functions that I need, so I’m mainly hoping not to lose the ones that got me hooked on EN in the first place.

    I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming releases and clipping away in the meantime.

  • Tim morrison

    I have tryed repeatedly to download 3.5, but the .NET Framework won’t install…. Uuughhhh ;
    anyone have any ideas ? ah well

  • Chester

    Just to let you know: I tried updating again – this time it worked without any hazzle at all.

  • Sam

    Please make Tab work!!! All other Windows based text editors intent when you press the tab key, except Evernote. Why press control + M when I already have a tab key….


  • Andris

    1) The previous (3.1) screen capture method was WAY BETTER. Why did you remove the neat feature that allowed to paint on the screen before capturing? And why can’t I capture to clipboard anymore? A HUGE dissapointment.

    2) The font for the Tags in the left sidebar is too small for high-res screens. Please allow to tweak it in the options.

    3) When will it be possible to create tables in notes?
    That would be so cool.

    4) How about “mixed” notes where it would be possible to both paint with ink and add regular text.

  • Tomas

    Evernote 3.5 is just awesome! Before I actually preferred Evernotes web interface because windows client UI was.. well, awkward.
    Though there’s one thing I still miss in evernote: ability to put a link in a note pointing to another note.
    Could You please consider adding that to Evernote 3.5 final?
    Thanks anyway

  • John

    Please consider solutions (either native or emulated) that would bring EverNote to Linux.

  • Mike

    Can’t get Snapscan to import automatically. has anyone had any luck with this?

  • Frank J.

    Please dont let the tapeview die!

    If you dont think it’s useful then ask your customers in the forums or on the beta page or in the blog if they want to have the old tapeview as an additional option.
    Thank you very much and best regards

  • Kelly

    Hey guys, I really like Evernote. One thing that I found myself doing a lot is going through my notes and creating todo lists from action items in my notes. It would be really cool if evernote had the ability to add a section of text as an item in a todo tree. Any chance you guys would add support for a todo list/tree (I like using sub items)?

  • Nils

    I love Evernote but really need the Subject Date back! In addition one should be able to sort the notes by it!

  • Wil Noseworthy

    Has anyone at Evernote tried the Beta on a netbook? The icons are way too big, the search explanation bar is huge and the top of the note in the list view takes over the whole screen. I gotta go back to the older version. Love the program but I can’t use the beta.

  • josh milane

    Install ends prematurely (almost instantly) without any useful error message.

    Vista 64 Bit OS.

    What gives?



  • Jim

    Im using the beta and its great 🙂 use it at work, and the ipod touch at home, wish we could have all notes made offline easily though and we really need to be able to search in offline more, otherwise evernotes most powerful feature is missing from oflfine iphone or ipod touch users 🙁 keep up the great work.


  • Tim

    Great work guys. I depend completely on the Firefox clipper, so haven’t been able to join in the alpha & beta fun, but nice to hear 3.5’s getting close! 🙂

  • Mike

    Wil –

    I’m using on a netbook, looks fine.

  • Matt

    Overall experience with 3.5 is not positive – seems to be a step back from 3.1. Text in the edit window is extremely difficult to read. Overall editing window seems much clunkier than it was.
    PDF Previews are much less clear
    Toolbars etc. look very rough.
    I like the thumbnail preview idea, but need to be able to easily minimize that portion of the window.

    Feature Wish list:
    I would love to be able to preview other docs the way that you can PDF – PowerPoint, Word etc. etc.

    Nametags tied to a profile service (LinkedIN, Facebook etc.)

    A linux client

    Voice notes (transcription via google voice??)

  • Phil

    I miss the robust tags assignment box ctl-alt-T. Also tags were sorted within a note in alphabetical order in 3.1. I miss that feature in 3.5. I used it for sorting, notes by tags. Now the sort by tags is jumbled. I have to go back to 3.1 because of its speed in assigning tags and sort features.

  • Varun

    I have noticed one bug while working with the new build of Evernote.
    Steps to replicate the error –
    1. Create a new tag.
    2. Try to drag and drop this tag into another parent tag.

    Result – Evernote crashes!

    Hope this helps.

  • Jorge Barba

    One workaround to the FF clipper is to install Shareaholic and use the built-in Evernote option from them. It works just like the clipper!

  • Jacob

    When editing text in the editor, I am unable to use the “Tab” key to indent. This is a major hurdle!

  • airwhale

    Right, so Evernote /STILL/ thinks I’m over the limit of uploads (44.8 MB of 40 MB – free account). I have not transferred this much data, unless the first full sync was considered, in which case the number would be even higher. Moreover – as I check today, the usage is stated at the same level with 30 days to go in cycle. This means that the (incorrect) usage figures has not even been reset at the start of the cycle.

    Sorry guys – I’d really like to test 3.5 out, but I can’t even create a clip because of this cap. Back to 3.1 for me…


    (running on a fully patched Win XP box.)


  • Petr Stedry

    Thinking about about moving to another product after trying the 3.5 beta.

    What got me off the most was:
    – Global hotkeys cannot be turned off globally
    – Don’t make me think my TAB key is broken
    – You’re joking with that select-color-from-a-scarf thing!
    – Tape view gone? The new views are so MUCH worse for text-only content 🙁

    Right now this is a fix-it-or-stick-it kind of list.

  • Art

    One thing annoyed me about Evernote interface is your guys doesn’t provide UL and OL (Unordered and ordered list) button for an editor T_T. I used it all the time and lacking of those buttons drive me crazy.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Art The formatting functions (bullets, numbering, etc) are now in the right-click menu.

  • Art

    @Andrew I know that, but that’s 2 click away from the functions (that annoyed me (may be just me) because I used list quite often when writing notes). Plus key tab is disabled, so that made it even harder when + or – indentation.

  • sully

    where is the native linux version…?

  • mambojack

    a. the notebook, in which the note is in should appear in the note-bar.

    b. i wish the thumbnail-sizer for the iphone application. in landscape mode the thumbnail would be seen better.

  • mambojack

    the informations of the notes should be printed when i print the notes,
    just like in earlier versions of evernote.

  • Terje

    The 3.5 is maybe a technical improvement, but it is going 10 years backwards when it comes to GUI and design. Are you sure the 3.5 actually is a new version, and not a beta made in 1997?

  • Graham

    Despite the positive that this application develops, build 59556 is for at least these reasons not needed for me. I am familiar with the latest final for PC and MAC and considering a subscription. But if the beta is representing the further direction of Evernote it’d perhaps wiser to reconsider…

    So far:
    No separate window editor additional edit controls, the minimal layout buttons look like a typical Office 2003 / XP button.

    No Windows-like font for GUI.

    No fond smoothing for PDF.

    No option to disable “noise”: e.g. ‘show search explanation’, ‘saved searches’, buttons ‘all notes, show info, delete, email, print’ are all redundant.

    No note list scrollbar.

    In conclusion: when you work in ‘tapeview-college-note-taking’-mode, this update will decrease your Evernote experience.

  • Warwick

    Failure to install on Windows 7 beta 64 bit. Executing the beta causes Mediamonkey to load!! tried uninstalling Mediamonkey and executing the beta gives a longish system error message. Sorry didn’t record it. this can be reproduced after rebooting PC

  • Rafael

    I don’t really know if I am using another application that the rest of the people but for me Evernote 3.5 is really a step back from 3.1.

    From my point of view:
    – Feels a lot slower than 3.1 and it takes almost 20 seconds to start
    – I can’t change the language of the interface and the Spanish is, well, at least funny
    – No matter how many times I close the ad it still popups (I am a premium user)
    – The popup of “Sincronizacion Terminada” (Finished Syncronization) every time that it does a sync is quite annoying
    – It takes a lot of memory: 120M on the start and increasing from that point
    – It is very very ugly (that is subjective) and waste a lot of screen space (and this is a fact)

    And this is only the big things are bothering me. There are a ton of other minor things.

    Btw, I am using Windows XP. Maybe this can some most of my gripes as you said you are really developing for Vista. Anyway if this is the future of the windows app I think I will stay in 3.1 for a long time.

  • ruinchristmas

    1. How do I stop auto spellchecking when I type a new note?

    2. I don’t know what this is called, but atop the lists of notes there is a “header bar” where I can sort by name, date created, etc. I will rearrange this, for example, moving where I put the “tags” header, and then when I restart evernote, it’s back the way it is originally. is there a way to fix this?

  • ruinchristmas

    Additionally I shold be able to select multiple notes, right click and create a tag, or at the very least type one down below.

  • Anthony

    I’m a new user to Evernote. I had installed version 3.1 and then discovered this version. The outlook clipper worked in 3.1. After upgrading to 3.5, the clipper tried to import into 3.1. I removed this clipper & tried to reinstall 3.5, expecting the clipper to come back. It didn’t! How do I get the clipper back?

    I’m using Outlook 2003 on XP.

  • badd

    still have troubles with net framework. cant launch it

  • Antonio

    First Congratulations for the app!! It is really usefull for me.

    I have upgraded from 3.1 (It was hard to understand the BIG diference between Mac and windows desktop app), and in my first day working with the new app I can’t understand why lot of the features that I had in my previous “old” version are not present yet in the new one.

    – File Import Wizard. I need it!!
    – Clipping Panel & Firefox clipper
    – Tab key doesn’t work

    I hope it will be resolve in the near future, because they are really necessaries.

    And please, reduce the amount of memory… it has been multiplied by 3!!.

    For the rest, great improvement (layout and UI!!).

    Thank you

  • Narrevernote

    I tried again tonight, comparing 3.1 and 3.5 for a simple task of looking over some research notes.

    My goodness, but it is a great loss to not have the Tape/Timeline view.

    I miss the smooth-traverse ‘spring scroller’ very much, trying to get a sense of what I was thinking for the notes.

    You can’t see the notes around where you have written a particular one, to gain that sense need, of context.

    You can’t go to a time point and see what was going on then.

    I read all the other issues, the blurry text which I now notice, and wonder how overloaded this design team is? If that’s so, fellows, that what you need to say, instead of not commenting on those things that your customers evidently feel are important.

    I look at the website version, and wonder if ‘compatibility’, that hobgoblin of today’s minds, to alter an old quote, is what’s really driving the loss of the Tape and Timeline special abilities, rather than this troublesome but no doubt accelerating Microsoft application framework.

    Here is a place for strategic thinking in management. I’m trying to see what it is about 3.1 that might have convinced you to expend so much effort on changing a wonderful success, and a very useful tool, as others have noted. I use OneNote — it is not in any way satisfactory for research, timeline topic following, etc.. as Evernote. Not a competitor: you are in a different space.

    You can continue to be, you know. So many nice things, and I turned to another tonight, the ability to find text in images.

    Thank you for what you have done, and I sincerely hope you find a way to continue it.

  • Willem Ave

    It seems that with evernote 3.5 the text editing field has gone a step backwards? How come you can only indent using Ctrl+] or [?

    Are you planning on setting up a good WYSIWYG editor, so that you can tab over multiple lines with the ‘tab’ key, and easily create bulleted lists?

    Would seem essential in a good note tool to be able to format things selectively.

  • Raja

    ewwww… real beta software.. looks horrible, i had it only for 10 minutes, removed it immedietly… installing 3.1 again…

  • pelasepelase

    Please create native linux client

  • guidop_1967

    I’m a new entusiast premium user of evernotes, but I’ve a problem searching in PDF files in local client (I use windows 7 and win vista both 64bit). The feature works well in iphone and web app.
    Please fix it or tell me how to do….

  • Chris

    So far 3.5 is a disappointment for me functionwise. Yeah, it has a nice layout but,

    – Starting maximized is annoying
    – Not being able to select what to capture on screen is annoying
    – 50% of the time Evernote doesn’t recover correctly from standby on W7
    – German translation is terrible and incomplete
    – new “untitled” Notes make it more effort to enter Notes, why not use the first line?

    Please, add usability back and then update the design. If 3.5 stays as it is now, I’m gone for good.

  • BMC

    Agreed on the point about Windows 7; every time I resume from standby Evernote has a completely blank screen, I have to kill it and restart it.

  • Jason

    Same Problem as BMC, black screen when resuming from standby on W7


    same white screen problem on windows 7 x64

  • susan

    Had to uninstall. Went in for the first time in two months. it upgraded to the latest version, and now I get blacked out areas of the screen and crashes.

  • uglove

    I suffer from the same problem.
    black screen when resuming from standby on WindowsVista.
    I’m using ThinkPad.

  • Jim

    Me too on the black screen, please fix.

  • Jonathon

    I also get the black screen

  • David

    I get the black screen resuming on XP. Any solutions?

  • macbirdie

    I have the black screen after resume problem as well.

  • JCM

    I get the black screen after resuming from standby on both a Win 7 and XP machine.

  • Alan

    Black screen for me too, on resume from standby. Windows XP on a Thinkpad R60. Sometimes it recovers, usually not.

  • Alan

    Further to my last note, I can make the app recover from blackness by right-clicking the Evernote tray icon, choosing Exit and then Cancel to the confirmation prompt. Perhaps other tray icon actions will work also.

  • Suhale Kapoor

    I also get black screen on resume as seems so many others. Is that something that can be fixed or do we need to live with it? I don’t see any response or remedy from Evernote…

  • alan

    I guess misery loves company. So I guess I’m not the only one who’s getting the black screen after standby. Its a shame, I love how well this program works with both my phone and my laptop. Hopefully they fix this bug soon

  • Koen

    I have this issue too (v 94533) and I too hope they fix this soon 🙂

  • K

    Same here. Black screen after standby on v 96100

  • David

    Still getting Black Screen running windows 7 and the latest version of Evernote. There’s no way to resume without killing the application and restarting it.

    I see this is been happening to folks for well over a year. My suggestion is to get this prioritized and fixed soon as I am seriously considering moving my company to another more stable product.

  • Dan Abushanab

    I used to have the black screen problem on resume from standby but now I can’t even get Evernote to start up cleanly at all – just puts up a blanks window no matter what. I’m using Win7 x64 and Evernote I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted my database – nothing I do makes Evernote behave. I’m only able to use the web version now.

    Evernote developers – are you out there?

  • Cambridge

    Thought I’d chime in since I’m also having black screen after waking up from standby – can’t close evernote it when this happens either.
    I’m running Windows XP sp3 on one PC and Vista on a laptop.
    I like evenote so far but this is a bit annoying so hope it can be resolved.

  • ND

    Same thing here. Also occurred this morning when I logged in locally to a computer that I had RDP’ed into last night.

  • Jay Cook

    After Windows Startup, Evernote is always started and maximized on my screen. Very annoying, and I can’t figure out how to remedy it.