Evernote for Mac update: Beta release track, new languages, and more

Posted by on 12 Oct 2009

Posted by on 12 Oct 2009

Today, we released an update to Evernote for Mac (version 1.5). The latest release adds some much-requested features and improvements. Here are some of the notable changes:

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The Beta track

For the more adventurous souls among you, we now offer the option to join our Beta release track. By checking the box in Evernote preferences, you’ll get an update whenever we put out a beta release. Although this does mean that you’ll get access to more frequent updates and new features before the rest of the Evernote-using population, it also means that you’ll be trying a less stable build. This isn’t meant to be for everyone, but if you do try it you’ll be helping us improve Evernote. Thanks.

More languages

Our translation project is beginning to bear fruit. If your Mac is set to French, German, Italian, or Spanish, the Evernote interface will now show up in that language. The process of improving the text recognition is still ongoing. In fact, you can help us by submitting a handwriting sample here.

Safari toolbar

We recently learned that our Safari clipper was acting in ways unbefitting a friendly elephant–causing other toolbar items to disappear (1Password) or disappearing itself. In this update, we hope to have fixed the problem, though we’ve heard reports that some issues remain. We’ll keep at it.

And the rest…

New features

  • Added support for viewing of digital ink notes.
  • Improved searching for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters.
  • User’s Evernote email address added to the Account Info window.

Bug fixes

  • Improved support for importing large ENEX files.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a pink error message to occasionally appear.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in a blank note appearing when merging notes.
  • Fixed an issue related to searching for notes with words surrounded by punctuation.

Download the latest Evernote for Mac now »


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  • Bill Sodeman

    So what is the new version number?

  • Mo

    Is there any chance you could include the version number in these posts (and on the download page)?

    (Given the app reports it, it would be helpful!)

  • Tim Windsor

    Hmm. My Evernote says “Evernote 1.4.9/57356 is currently the newest version available.”

    Is this release newer than that?

  • GR

    I just downloaded the latest version linked to from your download page (Evernote_57356.dmg) and there is no preference for updating to Beta versions. Are you still linking to an older version on the download page? Or is this newly announced feature-let MIA? What build number is the latest?

    A link to release notes that tie to a specific build number would be nice!


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @GR Sorry, little bit of confusion there. It’s up now.

  • MarceloR

    Almost all my notes say “Ink Note Support Coming Soon!”
    Is it just kidding me or will it really come before I pass on?

  • Shai Inbal

    What about a linux debian version?

  • Bill Sodeman

    The update button in the Mac app shows the new update package: and also shows that HTML doc’s header, too:

    CTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN” “”> Version 1.5.0 (10/12/2009) build 60140

  • Daniel Drucker

    Evernote still says “Evernote 1.4.9/57356 is currently the newest version available.”

  • Helene James

    There is a problem. I cannot install the new version. It tells me that Evernote Helper is in use and I get a message that Evernote has quit, try to reopen and I get the same message all the time….

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Helene The Evernote Helper is the small elephant icon in the menu bar along to top of the screen. Right click it and Quit. Then try the installation.

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, this does not fix the problem with 1Password in Safari. It stops the Evernote icon from disappearing, but you are back to the original problem where your Evernote Icon keeps the 1Password icon from staying in the bar. I can Customize the Toolbar and add the 1Password button back, but when you close and re-open Safari, Evernote buttons is there but the 1Password button is gone. Nothing has been fixed in this respect.

  • Jonathan

    Ok, update… it kind of fixes the problem but causes another issue. I thought the 1Password icon was disappearing when in fact it was being forced all the way over on the right side of the Toolbar after the Google search bar. I use “Customize Toolbar” to move it back over to the left side by the home button and next to the Evernote icon where I like them all to be, but upon closing and re-opening it pops back all the way over to the right. So, it does stop the 1Password icon from disappearing but forces it to the right side.

  • Karen Scheer

    I have updated Evernote but my 1P button still keeps disappearing from Safari whenever it restarts.

  • Ralph

    I filed a bug, that icon size/state doesn’t get saved in the Mac version a long time ago. I filed the bug once more and was told, that things get fixed in the next – this – release. And what do i have to see? The bug is still not fixed. Now i wonder, what i pay for monthly, when the Evernote team can’t/doesn’t want to fix this little but very annoying bug…

  • fred

    so does that mean Mac users can create ink notes or just read the ones created by Windows users? If not when will we see the ability to sketch a note on the Mac?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Fred This update allows Mac users to view ink notes created on other platforms.

      • Alessandro Vida

        hmmm, one year later still no support for creating ink notes with a mac? This is such a shame; I am really looking forward to have this feature. Any news on this issue?

  • Gary

    Good progress on a couple of fronts. HOWEVER… seriously guys – why no Mac support on ink input? That’s just lame that you’ve decided that it’s not important. Also – where is the full page clipper for Firefox (you know, the best browser out there!!). A huge added bonus would be PDF preview on the web version.

  • Martin Kelley

    The upgrade seems to have broken saved searches on titles. I depend on this to keep track of active titles and leads. I found that just naming an entry “Leads / Will E Coyote” and having a save search for “Leads /” was more dependable than tagging it. But now the searches are coming up empty. Is this a permanent change that I have to adjust to or will the next update bring back title searches?

    If there’s an official support forum I should lodge this request, let me know where and I’ll write it there.

  • Wow

    Thanks for the updates – ignore the whiners, this is a good program, and the continued updates make it better each time. Pay no attention to the folks who want Evernote to be a completely different program that does sketches, word processing, photo editing, and everything else. Take our notes, make them accessible and searchable and focus on that!

  • Jsul

    this is ridiculous! scrolling through your blog comments, it’s hard to not notice that you have had TONS of people requesting a linux client consistently every single time you announce a version update for YEARS! what’s your problem? for god’s sake, there a freakin’ palm pre client!? if you don’t do it soon, someone else will…

  • sam

    *sigh* I’m sorry, but I just canceled my subscription because you don’t even support Linux. You have palm pre and mac osx, but not linux? If you at least said you’re developing one I’d have stuck around. It’s a shame you’re losing paying clients to other services that do the same thing except that support linux. Unfortunately I will not be switching back because I do not want to keep switching programs – it’s a pain.

    Wish you had created a linux version sooner,

  • Robb Moats

    The secret to the disappearing clipper in Safari is to simply scrap your Safari preferences (in your user library > Preferences > and then re-customize the toolbar. I was overjoyed to find the Mail Link button, but it wouldn’t stay put. Sometimes the clipper would disappear, too. Scrapping the prefs and re-customizing the menu bar did it. (Realize this will reset your home page and some other settings, but they should be easy to fix for most folks.)

  • Michael P Sheehan

    Here is an easy fix, go to customise toolbar, drag your 1Password clipper to a location prior to Evernote clipper, if you have print on it, prior to that is better. When you restart Safari it will show, 1P, Ev, Pr, in that order, close again, restart, you will find it stays there

  • Peter Mitchell

    I think I am running the latest version about says its 1.5 and still had the Safari problem. But a work around from 1Password fixed it.
    Close Safari, Open terminal and enter this.
    defaults delete “NSToolbar Configuration BrowserWindowToolbarIdentifier”

    It worked for me, 1password back and evernote back as an elephant head instead of BU.

  • marc

    I just hope that the clipper for Mac will soon have the same ‘clip to’ and toggle/drawing options as the PC version.

  • Wellington Saamrin

    Hello guys, nice app. Mac Evernote is very nice, however the clipping button doesn’t work in a satisfactory way with Gmail. It always get me some kind of defalut “Loading gmail inbox”. I always have to use Copy & Paste in this situations.

  • Carlos Morales

    Hello guys. Thanks for a great app. I use it every day, and it has become part of my workflow.

    After the latest update I found that the evernote icon is moving itself to the far right side of the toolbar (next to the search bar) AND is avoiding the 1password icon to appear. Is this a known bug? is there anyway I can fix it?
    I’m using Snow Leopard and Safari 4.


    • kreofina

      I have the same issue, hope you can solve this fast. I’ve tried to find a solution on 1password website but they are sending it back to you in Par. 2.5.

  • noorawad

    I have opened new note book for the contacts , but i cant merge new notes in the same book , could you help as i like to keep all contacts in the same book .


  • larz

    I just downloaded Evernote for Mac. I looked, looked, googled, researched about how to make an ink note. It says it does it but it apparently doesn’t.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s correct. There is no ink note creation feature in Evernote for Mac at this time.