Food Month Tasting Event with Foodzie

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 16 Oct 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 16 Oct 2009

Do we have an exciting Food Month treat for you! Evernote has teamed up with the amazingly great for an exclusive San Francisco tasting event for six lucky Evernoters.

What is Foodzie?

Foodzie is a marketplace devoted to small and artisanal food producers from around the US. They carry an obscene amount of deliciousness (just wait till you see the food photos). Best off all, they help you discover locally-made foods that you never knew existed.

What’s the theme?

As any San Franciscan will tell you, a party ain’t a party without a theme. So, for our tasting, the theme will be Tasty Gifts. Although I’m convinced that anything from this site will make a tasty gift, the folks at Foodzie have hand-selected their absolute favorite products just for us. Personally, I’m a fan of this, this, this, and this.

As a very special bonus, some of the producers will be on hand to tell us about their gourmet vittles.

When? Where?

Date: October 29th
Time: 6pm
Location: San Francisco, CA

Special gift from Yak Pak

In addition to the culinary goodness, all attendees will get a super special gift from the great bag-producing folks at Yak Pak. If you’re not familiar with these guys you need to check them out.

Interested in joining us?

If you would like to join us, please leave a comment below telling us your favorite way to use Evernote. We will randomly select six (6) people from among the commenters. Everyone selected will be allowed to bring one guest to the event. We will contact the selected individual via email, so be sure to use a valid email when leaving your comment. To be considered, comments must be submitted by 12pm PT on Wednesday October 21st. Good luck!

Can’t make it? Don’t worry. There’s more Foodzie excitement to come. Stay tuned.

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  • Luke B.

    Evernote is great to take on a trip. I put all of my flight and hotel info, along with those pesky confirmation numbers, together in one place so I don’t have to dig through emails to find that info.

  • Sarita

    I LOVE Evernote!! I’ve transferred all my Palm/Google docs over and it was a breeze. I love that it’s online so whether I’m at work, on my iPhone, or on the beach, I can check out all my important info.

    What do I post? All my hiking trail info complete with links, maps, directions and photos. I also record little ditties I play on my guitar or drum and send the wav file to my (ahem!) fans. Some say torture but whatevah, don’t hate, appreciate create diversity! What else? My travel logs and itineraries goes in there, as does my own list of favorite restaurants, bars, salons, health professionals … my own little Yelp world. I also have quite a song lyrics list (say that 3X fast!) and keep a collection of poems and inspirational quotes. I recently started keeping photo notes for stuff that I want to blog about in the near future…when I get the blog in my head online that is. Everything is tagged so I don’t have to worry about filing (YAY!) and highlight favorites so I can easily access. This is probably more than six but like the app, I can’t help but load it with stuff.


  • Noreen

    Not too exciting – but I use Evernote to research stuff I want to learn about! What’s easier than seeing something interesting and scooping it up and sticking it in a folder for later consumption?? Also, I am teaching my daughter to do the same for her school projects – you have, basically, a built-in bibliography at the end! Thanks for a great product!

  • Roem

    I use Evernote to capture melody and song ideas.

    The good stuff happens at the least convenient times for me; walking down the street, in an elevator, the shower… so I sing it into the voice note feature and zip! It’s sync’d to my computer for me to work on at the studio later.

    Someone once said, writing a song was like catching fireflies in a jar… I like to think of Evernote as casting a bigger net for my creative fire.

  • Leanne Waldal

    Jot down cocktail ingredients while at bar or resTaurant copy/paste cocktail recipes, take photos of bottles while at bar or restaurant to easily remember them later when at wine/liquor store –> and then, surprise! Date time stamped searchable database of drinking and mixing WITH ingredients and recipes!

  • Andria Tay

    I find Evernote indispensable, though my usage is probably pretty mundane! I use it primarily to save things from the web that I’m doing research on, though I also use it on my T-Mobile Dash to save notes & ideas (t-shirt slogans, character ideas, wine & food notes, etc.) My favorite function lately has been the screencap on the webclipper – I can grab pretty much everything, esp. photos!

  • Lauren

    I use Evernote to keep track of my LIFE! Pics I want to remember, lists of things I want to buy… Most recently I was apartment hunting — I used Evernote to take pics of ads, listings, and apartment interiors! It makes it really easy for me to review what I can consider and what isn’t a good option.

  • Vivek Patel

    Capture & search through brainstorming sessions from a white board.

  • Kevin Neely

    My favourite aspect of my Evernote repository is my public recipe and wine-tasting notebooks. I create or clip recipes from everywhere and put them in this notebook so not only I can refer to them, but so I can point friends that are eating my tasty treats to the recipe. Wine tasting notes are mostly pics with a few notes uploaded from my Nokia smartphone, directly into Evernote and tagged ‘wine’ through the PixelPipe service.

    In private todo lists, I take the recipes and make shopping lists, as well as look for wine-pairing ideas from wine I have had before. This makes Evernote the perfect foodie companion!

  • George Hamma

    My Evernote collection is characterized by the diversity of the contents. Whether it’s photos I want to keep around, documents I hope to be able to find again, web sites that I want to remember to revisit (from whatever system I’m using at the time), shopping finds, or valuable support sites, they all go into Evernote.

  • Mike King

    I use Evernote as my to-do list and primary reference source, accessible from anywhere I can get to the web. When reading email or web pages, any time I see information I believe I will need in the future, I clip it. Evernote’s great search capability means I don’t need to spend a lot of time trying to “file” the information–I just type in a couple of keywords and find the stored information immediately. It’s much faster to work with information I’ve already reviewed than to do a web search and go through the results.

  • Matthew

    Evernote is a great tool for keeping track of business cards you are given by other professionals. It is easy to lose the actual business card, but if you take a picture of the card with Evernote – it is saved forever. The same is true for remembering bottles of wine you try in restaurants, beers you try at a bar, or other treats.

  • Josh Smith

    Maybe revealing my little Evernote usage will get me seriously uninvited to this shindig. But I’ll share anyway in the hope that others, um, “take note.” It’s been a busy past several months. I just moved to SF to go to graduate school, and before arriving here I was diagnosed with both ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. Previously I had worked full time (overtime, really) with kids on the Autism spectrum; I worked 20+ hours a week with one kid in particular who was ADHD and high-functioning. His life read all too much like my own.

    To say Evernote has been life-changing since sounds absurd and over the top–it’s not. Combine ADHD with AS and I honestly struggle to remember what feeling I’m feeling at any moment, or how to communicate needs. Evernote on iPhone is like my little therapeutic tool. I’ve taken my experience as a therapist for kids on the spectrum and made Evernote my platform for self-therapy. Now, bear in mind that I was an Evernote fanatic before and use it a billion different ways: paper notes, syllabus ideas, personal health records, wishlists, owner manuals, how-to’s. But I never once thought it really would be my “second brain” until now. I don’t know what I would do without it. My girlfriend is especially thankful to the Evernote team for enabling me to translate “upset” into “overwhelmed” and to therefore “take a deep breath” (as my Evernote note reads).

    Anyway, self-identifying as the Asperger’s guy is probably not what Dale Carnegie was thinking when he advised on how to win friends. I may not be the life of the Foodzie party from the Evernote crowd, but I am one damn good example of a second brain put to good use.

  • RandyF

    I like using evernote to read material later on when I don’t have time to review at the time I first discover it.

  • Rachael Guerra

    I enter all of my purchases into budget software. So I save all my reciepts. Pretty soon my wallet is crowded with reciepts. If I take them out of my wallet to store them some place else, it takes me forever to remember where I put them. Now I just take a picture using Evernote. No more bulky wallet. No more trying to keep track of all that paper.

  • Joyce

    Tracking job descriptions of all the positions I’m applying for!

  • easyidea

    Hai I also record little ditties I play on my guitar or drum and send the wav file to my (ahem!) fans. Some say torture but whatevah, don’t hate, appreciate create diversity! What else? My travel logs and itineraries goes in there, as does my own list of favorite restaurants, bars, salons, health professionals … my own little Yelp world

  • Gregg

    I use Evernote to keep track of class information and notes. Easy to make wish lists for Christmas too. Evernote keeps all my cyclocross training and racing information in one place. I upload my registration information and hotel into Evernote and then use my Blackberry if I have any issues on race day.

  • Peter Roessler

    Evernote keeps me organized as I gather data: on line, in documents, in photos. As a qualitative researcher, it’s vital to have a tool that is format agnostic and easy to access across devices.

  • Roderic Campbell

    All of my notes in one place…..

    not a chance. I’d rather have all of my notes in all of the places I am. The reason evernote works so well is because everything is backed up and accessible on all devices that I use.

    So my favorite way to use evernote besides as a complete replacement for my brain? I like to take pictures of the greeting cards that people send me. I’ve got tons of holiday cards and birthday cards that mean so much to me because they come from people who are important to me. Storing the cards on evernote saves me the space and clutter but affords me the memories.

    Thanks evernote.

  • Geraldine Gray

    Evernote is the one place I use for collecting information when I am hosting a client requirements & specification meeting for a implementation.
    Of course I have a monster spreadsheet/workbook for recording fields, triggers, automation rules etc, a handy but heavy lined notepad, my trusty gel ink pens, my memory the size of an elephant, and a few colleagues but you need somewhere to brain dump information so that it doesn’t get lost. And so that you can email it to the client when they forget what they asked for. Where else can I store:
    “How Can We Help You?
    Admin Request
    Device Support
    Feature Request
    General User Question” badly spelled random notes?
    Each client has their own notebook and then I sync this to my BlackBerry and either allow team members to log in as me so that they can see my notes or I email them out.
    Evernote is the app I use when I want to remember vital information that I know that I will probably forget.

  • Guillermo Torres

    Evernote has become essential for my meetings. I take notes with it during the meeting, and after the meeting I take pictures of the whiteboard using the iphone app.

    I also use it for shopping, while I am out and about, I take pictures of the tags to compare prices between stores and as reminders to buy the item when I can afford it.

  • Kristi

    I keep copies of user manuals on Evernote, which makes them searchable. I also keep articles and notes for subjects I’m researching.

  • Don

    Tracking random things like receipts and business cards that never had a good place to go. Prosaic stuff. However, I’m trying to convince a friend of mine who owns an vintage glassware store that she could create an online inventory that would be easily searchable. Currently I’m trying to get the eye-fi system set up for this. She said if I could get it down to 5 minutes per entry we should try it.

  • VirgoBlue

    Very practical but essential…I’m a huge listmaker and I need to have a running list of what to buy the next time I hit grocery or drugstore (because I always forget what I need).

  • helenlam

    I keep all my random notes to self on Evernote, which makes it useful regardless of whichever computer I might be logging in from!

  • Cheyenne

    I use Evernote for clipping and sharing recipes, instructions, interesting articles and schoolwork. If i want to remember it later it goes to Evernote.

  • Ray Prock

    My favorite use is the best soundbite of the upcoming vid.”It is my backup brain”