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Posted by on 26 Oct 2009

Posted by on 26 Oct 2009


Here’s a short tale of my list-making woes: I’m going shopping and I need olive oil, so I write down “olive oil.” This somewhat sensible decision quickly turns into 20 minutes spent staring blankly at the supermarket’s wall of olive oils. Or when traveling, I’ll write “visit the Corn Palace” only to misplace any relevant information about its history or importance.

You’re right, I should be more organized, but this whole process needs to be easier. My lists shouldn’t be denser, they should be smarter. Enter reQall’s Evernote integration.

reQall in their own words

reQall is a voice-enabled memory aid that seamlessly integrates your mobile phone, email, text messaging and IM into a powerful organizer, reminder system and productivity assistant. reQall lets you capture your ideas, tasks and commitments before you forget, and it proactively keeps you well-prepared and memory-strong.

The integration

reQall used the Evernote API to make lists and reminders incredibly useful. Whenever you speak or type an item into reQall, their service automatically searches your Evernote account to find any related notes. Then, when reQall reminds you of your task, you can quickly call up any relevant Evernote content without leaving the reQall application. It’ll even search for keywords inside of images.

Why this is cool

Here’s a Food Month-friendly example of why this is exciting. You’re throwing a dinner party and you need to pick up supplies. First, create your shopping list by speaking or typing it into reQall on the web or your iPhone.


Once at the store, tap on “Zinfandel,” and reQall brings up the note in Evernote of a Zinfandel you loved while on a trip through wine country. Need some wine glasses? Good thing you clipped the page from Crate and Barrel into Evernote.

The beauty of all this is that it’s incredibly simple and doesn’t require changing your workflow. From shopping to event planning to business meetings to travel, everything you need to remember is right at your fingertips. No extra effort required.

Get reQall

The Evernote integration is a part of reQall Pro. Sign up for reQall on their website, upgrade to Pro, then link your Evernote account from the Settings menu. Make sure to get reQall for iPhone from the AppStore. Learn more from reQall.

The Evernote API

Learn more about the Evernote API on our developer page, and join the many hundreds of developers currently working with the Evernote API to create new and exciting integrations.


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  • Gregg Smith

    I love evernote and pay for it. Couldn’t live without it. That said, I would really love it if I could use Reqall (which I also pay for) to send text directly to evernote. Currently I had to create a gmail rule based work around that is a pain. Any hope for this?

  • Ryan Dlugosz

    I’m a huge fan of Evernote and am a paying customer. I’ve also paid for JotNot and think it does a pretty good job of fixing images such that they are usable within EN. This app looks similar – I’ve recently been wishing that EN would handle audio transcription similar to how it handles image OCR.

    While it’s great that the API is out there and Evernote is promoting the use of it, I am becoming concerned that these features will not become a part of the EN platform. Will EN eventually add these basic extensions to the core app? (For the record, I realize that audio transcription and the image enhancement pieces aren’t exactly simple – by “basic”, I mean extensions to the current capabilities that are somewhat obvious for the feature roadmap.)

  • Alisha

    @Gregg, you can share with Evernote by listing your Evernote private email as a contact. There is a lot of stuff that gets sent along with your note which makes it a bit annoying to me. Dial2Do does a great job of sending text directly to Evernote, but I need the memory aide of Reqall that Dial2Do does not offer. I’m hoping that when Evernote integration comes to all ReQall users, not just the iphone, that sending things to Evernote will be easier. I would like my ReQall notes to automatically go into my Evernote account…but I’m probably dreaming!

  • Gregg Smith

    @Alisha thanks. My method actually cuts down on the amount of extra text that gets sent (I believe). I say “Evernote” at the beginning of the recording and Gmail routes it to Evernote. I also have outlook task integration so I don’t want every note going my tasks.

    One of the voicemail transcription companies is now licensing their transcription tool to use in 3rd party apps. I’ve been hoping EN would license and build an internal transcription as well.

    Thanks for listening, EN.

  • Ralph Lampelzammer

    reQall really searches only the title and tag of your notes. As far as I have noticed (Pro-Version) it does not search the (really important) body of your note.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ralph reQall searches through the title, tags, and the body of your note. They’re fairly intelligent about how they preform the searches. For example, if your reQall item is something like “Buy Zinfandel today,” they would likely only search for the word Zinfandel, as the other two words are actionable keywords that have specific meaning within the reQall system.

  • Mark Thomas

    Will the search capability be extended to Blackberry?

  • Gary

    Whatever I enter in reQall (after having enabled my EN account)…when I tap “show related items”, I get “Sorry could not get related items from Evernote”….even when the spelling and everything is exact. Not sure if there is some huge delay…???

  • lukas

    what about a windows mobile app & integration. this sounds usefull!

  • Gary

    My results have nothing at all to do with the reQall item. It brings back completely erroneous results. Cool feature..just doesn’t seem to work. Also- why are reQall EN PDF previews showing up when you guys don’t even have PDF thumbnail preview in the native EN app??

  • David Casseres

    This page is incredibly hard to read. The type is small and pale gray. What’s up with that?

  • Dan Butcher

    I know I need a ReQall pro account for Evernote integration. Do I also need an Evernote paid account, or will ReQall work with a free Evernote account?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dan You don’t need an Evernote Premium account to use the integration.

  • Alvin Petitt

    Is this promotion over? When I click the link I’m sent to the standard purchase page. No discount vs. a standard Pro version purchase.

  • Gil

    The Reqall site is unclear as to whether the integration works with the Blackberry version. speaks only to what it does on the iPhone.

  • GaryC

    @Gil, isn’t every Evernote does geared for the iPhone? I love EN, but I haven’t gone premium yet because the Blackberry integration is horrible.

  • robert

    I have tried multiple times to sign up for ReQall but each time that I do, the site says, in red, that it is unable ‘complete my registration…please scroll down and correct the problem.’
    But, I do not see what the problem is!!!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Robert That sounds like a problem to direct at reQall support.

  • Inbal

    Could you maybe try to integrate Evernote with calendars yourselves? This whole idea sounds like heaven, but I don’t really need voice-based time-management or multiple-syncing, which are reQall’s main strongholds. The geographic reminders are tempting… But for the scenarios above to become possible you basically need keywords (actions, places, etc.) on calendars to bring up relevant content that people uploaded to Evernote, when the events/tasks are entered or when they’re taking place. That’s it; it’s not simple, but it’s not THAT complicated, and it really can be life-changing.

  • Daniel

    THe next step is to compress the sound clips for the sake of mobile users. We already are thinking of such service to our customers, since are able to fit 1.5 hours of speech into 1 MB. May be smthn to offer Evernote.

  • Deb Miller

    @Gil and @Mark Thomas, the reQall/Evernote integration currently works on iPhone. We will be adding it to the BlackBerry in the future.

    @Alvin, the promo is still going on. If you’re not getting the discount, send a note to and they can help you.

    @Gary, if you send a note to they can help figure out why things aren’t showing up as you would expect them to.

    BTW, I’m with the reQall team, in case it wasn’t obvious 🙂

  • David

    @Deb I’m sure you get this a lot, but Android reQall/Evernote integration would be valuable to me. I know EV has a beta Android app. Thanks.

  • McCall Bennett-Lawrence

    My two favorite apps are dating!!! YAHOO!!! I can’t wait to see the baby! (So very exciting. seriously. Besides “Phone” and “eMail”, Evernote and ReQall are my two mot oft used apps for iPhone and iMac! YEAH!!!!

    Kudos to both of your partnership Development teams!

  • Megan

    Please, I would love to find out if there is ever going to be a ReQall app for windows mobile!?! Is it being thought about or in process of being created? I love my windows mobile phone and don’t plan on getting an iPhone, ever.

  • Mark Thomas

    Thanks for the response Deb. I love the integration idea but as I have a Blackberry it didn’t work. Any idea how long until we have integration?

  • Deb Miller

    @David, Megan, Mark, thanks for all the input.

    @Mark, we have a new version for the BB coming out soon. It won’t have Evernote integration yet, but the version after that should.
    @David, yes, we are getting a lot of interest in Android. We’re looking seriously at it, but don’t yet have a schedule in place.
    @Megan, based on the interest we’re getting, we are more likely to do an Android version next than a WM version. I’m sorry–there just isn’t enough time to do all the possible clients. I was at a conference recently where one speaker commented that even the richest company on earth (Google) couldn’t afford to support all the clients.

  • Ann Landau

    I have Pro versions of ReQall and Evernote for Verizon Blackberry Curve. The ‘send to Evernote’ option showed up on my ReQall number after I had enabled it on my Evernote settings. I tried it and it worked. Then I think there were some updates to one or both programs and now the ‘send to Evernote’ feature has disappeared. I checked the settings on my Evernote account and found I had to once again check the box for ReQall. So I thought it would work now. But it doesn’t, still. Disappointed. Please Please work on this both programs are so GOOD. As a retired person concerned about memory issues, both programs are so GREAT!!! You definitely have a new market with aging baby boomers….

  • Brandon Blake

    Is this integration in the development pipeline for Android?