Ads, reQall, clipping, and more

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 27 Oct 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 27 Oct 2009

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Podcast #12 (season 1 finale) topics

  • Advertising in Evernote [interested in becoming an advertiser?]
  • Total Recall by Gordon Bell [buy the book]
  • Integration spotlight: reQall for iPhone [related post]
  • Clipping webpages from the iPhone [how to]
  • Help improve our handwriting recognition in your language [related post]
  • Twitter questions, use cases, and a new analogy

Call me!

We’ve set up a voicemail box just for you. Call us and tell us how you use Evernote-–don’t forget to tell us your name and where you’re from. We’ll choose the best ones and play them in our podcast. Call +1 (347) 497-3572 and leave a message.

Any questions?

Have a question you’d like us to cover in a future podcast? Leave it in the comments section or send a tweet with the hashtag #EvernotePodcast.


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  • J. Merrill

    I know others have asked, but with Verizon announcing the Android-based “droid” phone with availability on 11/9, can we get “make an Android app for Evernote” moved up the priority list?


  • Jesse

    I would like to know why I can’t make comments on notes when I send them from gReader into Evernote. Often I find myself wishing I could make a comment reminding myself what specifically about the entire post it was that I wanted to clip.

  • Farren

    If I share a notebook “with the world”, will it be found and indexed by Google and do you approve of using this method of publishing a simple web site?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Farren When you publish to the world, your notebook will be available for Google indexing.