Windows Beta update: Evernote 3.5 Beta 3

Posted by on 03 Nov 2009

Posted by on 03 Nov 2009

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Evernote 3.5 Beta keeps improving on its path to general availability. The latest release adds a number of new features, improves speed and stability, and gives you lots of things you’ve been asking for. Here’s a rundown.

Download Evernote 3.5 Beta 3


Drag and drop

With this release, you can drag files onto the Evernote application icon to create new notes. Free users can drag images, audio and PDFs. Evernote Premium users can drop any file including Word docs and PowerPoint presentations. If you use a scanner with Evernote, set the scan destination to be Evernote.exe, and those scans will become notes automatically.

Pop-up control

If you’re like me, then you like seeing those informational sync and clip pop-up messages. Some of you…well…you hate them. Now you get to choose. Keep them on, or turn them off. It’s your call. Just go to Tools > Options > Synchronization to change the setting.

Tons of other improvements

  • Significantly improved performance when switching between notebooks
  • New global hot-key for searching Evernote (defaults to SHIFT+Windows+F)
  • Improved search support for Asian characters
  • Addressed PDF search issues
  • Improved auto-import dialogs
  • Improved copy/paste support
  • Incorporated more standard keyboard short-cuts
  • More configuration preferences preserved
  • Improved task tray with easier access to clipping and short-cuts

Known problems

  • Graphics and text can appear blurry in some monitor configurations
  • Firefox clipper is currently not supported

To everyone that has tried the Beta. Thanks. Your feedback is helping us build a better Evernote.

Download Evernote 3.5 Beta 3


Evernote for Windows Beta keeps getting better:


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  • Dwight Schultz

    I can’t get the beta to even run under Windows 7 – I like the new version of Evernote (windows) because it resembles the Mac version…

  • Andrew

    Keep up the great work, guys! The Beta is getting better!

    @Dwight : I’m running the Window 7 RC, and Evernote 3.5 Beta is working fine for me.

  • Chris

    I liked using the Beta, but the one thing that made me go back to using 3.1 for now is the lack of support for the Firefox web clipper. I know it’s a known-issue for you guys, but I thought I’d throw that out there. It’s probably my most-used method for creating notes!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Chris There will be a Firefox clipper for Evernote 3.5

  • Tom

    Anyone else having problems with bullets in the beta releases? I have tried all three betas now and it still seems to be a problem where indented bullets result in blank bullets above it that cannot be removed.

  • Rich

    Wish you would include printing from the screen capture function. Would save me about 6 clicks each time I want to save a picture and print it.


  • Zac

    It appears that one can post a bulleted list into the text entry window, and bullets actually show up! Of course, you can’t control the look (who cares) or the depth (via hitting tab, I care a lot!).

    It would be awesome to see some basic outlining enabled in the UI — let us have a button for bulleted and numbered lists, and let us have multiple depths.

    Additionally, the ability to “highlight” (really just have a quick-key for changing text background color) would be very cool. The same could be said of the text color changer: I’d like it to be a normal button, with an optional dropdown just to the right. It should retain my last text color choice. This makes for a lot less clicks.

  • Jim Kimmons

    Your update downloaded but will not install. Get an error about a missing component in Windows Installer. I can install anything else I want, so assume it’s your issue. Hope you fix it.

  • Kyle

    Looks great! Feels more like the Mac version to me as well.

    Hey, does anyone know where I could get an Evernote t-shirt. I’m willing to buy or donate money for it. Evernote is flippin sweet!

  • Jeff

    Two things I’m still missing:

    1) The ability to rotate images like the old Evernote could do

    2) A quick keyboard shortcut to insert things like “To Do” checkboxes

    Is there another place I should be reporting these things?

  • Herb mann

    I would like to save YOUR page as an Evernote. Be damned if I can see how.

    Alos, how you save a web page that goes beyond one screen.

    This sucks.

  • Taksina

    Running on Windows 7 without problems so far. Only one minor annoyance: Program doesn’t minimize at Windows startup. Have to manually minimize it each time when I start Windows.

  • genevieve

    I love Evernote, but the new layout takes up a ton of screen real estate. I have a 10 inch netbook and when I open up a note in its own window, the icons at the top and then the Note Title + the tags + the url take up roughly a fifth of the screen. That’s a lot! I know I can collapse the text editing menu bar, but can I collapse the other stuff too? Keep up the great work guys!

  • Lisa

    Does this new beta fix the problems with scanning directly into Evernote with a ScanSnap? Or allow for a portable version? If not, I’m sticking to the earlier version until this is fixed.

  • pete

    Works great for me so far. I’m using Win 7.

  • Stephen Hall

    This seems not to be happening to anyone else, judging from the comments, but I get an error message from the beta download link (as I did for the last announcement about the beta). As a result, haven’t been able to try it out.

  • Ali

    I agree with Zac – put some formatting buttons on the note window/section/thingy. I’ve learned the keyboard shortcuts but I’d prefer to have buttons. And tab to increase indent with bulleted lists would be cool.

    And @Jeff there is a keyboard shortcut for the checkboxes – SHIFT+CTRL+C

  • Daryl

    @ genevieve – you can get rid of the “showing n notes from x notebook” toolbar by going to View menu and deselecting “Show Search Explanation”. I can’t find a keyboard shortcut for this.
    This then reduces the clutter at the top to no more space than in 3.1.
    You can also reduce the font size of the main screen elements by going to TOOLS > OPTIONS > DISPLAY:
    The “Source List” is the notebooks/tags/attributes lists down the left of the screen.
    “Note List” is the scrollable list of notes top right pane.
    “Note Text” is, I imagine, self-explanatory.

    For info, although I haven’t yet tried this on my netbook, I have found that keeping the font size at 12 but changing the font to Calibri gives a nice balance. I’ve not extensively tested the main Windows fonts out yet though, so there may be something better, or of course something that it visually more appealing to you.

    I hope this helps though,

  • Naas

    Please bring back the following screen clipping features available on previous releases !!!

    – ability to resize and move selected area before actually clipping
    – option of clipping selection directly into Evernote or to clipboard (very useful for adding multiple screen clips into the same note)
    – ability to add shapes into selected area prior to clipping.

  • Werner

    I use tables extensively, since templates are not supported in version 3. Now, in 3.5, there is only minimal support for tables left, i.e. rows or columns can not be added or removed nor can the width of columns be changed. I hope this punctuality is added back soon, otherwise Evernote is no longer of use to me!

  • Matthew Routley

    I get the following error on Windows XP:
    “Administrator permissions are required to install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Contact your administrator.”

    There’s no chance I’ll get my administrator to support Evernote.

  • TGhosh

    I am seeing the problem with bullets.
    agreed on the lack of keyboard shortcuts to create checkbox lists

    My biggest problem with evernote and why i still keep onenote around is the total lack of a rich text editor. There needs to be more power and flexibility around formating text within notes

  • Ed

    I really want to try the beta but until the web clipper for FF is supported, I just can’t. Let us know as soon as that gets resolved.

  • Mike

    Matt Routley, .Net Framework is a standard upgrade package to a lot of stuff built into Windows. Subterfuge would probably work.

    Echo the comments about the bullets throwing in extra lines if you are doing nested lists. I also have some weird font size issues when going back and forth, or printing notes.

  • Mike

    Oops. Oh.. and Matt, you can use the web version at work. If you use firefox, you can get two extensions FaviconizeTab and PermaTab to make a little always up icon of evernote in your browser. (I use that pair for gmail, reader, and our intranet at work)

  • John Wylie

    I concur with Naas. We need the old clipping back.

  • Jeff

    Bottom line is that Evernote is a spectacular and “insanely useful” product. I think us “beta testers” should have another place besides this blog to air our comments. Is there another such place? Perhaps a “beta tester forum” separate from this one would be appropriate. No sense in potentially scaring away other customers just because they read comments on minor little problems on a beta version of a product, especially when the “main” product like the browser-based software works really well.

  • Zetalaki

    Please bring back tape view as a viewing option! This was one of the main reasons I chose Evernote (Premium).
    For those, who work mainly with text notes, this is such a nice feature. And now, as you got used to it, a must.
    I guess the icon view is good for those who work predominantly with short text notes with a lot of photos, but I think most of your users store longer text tidbits in Evernote.
    So eliminating tape view is a step-back for me. And i guess for many of your users.
    And I have just lost so many good features in Evernote since version 2.2, which I had also bought ( like auto-tagging and intersect search, linking notes), that I am wondering if serious users will be left out in the cold while you are inviting more twitter-toting, iphone wielder webtoddlers into the bunch…

  • pavel

    Really, Beta3 is better! Looking forward to it. But what about the Clipping Panel? I used it quite a lot. Together with the ‘D’ – Drawing feature for not only web clips.

  • Steve

    Anyone having trouble re-launching after Evernote has run in the background for awhile? I’m on Windows 7. After putting mini to sleep and waking it up again, Evernote will not relaunch. Nothing in the task manager, but when I restart, I get indication that Evernote is still running in the background and needs to be forced closed.,

  • Mike Kanakos

    Could you provide a time line as to when Evernote may leave Beta status?

    I am a pretty heavy user and I use it in multiple locations (Windows, Mac client, iphone and web). I decided not to use the beta because i don’t have time in my life for working around the bugs…

    I am anxiously awaiting a stable non beta build…

  • Teresa

    Please, please, PLEASE figure out the Firefox Web Clipper for the beta version. It is so frustrating not to be able to easily clip into Evernote.

  • Tony Barra

    Tried the beta, looks good but like others I had to go back because I use the Firefox clipper several times a day.

  • Daren Peacock

    There is less control over screen clipper. Please bring back the ‘copy to clipboard’ feature. I find this very useful if a want to paste the clip into MS Office.

    Also when a screen has been clipped and you attempt to copy (right mouse click in the viewing pane on the right) the clip disappears!

  • Nils

    What about the ‘subject date’? I really need it back!

  • David Richards

    When printing the font is huge if it is a small note. I want it to print at a small/standard font. Email if you want an example.

  • Jim

    I am having trouble with the wake from sleep to an unresponsive evernote that has to be forced closed and also sometimes leads to a computer freeze. I am trying an uninstall and reinstall to see if that helps. Win 7 pro.

  • Jason Barone

    Working well for me on Windows 7, but my first impressions are not good.

    1. I’m doing a side-by-side comparison of this beta to the old version. RAM usage is 15k vs 90k. FIX THAT immediately. That is a HUGE step back if you release 3.5 consuming that much memory. The program overall isn’t that much different, I hope this is a coding bug or something. Pidgin, Skype, Gizmo5 and Thunderbird combined run on less than 90k RAM for me.

    2. It “feels” a little slower when navigating through items in the left column. I’m doing a side-by-side comparison and just clicking different notebooks and things feels slightly sluggish compared to how it was. I’m not sure if it’s just me.

    3. The text/font for everything is worse in my opinion, it’s much less sharp and crisp, which is odd because Windows 7 overall renders text really well. This isn’t a huge deal though.

    4. I was hoping for a few additions to the text editing box, but I was disappointed when I saw that you actually removed items (the decrease/indent buttons). I was hoping you would input the most basic and useful feature I look for: Remove Formatting. I absolutely hate clipping items into my blog article drafts and the text copies in as courier, when the rest of it is Tahoma. I like everything to be a neater and unanimous. Please consider adding a simple “Remove Formatting” button that strips the selected text to default settings.

    I’ll play with the beta a little more, but to be honest I’ll probably uninstall and go back to the previous version.

    Evernote ROCKS, I’m confident 3.5 will come out great, but please consider looking into the RAM issue.

  • Jason Barone

    A few more quick notes.

    Playing with 3.5 beta, opening options and Viewing Thumbnail mode caused the RAM to go even higher– 110k.

    Doing the same things on the previous version, I only got it max at 16k.

    Also, am I missing something? I can’t figure out how to get back to the continuous view where you can just scroll through all of your notes in a notebook. I don’t like this either. That worked extremely well in finding things. Also the gray “whitespace” was perfect, it gave the program a bit more slickness to the UI.

    Coming from an extremely happy free user, who will upgrade when the Android app is available. 3.5 is no longer the quick, slick, lightweight little app that I loved.

  • Michael Murphy

    I really like the improved navigation.
    Now if I could only sync all my data locally to my iPhone…Evernote would be perfect.
    Yeah, I know your working on it.

  • Brandon

    I suppose one of my simplistic gripes — though it’s important to me — is that the basic components of the new Evernote beta just don’t look right. The buttons are non-standard, the menu drop-downs are non-standard.

    In the forums you guys talk about usability tests and getting things to be less “new” looking and more familiar to your new and prospective users.

    So why get away from what we Windows users expect from applications as far as some of these basic elements?

  • Keith

    Is it me? Although I can sync files with 3.5 the search function only really works online. I really need to be able to search PDFs and it doesn’t seem to do it. Is this a beta flaw or am I missing something?

  • Carl

    Will we be able to sort Notes alphabetically like in the Mac version? This is important to me, because I will soon have hundreds of PDF notes that I need to sort that way.

  • Tom

    Getting better with every release, keep up the good work! Few quick notes:
    1. I’m not sure I like single process design ’cause it uses more RAM even when not displaying main interface, tho that’s not a big issue.
    2. Linking between notes. Would that be very hard to implement? It’s I’m really missing this feature.

  • android

    where is android support … we need it badly

  • Stacey

    Let me echo the request for the return of tape view and of subject date to the Windows version. Is it standardization with the Mac that has caused the loss of these well-used features?

    At least give us some automated way to convert the subject dates for thousands of notes to some other way they could be read. If all of us who use the subject date feature were all to do this manually, that would probably add up to thousands and thousands of hours.

  • Dan West

    I would love to see tags set up as a cloud application the way Remember the Milk does its tags.
    They are much easier to find and manage and highlight the amount of information in each tag.
    It would also be nice to be able to merge tags.

  • Dan West

    The Android application is lacking. however there is a workaround for sending pictures on the Droid.
    Just go to the camera and take the picture you want. Then hit share and if you have Evernote installed it will have a share button for Evernote. This is much easier that going to the Evernote app first as that does not always work correctly.

  • Erin

    Something isn’t right for me in Windows 7 Home Premium. As soon as I start Evernote, it jumps a bit, then my windows are turned into Windows Basic. I was just thinking of going premium, but this is a big issue for me. To get my windows back to normal I have to reboot.

  • Nicola

    Please bring back the subject date!
    I cannot use the Beta version without it!

  • Robert Durham

    When trying to sync..3.5 says it connects to server, authenticates and starts to sync database…however at 13% it errors out and says Synchronization Failed.
    This has been happening for several days now on Windows Vista. Any ideas?

  • Vik

    May I suggest a few fetures:
    – Evernote Mobile should be able to display the existing notes without the need to sign in
    – Ability to only have an icon on the System Tray while the main window is maximised (like Winamp)
    – The ability to create notes when right clicking on a tag name – so the new note will automatically contains that tag

    Thank you, keep up the good work!

  • Bob

    I was cruising with 3.5 for months and loving it, then all of a a sudden it started locking up on me (“not responding”). At first, it would only lock up on me when clipping from IE8. Eventually it got to where it locked up whenever I tried to sync. I have had to switch back to 3.1.


    Evernote no longer syncs. Been unable to sync for weeks on my PC since downloading 3.5. Removed and still an issue with 3.1 now. Mac works fine. It is useless to me know, since I use the PC at work and access on other computers and phone. Already looking to switch back to OneNote and use the mobile app that works on my iPhone to sync since it works.

  • vlangford

    I like the look and feel of 3.5 so far, but I miss the old tag functionality. I would like to be able to have the tag tool back on the tool bar, so that I can just check the tags that apply to the note. Also, I notice that if I create a new tag and then file it under another tag, the database drops that tag from the note, but then counts it anyway.

  • Jeff Dobbing

    Have only just discovered Evernote and it’s one of those things that now I’ve found it just makes sense! So very keen to see 3.5 work perfectly. So far I’ve found the following minor issues with Beta 3:
    – Spell checking option (inc pressing F7) just doesn’t seem to do anything for me?
    – I consistently find that attempting to either cut or copy an image from one note to another results in the image being cut from the source note and then unavailable to paste to the destination – end result the image is lost forever
    – Clicking on the “Current Monthly Usage” report intermittently results in a hidden window being created, giving the impression the application has locked up. Task manager can be used to end the main application and then report window to fix things

    I’m running Evernote 3.5 Beta 3 on Windows 7 Ultimate

  • vlangford

    Further comments on the Tags. If you have tags filed under a tag, the top tag used to show the tag count of everything underneath it. It no longer does.

    Also, I have found a similar issue with the spell check. You can use it, and choose “Ignore”, but the red line doesn’t go away.

  • Dan Murray

    Aside from some basic instability with the new version (sometimes decides to fail and close) one other issue I’ve noticed is printing. When I print from 3.5 Beta 3 the font is too large and the output goes off the page. If I sync and print the same material from the web version….no problem.

    Can’t wait till you get a clipper setup for the new version. Love it.

  • Wilmer

    1) feels slower, (libxml probably is quite slow)
    2) clipping, I would love the CTRL C back. I don’t always clip into Evernote.
    3) memory footprint seems huge!! 95Megs? That’s crazy big!

    I’m going back to 3.1

  • Roman

    Where’s Time Band??? Bring Time Band back 🙂 Maybe it’s not useful for everyone but it is veeeeeery cool feature 🙂

  • Itai

    I gotta tell you – I’m an avid 3.1 user. I’m a big fan of Evernote – been using it since V2. I just installed 3.5, because I upgraded OS, and thought I’d give it a try. It’s terrible.

    The very basic of Evernote – the fact that it’s a digital notebook, is gone. I can no longer see all notes that apply to a certain filtering (e.g. all unfinished todos) in one view. Sure I can use the thumbnail view – but why would I want to see notes in random sizes and fonts? It’s a working tool. All I want is to see all of my todos in one long view. That option is gone.

    I uninstalled and ran back to 3.1 (and found out that Evernote uninstall leaves a pile of junk on my PC after uninstall. Thank god for REVO Uninstaller) .
    I hope to god 3.5 would not be released like this, as it would mean the end of an era for me…

  • Vince

    why not a version for symbian ?

  • Shawn Samuel

    Unfortunately, not enjoying so far due to the removal of key features for me. Please bring back Control-F11 and Control-Shift-D – I use these all day long (to jump to tags and quickly edit tags) as part of my workflow (esp for tasks) and the lack of it is killing me. Are there equivalents that I’m missing?

  • John

    Bullet formatting is not preserved. That is, when I visit a list previously created Evernote adds addition bulleted lines that are blank.

    Also, I use mixed lists a lot (bullets and numbers), but there does not appear to be an easy way to do this. If I add a number 1 then a bullet how do I add a number 2. When I try it starts over at number 1.

  • Tom McQueeney

    Please fix the bug in Evernote 3.5 beta that causes an infinite loop and locks the UI when editing a note and using Ctrl-Delete to delete a word.

    This bug has persisted in all versions of 3.5 beta I have tried, and exists in Evernote_3.5.0.567.exe. It is a terrible, fatal bug that I can duplicate again and again. I can’t say it happens 100% of the time, but it happens frequently enough to cause great grief. I prefer the new Beta 3.5 interface over the older Evernote, so fixing this bug would make me a happy beta user.



  • vlangford

    I frequently open a note in a separate window so that I can see more of the note. When opened in a separate window, there are 2 inchs of screen real estate at the top of the note devoted to icons and tags. I don’t need to see these things when using a separate window. I was willing to put up with the slowness, the eratic nature of the web clipping functionality, and the poor tag management, but this is a real deal breaker for me. I am heading back to 3.1.

  • vlangford

    One other thing I forgot to mention about opening a note in a separate window. In version 3.1 when you do this and then resize the window, Evernote remembers that size and the next time you open a note in a new window it is sized the same way you sized the last one. This is helpful if you want to open two notes in separate windows and have them sit side by side.

  • SergeMaroz

    Please bring back Control-F11 and Control-Shift-D

  • Haakon Aasprong

    Yes, please bring back Control-F11 and Control-Shift-D! This is a functionality I desperately miss.

    And also the ability to drag tags straight onto the notes.

  • Rainer Geesken

    I work with 3.5 beta2 and I tried drag & drop with a pdf a few times and it doesn’t work. My computer hangs and I need to restart. I am working on Wndows 7. Ok its a beta so there is still room for improvements :-)…

  • Nauka Jazdy

    Wish you would include printing from the screen capture function. Would save me about 4 clicks each time I want to save a picture and print it.

  • Luis

    I love Evernote, but I didn’t like version 3.5! Sorry guys, but I expected something better, not worse than the last version!
    Apart from everything people are complaining about (specially the less-natural-interface and clipping), the main problem for me is that I use Evernote in a netbook, and this version is way too heavy!
    It takes up too much memory and is sluggish… please don’t leave it like this, because right now it’s unusable!
    And you also shouldn’t promote it in the downloads area, my brother gave up using Evernote in one week, because he said the program slows his computer down… and he installed the beta version!

    PS: some news from the guys at Evernote? Are you listening to the feedback?

  • Bob

    I Love Evernote! Thanks for developing this great tool!

  • MacPhd

    I’ve been a happy user of Evernote on Mac and iPhone for over a year now and very pleased with it. I’m looking to take it to another level and would like to put all the hundreds of little notes I have stored in my old Palm into Evernote. Is there an easy way of importing that information from the Palm Desktop application?

  • User

    I found out that pasting of text (from notepad for instance) works in about 10% of the cases. I have to press Ctrl-V about 10 times before it decides to paste the text. The simplest feature in the world, really wouldn’t expect this not to work in a Beta 3…

  • Dave Yuhas

    Will linking between notes be put in? It was taken out in v3. I’ve never seen a rational explanation from EN as to why it was taken out in the first place, or why it can’t be put back in.

  • Tony

    I don’t know if this is how I contact you to let you know about this. There is not very good information on the website as to how to report things like this, but here is the information. I am using version (66658), and every time I put my computer into hybernate evernote crashes. When I open it back up, evernote just shows a black
    screen and has to be killed from the task manager. This is very hard to work with as I use this on laptops & netbooks where I just put them in hybernate so that I can get a quick start up. It is not uncommon to want to open up a netbook quick and take a quick note. I know this is beta, but I thought you would like to know about it.

    Thanks for your attention.


  • dhaval


    I am using the latest version of Beta on Windows 7 64 bit.

    The display of the whole application is quite fuzzy. Even the right click menu for the tray icon is just not right. Can you please fix this as soon as possible as it is strain on the eyes. I am not sure if anyone else has reported this.