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Tip: Keep track of all your favorite camping, biking or hiking spots

Posted by Ron Toledo on 13 Nov 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 13 Nov 2009

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Whenever you come across a great campground or biking/hiking trail online, clip it into Evernote using one of Evernote’s Web Clipper options. Once in Evernote, tag the note or put into a dedicated notebook.

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  • Murray Hynd

    Great idea to use evernote… I’ve begun to use mapmyride to chart casual bike rides through our area here… but using evernote makes more sense. I’ll give it a go…

    It’s varied topology here, semi-rural with many caminos, and dirt-tracks, oh, and villages with welcome bar/restaurants [Costa Blanca, Spain].

  • Camper Trailers For Sale

    I love camping out in the wild and over the years I have found that the best thing is always to take a good travel guide with you wherever you go.

  • Darren the belly fat guy

    Tunitas Creek area is a tough riding as it that some steep parts along the way. The roads are usually OK, except for the occasional pothole but the views make it worth wild do it.

    Kind regards,