Funding, Evernote 3.5, Food Month recap

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 01 Dec 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 01 Dec 2009

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We’ve set up a voicemail box just for you. Call us and tell us how you use Evernote-–don’t forget to tell us your name and where you’re from. We’ll choose the best ones and play them in our podcast. Call +1 (347) 497-3572 and leave a message.

Any questions?

Have a question you’d like us to cover in a future podcast? Leave it in the comments section or send a tweet with the hashtag #EvernotePodcast.


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  • Elliot

    MMMM PUDDING 😀 That was hilarious and imformative 🙂

  • Matt

    I loved the podcast! Are there any plans to develop an iGoogle gadget for Evernote?


  • Solar_Plexus

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it might hold you over:

  • Gabe

    Is there anyway on the iPhone app or within any of the clients that you can display a random note? I use evernote to keep track of quotes I like, and sometimes would like to have it display a random “quote of the day” from my notebook.

  • T3

    Hello Cool Guys and Mountain View again.
    Congraturations for starting evernote podcast season 2!!

  • John Andrews

    Hey guys, Thanks for all the hard work you do and for mentioning me on the podcast. It is really nice to hear a bunch of guys just talking about what they love to do and do it in such a light tone. Keep up the great work!!!

    p.s. Victoria station is in MA not ME haha

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @John Thanks so much for all your help and support! Sorry about the MA/ME mistake. As a former MA resident, I know those types of errors aren’t taken lightly.

  • Mike

    Love the podcast 🙂

    My question for the next one is do you guys have any plans to raise the 25Mb single file size? Perhaps for pro users? I’m having to split my storage between EN and Windows Live ‘SkyDrive’ which kind of sucks…

    Keep up the good work!

  • fredd

    I’d like to arrange my tags, I mean I’d like to handle the tags. I have too much tags, but all are important for me to do searches. how can I reduce the numbers of tags without errase it, only reduce…

    excuse my english

  • Robert Siekmann, jr.

    What have you done to Evernote (Vista) 3.5beta?!

    -Where is the draw functionality (D)?
    -Why can’t I resize my clipping area?
    -Why was the “straight to email” button removed?
    -And why is the direct link to the most recent clipping gone?

    — These were great features of EN 3.1. —

  • Robert Siekmann, jr.

    Win Mob:
    EN, could you add a screen capture option for the Win Mob version of Evernote?
    Turning to 3rd party software isn’t ideal.
    And for the time being, what is your recommended Screen Capture software for Windows Mobile (Sony X1) at the moment?

  • Shane Phillips

    can you encrypt text on android phones or just on ios devices and web interface

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can encrypt text using the Evernote desktop versions. You can decrypt from the mobile and web versions of Evernote.