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The Evernote Community Wish List Project

Posted by Ron Toledo on 02 Dec 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 02 Dec 2009

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.


If you’re like me, then every year you find yourself in the same situation: you have a list of people who need gifts but no idea what to get them. Sound familiar? This year, let’s do something about it. Let’s join together to create the ultimate wish list in Evernote.

Let’s make gift-giving simple(r)

  • Shared wish list I started a shared Evernote Wish List notebook as a place for us to share the great gift ideas we come across.
  • Send us your ideas You can add your suggestions by emailing us links to your favorite gift ideas (email link), and we’ll add them to the notebook.
  • Share your gift notebook You can also share your own gift notebook with us by placing a link to it in the comments. (Read our sharing post for instructions).
  • Link to your account You can link this shared notebook to your Evernote Web account and check back as often as you like to see the great new items that will be popping up over the next few weeks.

The gift of Evernote

Don’t forget, for only $45 you can give someone a full year of Evernote Premium.


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  • Peter Figur

    I would like:
    – Evernote to be able to group sub-folders in notebooks.
    – Evernote to remember my view options
    – Be able to get my notes and files off line in my iTouch.
    – Increase view options in the desktop.
    – Ability to keep formatting for notes on my iTouch

  • BarbD

    I liked this idea, and decided to link the shared account to my account. I can’t get it to show up on the client side, though — only the web-based version. Any way to get it to appear within the client?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @BarbD Our sharing is only on the web at this point. We are working on bringing it over to other versions of Evernote.

  • Ray Gauthier

    I have already been using Evernote, for gift lists for my wife and our 6-year old. Evernote (from my phone) makes it so easy to add items as the ideas “occur.” Now instead of what do I get them, it’s which of the items on my list do I get them. My wife was surprised, when I declined her offer of gift ideas, indicating that I had been keeping notes from her “cues” and ideas for the past several months.

  • erikingram98

    wow! great idea.

  • Kevin Neely

    I took the idea and ran with it, thanks Evernote! I have tagged items with how much I want something and a price range, so people can sort them. Not too many items as of yet, but I am sure it will get longer.

    My third public notebook:

  • Luke

    Would love to see improved adding via email. RTM does this well so perhaps some inspiration from how they do email addition on notes.
    Apart from that evernote does most other stuff ok for me.

  • iRock

    I would like:
    – Evernote to be able to group sub-folders in notebooks.
    – Ability to edit notes on my iPhone, even if they were created on a desktop app with colors, bold or whatever.
    – A new way of organizing my tags (hey, we are at the Web2.0 era!). A tags cloud would be perfect.
    – Mindmap tools.
    – A better work with the keystrokes in the Mac app.

  • Tientown

    Dear Evernote-Santa,

    For the holidays, I would like the ability to arrange notes on a grid on top of a picture. Let me insert the picture, you create the grid and let me associate my notes to individual grid points. Take a picture of that nicely organized storage closet, overlay grid points on it. click on a rubbermaid bin and see what’s inside…. pretty cool, huh?

  • Tientown


    I know you’ve got a list and are checking it twice too. Did you ever notice, however, that you can search your iPhone Evernote app based on “To do” items, but you can’t create them. What’s up with that? Surely Santa thinks of things to do while waiting in the sled for Mrs. Claus… I know I get my best planning done while waiting in the car. Thank you!

  • Michael Smith

    I like your idea and I am doing my own too. Thanks to Evernote! All things are organized.

  • John McCreery

    As someone who does academic research, I would love it if Evernote did what Zotero does and let me enter bibliographical information and then export it in a variety of styles as needed.

  • Dev

    I would like evernote to have a todo list and the ability for me to drag and drop emails right into the todo list.

  • E. E. Perry

    I would just like an EN desktop client for Linux…

  • Andreas Andel

    I’d more than happy to see an Evernote client for Maemo5 with locally stored memos (similar to the great Evernote app available for the iPhone).

  • Eric

    Scanner support, especially the NEAT scanner. I paid $400 for the NEAT scanner, I am not going to go buy the Fujitsu scanner.

    I want Evernote to hold all of my bills, and misc. documents, making them searchable within Evernotes.

    I would also be happy if Evernotes could hold all of my photos, and pdf documents. Let me sort them into notebooks, or photo albums, or tagged folders with descriptions/captions.

    Partner with an online backup company to help me protect all of my information.

    Index card style drag and drop outlining for organizing longer ideas either for documents or web pages. Evernote is great for getting the data, and finding a specific piece of data, but if I want to sort it and order it…no so good yet. Think of it like index cards, one idea or thought on each card, then sort the cards into an order that eventually becomes a document or web page or whatever.

  • Pete

    It would be great to be able to add a Due Date to a note!

  • Pete P

    I would like the iPhone/iTouch evernote app to pull addresses from Apple’s address book.
    Keep up the great work!

  • steve rappaport

    Easier way to promote tags to the top level other than dragging. Sometimes I’ll create a sub-tag and then decide it would be better as a first level tag.

  • Alexander

    Just got started on Evernote, and I LOVE IT! 😀
    While I love the fact that I can search PDFs, I kinda wished I could do that on OpenOffice.Org files as well. As far as I can tell, I can just add them as files, not search them or even quicklook them.
    So there you go, some feedforward on Christmas eve 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  • DougP

    All I wanted for Christmas was to have EN have an archive function for notebooks so I can finish a project and put it away from my active notebooks…

  • Tientown

    I’m a premium user and love my Evernote so much I can hardly wait to recommend it to just about anyone.

    Spurred by my enthusiasm, I was all excited about the promise of reQall. If the Evernote guys like it, it must be good.

    Oops. Not only did I have to pay for it just to try it (to get the Evernote link) it’s a tremendous disappointment! A double-sync is required just to get the voice to text (once for voice up, once for transcribed voice back down). Not good, that’s what I wanted it for! I use Evernote to jog my memory.

    Three suggestions: 1) Use Dragon Dictation for voice to text. They’re wonderful and with years of experience their transcription quality is terrific. 2) Get them to add default email send functions (I’d use my Evernote address) and 3) add the memory jog by location they have.

    Jus’ sayin… thanks!

  • Ju

    I would love a phone app that works with nokia where I can edit stuff rather than just look at all the notes I’ve made.

  • Robert

    I would like to see many of the To-Do list capabilities that I used extensively in the V1.x product. As I enter notes, I would like to add To-Do check boxes and have the ability to search for and view those notes with an unchecked, or checked box. Please!

  • Victor Q

    All I want is Evernote for Linux an Maemo!!! :D!
    it would be great having Evernote in my Nokia N900 n_n

  • Karl

    I would really like a UBUNTU AMD64/x86_64 Linux Client of EVERNOTE 3.5 Beta.
    Pretty Pllease ;}

  • Nate

    I’ve been an avid fan of evernote for the past 6 months, and I especially love 3.5… however, here’s my wishlist

    1. Since my list of notebooks is getting out of control, I’d like to see notebooks inside of notebooks (e.g., I would love to have a “research” notebook or folder that contains a separate notebook for each project).

    2. I’d like to see a folder where I can dump old notebooks for projects that have been completed (I guess by addressing wish #1, this one would be trivial).

  • Nate

    3. I’d also like to see a fix on spell correction… when I right click on a misspelled word and click on the correct spelling, the word is corrected, but it removes the space between that word and the subsequent one.

  • malcor

    I would like to have Evernote clipper for Opera and offline notes for Windows Mobile. 🙂

    Thanks Santa

  • Philip

    A new Evernote user, for a month or so. Brilliant concept and some very good features. However there are some things that really frustrate me.

    My wishlist:

    Evernote for Windows
    – Convergance of text and ink notes, i.e. why can’t I do both in one note
    – Auto sync on exit (at least as an option)
    – Ability to reorder notes (or at least make it much easier / visible)
    – More features in the ink editor, e.g.
    – predefined shapes and lines;
    – fill / paint

    Evernote Mobile
    – Searching for tags only (e.g. “to do”)
    – Ability to edit more than the most basic PC-created text notes
    – Improved text note editor (specifically formatting)
    – Tabs that don’t collapse into spaces and get compressed (currently, doing any kind of layout / indenting is impossible)

    Oh, and another one: the ability to directly paste from Evernote into this box! I wrote my list in Evenote but then had to copy-and-paste it via Notepad 🙁

    More as I come across them.



  • Martin Packer

    Another vote for 3.5 on Linux.

  • Riley S

    Evernote Santa,

    I’d like to be able to rotate photos in Evernote. I sometimes snap photos with my Android phone sideways directly into Evernote.

  • zaspun

    I miss from 3.5:
    English language
    links between notes

  • Reinier

    I’m very happy with the almost automatic scanning to PDF and sending to Evernote that I can do now after some experimenting.
    Sometimes, I find I have scanned somethin upside-down of 90degrees rotated. I would very much like to be able to repair this in EN!

  • Victor

    1- Evernote 3.5 for Linux
    2- Linking between notes (wikipedia style!)

  • John

    Improved search.

    I really like Evernote and it was worked really well for me for 18 months on Windows and the Web.
    I use it mainly for text notes in my IT job.

    However, you cannot search for BCD within ABCDE
    This means you cannot “Remember everything”.

    I appreciate there are performance issues with this function but it could be built into local database search (non web) with a suitable warning about performance.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @John The way Evernote search is designed, it works starting from the beginning of the word. So if you word is ABCDE, a search for ABC will bring it up, but a search for BCD will not.

  • Aldo

    More task management integration would be perfect. I now use Things. If a lot more of the functions of task and project management would be incorporated, Evernote would be perfect.

  • Trevor

    LINUX LINUX LINUX! I prefer 3.5 and can’t use it with Wine/Crossover.

    ….. and the ability to edit handwritten notes on Windows Mobile!


  • Sam

    Linux support for 3.5.

  • Jonathan Dietrich

    Native Linux Evernote client, please.

  • maxlefou

    Linux native version of the client. Enuff good for me

  • A.B.

    Linux native version or a version that works with wine. Thanks

  • Simon

    Would absolutely love a native Evernote client for Linux please!

  • Harry B.

    I too vote for Linux compatibility of Evernote. I use Ubuntu and I dual boot with Windows 7 for two reasons, games and Evernote.

  • Scott

    Another vote for linux. Or if not at least please add keyboard shortcuts and get rid of the “working” swirling animation that keeps interrupting work! If that was fixed I’d be happy with the web version.

  • TR

    I would love to see subfolder/subnotebook ability in Evernote. This program has been great for creating a clinic notebook, but as I add more body systems and conditions it is getting harder to keep things organized. Subfolders would be very helpful.

  • RW


    Why isnt there a possibility to export to pdf, rtf, txt etc. etc.???? I dont hink, this is to much of a technical problem – but this data lock thing really is a fail and fpr me the major reason not to use evernote more often – never to speak of becoming a premium user – despite the great features etc.

    Would be great, if this wold change.

  • Alan

    I’d like to have these features,
    1) disable note modification until you click an ‘edit’ button
    2) an option to discard all local changes

  • Scarsos

    Another vote for 3.5 on Linux!:)

  • Emma H

    I would like Evernote:

    1. To have subfolders. It is so frustrating without them!

    2. To allow you to pin your own notes to maps. For instance, I clip articles etc about nice hotels around the UK, in case I get an excuse to travel to a certain area. I would like to attach each hotel note to the map, so I can see visually where I might like to stay in a particular area and click on the relevant note. But I can’t find any way to do this.

    3. I’d like to be able to link things together. I’ve not used Things but it sounds cool and it would be great if Evernote could offer some of that kind of functionality.

    4. The ability to add Due date or some kind of time-based reminder.

    Don’t get me wrong, Evernote is fab. We just want to make it perfect!

  • Emma H

    Oh, and I forgot. If we do finally get subcategories, can we also have the ability to duplicate notes that could belong in more than one file? At the moment a note can only go one place, whereas you might want it in several. Thanks!

  • David Horovitz

    SubFolders PLEASE!!! Tags are OK but totally confusing to some. Offline Notebooks. They take forever to download to my iPhone and if I have to restore my iPhone I have to download all over again. Can’t you please write an offline sync program so I can sync Evernote on my MAC to my iPhone Evernote via the USB cable?

    Otherwise a really great program….


    • Patrick Walsh

      Completely agree!!!

    • Andrew Burke

      Agreed. I was thinking it might be nice to have a “Drawer” or “Shelf” of notebooks or something just to keep the analogy to physical notebooks intact. Every week or so I wind up adding a new notebook and have been prefixing them with numbers to keep them organized alphabetically. It works, but it would be nice to have an actual mechanism for organizing notebooks in Evernote.

      • Pablo Espejo

        Agree. Subfolders, and posibility of set an alarm for a note.

      • Brad Rogers

        Yes! Shelves! Great idea.

  • R R

    I would like to have touch screen support in Evernote. For example, it would be great to be able to scroll by dragging my finger on the screen. Thank you.

  • Sam Stroup

    I would like subfolders too, but I gotta tell you, Evernote ROCKS! I’m a newbie user and I keep finding uses for it and have it installed on every device I own! Thanks!!!

  • Benjamin pastrana

    I would like to see alarms integrated so i can set an alarm at an specific day or time to pop an evernote note,send via email, ect.

    I want to be able to write a novel (why not!) and have chapters (outliner?) so I can attach my picture clips,links, audio etc as I research the subjects.

    Thanks! I’ll wait!


    P.s. Evernote=Best productive App!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Benjamin, thanks for the suggestions.

      • Simon

        What happened to this wish? Is alarm still to come?

  • William George

    Evernote is my most-used application.

    However, the iPhone app is not nearly as easy to use as the desktop version. This is due to the fact that all contents of each notebook are visible. This requires lots of scrolling to locate or browse for a note. Using the format of the desktop version would make this process much easier.

  • adam

    The single biggest thing I want (and the reason I am still using Google notebook despite the fact it has been discontinued) is the ability to drag and drop notes to resort them — in other words, I want the ability to arrange a to do list by dragging up and down within my notes. Couldnt this be accomplished by assigning a list item number (as a tag for example) that changes when you rearrange. That way you can still sort by date etc… but one of the associated tags (that is perhaps not visible unless you are in that more) is a number that defines where a note lives in the list.

    I also want subfolders.

  • adam

    Another thing I really like about Google Notebook is that I can just start typing directly into a note — it is so fast and easy.

  • Antun

    I agree with Benjamin pastrana, alarm is a must in Evernote.
    I hope you’ll implement that soon.


  • Michael

    – Export Evernotes as PDF (or whatever file format you saved it in) would be nice.
    – Option to encrypt PDF en PNG files

    • dave

      yes i second this one! exporting an evernote note as a pdf would be real handy

  • sy

    Sub-folders. Pleasssssssssssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dave

    a nice feature to see in evernote would be to have text formatting presets.
    today i was putting some text into a note from 3 different websites and each bit of text had a header over it. i had to change each header separately, changing the font size up to 16pt, changing the colour and then make it bold. it takes ages when doing a load of them
    it would be quicker to be able to have 2 or 3 presets that you could customize and then just click on them when you want to format your selected text. and they could fit nicely in the same type of pop-out box used for the colour change.
    do you have any plans for that type of feature anytime soon?
    id donate my liver if ye add that feature lol

  • Rob Ives

    I would like to see the option to keep a particular note, e.g. a to-do list, as the most recent note so that when you open Evenote it would be right there. I would keep my to do list there and then I would not have to search for it or keep changing the date. Hmmm, could you get the same effect by putting the creation date in the future? I will try that.

  • Rob Ives

    Okay, I see you can do that. Should have thought of that sooner.

  • Rick Gioia

    Please configure an Evernote version for Android 3.0 Honeycomb. While the current version “works” but does not take advantage of all the extra real estate.

  • Matt

    I like stacks, but they need to be able to go further than one sub-stack to be of any significant use. Most importantly, the ability to create 2 notebooks of the same name. I have my Personal-Notes and Professional-Notes, and I would like to be able to have a Notes sub-folder for each stack, but I am unable to have 2 notebooks named Notes.

    Another really big one is the ability to have the list view show the note panel on the right side of the screen. I love the list view, but I need my note panel on the right side of my screen. I use the mixed view, but it shows less information than I really would like.

    I will end by saying, it’s an awesome program. You’ve done a really great job with it, thank you.

  • Mukul

    Evernote is awesome but…

    1. Why Evernote doesn’t have a text highlighter is beyond me.
    2. The color palette for font is appalling, reminds me of Win95.
    3. Alarm feature. Some notes are to be forgotten, others need to be revisited. An Alarm feature is like a Post-it for Notes.
    4. Tag Cloud. It will be legen…dary!

  • Michael Falk

    I’m not sure if this has already been suggested, but the ability to flag a text note at a certain point while recording an audio note.

    For example… I take notes and record the audio during our church sermons and sometimes I may want to refer back to the audio when I look at a particular note that I have jotted done. To be able to just click on the note itself and be brought to that point in the audio would be priceless… I think the new HP tablet has that ability built into its note taking app…


  • Joe J Dale

    We need an alarm function, our evernote is growing very fast. Please =)

  • Gary Fugere

    Subfolders, Subfolders, Subfolders, Subfolders.

    This would be a killer app if you could just a have a deeper level of organization.

    With just two levels of folders my Evernote has just become a junk drawer, just too disorganized to quickly find what I’m looking for.

    But the minute you add dividers to the junk drawer you can immediately find things quickly and easily.

    It is one of the features that makes Microsoft OneNote so powerful.

  • Lucinda

    The ability to rotate PDFs and other images. I don’t want to have to open it in another application, rotate it and import it. I have way too many to do that for. For some reason, Snapscan and Evernote only rotate some of the items I scan.

    • Konrad

      same here!

  • Gary Fugere

    A feature I would like to see is the ability to create a hyperlink to a specific note.

  • Pedro

    I’d love to have maps integration for the mobile version.

    For example, you could tag a place, and set a “within distance alarm”. You could add that same tag to some of your notes.

    If your GPS enabled device detects you are near one of those tagged places, a notification (popup or whatever notification system works for the device) will appear and the app will show those notes tagged with the “place tag”.

    For example:
    – You set several context tags to places you visit frequently(#work, #home, #supermarket, #gasstation, …)
    – Your remainders are tagged with those tags. For instance, you add notes with stuff you have to do at work, and add the #work tag to them.
    – When you are near your work, Evernote will detect it (you have pinpointed it) and notify you, showing those notes relevant to that context.

    For those of us who use Evernote to implement GTD, this alone could be worth the subscription.

  • Steve Haynes

    Rich text note editing on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). I would love to just add check boxes for my to do lists. Appending notes with plain text breaks the seamless functionality between devices.

    Image cropping and rotation would be nice too!

  • Jason

    Take a tip from Apple – simpler is better.

    There are too many buttons and features in the desktop version. I just want to create a new note, that’s it – and put it in a notebook. Two things. That’s all I need. Two things.

    Not 500.


  • Krista

    Wish List –

    – Highlighter
    – Ability to cross reference notes, just like a wiki
    – Ability to highlight note text and mark it with a bubble w/ a comment

  • Ian

    Nah don’t copy Apple. Apple make the simple complex, because you have to spend more money on the next version when it will be available… muppets!

    The Obvious for EverNote:

    – Right Click on Notebook > New Note option (currently only on file menu)

    – BG Color Palette

    – Maybe 1 more tier on the folders. Too many and you never find the data, it gets lost.

    – Highlighter

    – Link to other notes like in MindManager.

    May be available already, just not found them.

    – Favorites like on the iPhone app.

    – 1 Default per main folder Tier.

    Thats it for now turtles!


  • katana346

    The new large widget for the Android app is brilliant, but could there also be a vertical version, with the notes on the side so that swiping ones finger up or down scrolls through the notes rather than needing to press the tiny arrow buttons?

  • Shashi Maurya

    Linking text to open up other notes or files on the system would be great. Right now, it just enables linking to a URL. Thanks.

  • Chaun

    Rearrange the order of comments within a folder. Drag and Drop–Change the order of priority.

  • Adam

    I *Love* Evernote, but. . .

    Would it be possible to add the ability to set a default ‘sort by’ and ‘sort order’ of the notebooks instead of automatically reverting to sorting on ‘Created by’ and in reverse order? Or, at least have a way for the last-used settings to be remembered/saved?


  • Elliot

    Love evernote. I would love to be able to see my notebook stacks on iPad and android apps

  • Mike

    Is there a way to query all the notes by tag across all notes that are shared with a specific tag?

    Some examples:
    1. I query for tag “Journal” and I see a list of tags like “Exercise”, “Healthy Eating”, “Travel”, “WTF”. (NOT subfolders!) Each of those tags whould be clickable, so if I click on “Travel” I see all the notes that have both a Journal tag and a Travel tag.

    2. I query for tag “To Check Out” and I see a list of tags like “Music”, “Movies”, “Websites”. Same thing. I want to watch a movie, so I query “To Check Out”, and “Movies”. Why not just query the “Movie” tag, you say? OK, so I do that, but then I want to choose from a list of tags like “To Check Out”, “I Like”, “Yvette Likes”, etc. See, it’s not hierarchical!

    Assuming I can query like this, this works way better for me than subfolders. It is much quicker and more flexible than figuring out subfolder heirarchies.

  • Alana

    How come there’s no spell checker?

    Seems like a no-brainer, then we can just write our docs straight into Evernote.

  • barnchen

    I need an alarm function, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Declan

    Really want a diary agenda caleder function and then my life will be compllete

  • Niki

    Haven’t read all the comments so I’m not sure if anybody has already suggested these:

    – Ability to drag notes up and down in the list for sorting. This way, priority tags, stars, etc. are not needed since you can just drag the most important notes on the top.

    Workflowy does an awesome job in providing this (although it is just a text based list, and probably easier to program). I wish Evernote will be able to provide a similar feature to the note list.

    – Ability to add/edit/update ink notes in mobile (iphone in my case).