Google Chrome Gets Clipping

Posted by on 09 Dec 2009

Posted by on 09 Dec 2009

If you use Google Chrome, then there’s a shiny new Evernote Web Clipper extension calling your name. Get it now »

What does the Web Clipper do?

The Web Clipper allows you to save web pages into your Evernote account. No more bookmarks or open tabs. Whenever you see something you like, just clip it. Evernote will save the text, links, images, and all. Then, you’ll be able to access that page in Evernote on your computer or phone.

How it works

The Google Chrome extension works just like our web-based bookmarklet. It offers you two different clipping options:

  • Highlight a portion of the page and click: This will save what you selected and send it into Evernote.
  • Click without selecting: This will allow you to either create a quick text note or clip the entire page, depending on your preference.

Will it work in my version of Google Chrome

Currently, extensions are only supported in the Beta version of Google Chrome for Windows. Get Google Chrome »

Video tutorial

This tutorial walks through the Evernote Web Clipper. The video shows it in Firefox, but the functionality is the same as in the Chrome extension.

Other browsers

Evernote also has Web Clipper options for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari on our Web Clipper page.


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  • Brad C.

    Any idea when the Mac version will be available for Chrome?

  • Gwydion

    Does it use local Evernote or always goes to web?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Gwydion The Chrome extension always goes to the web.

  • Graham Charles

    Just curious — how is this better / different from the toolbar bookmark already available?

  • Ola Forsstrom-Olsson

    Yeah, I wonder the same thing: how is it better than the toolbar bookmark?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Ola @Graham The extension provides the same functionality as the Web Clipper bookmarklet.

  • Cintra

    I just installed it on Chromium OS too…

  • Gleb R

    Awesome news, but using Evernote Windows client is much faster than clipping to the Web (in Firefox, anyway), so I hope you plan on expanding this Chrome clipper functionality very soon.

  • Jason Corbett

    Could you add the ability to shift-click to do pdf, like in safari, that’s the ONLY thing stopping me from going to Chrome. I love it, but the shift click pdf note is just too awesome to give up!

    • Chas Newport

      I second that. I much prefer Chrome to Safari but the PDF clipping is a killer feature I always use.

  • Diana

    waiting for you to have evernote mobile for Google android phones

  • Kay

    Is Chromium any good? I’ve read about it but I’m not too sure what to think yet.

  • S!ick

    Will it work in my version of Google Chrome?

    Currently, extensions are only supported in the Beta version of Google Chrome for Windows.


    I attempted to install it into Google Chrome version, but the “install” button is not available/accessible.

  • Will

    Installed the extension on the Linux version and it works. Only issue is that the clipper window remains blank and there is no user feedback that the clip was successful. When I look in my evernote, there is the clip.

    Good work. I look forward to improvements and refinements.

  • Annoyed

    You’ve got this blog set up so that each new comment shows up as an individual new item in RSS readers. Fix it please.

  • Joao S.

    I can’t seem to be able to install it on the Chrome Beta for OS X.

  • Alexandre Mandarino

    It would be really, really nice if we had an Opera web clipper.

  • Gillz

    It does install and work well in the Chrome for Linux build. Please note the compatibility in future updates about the clipper for your Linux friends!

  • Evgeny

    Are there plans to add clipping to Safari fro Windows?

  • Syd Salmon

    When is the Mac version going to be available? It’s back to Firefox and Safari until it’s ready.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Syd Google hasn’t enabled extensions in the Mac version of Chrome. When they do, we expect that our extension will work.

  • Ed

    Alexandre -> the web clipper works fine in opera. I use it a long time.

  • Syd Salmon

    @AndrewSinkov Thanks for the clarification.

  • Don

    Re: Opera – the web clipper does work, but to do so means sacrificing screen space to have a favourites bar – I would strongly prefer an Opera clipper personally!

  • J

    Please DON’T FORGET a new extension supporting Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0.1. Thank you.

  • Aurora

    does anybody know how to save video to evernote??? I’ve upgraded to premium and still I must be doing something wrong. Help…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Aurora As a premium user, you can attach video files (MOV, AVI, WMV, etc) to your notes. We don’t currently support embedded videos, such as Youtube. So you can’t clip a Youtube or Vimeo page and have the video show up as part of your note.

  • Bryan

    Any chance we can get clipping to the local notebook with the Chrome extension for Mac? Just looking for the same functionality the Firefox add-on has.

  • Tony Linde

    I’ll second the request for clipping to local notebook. Much better the way FF does it.

  • Kristen

    Will clipping to the local notebook be available for Mac? This is the main reason I had the firefox extension…which seems more useful currently.

  • Achij

    When we’ll see an Opera web clipper? Or we wait for nothing?

  • Dragos

    When I try to sign in I get “Your username must start and end with a letter or number, it can contain hyphens and underscores.”. I checked the username and password and I didn’t make any mistake. I’m already signed in to the application. I don’t get it. Why doesn’t it work? Very frustrating! (Chrome extension on Mac)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team:

      • ssalb

        Getting the same error,”Your username must start and end with a letter or number, it can contain hyphens and underscores.”

        When I attempt to login through the web clipper.I’m 100% positive that I am entering the user name correctly.

  • Steve

    Would like to be able to clip to my local notebook too! Firefox’s extension is really better on that point.

  • Eric

    I would also like to be able to clip to local notebooks so that I do not waste my monthly quota when I’m using my desktop. For clippings that I would lke to be accessible anywhere, I can just drag them into synchronized notebooks.