Evernote for Palm Pre and Pixi Gets an Update

Posted by on 07 Jan 2010

Posted by on 07 Jan 2010

Evernote for Palm Pre (and Pixi) gets a great update today. The latest version (1.0) adds a number of features and improves on existing functionality. You can now create snapshot notes from within the application, check off to-do items, download PDFs and other attached files, and more. As always, Evernote is available for free through the Palm App Catalog.

Native snapshot notes (with location)

You can now create snapshot notes without leaving the Evernote app. Just tap on the Snapshot Note option in the new note screen. After you’ve taken your photo, you will be given the option to add text, tags, and assign the note to a specific notebook. As a bonus, snapshots taken within Evernote will capture your GPS location, allowing you to plot them on a map later.

Snapshot notes are great for taking photos of everything from business cards to wine labels. Once the image arrives in Evernote, we run it through our recognition servers, making any printed or handwritten text searchable. Give it a shot.

Load files and PDFs

Evernote for Palm Pre lets you download and view files that are attached to your notes. Simply tap on the file to download it. Once downloaded, it will launch in whatever native viewer you have for that file type. You can attach new files from either the desktop or web versions of Evernote.

A note on file attachments: Free users can attach images, audio, and PDFs to their notes. Evernote Premium subscribers can attach and sync any type of file. Learn more about Evernote Premium »

Checkbox and to-dos

You’ve created an itinerary or shopping list using Evernote on your desktop. Evernote for Palm Pre now lets you check off the items in your list as you go. Nice and simple.

Edit pending notes

Once you finish making a note, the note is placed into a Pending queue while it waits to be uploaded to the Evernote Service. In this latest update, Evernote for Palm Pre lets you make changes to notes in your Pending queue.


Evernote for Palm Pre is now available in French, Italian and German.

And lots more…

There are lots of other under-the-hood improvements, including native support for the camera roll, better handling of accounts with large numbers of tags, and more. Go on and explore.


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  • Wovvbagger

    Hi Evernoties,

    I’m a user from germany and I couldn’t get this new version via the official app store … it seems this update is only available to US customer. Would it be possible to send me the ipk file per email or making it available to german customers too?

    Thanks in advance

  • jacobian

    I really love of the best app I have used. 🙂

  • Andrew

    Let’s get tags by device, I’m trying to sort by all Windows mobile posts!

  • Hendy Irawan

    Are you planning for EverNote for Linux (Ubuntu) ?


  • Rob

    I have the same problem in Europe: please make sure that the update is also available in Europe. Alternatively: send the update by email or publish in Precentral.

  • Rob

    To moderators: Europe problem solved by replacing a downgraded app catalogue tot the 1.3.1 version

  • david

    Can you please have a setting for the palm webos app to not open every note in a new card. This really slows down my experience. Prefer to use web interface, but it does not remember my credentials – have to log in each time. thanks

  • kenjikatsu@twitter

    Evernote on My PC with Twitter

  • daniel

    This is great that Palm Pre and Pixi get an update… but when will Symbian users be let in on the party? I love the idea of evernote, but while in New Zealand it is too expensive to use mobile evernote application – so I could really use the application so I could sync up notes when plugged into my PC.


  • Dmitry Stavisky

    Did you try using App Catalog 1.3.1, as recommended by @Rob?

  • Carlos

    When will the Pre users be able to make Audio Notes? That’d be BIG plus!

    • ash

      +1, i understand that the API from Palm hasn’t unlocked the mic yet but since evernote is sooooo popular i feel like they should at least get a crack at it…. i still cant believe after sooooo many years of having a voice memo feature incorporated on their devices Palm ‘forgot’ to put it on its jesus-phone…. so disappointed right now…

      • Bill

        Have you tried to use MP3s recorded into Zcorder? Zcorder is a recording app that records via the mic and saves in MP3; I think it still only lives in homebrew land, but it is stable and worth your while. I just tried it, and I was able to save a file I recorded a while back and it uploaded to Evernote, no problem!

  • Jason

    Please can we get a search feature other than recent notes or nearby. I love capturing but it is a pain to try to find notes on the palm version. Search by tags search by word please please!!

    • Scott

      Hi Jason – How do you search on the Pre? I’ve only just got evernote this week and love it for the desktop but trying to find notes is a nightmare and is putting me off what is actually a great app/tool. Thanks in advance for your advice.

      • Ann

        I agree! I would love to find out that I’ve missed something and that there is a more efficient way to search for notes. The desktop format makes sense to me, but the Pre app doesn’t. Please advise!

  • philippe

    Update is live today in the App Catalog in France 🙂

    Thanks for your job Evernote

    And, Audio Notes ?

  • Dave

    Can you save your data to the Pre? This would come in handy if you were on a plane or in a basement with no Wifi or cell service.

  • Jason Wright

    Can I just say I love Evernote… I’m looking out for all upgrades

    ecommerce solution

  • Holly

    Okay, I just got my new Palm Pixi and I searched the app store but I don’t see Evernote? Am I not looking in the right place?

  • Adam Francomb

    I love evernote more everyday. The desktop app and the online version is great. The only problem I have is with my pre. I cannot open evernote when I am on the phone, thus I cannot use it to take notes on the call. if I could do that I would really appreciate it. if it just had a option for online or offline mode. open the app and sync later that would be great.

    It does work if I have the app open, but then I have to have it open all the time and that is annoying. It will force me to find a different note program.

  • Dave

    Are there any plans to have our notes saved on the device for Palm webOS? That would be awesome. It looks like you have it for the iPhone already.

  • Victor

    Please add OFFLINE functionality! That is the only reason I am not using Evernote.

    • Shamji

      WilliamI’m not sure I utnnrsdaed the difference you are pointing out. Are you saying that the derivation on the Post is incorrect (since that is where I get the velocity constraint for the Prismatic Joint)? Thanks for checking my work!William

  • Jesse Lahey

    Really need Evernote on WebOS to search by tag.

    thanks, Jesse

  • Jesse Lahey

    Good news! I just discovered by accident a way to search by tag on WebOS. On your desktop Evernote, search for the tag, then save the search. After syncing, you will see that saved search on your Palm in the same menu as “Recent Notes” and “Search Nearby.” I saved all the searches that I think I’d commonly need on my Palm … Errands To Do, Phone Calls to Make, Receipts, etc. I hope this helps others too.

    • Tim Lloyd

      Yes, this works well and can be used for fairly involved searches one uses frequently. Thanks for finding and sharing this Jesse! It truly makes the Pre version way quicker and the results more dependable.

      Based on several comments I’ve read in this thread and others, I’m not sure people are aware of the basic text search capability that also exists in the Pre version of Evernote, so I thought I’d share. To find a word or several words that occur(s) in one of your memos, from the main screen simply begin typing.

      So as an example, if I type the word “bastard” on the opening screen, one and only one of my 1300 notes appears: A list of chardonnay wine ratings. The list includes my rating for the 2005 Fat Bastard Chardonnay from the Fat Bastard Wine Company in Rustiques, France. Both occurrences of the word are highlighted yellow.

  • Loudz

    Please, please, add the offline funktion for hp/palm webos.
    that is the only thin i miss